"D-d-d-dadddd, what are you doing here?"

"Well I do own the property."

His Dad was tall, dark, handsome. He had wavy light brown hair, and hazel eyes. He was more athletic than Natahaniel, and was bulging everywhere in his polo shirt.

"We were playing truth or dare...It sort of got intense."

His Dad looked around some more, and smirked

"You think? Hey guys you can come back down. You're not in trouble."

Nathan's friends made their way back down. Jared had his shorts in front of him, and his dick was still throbbing. Jason had pulled his shorts on as well, but they weren't hiding anything, and the twins were still naked.

"I want a piece of the pie."

Nathan's Dad was pulling his shirt up over his head, and quickly slipped off the shorts he was wearing. He had a hairy chest and abs, and had practically no body fat. He stood in front of the guys, and raised his eyebrows.

"Are we all in?"

Jared dropped his shorts, and Jason undid his, letting his dick spring to life again. Nathaniel's Dad pulled down his boxers, and stood proudly.

"Who was next in line?"

Jared raised his hand, his dick throbbing.

"I was going for round 2."

"Well have at it son, looks like you're ready."

Nathaniel's Dad leaned against the doorway, his dick slowly hardening. He and Nathan had seen each other naked plenty of times. They had similar body shapes, and hair. Nathan also took after his Dad's endowment. His Dad nodded approvingly as Jared fucked the doll quickly, and methodically. His grunts were loud and quivering. He let out a few "fuck"s and "god!"s as he fucked deeply into the doll. He tilted his head back with one final "Fuck!" As he came inside the pussy of the doll. Cum oozed out all around his dick, and dripped onto the wood floor beneath him.

Almost a minute went by, as Jared relaxed and pulled himself out of the doll. He looked at Nathan's dad and moved the doll closer,

"Your turn....sir?"

"Nah, call me Rick."

Rick took the doll from him, scooping all the cum toward the pussy, and pushing it in. His dick was standing straight up, almost parallel to his body, and twitching. The thick shaft was veiny and dark. His hairy abs were shifting in and out as he contemplated his move. He dropped the doll on the floor, and squatted. The guys all watched in amazement, as Rick spat on his dick, and started jerking it, looking around the room. All eyes were on him, and it took him back to the 80s when he was in college. He'd done a few circle jerks, had a toga party that ended up as a dorm orgy, and even messed around with his roommate one night when they were drunk and high. He enjoyed the attention, and getting off...

Rick stoped jerking, and leaned back on his ass, thrusting a little at the hips, and making his dick bounce in the air. He grabbed the doll, and slowly slid himself in, feeling the loads of 4 other guys, ooze around his meat, and down his balls. He speed fucked the doll for a minute, making the cum splatter everywhere around his balls, pubes, and abs...even spackling the floor around him. The guys all watched intently. Rick lowered himself onto the doll, and started grinding his hips, pushing his dick in deep. He started to power fuck the doll again, when there was a pop, and the doll deflated immediately. Rick laughed as he pulled the limp plastic off his dick.

"Lay down on the floor next to each other..."

He pointed and looked at each of the guys. They immediately obeyed his command. They were all hard as rocks, and the cum covered floor was slick, as they tried to squish in together. Rick started jerking his dick, thrusting his hips out with each jerking motion. Nathaniel was first in the line up, and from his angle, he could see up his Dad's thighs to his hairy ass and balls. He never realized just how hairy his Dad was. Jared was next to him, and he could feel his body heat, and smelled his musk. Then it was the twins, and then Jason.

Rick slowed his motion, and his mouth gaped open,

"Holy fuck, I'm gonna blow guys, atch out...Fuck!"

In almost a slow motion effect, Rick came strong, shooting clear across the line of throbbing erections and naked bodies. Shot after shot went across their dicks and pubes, and even hitting the couch at the end of their line up. Jason got the least amount of cum splattered on him, but the twins got the wrost of it, and Jared and Nathan got a few clear splats across their abs and dicks. Rick fell to his knees, heaving and oozing cum. His knees rubbed against Nathan's hip and side, and his cum was dripping on his son's hand. Nathaniel couldn't take his eyes off his Dad's thick dick, drippimg cum everywhere.

Rick laid next to his son, breathing deeply, and nudging at him playfully.

"You next son?"

Nathaniel couldn't move. He was in shock at what just went down. He closed his eyes, and got up, stepping over his Dad. His foot brushing against his hard dick, still standing straight up in the air.

"I dare you to cum on one of your friends."

Nathaniel gulped hard, and looked quickly down the line of guys. Their hard dicks throbbing in the air...

Jared was closest, so Nathan stood over him, and started jerking his dick. He felt spent, but ever so horny. He felt a quick build up, and squatted down, his knees on either side of Jared's legs. He sighed loudly, and his motions sped up. He aimed at Jared's dick, but surprisingly came hard, and shoot up Jared's abs and chest. The next few shots were shorter, and he managed to squirt a few onto Jared's dick. He watched his dick respond to the splatter of cum, throbbing higher in the air. Jared grabbed his dick, and started using Nathan's cum as lube. He got up as Nathaniel took his place next to his Dad. Jared was jerking hard, as he squatted over Ted, the next one in line. He winked at Ted as he closed his eyes, and leaned back, thrusting his hips out...




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