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                                                            Chapter 7


In one motion my dad removed his shirt and boxers, his huge cock sporting a drop of precum from the tip and he leaned in and kissed me.

            Rob’s eyes widened. I’m not sure if it was the size of my dad’s cock or the public display of affection, but either way he was turned on.

            I pried my lips away from my dad’s and pointed to the mattress. Obediently he walked over to the mattress and got down on his hands and knees.


            “Alright, Mike. Welcome to the community.” Rob smiled, reaching his hand out to grab my dad’s ass. This was probably a huge fantasy for him, finally getting to see his big straight brother take it up the ass.

            “Listen up, you pathetic big dicked bottoms.” I taunted. “Since the two of you would rather take a big cock up your ass instead of using the big cocks you were blessed with I’m going to show you how it’s done.”

            I threw a container of lube at them. Rob caught it and looked at me for more orders. “Lube each other up. It’s going to be a long night.”

            Rob popped open the cap and grinned at my father wickedly. This was obviously something he had dreamed about many times.

            My dad grinned back and stuck out his palm. Rob squirted some into my dad’s palm before doing the same. They both turned to me and I nodded.

            At the same time they began to work each other’s holes, getting them nice and ready for me.

            My dad brought his face close to his younger brother’s and hesitated a moment before going in for a kiss. The sound of two hunks making out filled the room as they began to make up for lost time. It would have been sweet if I wasn’t so disappointed in how the evening had turned out. Who would have known my hot, masculine hunk of an uncle was yet another greedy big dicked bottom?

            “Fuck, Mike.” My uncle said as he parted lips for a second. “If you had known how many times in high school I dreamed about this.”

            “You have me now, little brother.” My dad replied, going back to kissing him.

            “Alright, boys, save it for your diaries.” I reached out and grabbed two meaty hunk asses. They both looked back at me, daring me to do my worst. The hunger in their eyes was undeniable.

            Without saying anything I crouched behind my father’s ass and slowly but surely sank all of my big cock up his ass.

            “Fuuuuck, son.” My dad groaned underneath me. My uncle’s eyes never left my father’s face as he watched his big brother take my cock to the hilt. His cock slowly dripped a drop of precum at the sight.

            “Jesus, Mike, you sure don’t mess around.” He praised, patting him on the shoulder. “You must really like that cock.”

            “I love it.” My dad groaned, slowly rocking himself back and forth on my cock.

            “He can’t get enough of my cock.” I gloated, really railing into him now.

            “Come on, son. Fuck me!” My dad taunted, biting his lip as he looked at his younger brother before going in for more kissing.

            My dad started to moan uncontrollably but he didn’t take his lips off of his brother’s. I knew what that sound was. He was already going to cum. The fucker had been quietly playing with his cock the whole time.

            I quickly withdrew my cock from his ass, my dad groaned, clearly frustrated and I grabbed his hand away from his leaking cock. “Not so fast. I want you aching for it.” I said.

            My dad sighed in frustration but he obeyed as he kept his hands at his side and looked at me for further instruction.

            Without saying a word I moved over to my uncle’s muscle ass.

            “Oh yeah. Come on, nephew. Put it in me and fuck me like a man.” My uncle taunted.

            With that I slowly sank my cock up my uncle’s ass. He surprised me by wincing a little as he reached the last few inches.

            “What’s the matter, Rob? Are you not used to taking a man’s cock like mine?” I teased, spanking him loudly.

            “Fuck, Jeff. Not everyone is as big as you.” He said through gritted teeth.

            “Your formerly straight big brother takes my cock multiple times a day. He doesn’t seem to complain.” I replied. My dad grinned proudly.

            “Damn, Mike. You take cock like this every single day?” My uncle asked his older brother.

            “With a smile on my face and a rock hard cock.” My dad replied, reaching down to give his huge cock a few strokes.

            “Fuck, big brother. You’ll put me to shame.” My uncle said, closing his eyes as I began to fuck him harder.

            “You can do it, Robert. Let him own your ass.” My dad encouraged him, massaging his shoulder. He reached under his younger brother to start stroking his softening dick.

