I woke up the next morning feeling confused for only a second. Before I even opened my eyes i knew I was not in my own bed and that brought everything that happened the day before back in a rush! Still without opening my eyes I slid my hand across the bed to see if I was there alone. I was, which meant it was OK to open my eyes and look around. I was in a king size bed in a very nice looking bedroom. That bedroom was also in a house that I had agreed to move into. and share with the owner, William. I must be out of my mind! I still couldn't believe that I had gone from being picked up in a gay bar to have my throat and ass fucked royally by the biggest cock I'd every had to being offered a place to live that the very same person who had done the fucking! I was laying there trying to wrap my thoughts and feelings around what had happened when William came in. Good morning babe! Hope you got some rest. Breakfast will be ready in about 20 minutes and I tossed your cloths in the washer, they should be done by the time breakfast is over. All of this came out in the time it took him to go from the bedroom door to the bathroom! MY God, I had agreed to move in with the energizer bunny! Needless to say, I'm NOT a morning person. I can get up and make coffee while I'm still asleep and my eyes don't open nor does my brain work until after that second cup!

He came back from the bathroom and stood by the bed. I know things are a little overwhelming right now babe but a hot shower and some breakfast and we'll talk about our plans, OK? here, you might be more comfortable in this until your cloths are done. With that he leaned down, kissed me and was out the door again. Hmmm. He is diffidently a morning person. He looked freshly showered, dressed in shorts and a tank top and way to cheerful. Time to drag my ass out of bed, hit the shower and see if i could clear my mind. He had left me a very soft robe which must have been one of his extras because the hem was dragging on the floor and my hands hit close to the elbows in the sleeves. Beggars can't be choosers so off to the shower I went. It doesn't take long to do my morning routine. Take care of business, check my face. At 23 I seldom have to shave more than twice a week or so. Guys in High school were growing beards and mustaches and at 23 I get very fine peach fuzz. I always thought I was a freak because i have little to no body hair. You have to really look to see any hair on my arms or legs. Hell even my crotch hair looks more like something you'd see on a 13 year girl!. I was very surprised at the size of the bathroom. The stool was normal but it had a cabinet with three large sinks. There was a garden tub in one corner that looked more like a hot tub and the shower could hold at least 6 people with no one rubbing skin!

While in the shower I was trying to do some serious thinking. I know I had agreed to move in with William and more or less be his full time sex toy. He made a lot of promises the night before and even though a large part of me wanted to believe him I had met guys before that will promise you the moon if you will just suck the off. It's surprising how the promise all seem to fade away as soon as they cum. We had great sex last night. William was a very skilled and careful lover but i didn't want to think I'd agreed to something while floating on the cloud of sex and beer.

I have been bi for as long as I've been sexually active. I have been with women and have enjoyed it. There's just something I love about the smell, feel and taste of women. Of course there's also that something that I love about the feel of a hard cock! To be truthful I'm a little submissive and lazy when it comes to sex. It is so much easier to go out to a gay bar and let myself get picked up than it is to go out and do the chasing. Which is how I ended up with William in the first place. The main thing I absolutely hated about my body was the fact that from the back I had a girl's body! I tapered from my shoulders to a narrow waist, then my hips flared out just like a girl. I tended to be a little sway back when i walked, add that to the hips and a good size butt that stuck and was rounded enough for me to have a defined ledge under my cheeks. I hated it! I tried to play basketball in high school but after so many rude remarks about my "girls ass" I gave it up. The thought of taking a shower after gym class can still make me break out in cold sweats. I always wear baggy sweat pants of very loose pants unless, of course I'm going out to be picked up. By the time the shower was done I had made up my mind to go over the whole thing with William again and ask some hard questions before I committed to anything.

By the time I found the dining room William was setting the table. Mostly I'm not much of a breakfast eater but the smell of the coffee and bacon had me drooling! William came out carrying two plates which he sat on the table he came over and pulled my chair out so I could sit. So sweet. Part of my brain wondered how long that would last. William sat next to me, I hope you like everything babe, I have tea or milk in case you don't like coffee. I just smiled and picked up my cup. He held his cup up in a toast and said "to a wonderful future." I smiled and inclined my cup toward his.

