Glory Hole

My wife, Leigh and I both love to suck cock. I know some will look down on me for this and call me a ‘queer,’ but I'm here to tell you, you’ve never had a sexual experience like the one when you let another man shoot a load in your mouth and you feel each burst of cum hitting the back of your throat. I can empathy with supposedly str8 guys because I'm basically in the same situation as them, I do love women. I don't really have any attraction to a man but show me a hard cock standing tall and it makes my mouth water! I'm a long time married guy that has fucked more women than I can count on all my digits. Eating pussy was my forte, but nothing has turned me on as much as sucking a cock to completion. Your mind will go euphoric as it receives the tactile signals that another man is cumming in your mouth it’s a mind bending experience counting the number of shots as you swallow each and every drop of his cum. you will then understand why women give men blowjobs. 

Of course you’ll have to put aside all the negative homophobic rhetoric the religious community has put on same gender sex. I find it curious that the Catholic Church made up of people that do not have sex, make the sexuality do's and don't rules for the people who do have sex. Now how fucked up is that? Maybe that's why so many priests have to turn to pedophile to ‘get off?’

A couple years ago Leigh saw a video of a woman sucking cock through a glory hole and it turned her on so much she had to check it out for herself. 

“Go for it,” I told her. “It's better than joining a bowling league.”

So we did a little research and found an adult bookstore with viewing booths not too far away. 

At first we walked up and down the aisles checking out the front part of the store. Leigh is and has always been, a knockout. She's 5-foot 3-inches tall; weighs about 125 lbs; has long, straight, blond hair; narrow, almost perfect facial features; and an athletic build. Her waist could best be described as 'petite' and is accentuated by her small, yet pert breasts and a very tight shapely little ass. Due to her looks we attracted a lot of attention while we were walking around the store. 

Then we went into the back where the booths were and walked around for a little to get a feel for the place. The quasi-chlorine smell of the semen was intense. That combined with the musky smell of sex and male sweat that permeated the air in the room at this point for me was a primal, erotic mixture but Leigh wasn't a fan of the smell. Fortunately as we continued to walk she got over it. 

Due to the rarity of women in the viewing booth area, before we even entered a booth we saw a guy start rubbing his cock through his pants trying to get Leigh to notice, but she just ignored him. We walked into a booth that had holes in the wall on both sides and like all viewing booths it was a seedy dirty place filled with cum all over the floor. 

No more than 20-seconds after we went in there was a hard cock sticking through one of the holes. I was pretty sure it was the guy we’d just seen outside.

My wife, Leigh was a little nervous so I said, “I’ll start it off.” 

I started stroking the cock with my hands for a couple of minutes and I then grabbed Leigh’s hand and put it on the cock. It looked about 5-inches long and very thick. Leigh really started getting into it, her hand moving quickly up and down his shaft.  Putting her hand on the back of my head, she pointed the dick in my direction and pushed my head towards it. 

Right away I took the whole thing in my mouth so deep that my face was almost against the wall and started gleefully sucking away. I was slurping so much that within a minute or so I had spit dripping off my chin. Leigh couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled my head away and sucked the dick into her mouth. 

I think the guy knew exactly what had just happened because he started moaning as soon as Leigh’s lips closed around the shaft of his cock. 

He only lasted about 30-more seconds before he shot his load in her mouth. When he pulled back through the hole, there was some cum on Leigh’s chin so I leaned over, licked it off for her and then gave her a big cum filled kiss. 

I looked around and noticed someone was looking through the hole in the other side of the booth watching the action. 

As I moved towards it and a huge cock came through the hole to greet me. I was face-to-face with a very large and very hard cock. It was standing straight out, giving me a view that made me dizzy with lust: his glistening shaft, veins bulging in every direction. It had a dark plum-shaped head with a droplet of pre-cum beading up and dripping ever so slowly off the pee-slit. 

I started by licking it all over before taking it in my mouth. But it was too big to get it all in. undaunted I jerked it as I sucked. 

When I looked over to see where Leigh was she was already working on another cock in the other hole. 

I excitedly told her to, “Look at the cock I have in my hands.” One look and she immediately left the small cock she was sucking to come help me with the huge one I had. 

