Jared was heaving and panting. His dick was a dark red, and the piercing was a shiny silver flash in the wave of motion from his hand and dick. He was dripping sweat on Ted's thigh and arm, as he brushed up against him. Moans and "fuck"s erupted from this otherwise, silent friend. He held his breath for a moment, and his mouth gaped open. Cum shot out of his dick like a bullet, hitting Ted in the face, shocking him out of the zone. He jumped slightly, and then relaxed, as cum shot after shot, poured over his pubes and dick. His balls were up tight to his shaft, and his dick throbbed up and down, dripping cum all over his shaft and pubes. He didn't want to touch himself, for fear of cumming too soon, and he knew he was next.

Jared collapsed next to Nathan and Ted, nudging his friend lightly.


He panted as he slowly jerked his dick, milking the remainder of cum onto his sweaty abs.

Ted stood up, his dick standing straight out. He stepped over his brother, and started to jerk his dick.

"I'll be quick Ton'"

His brother nodded, and watched. Ted was barely touching his dick, when his abs started flexing, and he erupted with force, shooting a fountain all over his brother's chest, abs, pubes, and dick. A thick clear and milky layer covered Tony, as he closed his eyes, waiting for the moment to pass. Tony was already jerking his dick, aimed at Jason, when Ted lay next to him.

Tony was grunting and clenching his ass muscles, facing away from Ted, Nathan and Rick. He was moaning and wheezing, and then his whole body tensed, and he flung his head back,

"Oh shit!"

He shook a few times, as Jason's eyes focused down, wide with anxiety. Jason looked down the line at Rick, and nodded.

Jason stood up, and there was a mass of white semen throughout his bush, and all over his balls. He was dripping it over the guys as he moved toward where Rick was laying. He squatted on either side of Rick, and started to jerk his dick. Rick had his arms behind his head, and his dick in the air. If he were 2 inches closer, it would've been rubbing up against Jason's balls. Jason started grunting, and quickly jerking off. The slick, wet sounds of Tony's load over his dick, echoed through the main floor of the cottage. He sighed loudly, and his eyes fluttered, as he shot. Cum flew from his dick, spraying against Rick's hard dick, and splattering up his furry stomach and chest, and even landing a few on his chin and lips. Jason fell forward, trying to catch himself against Rick, and his chest slid right up Rick's hard dick.

"Fuck....oh fuck..."

Rick brought his knees up, and pushed Jason away, as he started to cum uncontrollably. Little blobs of cum jumped out of his freely bobbing dick head, and he grabbed at himself, milking the shaft. He was red in the face, and moaning loudly, as a little stream of cum poured out of his dick head. He relaxed his muscles, and lay there, sprawled out, dick in the air.

"Now that's...how you play...dare..."

He was breathless and spent.

The guys were in silence, until Nathaniel lightly mentioned cleaning up and going to bed.

The guys all helped each other up, and awkwardly walked up the stairs, except for Nathaniel, and his Dad. He made his way to the bathroom with the laundry room, and his Dad was close behind.

"What a night son. This was a guy's night to remember...just between us?"

"I'm not sharing that with anyone! But yes, it was awesome."

They parted ways. His Dad came in for a hug, but Nathaniel dodged and pointed at the hard dick hanging out from his Dad's cum covered body. They laughed as the doors closed. Jason was already sleeping when Nathan made it up to the room. He ended up sleeping on the lounge in front of the open window. He listened to the water splashing calmly, and frogs singing in the background...




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