My silence was a holdover from the day before. The way he came on to me by leaning down and whispering in my ear that he wanted to fuck me left me kind of speechless. He kept up a steady stream of really nasty talk the rest of the day and for some reason my only response would ne a smile and a nod or a shake of the head. I don't know why but for some reason I chose to continue. it just seemed easier to listen than to talk. As soon as we had finished the meal William took his cup, leaned back in the chair and stared at the ceiling for a bit. I knew he was gathering his thought so I just sipped my coffee and waited. Did you sleep good last night? A smile and nod. I know things were a little hectic yesterday babe. I know we had a lot of fun, or at least I know I did and I hope you feel the same. That got a big smile and a dreamy look. I want you to know that I was really serious about what we talked about, you moving here and all. I just looked at him and waited for him to continue. Damn it babe! I want you! I'm way to old to believe in all that love at first sight shit but, damn it, something happened when I first laid eyes on you! I don't know what it was or what you would call it but I swear, I've never wanted another human being half as much as I want you! Before yesterday i would have never even thought that i could walk up to a total stranger and tell them that I wanted to fuck them. I've never been that big on nasty talk but with you I just couldn't seem to shut up! Tell me what you want or need and i will move heaven and earth to get it for you. Even if you change your mind and decide not to move here at least let me be part of your life.

Now what? He looked so serious and sincere. I actually saw a few tears as he said that last part. I had no doubt that part of what he wanted was sex but it seemed like he wanted so much more, question was, was i willing to give it! So much for my grilling him and asking the tough questions, it was my heart, not my mind that made me reach over and take his hand in mine. I lifted his hand and brought it to my lips. With the touch of my lips and the look in my eyes he had his answer.

The rest of the day was like a whirlwind. As soon as I had dressed (didn't take much, just sweats and a tee, no undies) he took me back down town so I could get my stuff which also didn't take long, just an old cardboard suitcase and a couple of sacks. I did get a few knowing looks from the locals. Big black guy helping skinny white guy load his stuff. Of course since William decided that the sidewalk in front of my room would be the perfect spot to cop a feel of my ass may have helped a little. next we stopped by the cafe where i worked part time to let them know i was leaving. My big surprise was when he stopped at a bank close to his house. I thought he was going in but instead he handed me $1000.00, wrote his address on a piece of paper and told me to go in and start an account in my name. I guess it was obvious that i was surprise because out came finger, under chin and closed my mouth. This was starting to become a habit! When I'm surprised I'm not sure which one opens the widest my mouth or my eyes but for some reason William seemed to think it was cute.

By the time we got back home we were both tired and sweaty. William helped me take my stuff into my bedroom. Before we left William had given me a tour of the house. I had been so out of it the day before I hadn't realized that it was a two story. There were 3 bedrooms upstairs and two down. William used one of the upstairs bedrooms as his office. my bedroom was down stairs next to his. he said he wanted to make sure I had my own space although he would really like it if I'd consider sleeping with him. I liked the idea of snuggling with him but I wasn't quite sure my ass would be able to handle a horny 59 year old. I didn't say no, just squeezed his hand and smiled. I finished putting my stuff and went back out to see what William was up to. I found him in the kitchen laying out food. Must be for dinner because we'd stopped for lunch while we were out. He turned and saw me standing in the doorway. Why don't you go out on the deck sweet cheeks and relax while I finish up in here. I'll meet you out there as soon as I'm done here. I took the cover off the hot tub so you can soak if you want to. I don't remember him putting a cover on it but I thought it was nice that he'd thought to get it ready for me. I went out to the deck, stood at the edge and checked out the back yard. I hadn't even noticed it the day before. It was actually pretty good size. The deck with the tub went out at least 14 or more feet than a large expanse of grass before it ended at a tall wooden fence. He had told me last night not to worry about being in the tub naked because the neighbors couldn't see anything. Looking at the height of that fence I could believe it. He sure like his privacy. I decided that he was right, soaking in the tub for a bit sounded just right. I pulled my tee off and stepped out of my sweats. We'd spent hours in the tub naked the day before and I didn't see any reason to change things now.

The water was so relaxing I was almost dozing off when I heard William come out to the deck. I opened my eyes just enough to see what he was doing. He was standing on the other side of the tub watching me. He hadn't waited to get to the tub, he was all ready naked Seeing that cock hanging down in front of him still scared me a little. I could well remember how much it hurt the night before when he put it in me. My ass was still a tiny bit sore still. Then my slut side kicked in and forgot about the pain, it only remembered how full I felt when he finally had it buried ball deep in and how great it felt when he started stroking! I don't think he could tell that my eyes were open because He reached down took his cock in his hand and started stroking it. I could see his tongue come out and lick across his lips OH Shit, I'm in for it now!

