Grocery Store Pick-up

I'd bought a load of junk at a garage sale for resale. When I got the stuff home I went through the boxes sorting out what was sellable and what was trash. As I pulled thins out of the box they went into 2 piles, to keep and discard. Several items later I found a pair of sexy, black lace panties. These too went into the discard pile. I sort about half the box when I noticed the black panties.

When I held them up I realized that they were big enough for me. So, for a lark I decided to try them on. Oddly enough, not only did they fit, but also I liked the way the silky material stretched across my ass and cupped my tight balls.

As I moved around in them I couldn't believe how natural it felt to be wearing them. I don't know if it was because the panties brought out my feminine side or not, but having them on made me feel pretty.

Since trying on the black panties from the garage sale, I'd brought several more pair at the Good Will store. Living alone I free to wear panties and to explore my feminine side as much as I wanted too. I even started wearing nightgowns. When I'd get home at night, I'd shower, shave and put on a pair of clean white granny panties and a frilly gown before going to bed. I don't know what it was, but there was just something about white granny panties and a frilly gown to make me feel feminine.

I started wearing panties on a regular basis but for obvious reasons I didn't wear them to work, but the rest of the time I wore them under my street clothes. I got a big kick out of wearing them under my cloths when I was out in public. It especially gave me a perverse pleasure to be secretly wearing them when I was talking to some macho stud.

As far as I know I was only busted 3 times. Of course if there were 3 that I know about there must have been dozens that I didn't.

I was at Trades Village one Sunday squatting down looking at something when this lady, mid 20s gave me a knowing smile. I was use to girls coming on to me so I just smiled back. Then she leaned over and whispered, "You shouldn't wear white shorts."

I looked down and I realized what she was talking about. I was wearing tight white coach's shorts and when I squatted down it pulled them so tight that my panty line was clearly visible. And there was no doubt it was panties and not jockeys. Cheeks burning with embarrassment I got up and slunk away. Needless to say I look for the nearest booth selling cloths and bought a new pair of shorts. Then went to the restroom and put them on.

Another time I was wearing a loose fitting pair of gym shorts. Dark enough and loose enough that there was no panty line. I was sitting down and noticed a girl standing about 5 feet away looking at my crotch. Looking down at myself I realized that the loose legs were gaped open 2 or 3 inches and what was clearly panties were[J1] visible

I was in HEB grocery store in Cleburne. I knelt down to check something on the bottom shelf. I almost jump out of my skin when someone snapped the elastic of my panties in back. I looked over my shoulder and a blue jean wearing redneck was standing there. When I bent down it made a gap between my Levis and the hem of my t-shit and this redneck had saw it and snapped the elastic.

Not sure if we were going to fight or not I just knelt there. Whatever he was going to say he didn't because another guy walked up to get something off the shelf.

I don't know what would have happened with the guy who tweaked my panties because his wife came up the aisle and he had to walk on away with her.

There was no doubt the second guy had seen my panties too because as he acted like he was looking at stuff on the shelf, he kept looking down at them.

As I stood up I noticing the guy's bulge. When I raised my eyes he was looking at me. I was confused. I didn't know if he was interested or not. I didn't want to scare him away if he was. I decided to be bold. I smiled and gave him a wink and then licked my lips suggestively. He wasn't scared off, maybe even a little interested.

Impulsively I mimicked sucking a cock with my finger and the next thing I know I was getting an invitation out to his van

This obviously wasn't his first time at the rodeo. When we got outside the windows had dark tint and he was back in against a wall so no one could walk behind the van. When he opened the side door I saw that he'd removed the bench seats. That provided a nice comfortable place for him to sit and plenty of room in front of him for me to kneel down. And there was a temporary curtain that hung behind the front seats.

We sat down on the bench seat and I reached over fumbled with his pants. Pushing my hands away, he laughed, "Anxious are you," as he unsnapped and unzipped his Levis. When he pulling them with his underwear down to his knees went to the floor.

The hardest thing I did in the back of that van was when I knelt down in front a perfect stranger. It was such a primitive and blatant sign of submission. My heart was pounding and I felt that I'd somehow conceded something important. I wasn't a man any more. I was a sexual toy for any alpha to use as they saw fit.

I bent over took him in one hand. When my fingers touched his cock, it sort of jumped. He was excited. And I think it was about the same sign of submission that had me in turmoil. Of course, he was on the other side of the sign of submission. I stroked him gently and felt him harden in my hand.

I started out licking up and down his growing shaft. He is cut with a very big mushroom head. I licked down to his hairy balls taking turns sucking and licking each one. I licked my way back up popped his cock in my mouth. My tongue was licking under the head as I was sucking.

I could feel the raw power of his erection, the desire and, even, need that drove him to thrust in and out of my mouth. It was my hands, my lips and tongue that turned a soft mass of floppy flesh into a hard pumping and thrusting steel like rod.

There was no use trying to hide it. I wanted to make him explode in my mouth. I wanted to feel his salty treat cover my tongue and slide down my throat.

I closed my eyes and worked his cock hard with my lips. My head started to bounce up and down with his thrusts. He was moaning, "Uugggghhhhhhh," and telling me, "Oh god that feels so fucken good."

I moaned, "Mmmmmmmmm," with pleasure at the feeling of his throbbing cock in my mouth and I jacked the base of his cock hard. He started jerking and bucking telling me so keep sucking.

I took my hand and squeezed his nuts pulling on them.

With a grunt he put his hands on the back of my head and thrust even deeper into my mouth.

I was quickly rewarded with his hot salty cum flooding my mouth. The first squirt hit the back of my throat and slid down it.

I started sucking harder and my tongue flicking his cock head. About 3 more squirts followed filling my eager mouth. It had an acrid peppery taste and it kind of burned my tongue but I swallowed it with relish.

After he went flaccid in my mouth he fell back in the seat completely spent. And, in a final act of acceptance and submission, I gently kissed his softening cock and lay my head on his lap.

He mumbled weakly, "Thanks that was great."

I said, "Anytime," and gave him my cell phone number. "Call me anytime."



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