            “Look at that. My straight father having to teach his gay slut brother how to take dick. And I thought you said you were a bottom.” I gloated, spanking my uncle hard.

            “Fuck me, Jeff. Make me yours.” My uncle taunted me, getting in to it now.

            “Yeah, little brother. That’s it. Take it like a man.” My dad encouraged him.

            “Fuck that’s good.” My uncle groaned under me. “Come on, nephew, is that all you’ve got?” He said, looking back at me.

            “Well look who’s starting to grow a pair.” I teased, really slamming into him.

            “Come on, stud. Fuck the cum out of me.” My uncle commanded, leaning over to start kissing my father again. My father moaned and started to jack off his own cock. They were both getting ready to blow.

            I withdrew my cock from my uncle’s pulsing hole. After a few seconds they stopped making out and turned back to look at me, expectantly.

            “If you two want to blow your loads you’re going to do it with each other.” I told them.

            They both said nothing.

            “Rob. Go put that big cock of yours to good use and fuck your big brother’s ass like I know you’ve always wanted to do.” I said, spanking him hard.

            My uncle turned his gaze back to my father and questioned him with his eyes.

            “Go ahead, little brother. Take my ass like you’ve always wanted.” My dad grinned, kissing him.

            “Oh fuck yeah.” My uncle exclaimed, getting up from his kneeling position and positioning himself behind my father. He lined his huge dick up with my father’s dripping hole but couldn’t help but lean down and kiss it. This truly was a fantasy of his coming true.

            “Come on, little brother, fuck the shit out of me.” My dad commanded.

            My uncle lined up his dick against my dad’s hole again and rammed his cock up his ass in one motion.

            “Fuck yeah, stud!” My dad yelled, reaching behind him to spread his ass cheeks wider. “Breed this ass!”

            “I’m going to, big brother.” My uncle panted, slamming into his brother in rapid succession. This wasn’t going to last long.

            “Fuck, Mike. I’m gonna cum!” Rob yelled, slamming into him hard. At once Rob’s hole started contracting, signaling his massive orgasm as he pumped out the load he’d been saving for his big brother for the past 38 years straight up his hole.

            “Yeah, stud. Fill me up!” My dad groaned from underneath him. “Fuck, I can’t hold it anymore. I’m gonna blow, too!”

            I brought my attention to my dad’s rock hard cock underneath him as it squirted out a massive load all over the sheets, completely untouched. I could see both of their asshole’s undulating  as they pumped out more and more Wilson seed. I couldn’t hold mine any longer. I walked up to them, jamming my cock into my father’s mouth as I erupted. He tried to swallow but he couldn’t keep up and it started to drip out of his mouth. I withdrew my cock from my father’s mouth and let it shoot all over his face before moving to my uncle now and shoved it in his mouth. Amazingly even he couldn’t keep up and my load started to drip from his mouth, too. I took it out and let it shoot onto his face, just as I had done to my father. After what felt like ages, I finally stopped erupting. I sat down on the bed next to them, the load my uncle had fucked out of my father was dripping down on my skin from the headboard in front of him.

            My uncle started to dismount from his older brother but my dad immediately stopped him, leaning back for a good, long kiss. The tenderness they had always shared with each other was finally able to be consummated in an act of love. I knew this would be a special moment for them always. My load on each of their faces was slowly but surely being licked up

by their tongues and dropped into the other’s mouth. After a while they stopped kissing and turned to me, exhausted.

            “Fuck, son.” My dad panted.

            “I never want to leave.” My uncle sighed, running his hands all over his older brother’s hairy, toned chest underneath him.

            “Don’t worry, Rob. There’s still plenty more to do before the weekend’s over.” I leaned in and kissed my dad tenderly. “Happy Birthday, Dad.”

            “The best one I’ll ever have, son.” My dad sighed, completely content as his younger brother’s massive cock twitched against his prostate, sending another drip of cum spilling out of his swollen cock.


            I left the Wilson brothers to themselves, going back to my room, exhausted. Whether or not they continued fucking I didn’t know, but knowing my dad and his insatiable libido I was pretty sure one of them had 10 thick inches of fraternal cock pounding away at his ass.

