Ted and Tony look at each other. Jared was still breathing hard, and his dick was still leaking cum onto his heaving abs. They slowly undid their shorts, and Ted was already hard. Tony had to get himself going, and grabbed the lube off the floor near Jared. He could smell cum and musk, and subconsciously it aroused him. He slowly lubed his dick, and started jerking off. Ted took the lube from him, and followed his lead. They'd jerked off before together, but never in front of other people.

Nathaniel was oddly curious as the twins stroked in front of him. He'd never seen the twins naked, and they were literally identical. It was surreal, and erotic. He imagined what they'd look like fucking identical twin chicks, and that aroused him even more. He didn't bother concealing his hardon under his shorts. He knew his turn would come, and he'd have to perform.

Jason watched from his view behind the couch. His dick throbbed against the nylon liner of his shorts, and he couldn't believe all this was goin down. The twins were identical, even their pubes formed the same bush around their dicks. They weren't very endowed, but the way they jerked was quite intriguing. They'd alternate hands, and their breathing was in sync, as they inhaled and exhaled, their abs would flex almost at the same time.

Jared felt unashamed, and almost dominant, as he glanced down as his cum covered body. He hadn't gotten off in such a long time, and it felt good putting on a show. Stacy, his ex, used to love watching cum flow from his dick, as it softened. She's lay her head on his chest, and slowly jerk him while she watched the cum drain. He felt his dick twitch at the thought. His eyes focused on the twins and the doll. He couldn't believe how identical they were. He wondered what it would be like if they were girls. He would fuck them both in the ass, and then finger their cunts til they came all over his fingers. Then he'd fuck them both straight up, while the other one watched. Then he'd want them both to suck his dick together, and cum down their throats. His dick hardened immediately, and more cum flowed out. He wanted to fuck that doll again.

Ted slowly pushed his dick into the soft mouth of the doll. It didn't feel as bad as he thought it would. He pulled out, and squirted some lube in it. He slowly slid his dick in again. Tony slid his dick into the pussy end, and it was warm and slippery. Surprisingly it didn't bother him that Jared's dick had already been in there. He and Ted faced each other. It was like looking in a mirror, except Ted's eyes were a little more gray than his. They worked up a rhythm, and slowly fucked the doll. The pressure of air being pushed from one end to the other, caused a nice friction on their dicks. Both of them enjoyed it, probably more than they should. They sped up a bit, and Tony felt like he was going to cum, so he adjusted his legs a little, and the feeling subsided. They fucked the doll for a couple more minutes, losing sense of the other guys in the room. Ted started to grunt a little,

"I'm gonna cum."

He started to pull out, and his load started shooting into the doll's mouth. He pushed his dick back in, and almost fell into Tony, as his eyes closed, and his head tilted back. Moans and sighs escaped while he came hard into the doll. His muscles were tensed, and his face was flushed.

"God yesss."

He hunched slightly, as his orgasm subsided. Tony felt a rush of excitement, and pulled his dick out, as he jerked his load onto the pussy and stomach of the doll. He sprayed his load all over, as he moaned and grunted.

"Mmmm yeah, fuck."

He eveb got some in Ted's pubes, but he was enjoying himself too much to care. His orgasm calmed, and he sat back, and leaned against the loveseat. Ted was still inside the doll. He slowly pulled out, and his cum covered dick drooped down to the floor. He also leaned against the loveseat. They both felt exhausted, and looked at each other with a smirk. Ted pointed at Nathaniel, "Fuck the doll dude."

Nathaniel got up and dropped his shorts. His thick dick stood straight out, throbbing. He squatted and grabbed the lube and doll, and sat back down. The cum splatters were cold now, as his hand tried to find a grip at the waist. He squirted luve over his shaft, and head, and slowly slid into the pussy of the doll. It was warm and well lubed. He wondered why he never used it before. It was better than he thought it would be. He slowly raised and lowered the doll onto his dick, repeating the motions a few times. Then he got up, and layed the doll on the floor, and started fucking it missionary style. He was inches from the twins, and at the feet of Jared. He looked around, and all eyes were on him, which turned him on.