He came over to the tub but instead of getting all the way in he just sat on the edge with his feet in the water. I could feel the heat from his thigh where it was touching my cheek and I could feel his hand moving as he slowly stroked his cock. I was afraid to move and afraid not to! I heard him moan just a little and felt him cup the back of my neck with his other hand. Anyone ever tell you how tight that ass of yours is? Your little ass ring was so tight i didn't think I was ever going to be able to get my cock in you. When the head finally slid past the ring I thought I was going to cum right then. God I loved hearing him talk like this! I could feel myself getting hot just listening to him. How did my cock feel compared to others you've had? It was really hard not to laugh hearing him ask that. I'm sure he was thinking I'd had multiple cocks in my ass when in truth I had only had two. For the first one, I was so drunk that night I didn't even know I'd been fucked till the next morning when I woke up with a sore and leaking ass. My second one was at another drunken part although I wanted it that time. The problem was we were both so drunk that he poked at me for 20 minutes but couldn't get it in. I was just sober enough to push him on his back, climb up on him, take his cock in my hand and put it in myself. He pumped about three times before he came! Not a lot of experience and damn sure nothing to prepare me for having his huge headed cock in me! He was tugging at the back of my neck and i thought he wanted me to turn so he could put his cock in my mouth but he slid both hands down to my arm pit and lifted me up and moved me sideways in front of him. I still had my back to him when he set me down and started to turn toward him but he just pulled me back between his legs. This felt good! I could not only feel his les on each side of me but also his cock under my head. I was starting to get hard and made a nice pillow. He moved both hand down to my chest and started playing with my nipples which made my little cock stand right up! I'm sure you've been told before but you know that your ass looks just like a woman's, right? Trust me, Yes I've been told that since I was in high school. I realized that he was trying to compliment me so I calmed do a little. I'm not sure how you feel about it but I'm going to tell you, I love it! I don't mean to keep harping about it but I just can't wait to see it wrapped in a pair of tight panties! I'll bet any guy would get a hard on from seeing it no matter if he was straight, gay or bi every guy that sees it is going to want to stick his cock in it! I had to smile. A picture of me wearing red thong panties, black nylons and heels popped into my mind as he was talking. To be truthful I thought I looked pretty good in my fantasy picture. The part that made me smile was the dozen or more guys behind me with their cocks in their hands. he must have been thinking something along the same lines because I felt his cock swelling under my head. It only took a second fot that thing to be totally hard! I had it trapped between his legs and under my head so he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me forward enough to allow it to spring back up to his stomach with a loud slap.. I had to do something. I turned until I could get my knees on the shelf, spread my arms over his thighs, leaned forward and planted a kiss on the head. I kept one hand on the underside of his cock and brought the other down to cup his balls. I loved the silky feel of the skin over them. I leaned in and licked the underside of his balls then gently nibbled on them. I opened my mouth as far as I could and sucked one of them in. I didn't want to take a chance on hurting him so I just ran my tongue over it. I was rubbing my other hand up and down the underside of his cock the whole time.

I eased his ball back out but kept both of them cupped in my hand. I wrapped my hand around his cock and stood it up so I could see it. I stroked it from the tip to the base. I loved watching that mushroom head slide up out of my hand. I didn't have any trouble reaching around the shaft but the head was a hand full. Last night he had leaned my head back and was able to slide that cock all the way in my mouth. I didn't think I was going to be able to take it all the way to the base in the position I was in, but I was going to try. I moved my knees forward so my mouth would be directly over his cock. I continued to stroke it as I bent down and kissed the tip. He put both hands on my shoulders but didn't push me down or anything just started rubbing them. I kiss him one more time then raised my eyes so I could see him from under my lashes. He was staring at me with his mouth open just a little and I had glanced up just in time to see him lick his lips. I bend my head back down, opened my mouth as wide as possible and slide it down over the head. OH babe, your fucking mouth is so hot! That's my girl take it all, lick that head! I want to feel your tongue wrapped around the head of my cock! Wasn't sure how I was going to take it all and still have my tongue wrapped around the head but I was going to give it my best shot. I ran my tongue around it for awhile then started moving down on the shaft to see how much I could take. Same as yesterday, it hit the back of my throat before I had half of it in! He moved on hand over my head to the back of my neck. He had pressure on it but he didn't pull me sown, thank God! I scooted forward with my knees to see if I could get a better angle but I just couldn't get it past the back of my throat without gagging. I was beginning to get pissed off! He had all of it in my mouth yesterday, why the hell couldn't I take it today! He knew I was gagging from trying to take it and he moved his hands to the side of my head, pushed me back off his cock and tilted my head back so I could see him. Just take it easy baby, don't try to choke yourself on it. I'm loving the way it feels and you don't have to take the whole thing to please me. He bent down far enough to kiss me then leaned back and rested his hand back on my neck. I slid my mouth back down on him this time not taking much more than the head. I started sucking harder, licking the head and began bobbing my head up and down. I would suck hard and take him to the back of my throat, then release the pressure a little and move back up to the head. Oh yeah, suck it baby. Play with daddies balls and take that cock! I was getting really excited! I reached down and grabbed my cock and started jacking it. My mind was made up that I was going to cum at the same time I made him come. I was still playing with his balls and bobbing my head faster and faster. God, he tasted so good and i wanted him to cum so bad! Now when I brought my head up he was pulling me back down and thrusting his hips up to meet me. I was afraid he was going to get to excited to keep from shoving it all in be he maintained control and never pushed it to far. Damn baby! You're going make me cum. God take it you little cocksucking bitch! Drain it all! I didn't need the encouragement! I started sucking faster and squeezing his balls. My plan didn't quite work out. As soon as he called me a cocksucking bitch I started coming! I jammed my mouth down on him while I waited to finished but that must have been the trigger for him. Here it comes baby, take it, take it! and with that he was pumping a load in my mouth!