            I was just about go to sleep when I heard a quiet knock at my door. I looked over and couldn’t tell if it was my dad or my uncle since they looked so much alike.

            “Jeff?” My dad said, walking up to my bed. His cock was still just as hard as I had left him.

            “Yeah, Dad?” I answered, confused as to why he had left his horny brother to come in here and talk to me.

            He slowly leaned down to kiss me and just as I was getting into it he took his soft lips away. “Where the fuck do you get off offering that virgin hole of yours to my brother and not me?”

            “Well look who’s finally grown a pair.” I taunted him.

            “That hole is mine.” He shouted, not blinking. “I earned it.”

            I looked at him not sure of what to say. He was so sexy when he took control. And here he was standing at my bed ready to collect on the debt I had owed him since the moment I took his ass 7 months ago. And I was finally going to let him have it.

            “Well it’s about fucking time.” I smiled, leaning up to kiss him again.

            I had been waiting for this moment for months. The time when I knew my dad was finally ready to fuck me like a man. I knew he had it in him. And I had a feeling I was just as excited to let him have my ass as he was to take it.

            He put his strong arms under my back and rolled me over. Fuck, this was really going to happen. He spread my cheeks wide and spat, rubbing it in with determination. My heart was beating so hard but I wanted this.

            “I’m taking this ass, son.” My father whispered into my ear as he slapped his huge cock against my ass.

            “Take it, Dad. It’s yours.” I whispered back, kissing him.

            I felt his cock at my hole and he pushed in slowly. I didn’t know whether he was going to go all the way in in one push or if he was going to give me time to adjust but either way I knew it was his decision and not mine. For the first time, my Dad was the one in control. And I fucking loved it.

            I winced as his huge head went past my ring but I took it like a man. Time seemed to stand still as his huge cock conquered more and more of my hole. It was clear that my dad was not going to hurt me. He wanted this to feel good for me. And I had to admit it was starting to.

            Once I had gotten over the shock of just how big he was, I started to calm myself down and really get in to it. I loved the sensation of his cock in my ass. Like we were equals. All of those times I had bent him over and taken his ass he was finally doing to me. And boy had he earned it.

            Just when I felt like he had to be close to filling me up he kept giving me more cock. Fuck, my dad was hung. I knew he was hung before, I mean it’s hard not to notice that thing laying rock hard against his stomach as I fucked him. But now that I was finally having to take it I was finally learning just how huge my father’s cock really was.

            When I felt like I couldn’t possibly take another centimeter, I felt his warm, big balls resting against mine. Finally I had all of my father’s dick inside of me. And it felt so right.

            He held my arms close to him as he kissed my neck. I was so grateful to him for making this as pleasurable for me as possible. For the way I’ve treated him in the past he could have made this hell for me.

            As he began to thrust in and out of me slowly I finally realized what an arrogant prick I was and how wrong I was about fucking. It’s not about controlling the person you’re fucking. It’s about giving yourself to them. Completely. God knows my dad had given himself to me completely and it was time for me to do the same. It’s not about power. It’s about trust and mutual satisfaction. I always thought it was pathetic for my big dicked father to allow me to fuck him but it was so clear to me now that it wasn’t that way at all. Being in this position is one of the manliest things you can do. Using another man’s body to feel a connection and receive pleasure from him wasn’t feminine at all. I had 10 thick inches of cock inside of me and I had never felt more like a man.

            My dad could see the love in my eyes I had for him as he leaned down to kiss me. He softly placed his strong hands under my stomach again, this time rolling me onto my back so I could look up at him. His cock never left my ass. In this position I was able to look right into his eyes as he finally consummated his end of the relationship. I had never been more attracted to him. His handsome, masculine face. His muscles all straining to give both himself and myself the most pleasure possible. He leaned down to kiss me again and I wrapped my arms around his strong shoulders. I could feel how hard my cock was and it was leaking against my abs. Each powerful thrust he made into me seemed to make me even harder. I had tried to imagine what it felt like for him every single time I made him cum without touching himself and I couldn’t believe it was about to happen to me.

