It was a Friday. Michael Came over he was funny one of those guys who would make (that's what she said)jokes and stuff like that. So he was joking with me and said You don't get any pussy because your dick is small. and i said it is not , it's probably bigger than yours. I knew it was a lie, for one my dick is horribly small. And he is black so they are naturally big. So he pulls out his as a joke and I am staring at it. it has to be as thick as a pringles can and 9 inches soft. so i am staring and he notices. he says aaw your gay, then he says you probably wanna suck it. I kept staring, he walked towards me. and it start to grow and get hard. i put my mouth around it and sucked the head. he moaned and said it feels the same as when a bitch does it. he then grabbed my head and pushed it down. i cried it hurt and it made me choke. he thrust-ed in and out of my face screaming take that dick white boy , he came in my mouth. he just stood there over me , when i tried to get up he smacked me down and said i aint done yet. he made me lick his balls. they were soft and huge they stunk but i liked it. they were sticky as we were playing sports earlier. he then stood in front of my face so i could lick the back of them. i went to lick then but he moved and my tongue landed on his asshole. he moaned loudly and said don't stop. i could taste ass but i didn't care. he was saying yeh you dirty whit slut eat that shit. then i slipped a finger in , he turned around and hit me. he said just cause you a bitch don't mean i am. he then bent me over the bed. he spit on my asshole, now remember i am a virgin. he said this is for you white whore, he thrust in. my asshole literally ripped. he didn't care he kept fucking me hard. his balls slapped hard against my taint. it hurt so bad. i cried and screamed but i loved it at the same time. he finally came inside of me, the cum was so warm and juicy. i did something nasty as he was pulling out and released air. all that came out was the cum. it landed on his stomach. he came to my face and made me lick it clean. then he sat on my face and said smell my ass white bitch. he finally got up , he just walked out and said you are gonna make a good bitch.



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