He almost ended up choking me anyway but I managed to hold on until he was finished then I had to yank my head back and gasp for breath! Next thing I knew I slipped of the bench and went completely under the water! Not a good thing to do when you're gasping for breath! Thought I was going to drown! That really wouldn't be a good end to a blow job! My head suddenly brought the service and I could breathe again , not very well due the hacking, coughing and spitting up water but at least i was getting a little air. I was still panicked because I felt like my chest had an iron band around it and even though I had slowed down on the coughing I was still having trouble getting a deep breath. I had my eyes closed and was flinging my arms around trying to get a hold of the tub edge. I opened my eyes and was even more confused. I blinked a couple of time but still didn't know what I was seeing. It took another second or two before I realized that i was looking into a pair of deep brown eyes. Calm down. I have you. Just relax and breath. Don't worry, daddy has you and you're safe. I fell forward onto his chest and just lay there till I was able to calm down and get a decent breath. As soon as he felt me relax he leaned my head back and looked into my eyes. Damn that was a great suck babe but you don't need such a dramatic ending! I couldn't help it, I was so embarrassed I wanted to hide but instead I busted out laughing! I was laughing so hard i started to slid back down in the tub. Thank God he had his arms around me. he tightened them up and kept me from drowning again. He drug me back up and sat me on his lap. I was still laughing and it must have been infectious because he joined in as soon as I was settled. I must have been getting a little on the hysterical side because he took my head in his hands, turned me to him and planted a huge kiss on my lips. I still did a couple of weird hiccup laughs in his mouth before i was able to respond to the kiss. I loved the fact that he liked to kiss me. I loved kissing but most of the guys I'd been with never wanted to kiss and they acted kind of strange if you tried to kiss them. As soon as I stopped making laughing noises he stuck his tongue deep in my mouth. God I could keep doing this all night!

The next twenty minutes where heaven to me. He broke the kiss and pulled me back to his chest. h had both arms around me and was lightly rubbing my back as he told me how great i was at sucking cock and how much he enjoyed it. Every time he took a break in talking he would push my head back and kiss me deeply, then back to his chest and more talk. I loved it! Unfortunately all things must end. He moved me off his lap and told me it was dinner time. He climbed out of the tub and told me I could stay and soak some more if i want, as Long as I promised him I wouldn't drown. Yeah, very funny. I told him I would come and help but he said no this was his treat and I could relax till he called me. I watched him walk into the house. he might have a big belly but he sure had a muscled ass! Damn I wanted to run my hands over that!