We both eagerly licked and sucked on it together for a while. 

Then I lifted Leigh’s dress up and pulled down her panties so the guy on the other side could at least get a good look at Leigh’s fine ass and pussy. It didn’t last long though before Leigh got up and moved her ass over to the huge cock and started rubbing the engorged head on her ass and up and down her crack. 

I could tell Leigh wanted to slide the big monster into her pussy so bad but we have a rule about bareback with guys we don’t know very well. 

She eventually went back to sucking on it and I was more than glad to jump back in and help her when she came up for a breath. 

I few minutes later he began to thrust his big cock in and out so we knew he was about to cum. Leigh just held her head still as close to the wall as she could while he face fucked her hard. When he went off his load was so big that cum started pouring out her mouth onto the floor. 

When he was done he pulled away and again I gave Leigh a big kiss. I wanted to taste all the cum too. 

I motioned for her to go back to the other hole but she wanted to take a breather so she said, “You should stick your cock in the hole.”

My cock was already as hard as a rock so I did; I put it in the hole. 

Right away I felt a mouth then lips tighten around it sucking away. I'm much more into sucking a guys cock than getting mine sucked by a guy, but Leigh loves to watch it. It was turning her on more than it was me. Before long she started playing with her pussy. 

I pulled away, turned Leigh around and stuck my cock in her from behind. She was sooo wet that I went in up to my balls. She was loving all of this. I only kept my cock in her for a few seconds then moved back over to the hole so the guy on the other side could taste Leigh’s pussy all over my cock. 

I looked back at Leigh and noticed that when I bent her over I apparently put her face right in front of another cock because she hadn’t moved from that position other than bobbing her head. 

I fucked her a little bit again and then moved back to the hole. I did it a few more times back and forth until I heard Leigh starting to gag on cum and it put me over the edge and I started to cum also into some guys mouth on the other side of the wall. 

Then again I kissed Leigh. 

She couldn’t wait any more and needed to get fucked but she said, “My knees are killing me.” so we left to go fuck in the car where she could lay back and be more comfortable. 

As we left the booth there was about 4-guys right outside the door giving us compliments, one even started clapping. 

I couldn’t help smiling as Leigh pranced proudly across the parking lot, twirling her panties on one finger. I don’t know if it was the same guys from inside or not as we walked, we gathered a crowd. Undaunted by her audience, as soon she got to the car Leigh unbutton her blouse and pulled her shirt tail out so that I'd have complete access to her breasts.  In seconds she was on her back in the back seat with her legs spread. 

I wasn't going to pass up a chance to fuck a hot bitch like my Leigh, crowd or no crowd, so I dropped my pants and crawled into the back seat with her. Flipping up her skirt, I moved forward so that my hard cock hovered between Leigh’s parted thighs. As everyone watched in total fascination, as I spread her legs wider. Then I grabbed her hips and Leigh cried out as I entered her. Her high-pitched squeal caused the crowd to smile. Leigh’s long legs were soon up over my shoulders and she was moaning and gasping in time with my steady powerful thrusting. Leigh’s fingers dug into the cheeks of my ass, urging me on, as if trying to pull me in deeper each time I plunged into her. I was pumping her methodically, pushing my all the way in. The others applauded as I slowly pulled my dick almost all the way out and then almost brutally ramming it back in so hard and deep that our flesh made slapping noises as our bodies connected.

As the crowd watched me fucking my wife, Leigh started to work her hips, ramming her pussy up, meeting my thrusts halfway. In seconds, amid her garbled moaning, I heard Leigh choke out the words, “I’m cumming, oh god, I’m cumming.” I could barely hold myself back any longer and finally gave in to the moment. Gripping her hips tightly, I bucked into Leigh uncontrollably as I cummed long and hard. Leigh’s gorgeous ass bounced wildly on my cock, her clutching pussy sucking the cum out of me as if it were a mouth.

The others watched while the 2-of us collapsed on the backseat and still caressing each other, we caught our breath. Leaving Leigh sated on the backseat with her blouse open and her skirt flipped up, I struggled weakly out and into the driver’s seat. Amid cheers from the crowd we drove away.  

We've gone back 2 other times since then, but none were as fun as the first. 

The end…



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