            Without saying a word I continued kissing him as my rock hard cock began to throb uncontrollably. Jet after jet of warm cum shot out of my cock and onto his hairy chest as he continued to rail into me. My toes were curling, my grip on his shoulders was so tight I had to will myself to stop squeezing him so tightly. I had to lean my head back because the sensations were just too much. And then just as I felt I was about to pass out from the overwhelming pleasure I felt my dad’s cock throb inside of me and begin to unload powerfully. He was kissing me harder than ever now, his cock as far into my body as it had ever been as his seed flooded me. He continued to thrust in and out of me as he rode out his climax.

            After too short of a time he began to slow down. His kisses became weaker and weaker as he came back to reality. His cock was still throbbing deep inside of me as we looked into each other’s eyes, unable to speak. He kissed me gently as I played around with his chest hair, the load he had fucked out of me still fresh and clinging to it.

            He began to withdraw his cock slowly and I stopped him, going back to kissing him while enjoying the feeling of his huge cock still inside of me.

            If one thing was clear, it was that our relationship would never be the same. And I didn’t want it to be.


                                                Chapter 8

            When I woke up the next morning I still had a euphoric feeling rushing through my body. I couldn’t believe I had finally been fucked. Like a man. I turned over to my side and saw my handsome hunk of a father sleeping soundly, his arm wrapped around me, holding me close to him. This was how I wanted to wake up every morning.  Curiously I reached a finger down to my hole and was surprised to find that there was no trace of cum. Apparently my body had just absorbed it. It felt oddly fitting. I looked at his handsome, rugged face. Even in a deep sleep he looked accomplished. And he deserved to be. He had wanted my hole for an excruciatingly long time and he had finally taken it. I decided to let him sleep in while I made us breakfast. He earned it.

            I quietly made my way downstairs where my uncle was just coming out of his room.

            “Hey there.” He smiled as he started making some coffee.

            “Hey yourself.” I replied.

            I expected him to act all weird around me after what we had done but he was keeping his cool. I liked that.

            “Where’s your old man?”

            “Sleeping in. I figure he deserved it.” I answered.

            “Ah, I’ll bet he does.” My uncle replied. For a split second I wondered if he knew, but then I remembered it was my father’s birthday after all.

            “So what do you have planned for the big day, Jeff?” He asked, folding his arms as he waited for the coffee maker.

            “I’m not really sure. Anything you have in mind?” I asked him.

            “I know I wouldn’t mind having another shot at your dad’s ass again. Man oh man, that guy knows how to take dick.” Rob grinned.

            “Well look who’s coming around to the idea of topping.” I laughed.

            “Come on, Jeff. It’s not like I had never been on top before. It’s not exactly easy having a 10 inch dick and trying to convince people you’d rather get fucked.”

            “You certainly convinced me last night. I believed you.” I teased.

            “Oh, so that’s how it’s going to be now? I let you have my ass once and all of the sudden you think you’re a man, tough guy?” Rob laughed, swatting me with the newspaper. “Although, now that you mention it, I do feel kind of cheated. I wanted you to breed me last night and you ended up spraying your dad’s and my faces instead.”

            “Sorry you feel cheated.” I replied.

            “What do you say we make up for it before breakfast?” He grinned, turning around and pulling down his pajama bottoms, slowly revealing his ass to me.

            I thought about my dad asleep in bed and I suddenly felt guilty. This was a completely new feeling to me. Sure, it would have been fantastic to fuck my uncle right here, right now and he was more than willing to offer me his ass, but I really just wanted to be with my father.

            “Maybe later, Uncle Rob. I’m going to finish making breakfast and bring it up to my dad.”

            “I see how it is.” He laughed, disappointed, pulling his pajama bottoms back up. “But if later you’re itching to blow a load or two up something tight and very willing, you know where to find me. And for future reference, you and that big cock of yours have a standing invitation to fuck your horny uncle whenever you feel like it, stud.” He winked, pouring himself a cup of coffee and going back to his room.

            I went back upstairs and my dad was just waking up. He smiled when he saw me and the trey of food I had brought up to him.