I decided to get out of the tub also. I dried off with the beach towels he keeps by the tub and after looking at them i decided not to put my sweats and tee back on, instead i just wrapped the towel around my waist and headed into the front room. I had to smile a little when i looked in the kitchen. he was standing at the stove cooking something wearing nothing but an apron. Not what you would expect from a masculine man like William but kind of cute. I went over to check out the TV. I noticed that he had a huge selection of porn. He even had it grouped together, straight porn at the top, gay in the middle and two full shelves of crossdesser porn at the bottom. That should not have surprised me since he had made it plain that he wanted to see me dressed. I asked if it was OK to watch a video. Instead of answering he came out to show me how to operate the TV and disk player. He noticed me looking at his porn collection and smiled. After he finished showing me how everything worked he pulled me to him, wrapped his arms around me squeezing my ass with both and whispered in my ear to watch anything that would get me hot. With a quick kiss he went back to the kitchen. I started to pick out a gay dvd then had second thoughts. I had seen trans gurls and crossdressers in clubs before but had never really paid any attention to them other than noting that some of them were more beautiful than a lot of women. With William talking about me dressing up as a woman I thought this would be a good time to do a little home work. I picked one that showed a t-gurl on her knees sucking a huge cock and settled in to see what the draw was. The first thing I noticed was that T-gurls had tits and the crossdressers didn't. I had never even thought about that before. All the guys, at least the ones I was pretty sure were guys dressed as women in the clubs had tits. Weather they were real or not never crossed my mind. I had picked the right film because not only was there lots of sucking and fucking going on but he main tow characters were a tranny and a gay guy. Tranny was a pre-op. She had great looking full tits and was saving up for the operation. The gay guy was built a lot like me and only wanted to dress as a woman not go through the change. The trans gurl was helping him dress the part so he could go out in public. My biggest surprise was how good he looked when she finished with him! If I had seen him walking down the street I would have assume he was a very pretty girl at first glance I was getting so wrapped up in the video I didn't noticed that William had joined me on the couch until he put his arm around me. Umm, you picked a hot one babe. You liking this? I told him yes and ask what part he like the best. The way the guy looks when he all dressed up! Look at how hot he is and that ass is absolutely great. I really think you could look even better if you'd let me dress you up. Foods ready, let's eat then we'll watch some more.

I was a lousy dinner companion that night. He had worked hard making us a nice meal and was in a really cheerful mood chatting about everything. I was so wrapped up in my own mind from what he's said earlier and dressing me and what I'd seen on the vid that even though I ate I don't remember tasting anything nor did i really hear what he was saying. The best I could do was smile and nod. I'm sure he noticed but he didn't call me out on it. What was i going to do? No, the question was what did I want to do? I had more or less agreed to dress like a woman when I accepted his offer to move in but for some reason I'd pushed that to the back of my mind. To tell the truth I was kind of hoping that he for forget about. Had I seen the collection of porn he had the day before I would have realized that he wasn't going to just forget or let it go. Did I really want to dress as a woman? I had no desire to be a woman that was for sure. But I was submissive to guys and loved to have them take charge. I was really begging to enjoy my non talking stage which I guess was just another form of being submissive and passive. I played the woman's role in the bedroom, what would it be like to play the same role in the front room? One time I had a pair of silk runners shorts and I loved the way they felt when I wore then, what must it feel like to wear frilly lingerie all the time. OK, I could see the appeal of the underclothes, what about the rest of it? What about my hair? It was all ready in kind of a "page boy" so that really won't be much of a change but makeup? I'd never even thought of putting any kind of makeup on. Hell, I wouldn't even know how to start! I would come out looking like a clown I was sure! Even if I was willing to try this I just couldn't picture myself walking into a store and buying ladies cloths! There was no way in hell I was going to try on a dress in any store! What to do? I put my fork down and looked up only to find William sitting back in his chair looking at me. I needed to tell him my misgivings and fears but when I opened my mouth, nothing came out. I took a deep breath and just blurted it out. Come on sweet cheeks. You've all ready said that you've never dressed as a woman before, did you think I was just going to expect you to change overnight and be able to do it by yourself? I may not always thing of things but I've thought about this long and hard. If you are willing to try I've all ready talked to a couple of crossdressing friends of mine about you. Trust me babe, they are really looking forward to helping you out. they've been doing it for years. They will come over and get your measurements and do all the shopping for you including getting you a chest piece. All you have to do is give them some ideas of what style you want.

Shit! Mouth and eyes wide open, again! he talked to someone about dressing me up! What the hell? You think you can make that kind of decision without consulting me! Damn it this is my body we're talking about If I want to be dressed up like some fucking slut that should be up to me! Just because you've had that cock shoved up my ass doesn't give you the right to make that kind of decision! i don't know if I had a spark in my eyes or it was from my body language or what but I think he got the idea that he had stepped over the bounds. He leaned back in his chair and held up both hands. Please listen babe. I didn't set anything up. I didn't even tell them that you would be interested for sure. I know I might have went too far but I just couldn't help bragging about you and the fact that you are here. These are my friends and I had to tell someone how lucky I was to have found you. I didn't mean to go too far but when they started asking about you I might have gotten a little carried away in describing you. I just can't help it, you are beautiful to me and I just can't say enough about that wonderful ass of yours! Please forgive me. To hell with it. I decided I was going to try whatever he wanted. I figured that if i didn't like whatever it was I'd say no at the time. I know it had only been two days But I trusted him and didn't believe he would insist on me doing anything I wasn't comfortable doing. I got up from the table, not even noticing that I had dropped my towel, walked over to him and sat in his lap. "I'm willing to do whatever you like. " I said. He pulled me tighter to him, kissed me and said "How about going and stretching out for a while. I could tell from the smile on his face that just laying down wasn't all he had in mind. I didn't say a work, just stood up, took his hand and started to the bedroom.

