The guys had been on the water for a couple hours, and you could see the redness on their bodies. Ted and Tony were beet red, and kept coating on sunblock on each other. Jared had really red shoulders and chest, and the rest of him looked tan. Nathaniel looked almost hispanic, he was brown, with just a little bit of red on his back and face. Jason had been coating himself with sunblock the entire time, and appeared to have received the least amount of sun. They were taking turns tubing, and diving off the boat.

"We should head back soon."

Nathaniel warned that it gets cold after 5, when the sun starts to set. The guys all agreed, and took one last plunge into the lake.

After they docked, Jason and Ted decided to build a fire in the pit. There were stone benches around the pit, with a brick terrace surrounding the sitting area. It was actually quite the layout. Nathaniel showed Tony and Jared to the pantry, and they dug up ingredients for smores. They headed back, and sat around the pit. Nathaniel had a case of beer he'd grabbed from the refrigerator.

The guys shared laughs and stories, including Nathaniel talking about the Water Watcher. A local legend about a fisherman who was drowned by his crew, and walks on the water in search of their descendants. Jason thought it would be fun to play truth or dare.

"Yall wanna play truth or dare?"

"Haha, okay yeah,"

Jared laughed at the idea. The other guys all agreed though, so they flipped a quarter to see who went first. It was Ted. He picked Jason, who accepted a dare.

"Run to the street and back...naked."

Jason obliged and stripped is shorts off, running from the light of the fire. He returned breathless, moments later. Jason chose Tony, who accepted a dare.

"I dare you to kiss your brother...on the mouth."

Tony laughed and leaned over, kissing Ted for almost 5 seconds. They both laughed at each other. Their teeth looked perfectly white against their burnt skin.

Tony picked Jared, who accepted a dare as well.

"Do 50 jumping jacks...naked."

Jared threw his empty beer bottle toward Tony, purposely missing him by a foot and a half. He stood up, and undid his shorts, facing away, and started jumping.

"No Princess, facing us."

Tony wasn't playing around. Jared turned, and they all were silent. His dick was long, and thick, and pierced through the hole.

"Lord almighty, how do you piss with that ring through yer pisser?"

Jared laughed, "you get used to it." He started doing his jumping jacks. His balls bouncing wildly, and the shaft of his dick barely moving at all. He had a light covering of pubic hair, which really showcased his dick. He stopped jumping, and it was noticeably thicker than before. The movement must've sparked arousal. He quickly pulled up his shorts and sat down.

"Now I know why you didn't strip the first day, you were savin that sausage for a riny day!"

They all laughed. Jared picked Nathaniel, who accepted a truth, but at the groans and boos from the guys, he changed it to a dare.

"I dare you to play naked leap frog with the twins."

Nathan laughed and shook his head wildly,

"I'm not doing that, no no."

"A dare's a dare!"

"Alright fine, but I'll get you back for this."

Nathan stood up and stripped, as well as the twins. Their mid sections were snow white compared to their burnt bodies. They squated, and waited. Jared got a little head start, and they leaped over each other until Jared said

"Alright that's enough"

They all came back to the fire, and Nathaniel had a semi-hardon.

"Lookie here, Nate's a queer."

They all laughed.

"What do you expect when my dick kept rubbin up on their backs!?

Nathaniel got to pick now, and of course he picked Jared, who accepted a dare in fairness.

"I dare you to wrestle Jason...naked."

Jason scoffed,

"Nuh uh, no way Jose, he aint goin near my jewels."

"Your jewels? More like marbles."

Jason laughed sarcastically, and stood up, takin off his shorts again. Jared did the same and they found a spot of soft ground near the camp fire.

The wrestling match was a joke from the start, but then got serious a couple rounds in. Jared was more competitive than Jason. They were grunting, and slapping, tripping each other on the ground, and headlocking. Jason had Jared in a headlock, and. Had his knee behind Jared's back, pulling him down toward the ground to pin him. His back was arched, and his crotch was in the air. His piercing reflected the fire light. He actually looked like he was becoming aroused. His dick moved from side to side, as he tried to break the hold. It was becoming harder by the second.

The guys applauded as Jason finally pinned Jared. They counted down from 10. Jared stood up, and punched Jason in the chest.

"You sure enjoyed that bubba!"

Jason teased, pointing at Jared's semi hardon. Jared covered his dick with his hands, and quickly pulled up his shorts. He said it was too cold, and he started toward the house. Bathaniel chased after, punching his arm. The twins and Jason put out the small fire, and followed into the house. Jared and Nathaniel flopped down on the big couch, and the twins chose the loveseat. Jason leaned against the wall behind the couch. They were all sipping on fresh beers. No one was really talking, til Jared pointed his bottle at Ted and said

"Truth or dare?"

They all laughed, and Ted accepted a dare. He ended up having to run around the house singing The Sound of Music at the top of his lungs. Next was Tony, who had to fart in Jason's face. Jason had to do 20 pushups with Tony sitting on his back. Nathaniel had to lick chocolate sauce off of Jason's nipple, and then it was back to Jared.

"You have to fuck my blow up doll."

The room got silent, and Jared said

"Okay, I need to blow off steam anyway, bring it on."

Nathaniel went up and brought back a box.

"I got this as a gag gift, and never used it."

He blew up the doll, while the other guys watched. They didn't think he'd really do it. Nathaniel handed him a bottle of lube, and the room was silent. Jared slowly squirted lube onto the pussy of the blow up doll. He fingered it a bit,

"It doesn't even feel real. Ha"

He undid his shorts, and pulled his dick out. It was long, and thick, and flopped against his thigh. He slowly put the head at the opening of the doll, and sort of played with the tip. He quickly hardened, and pushed his way in. He felt the plastic and nylon material expand around his dick. He slid the doll up and down his dick, while his friends watched.

Jason felt his dick twitch inside his trunks, and tried to not focus on what was goin down. He couldn't believe Jared, of all guys, was fucking this blow up doll in front of them.

Tony and Ted stared in awe, and even the pain of their sunburnt skin was out of mind.

Nathaniel was loving this. He didn't know Jared would actually do it, but It just went to show how he wasn't afraid, and it challenged Nathaniel to be more independent. He felt his dick growing inside his shorts, but he didn't care. He was actually looking forward to his next dare.

Jared was feeling the pressure rise up in his groin, and even throughout his ass and dick. He was going to give these guys a show. He pulled his dick out, and started jackin off loudly. His moans filled the open room they were all sitting in, and he arched his back as he let himself go. Cum shot everywhere, all over the doll, and even on his abs and chest.

"Fuck yeah! Fuck!"

His voice was low and dominating. He calmed down, and let go of his dick, letting it flop against his abs. The room smelled like cum, and Jared tossed the doll to the Twins.

"I dare you both to fuck the doll, one on each end..."




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