The next morning (Saturday), Jason woke up staring at the ceiling. Nathaniel was already gone. He stretched upward, and felt a familiar pressure on his dick, as it tented his pj pants and sheet. He looked down, and quickly adjusted his hardon off to the side. He looked good laying down. His muscular chest extended outward, and the hairs cause the sunlight nicely. His stomach looked completely flat at this angle. His hard biceps flexed with the movements. His ex had always enjoyed cuddling against his furry pecs, and he loved wrapping his arms around her. She was a pretty little thing, but a spitfire, and they argued all the time. "Fuck women," he thought.

It was quiet in the average room. Jason glanced around. There was a large closet with double doors, an antique looking writing desk, with a matching chair. A large mirror covered most of the side wall, a lounge chair sat under the window, and a large, tall dresser against the wall across from the bed. He pulled the sheets off of him, his dick was still hard as a rock. He looked down and saw some dark spots along the crotch of his pants, "Damnit" he whispered. He listened for movements outside of the room, and decided to jerk one out quickly. He should've done it last night, but with Nathan in bed with him, it would've been awkward. He saw a Kleenex box on the desk, and quickly helped himself to a handful, returning to the bed. He flopped down, and quickly unsnapped the fly, his dick springing out freely. He enjoyed his dick, the way it arched upward, and it always looked masculine with the veins protruding. He had good thickness too. He brought a few girls to orgasm with him. Well they let on like they came anyway. Who knew with women. He started jerkin, thinkin about Katie, his ex. The way her breasts would bounce up and down when she rode his dick. The warmness he felt when he entered, and the way she giggled and moaned when he'd slide the head of his dick against her exposed clit. He liked the way she shaved all her pubic hair into a thin line, cause when he'd look down, it blended nicely with his thick bush. He moaned loudly, as he felt himself about to cum. He got is Kleenex ready.

The door opened, and Nathaniel walked in

"Holy fuck!"


Jason was at the point of no return. He covered his dick with Kleenex as he came hard into his fist. He tried to close his eyes but they fluttered and he moaned loudly, and uncontrollably. Nathan didn't move. He stared at Jason's quivering body, watching his hands shaking and his face contorting. Jason let out a few quick breaths,

"Sorry Bubba, I couldn't help myself. I thought yall had left."

Nathan walked in and shut the door.

"I'm sorry, I should've knocked. Dude you looked like you enjoyed that! Ha, and you looked a lil retarded, the way you're face twisted."

Jason pulled his pants up, laughin.

"I know how to make myself feel good. It aint no shame in helpin yerself out."

He stood up and tossed the Kleenex into a small garbage can by the desk. Nathan was opening the small window above the lounge. He was wearin a towel, and his hair was wet.

"It smells like your dorm room now."

They both laughed. Jason was still hard. His dick hung looseley inside the pant leg, and there were a few wet spots showing.

"You can toss those in the washing machine downstairs. We'll do a load later."

They both laughed again. Jason grabbed his bag and left the room, He opened a couple doors to find the bathroom. He opened one to see the twins in their room talking. They waved and he moved to the next one, finding the bathroom. He quickly stripped off his pants, and got in. The water was cold but refreshing.

Nathaniel took off his towel, draping it over the desk chair. He stood in front of the mirror and admired his body. He liked the way the light showed every curve of muscle and his hair was shiney in the light. His dick was impressive, even soft. He rummaged through his bag, finding a fresh pair of boxers and pulled them on. He walked out into the hallway, hearing the splashing of water in the upstairs bathroom, where Jason was showering. He laughed to himself. That guy was always horney. He went downstairs and got a bowl, pouring cereal in.

"Shit we don't have milk."

Disappointed, he left the bowl and walked out to the back porch. The sun was warm, and there was a nice coolness to the air. He heard ducks out on the water, and light splashing noises. The lake was beautiful during summer. He sat on a lounge chair, and stretched out, enjoying the light.

Jared woke up, Jason and Nathan were in the room next to his. He heard Jason's drawl, and chuckled. "God, those guys, I tell ya." He thought to himself. He got out of bed, and walked over to his bag. He dug around for some underwear and a shirt. He had a major morning wood, and felt a rush of his bladder. He walked out into the hall, it was quiet, except for some voices from the twins' room. He opened a door to find a large hall closet. He walked past the twins room, and opened the next door.

"Jesus, yall are just bargin in on me today."

Jason was standing naked, shaving at the sink. Jared dropped his clothes in surprise, exposing his hardon in his briefs.

"Well lookie here, yer sportin a bone bone."

Jason laughed, and kept shaving. Jared quickly grabbed his clothes and shut the door. He walked downstairs, and remember a bathroom near the front entrance. He walked through the sitting room, and saw Nathan out on the porch. He walked in the bathroom, and shut the door behind him, locking it. He set his clothes on the counter, and lifted the toilet lid. He stood there for a few seconds, but with a woodie, he couldn't calm down enough to piss. He got some toilet paper in a bunch, and walked over to the sink. He pulled his briefs down, and let his dick stick straight out. He saw some hand lotion by the soap, and squirted a nice amount into his hand, and started to jerk himself. It made loud swishing noises, but it felt damn good. He liked jerkin in front of a mirror, and watching the way his chest and arm would flex while he jerked. This mirror was high enough, where his view was cut off right at the base of his dick. He ran his fingers through his pubes, lightly pulling at them. There was a knock on the door.

"Hey Jar, can I use the shower?"

"I just got in here, Jason's done upstairs though."


He continued to jerk, and felt a build up through his groin, as he lowered himself onto the cold granite counter. He slowly lowered his weight onto his balls, increasing the pressure of the build up. He grabbed the wadd of tp, and put it before him, in the bowl of the sink. His breathing increased, as he shot a load. His first shot was a usual drip, but the second shot, hit the mirror, and splattered up. He closed his eyes for a second, enjoying the rush.

"Oh fuck ya..." He sighed quietly.

The swishing noise had subsided, and his dick was calming down. The feeling was still great, but he felt spent. He let go of his dick, letting it flop down onto the counter. He started wiping his mess up with the dried pieces of tp. He wiped at the splatter on the mirro, but almost made it worse. He dropped the wadd in the toilet, and stood over it to pee. He felt relief as a steady stream escaped. He was still goin after a few seconds, and then he heard knocking at the door.

"Are ya done in there Bubba? We gott put a load in."

"Ya I bet, just did a load myself," he thought with a laugh. He flushed, and pulled his briefs up, opening the door. Jason walked past him with a smirk, and walked around the dorner to the washing machine.

"Smells like someone had a good time."

Jared realized it smelled like cum in the bathroom. Shit.

"Well, I couldn't piss without lettin a load out ya know. So I jerked one out."

Jason patted his shoulder as he walked by, laughing.

Jared quickly showered, and walked out to see the guys around the table, eating cereal, toast, and eggs.

"I ran into town, but you were showering, so didn't ask if you wanted anything."

"It's alright, I suppose I'll have cereal with yous."

"If you all want to, we could take the boat out for a bit, and maybe fish a little, or swim."

The guys all mumbled and nodded in agreement. They finished eating, and changed into their swimsuits. The sun was high, and the heat warmed their bare chests and legs. It was a good day to be on the water.




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