I let go his hand as we got to the bed and lay down on my back on top of the blankets. William went to the other side and lay on his side with his head on his hand facing me. I closed my eyes and waited to see what was going to happen. I felt his hand come down on my chest where he started rubbing my nipples. That felt so good. Next he moved his hand down across my stomach and this is where I got a big shock! As his hand moved down he leaned over and kissed me. I could feel his tongue pushing against my lips so I opened them enough to let him in About the time his tongue touched mine his hand slid down to my cock! This was the first time he had intentionally touched my cock! When i felt his hand on it I almost sucked his tongue down my throat! With my cock lying on my stomach he ran his hand up and down the underside pressing down and pulling the foreskin back with each down stroke. God it felt god! I was completely hard at the second stroke! He pulled back till out lips were just touching. How's that feel baby? That felt so weird and good! He was talking into my mouth yet I could hear everything he said and feel his lips moving against mine at the same time. All I could do was moan and raise my hips. He ran his hand all the way to the bottom and this time he cupped my balls and rolled them gently between his fingers I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him back down to the kiss. He slid his hand down over my balls and between my legs pulling toward him. I followed his lead and opened my legs until he quit pulling. He moved his hand back to my cock and started stroking again.. He pulled back from the kiss and I could feel him moving around. I still had my eyes closed enjoying the feel of him stroking my cock. He took it in his hand and before I could register what he was doing his mouth came down on my cock! He didn't play around at all, just took me all the way to the base and started sucking! He moved his hand back to my balls and I felt his finger probing at my hole while he was cupping them.

He started moving around again and this time it only took a second for me to realize that he was getting up over me. He wanted us to 69 which was damn fine with me. I took his cock in my hand and guided it into my mouth. I was in heaven! Feeling him moving and sucking on my cock while i was sucking his. Guys before had mostly just wanted me to suck theirs, very, very seldom did any of them return the favor. I had both hands up rubbing that hard ass of his while he was fucking my mouth. I was more than willing to keep going until i sucked him dry if he would just keep going on me. I felt his hands slide under my ass and before I knew it he had rolled us over. Now I was on top! I wanted to start thrusting with my hips and fuck him in his mouth but I didn't want to take any chances of causing him to quit so I held up a little and let him take control. Meanwhile I was trying to get as much of his cock in my mouth as possible. I was all ready spread with my legs being on each side of his head when he took my ass cheeks in both hands and started squeezing and rubbing them. I was getting close to coming which is something I really didn't want to do! I wanted this to last as long as possible. He apparently had different ideas. He took all of cock in his mouth, clamped down with his lips and shoved his finger in my ass all at the same time! That was it! I was done! I started coming so hard I could feel the tingle from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. His cock popped out of my mouth as I jerked my head back and screamed! I hadn't meant to do that. I'm pretty sure i had never screamed before when coming but Damn it just felt so good I guess i needed a little extra release He sucked until he got the last drop. By then I had collapsed on top of him like a rag doll. He rolled us over and moved up to lay beside me. He out his hand back on my chest as I lay there panting, trying to catch my breath. Did you enjoy that baby? All I could say was Oh My God between pants. If I had of had enough air I would have told him that enjoy was a super, duper understatement! I opened my eyes but all I could do was stare at him. He smiled and lowered his lips to mine. When I stuck my tongue in his mouth i could taste myself which made the kiss even hotter. We kissed and he rubbed my chest and played with my nipples until I was able to calm down and breath normal then he pulled me back of top of him. He bent both of his legs up between mine and used them to spread my legs wide. I had my hands on each side of his shoulder and was holding myself up so I could look at him. He moved one hand from my ass and I watched him bring it up and stick his finer in his mouth. He brought it out when it was nice and wet and moved it back to my ass and slid it in me. He cupped his other hand behind my neck and pulled me down for another kiss while he fingered fucked my ass.