            “Wow, son. First you let me have your ass and now you’re bringing me breakfast in bed?”

            “Happy Birthday, Dad.” I smiled, leaning down to kiss him.

            “Son, I can’t thank you enough for last night. Truly.” He said.

            “You don’t have to thank me, Dad. I wanted you to do it.” I replied, watching him take a bite of toast. “Just don’t expect me to put out all the time like you do.” I added.

            “Fine with me, son. You know I can’t resist that big cock of yours, anyway.” He laughed. “Where’s your Uncle Robert?”

            “He’s in his room.”

            “What do you say we start celebrating?” He grinned.

            “Whatever you want, Birthday Boy.”

            We excitedly got out of bed and ran to the guestroom.

            “Uncle Rob?” I called out, knocking on his door.

            “What is it, Jeff? I was just about to fall back asleep.” He answered.

            “I’ve got a horny middle aged man out here who wants to get his ass fucked by his little brother.”

            I heard mattress springs being compressed and then heavy footsteps coming to the door. The door opened to reveal my uncle wearing nothing but his pajama bottoms, his toned, hairy chest on full display.

            “Well if the Birthday Boy wants his ass fucked then we should give him what he wants, now shouldn’t we?” He grinned. “Happy Birthday, big brother.” He said to my dad, leaning in for a kiss.

            I pushed them over to the couch, my efforts to pry them apart from each other long enough to walk them over proving unsuccessful.

            “Oh fuck, Mike, I want that ass.” Rob groaned, reaching down to finger his older brother’s hole.

            “I want you to take it, Robert.” My dad sighed, thrusting his tongue into his little brother’s mouth.

            I went into the bedroom I shared with my father to retrieve some lube and when I returned to the living room my dad was already on his hands and knees on the carpet floor, his brother’s huge cock sinking into his hole slowly.

            “Damn, you guys couldn’t wait long enough for the lube?” I laughed.

            “I had to have it, son.” My dad moaned, loving the feeling of his younger brother’s dick snaking its way up his ass.

            “Don’t worry, Jeff. Mike’s a fucking champ.” Rob said as he spanked his ass.

            “That is so fucking hot.” I said as I was mesmerized by the sight of my uncle and my father fucking on the living room floor.

            “Well don’t just stand there, Jeff. I want that big dick in me.” My uncle commanded, snapping his fingers and prying his own ass cheeks apart as he railed into my father.

            He didn’t have to tell me twice. I applied a small amount of lube to my cock and slicked up his hole.

            “Come on, Jeff. I need it in me before I blow.” My uncle panted, slamming into my groaning father.

            I slowly sank my dick up my uncle’s hairy ass, not stopping until my balls rested against his.

            “God damn, that’s good.” My uncle moaned, turning his head back to kiss me. “I’m not gonna last long, fellas. Not long at all.”

            “Let’s take your Uncle Robert here for a ride, son.” My dad said, reaching his arm back and spanking me hard. “Come on, son. Give him hell.” He said, bucking his hips back to slam his ass up on his younger brother’s cock.

            “Fuck, Mike!” My uncle moaned, watching his older brother fuck himself on his big dick.

            I slammed into my uncle with as much power as my father was, turning my hunky uncle into a fuck-crazed, unintelligible sex toy for the both of us.

            “Oh- Oh my g- Fu- I’m- I-“ My uncle, powerless to control us, tried to say as the two of us used him to get off, sending the three of us into ecstasy.

            “GAAAH!” My father yelled, spraying the carpet with a mammoth load as he jacked himself off, slamming back onto his brother’s huge cock and grinding it against his prostate. I felt my uncle’s hole start to contract uncontrollably around my cock as he shot what had to be an equally heavy load up my father’s hole as I began to unload inside of my uncle.

            My uncle hung his head back in sheer exhaustion as he rode out his climax and I made out with him while I continued to deposit my seed up his ass. My father was slowly rocking back and forth on his brother’s dick as he scooped up some of his load onto his fingers and brought it to my mouth. I lapped up as much of his load as I could before I shared it with my uncle, feeding him the load he had successfully fucked out of my father below him.