Jason's dick was hurting from the pressure against his shorts. He slowly undid them, letting them fall, and releasing his dick. There was so much precum on the head, dripping down his shaft. He wouldn't even need lube. His dick twitched up and down with his heartbeat, as he watched Nathan go to work. Damn that boy must fuck women well. He looked like a pro.

Jared's dick was pushing out fresh precum, as he watched Nathaniel fuck the doll. His ass was spread open, and he had dark hair in between the crack. Jared had never seen a guy's ass so close, and it actually wasn't bad. He thought for a second what it felt like to fuck a man's ass. It was hairy and dark, but maybe it felt good. It was probably tighter than a pussy. His dick throbbed at the thought. Nathaniel's ass was clenching each time he thrusted into the doll. Jared started strokin his dick, imagining identical twin girls, and Nathaniel's ass. He could have them all, he thought to himself.

Nathaniel was quickening his motions, and adjusted himself, so he was squatting, the dolls legs between his, and his dick felt good from this angle. He started fucking again, and one of the doll's legs started rubbing up between his sheeks, and upper thighs. This was a new sensation, and he enjoyed it. His balls started feeling tingly from the pressure, and he knew he was coming close. He slowed his motions, and pushed his hands against the chest of the doll, expanding the air in the pussy area. He couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh yeah, fuck.."

He came hard, and slow. He clenched his cheeks around one of the legs, putting pressure under his prostate. He moaned and sighed loudly while he came. He felt cum shooting out of his dick, into the doll. He finished cumming, and slowly pulled out. His cum wasn't ever thick, so his dick was shiny with a clear coat of jizz. He slid his fist in a ring, down toward the tip, oozing out a few more drops onto the folds of the doll's pussy. He got up, and looked at Jason,

"Yer next Bubba!"

The guys laughed at the fake southern drawl. Jason was throbbing hard, precum dripping out of his dick. He walked to the middle of the room, and squatted in front of the doll. He slowly pushed his dick into the pussy, feeling the warmth and wetness of Nathan's fresh load inside. He didn't even care that he was in his friend's load. He wanted to get off, and show these boys up. He looked down, to see cum oozing out around his dick, making a suction noise.

"You like my load Jas? Haha"

Nathan was slightly turned on that he had cum before Jason, and his dick was inside his load.

Jason started to fuck the doll slowly, more cum oozed out, creating slick friction around his dick. He moaned loudly and pushed his dick all the way in. He was thrusting his hips, and squeexing the doll's waist, which increased the pressure on his dick while thrusted. He did this for a couple minutes, then turned the doll around, and laid on top of it, thrusting from behind. His ass was in the air, and his dick was going deeper from this angle. He was breathing heavier, and turned over on his back, with the doll on top of him. He was pushing and pulling, and felt his orgasm rising up inside. He sat up, and pulled the doll deep over his dick.

"Mmmmm oh yeah..."

He came inside the doll, his beer belly heaving over his pubes. Cum oozed out ever side of the pussy, over his dick. He was looking Nathan in the eyes, while he finished his load. Nathan winked,

"Atta boy."

The room was silent, except for Jason's breathing.

Jared's dick was throbbing up and down, and precum was oozing over his abs. He wanted to fuck the doll again, but didn't know if the game was over.

"Looks like Jared's ready for another round"

Nathan pointed at him,

"Hell ya, let me at it."

He was taking the doll from Jason, when they heard the front door shut.

Everyone froze, and Nathan quickly motioned up the stairs. All the guys ran upstairs, while Nathan pulled up his shorts.

"Nathaniel? What's going on here?"

His Dad stood before him, duffle bag in hand, glancing around the room, and at the cum covered doll in the middle of the floor.




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