He broke the kiss and pulled my head down to his chest. He pushed his hip against mine and opened his legs more which caused me to raise my ass higher in the air. He dropped his legs back to bed when he had me in the position he wanted me then moved his hand back to my ass cheeks. He pulled my cheeks wider and worked his finger all the way in and just held it there for a minute. This was one of those times I liked being totally passive and letting the guy do whatever he wanted. I was enjoying the feeling of his finger in me and having my head on his chest. How's this little ass feeling tonight baby? Think it might be ready for a little daddy cock? Ready, no, willing, yes and LITTLE daddy cock, who the hell was he trying to fool? I knew this was coming again and I won't say that the thought of having that in me didn't still scare me but at the same time, Damn I wanted him to fuck me! He rolled us over again, Thank God he did it slowly cause we ended up on the edge of the bed and damn near fell off! He raised himself off the top of me and ended up on his knees between my legs, He put his hands behind my legs and pushed them up and out. I ended up with just my shoulders on the bed with my legs looking like I was doing the upside down splits. Damn that's a pretty little ass! Keep your legs right where they are if you can. He slid his hands from the back of my knees to the cheeks of my ass then slid both thumbs to my hole. He was rubbing my hole with his thumbs and damn it felt good! I'm gonna get me some of that little asshole. I wasn't sure how it was going to happen but the was no doubt that I was fixing to have his cock in me which made my ass tighten up even more than usual! I sure didn't expect what happened next. I could tell he was leaning forward and the next thing I knew this tongue touched my hole! Oh God! My cock went from soft to hard in .01 seconds! My brain was thinking "Thank God I had a shower and just got out of the hot tub." While the rest of my body was shaking like i was having a seizure! OH Shit! he's licking my hole! He's putting the tip of his tongue in me! Damn! I wasn't going to be able to take very much of this! He was squeezing my cheeks and fucking my hole with his tongue! I'd had a guy lick my hole before but never had i had anyone push his tongue in me! Every time he shoved his tongue in I felt a shock run from my ass to the top of my head and back If he kept this up I was going to cum without ever having my cock touched! He finally stopped poking me and went bad to taking long slow licks with the flat of his tongue. Every time he finished a lick I could feel a cool breeze across my hole. "He's getting me wet and ready for his cock." But he didn't get his cock close to me. He sat back on his heels and continued to squeeze my cheeks while putting his thumbs back on my hole. His thumbs felt nice with rubbing up and down on the sides of my hole, but his tongue in my ass! I can't begin to describe what that sensation was like all I knew was that I do anything for him if he would just do it again. With my mind only thinking about that I got a little surprise when he slipped a thumb in my ass. Mmmm baby I can feel that tight ass ring sucking my thumb. That thing is so tight I have to do some pushing to get my thumb in, hang on, lets see what it'll do. Ouch! His second thumb went in! Damn, he was tugging my ass open with them. It hurt a little but it wasn't too bad and I was getting used to the feeling pretty quick.

He wasn't tugging on too hard so I was trying my best to relax and will my ass to loosen up because i knew what was coming next.. Daddy's going to put his hard cock up that little ass and fuck you till I fill you full of cum! What do you think of that? I didn't want to tell him what I really thought so I just moaned and humped my ass a little on his thumbs. You're going to like it when i get my cock buried in that ass! With that he pulled his thumbs out and let my ass back down on the bed. He put my legs back together and held them up with one hand. i peeked at him from under lowered lids to see what he was doing. He leaned over to the side and opened the drawer of the bedside table. He reached in and came out with a bottle of lube. He had definitely done this before cause he popped the lid with one hand. He pushed my ass back up off the bed and I felt the tube against my ass as he squirted some on my hole. I had my eyes closed again but i heard him toss the tube back on the table. He kept my legs close together as he stuck a finger between my cheeks and smeared the lube around and in my ass. He open my legs and put them down to his sides. I peeked down across my belly aging and watched him shuffle forward. Once he got settled i was looking down at the tip of his hard cock lying on top of mine. That was the scary part, seeing that hard tight head. I closed my eyes and tried everything i could think of to stay relaxed. He put his hands back under my knees and again pushed them up and out. He inched forward a little more and i felt the head of his cock touch my hole. Here it was! That cock was going in me. A large part of me really wanted him in me and i was hoping that would over ride the small part that was scared to death. I felt him start pushing against my hole and could feel myself starting to spread. I put one arm over my eyes and grabbed the sheet with the other. I was taking deep breaths trying to keep relaxed and think about anything but that cock going in my ass. He now had at least half the head in me and I remembered from last night that this was the hardest part. I knew as soon as the head was in the pain would drop off immediately, it was just a matter of hanging on and not moving until the head was all the way in. I pulled a handful of sheet up to my mouth so I could bite on it and not scream. He gave a quick little shove. I didn't scream but I sure as hell squeaked There ya go baby, just relax for a minute and catch your breath. I could feel tears leaking out of my eyes but the head was in and the pain was all ready subsiding.