            Without saying anything while my dad and uncle were catching their breath, I withdrew my dick from my uncle’s ass. He immediately tried closing his hole but I had fucked him so hard my load was just spilling out of him. I saw it running down his leg and collected some of it and started to lube up my own hole with my own cum. My uncle watched, confused, but exhausted. I grinned at him deviously and got in front of my father and brought my ass up to his face.

            My father moaned as he added some of his cum from the carpet to my hole and fingered me. I could hear my uncle start fucking my dad again slowly, clearly turned on by the show. I looked back at my father and nodded. He knew what to do. My father lined his big cock up with my hole and I heard my uncle start ramming into my father hard now.

            “Oh fuck, Mike. Do it!” My uncle panted.

            I pushed my ass back onto my father’s cock and let it snake its way up my ass for the second time in less than 12 hours. My hole was a little sore from last night’s assault but it was feeling great at the same time. It really turned me on.

            I gasped once again, underestimating the sheer size of my father’s cock yet again again.

            “Holy shit, your boy’s got all of your dick inside of him, Mike.” My uncle said, in awe.

            “You bet I do.” I replied as I started slamming my hips back onto my dad’s dick.

            “Yeah, Mike, fuck him hard!” My uncle encouraged my dad, thrusting into him hard.

            “Fuck, Robert, you keep fucking me like that and I’m going to breed him way too fucking soon.” My dad winced, his cock jumping against my prostate.

            My uncle’s pace did not slow down. He was slamming into my father, giving him the same treatment we had given him moments ago and now it was my dad’s turn to be the fuck-crazed, unintelligible sex toy.

            “Fu- Oh my g- It’s-“ My dad stammered, the sounds of my uncle’s hips slamming into his ass hard filling the room. I heard the sounds of tongues and lips sloppily making out with each other as my uncle unloaded deep into my dad’s ass as my dad did the same to me. The sensation of my dad’s big cock planting a huge load deep inside of me was fast becoming my new favorite feeling. I wanted so desperately to jack off, feeling my balls tight against my body, just ready to blow, but I was using all of my strength to support the weight of three fully grown men and I couldn’t take my arm off the floor.

            Without even having to say anything the sound of lips smacking stopped and my uncle withdrew his dick from my dad’s hole. I could feel some of the load he had shot into my fathers ass starting to drip down onto my toes. He crawled up next to me, kissing me, and then grabbed my dick and lined it up with his own cum-slicked hole. The load I had shot into him before made his hole sloppy and slippery and I easily sank my whole dick in with no resistance. My uncle groaned as he rocked back into me and looked back at my father who was watching what was happening from on top of me. He looked at his older brother and grinned as he swirled his finger in the huge load my dad had shot onto the carpet and brought it back to my dad’s ass and started fingering him. Oh, that got my dad going, alright. My dad rocked himself on his younger brother’s cum-slicked finger as he sank his dick in and out of me. My uncle’s rocking motion on my own cock as he finger fucked his big brother’s hole made me see stars. My dad’s cock was pounding my prostate at the exact same pace that I was sliding my dick up my uncle’s ass.

            “Oh fuck, Mike. I can feel you cumming again!” My uncle moaned as my dad’s hole contracted tightly around his finger. I could feel my dad’s exhausted dick squirt out yet another load into my ass as I managed to spray my uncle’s insides with another load of my own. I reached down and grabbed my uncle’s tired, huge cock and squeezed it until it oozed out a warm, creamy load all over my hand. I brought my hand up to my father’s mouth and he greedily lapped it up, leaning down to kiss me and swirl it onto my tongue. My dad grabbed my face and pushed me into my uncle’s waiting mouth, sharing the load he had just shot with him. Dad stretched his head down to my uncle and I as we shared his load, each man’s tongue and face, sloppy and wet with spit and cum.

            “Fuck, you two are something else.” My uncle sighed, licking my tongue.

            “I’ll say.” My dad agreed, kissing his brother.

            I felt my father’s cock beginning to finally go down, the cum in my ass starting to leak out as mine was doing the same in my uncle’s ass.

