It was late night when James returned to his flat from Danny's house. He was very tired due to the entire day's hard labor as a salesman and his lovemaking with the angelic beauty Danny. But aside of the physical exhaustion, he was also mentally tired. The boy he had seen at Danny's house, whom Danny referred to be his uncle was the same boy he had wounded on the day he met with Sean in the park. Now whether God was playing a joke with him or it was his sheer bad luck that the second boy in town he had fucked also got to have a relation with the same boy. It was not that James was scared about him or anything, but he did not want to get into a fight with that big rugby player and his friends. James had always been a quiet, peace loving boy and he hated fights. As he went to his room, which he and Sean now shared, he saw Sean seating on the bed reading some magazine. When Sean saw James, he smirked at him and came up to him and gave James a sweet hug. James slightly kissed Sean on his forehead and returned the hug. As Sean took in the odor coming in from James body he realized the familiar exotic smell of his sweat and cum mixed and dried on his skin. Sean pulled back and said with a smile, "It seems my gorgeous boyfriend has been working and so is his huge tool." and grabbed James' crotch and gave a slight jerk. James smiled and replied, "You are getting naughtier day by day."

After James returned from the shower, they had their dinner together. James had a grim expression on his face the whole time they ate dinner and Sean was too careless not to see it. He put his hand on James' shoulder and asked, "Hey honey, what is it? Why is that 7 o' clock shadow on your face?"

"Actually it's the boy I bit in the park the day I met you. Do you remember him?" asked James.

"The one you punched in the guts?" asked Sean, "He was Brent. Brent Collins. Why do you ask about him?"

"I will tell you all about it. First tell me what else can you tell me about him?" asked James.

"Well Brent, he is in the rugby team of NYU. He is a star player of the team and everybody loves him. But truth be told, he is an arrogant son of a bitch. He is handsome and he considers everyone else his shit. He has big money and he spends that lavishly to show off and keep the people around him under him. He is feared by his fellow mates and he has a nasty hunger for young boys. Yup, he is gay." said Sean.

"So was he your boyfriend or something? I mean how you came in touch with him?" queried James.

"I knew this was coming so be it. Actually he has a cousin named Danny, a really sweet and gorgeous boy and he happens to be my friend. I was with him in their house when Brent noticed my ass and grew hungry. He knew I needed financial help. So he made an offer to me that he would give me the money if I allowed him to fuck my ass. I was in terrible needs and I sort of liked the guy. He was very handsome. So I said yes and then the day we were to meet, I saw that bitch had called all his friends, those six bastards to see me get fucked and then take their turns fucking me. he wanted to whore me for his pleasure. When I refused, he tried to force me but I ran away and then met you in the park. But that bitch still follows me if he sees me in the marketplace and I have a hard time escaping him. This is my part of the story. So now will you tell me how he is being your concern tonight?" said Sean.

James sighed. He took out a cigar from his pocket and lit it. After taking a few puffs, he replied, "The cute boy I fucked today was none else but Danny. I was selling underwear and Danny took me to his room for helping him out with some samples. We found our way to his bed. After our hot session full of passionate sex, we took a shower. As I was leaving, Danny requested to give me a blowjob. He was so cute I could not refuse. It was during that time when Danny was sucking me off, that this guy Brent came back home. Danny was terrified. He quickly led me out through the back door. I had a chance to see through the window on his uncle's face and saw it to be the same guy I hit in the park the other day. As I was leaving, Brent got inside the house. He saw Danny was nude and leading me out through back door. He understood and chased me but I easily got away. I heard him swearing that he would find me and kill me. I saw from a distance that he hit Danny hard on his face. Now I am worried about Danny. That sick bastard would be hard on him. I am thinking should I go back and fetch him?" he looked at Sean for his advice.

Sean said, " Danny is his sisters' son. He would not hit him. why would he? And I don't think you should go their anymore. That guy Brent is sick and he will not be very hospitable to you."

"I don't know, but my heart keeps telling me to go back and fetch Danny." said James.

"Don't worry, he will be alright." Said Sean, "and u should relax. Come with me I will give u a masseuse."

"Nope, I am not in the mood. Lets sleep tonight." said James and went to his room.

That whole night James could not sleep. He was thinking of Danny. His heart ached for the sweet kid and he made his mind to go and see him the next day.

And James worries were nothing extravagant. Danny was really given a very hard time by Brent. After James left, Brent caught Danny's hair and pulled him inside the house and threw him to the floor. Danny's soft body struck hard against the floor and Danny groaned in pain. Brent was furious. He undid hid belt and began to beat Danny hard. Danny was crying in pain but no mercy was shown. Brent was cursing him, abusing him. Brent said, "You motherfucker faggot. You dirty scumbag. You let strangers come in and fuck you. And that also the motherfucker guy who hit me. I will not leave him. he will pay bigtime for this and so will you. When my friend Richard proposed you, you refused. And now you will let others come in and eat your ass. So be it. tomorrow with or without your consent you are going to be Richard's beast. I will see to it. and I will find that rascal and tear his ass apart for coming inside my house and playing with you." Saying this he kicked Danny on his nude ass hard and shut him in his room, locking the door.

With gritted teeth he swore aloud, " I am coming for you, motherfucker cunt." In his eyes blaze the burning picture of James.




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