He held just the head in for a few minutes then started inching the shaft in. It was kind of funny in a weird way. he's push and inch in and I'd squeak, inch, squeak, inch, squeak. This went on until at last i felt his bush against my ass. There ya go mouse baby, Daddy is all the way in. Damn! I had done it again I had every inch of that big son of a bitch in my ass! The pain was there but tonight it was nothing i couldn't handle and i was going to fuck the son of a bitch dry! I reached down between my legs and grabbed his hips. I wanted to grab his ass but I couldn't quite reach. I held the sides of his hips, took a deep breath and pulled my ass away from him a couple of inches. Another deep breath and I used my hold on his hips to slam my ass back to the base of that cock! Damn, that hurt so good! I moved my hands up to his arms because i could get a better grip and it allowed me to roll my hips up and back, There God Damn it! Who was fucking whom? Oh Damn yeah, milk that cock baby! Jesus it feels like your ass is sucking my cock in! Hump that little ass you fucking slut! The nastier he talked, the hotter i got and the more I humped my ass. I was so proud of myself for being able to fuck him like this. I had just slide back down on him when he drew his cock out until just the head was in my and slammed it back in all the way to the base! Oh Shit, maybe I shouldn't have been so proud. He did it again and this time he pulled most of the head out before he slammed it back in. Damn sure a squeak on that one. Then he was pushing my legs up even higher! My ass came up off the bed as he scooted forward. he had my legs all the way back by my ears and he raised up and drove that cock straight down in my ass! Damn, and I thought i was doing something! This was fucking! With that first slam I realized that I'd only thought I had all his cock in me, I swear, in this position he was shoving at least two more inches in me and the strange part, I didn't care! I was still trying to hump my ass up to meet his downward strokes. I forgot all about the pain I just wanted that cock! I threw my arms around his back and did my best to wrap my legs around him. He finally moved his hands to the bed and I was able to wrap them around him enough to get my heels on his lower back. Every time he would pull back I jerk him back down with my heals. I started coming as he rammed in me and didn't realized until he said ouch that I was biting his shoulder. He kept fucking me and i keep trying to pull him in deeper. "OH Baby" I yelled "fuck me daddy! Shove that cock in me! Come on, harder, harder! Cum in me daddy! Fill my ass full of your cum!" He pulled back out of my arms, put his hands back on the back of my legs and started hammering into my ass. Here it comes you little slut. I'm going to pump that pussy plumb full. God Damn I'm gonna tear that ass up. I know you want me too so just get ready to take it. He pulled almost all his cock out and slammed it down as he started groaning. I could feel his cum shooting out through his cock and got a really hot and full feeling in my ass. He collapsed on top of me but his cock was still pumping. He moved his hands from my legs and i was able to put them down on the bed. me God what a relief that was. I put my arms around him again and whispered in his ear. "That's it daddy, fill my ass full."

We lay there until we both were able to breathe again. I still had my arms around him and had wrapped my legs around his. I was off in a sexual haze, re-living what we'd just done and loving the feeling of his cock getting soft inside me. I was even able to squeeze his cock with my ass a couple which made him smile. That's about all I could do. He raised up and my arms fell to the bed, They each felt like the weighted a ton. Same with my legs when I moved them, but the worst part was feeling his cock slipping out of my ass. He grabbed a towel as soon as he was out and shoved it under my ass. I could tell from the breeze that my ass was gapped open and I could fell his cum running down my crack. I knew I should clean myself up but it felt so good just laying there, I even liked the fell of his cum leaking out. he lay beside me and put his hand on my chest. Damn baby, that was a fantastic fuck! I sure hope I didn't hurt you, i know I got carried away at the end. I just smiled and shook my head no. Although, now that it was over and feeling was coming back i was begging to notice how sore my ass was. I was going to have a sore ass for a couple of days but damn, it was worth it. He gave me a deep kiss and told me to just rest a while. I told him that I would clean myself up as soon as I could move again. He laughed and said not to worry about it. Another kiss and off the bathroom he went. I heard the shower running so i took the towel and wiped the cum from between my cheeks and held it against my ass to stop the flow. As soon as William came out of the shower I got up and did the bow legged walk to the shower holding the towel to my ass so I wouldn't drip on the carpet. Damn that man was full of come! As I was soaking under the shower I thought, My Lord, two days. I wonder what tomorrow is going to be like?


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