            “Happy Birthday, Dad.” I said, leaning up to kiss him as I ran my hands along my uncle’s sweaty, hairy chest.


            My uncle left the next afternoon a happy, but exhausted man. We helped bring his luggage to the truck and bid him goodbye, happy the two of us could give him a few loads of man cream up his ass before he left. The thought of him making the drive home as our cum was leaking out of his ass gave us something to smile about. He made a promise to visit us again in a few weeks and we couldn’t wait.


            “Man oh man.” My dad sighed as he shut the door. “I love your Uncle Robert. Even more now than I did three days ago, but I am exhausted, son.”

            “Me too, Dad. I’m just glad the two of you could keep up.” I said, plopping down on the couch.

            “We certainly did, son.” My dad grinned, flexing.

            “What do you want to do now, Dad? It’s still your birthday weekend.”

            “I’d like nothing more than to spend the entire day in bed with you, son.”

            “Really?” I laughed.

            “Napping.” He finished.

            “That sounds amazing, Dad.” I sighed, getting up from the couch. We slowly made our way to the bedroom, removing our clothes and collapsing onto the big, comfy bed awaiting us. And for the next 14 hours my dad was wrapped in my arms sleeping soundly, my head against his, as we recovered from one wild weekend we would never forget.




            I walked through the sliding glass doors of the airport exit with my suitcase and immediately had to stick my hands in my pockets, not anticipating how cold my hometown gets this early in the year. It was strange not calling my dad the second I had landed but I had to keep reminding myself it would all be worth it to see the look of surprise on Dad’s face when he found out I had gotten Christmas off this year.

“Hey slugger.” I hear from a black SUV pulling up to the curb.

            “Hey Luke.” I smile, walking up to the car and throwing my suitcase in the back and getting in the front seat, glad to be out of the cold.

            “So far so good.” He winked at me as he pulled the car out from the curb and headed for the road.

            “He really has no idea?” I grin, pointing the AC unit at me and turning it to heat.

            “He thinks I had to head back to the office and grab my laptop.” Luke laughs. “You know you didn’t have this scruff last time we saw you. You know your dad’s going to go wild for that.” He said, pinching my facial hair and patting my back.

            “Yeah, Dad certainly has a type, doesn’t he?” I reply, looking at Luke’s handsome, bearded jawline.

            “So did you have to make a deal with the devil to get Christmas off? I figure most first year residents have to be on call 24/7.”

            “I got lucky, I guess. Besides, I was on call for Thanksgiving so I put in my dues.”

            “Your dad is going to be so psyched.” Luke smiled. “He puts on a brave face during the holidays and you know that if it came down to it my family would choose your dad over me but he really misses you, Jeff.”

            “Yeah, I know he does. I miss him too. Hopefully once I finish my program I can move back home.” I reply, looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations adorning my hometown.

            “Can you imagine how proud your dad is going to be when he gets to introduce his son as Dr. Wilson?” Luke says, beaming. “We’re both so proud of you, Jeff.”

            “Ah, it’s not that big of a deal, Luke.” I say, blushing. “Besides, he’s already got a doctor he can brag about.”

            “I’ve got a PhD in sociology, Jeff. Not exactly the same thing.” He laughs.

            I shake my head and recline my seat as Dr. Luke Connors drives us home. My stepfather. That’s right. Mike Wilson found his happy ending. And as for myself, I’m a lot older and wiser than the teenage punk who found himself in and out of the principle’s office so long ago. I’ve recently completed my first year of residency at St. Francis Hospital and my dad couldn’t be more proud. He and Luke have been married a few years now. And I couldn’t be happier for them. Luke is a good man. A great man, even. He makes my dad so happy. For the first few years after I left for college I worried about my dad. But Luke came into the picture and gave my dad all he needed. And I am so grateful to him for doing that.

            The way my dad explained it to me he slowly had to let Luke in on the kind of relationship he and I have. Apparently my dad didn’t feel right marrying Luke until he knew everything. The way my dad describes it he says Luke handled it very well. He and my dad are a monogamous couple but Luke understands the way my dad and I connect to one another and he sees that I make him happy. So every once in a while when I come to visit Luke lets the two of us “catch up” with each other like only my dad and I could. In fact it was Luke who had called me last week to ask what my schedule looked like on the off chance he was able to buy me a ticket home and surprise my dad for Christmas. Like I said, Luke is a great man. Not every man would be so willing to share his husband, much less arrange it. But Luke understands the kind of relationship my dad and I have.

            We pull into the garage of the house my dad and Luke now share together. Considering all I have of my own is a small studio apartment two blocks away from the hospital I call this my home, too.

I get out of the car and give my stepfather a proper hug. “Man, Jeff, you really are a man now. You look so much like you father.” He tells me.

“Thanks Luke. I take that as a real compliment.” I smile.

“And you should. I really lucked out.” He laughed, grabbing my suitcase and heading up to the door.

Luke was being modest. He was an incredibly handsome, charismatic college professor who no doubt made a lot of his students swoon, girls and guys alike. He and my dad liked to keep active, swimming almost every day before work to keep in shape. I’m sure they turn quite a few heads in their daily life.

He unlocked the door and held it open for me, bringing a finger to his lips telling me to keep quiet.

“In the kitchen!” I heard my dad call out to his husband, hearing the door open. “Was your laptop where you thought it was?”

“Yeah, I got it.” Luke called back. “I brought home something extra though. I think you’ll like it.”

We rounded the corner, almost to the kitchen.

“Don’t tell me you stopped at that new donut place, Luke. Honestly, I-“

“Merry Christmas Dad.” I grin, stepping into the kitchen and holding my arms out.

            He stares at me blankly, his mouth agape.

            “Now that’s the face I was hoping to see.” Luke smiles.

            “I- I don’t-“ My dad stuttered, shocked to see me.

            “Happy to see me, Dad?” I laughed, blushing.

            “But you- you’re supposed to- you said- because even Thanksgiving you couldn’t-“ He stammered, still in shock.

            “He’s got the whole week off. His plane leaves next Sunday.” Luke tells my father, setting my suitcase down in front of the kitchen table.

            I walk up to my dad and hug him, trying not to get too emotional, but it’s clear I’m happy to see him.

            “I had no idea. . .” My dad sighs, holding me close to him. “You two were in cahoots!”

            “Yeah, we sure pulled a fast one on you, didn’t we?” Luke laughs. “Now go on. I know you two want to do more than hug each other. We’ve been through this whole thing before.”

            I look at Luke, my face asking if he was sure and he nods. I look into my dad’s eyes and kiss him.

            “Boy did I luck out having you two in my life.” Dad smiles.

             Luke walks over to the two of us and pats us on the back. “I’ll be in the guestroom tonight and I’ll be out like a light. You two have fun.” He says suggestively, leaning up to his husband and kissing him on the lips and kissing me on the forehead warmly.

            “You sure, Luke?” I ask him. It gets a little easier each time we do this but I still feel like I need to ask.

            Luke nods and smiles at me, happy he could give this gift to the two of us.

            “I should have known something was up when you wouldn’t fuck me this afternoon.” My dad laughs, smacking my stepfather on the shoulder playfully.

            “I figure I can collect on that some other time.” He turns to me. “Now go give my man what he wants, slugger.” He winks at me before heading upstairs.

            My dad watches his husband head upstairs and I can see the love he has in his eyes for him before he looks back at me. There’s an equal, but different love in his eyes for me.

            “I know you had a late flight, son.” He says checking his watch and pulling me close to him. “But what do you say we make up for lost time?” He grins, kissing me gently.

            “Lead the way, Dad.” I smile.

            I follow my father upstairs and we head to his room. The smile on my dad’s face is unmistakable. He’s totally surprised and happy to have his boy home for Christmas.

            He opens the door of his bedroom and we laugh. My stepfather had made up the bed and placed a tube of lube on the pillow.

            “You do know you have the best stepfather in the entire world, don’t you, son?” My dad laughs.

            “Yeah, he’s pretty swell.” I reply. “I hope you’ll make it up to him sooner rather than later.”

            “Oh, Dr. Connors is going to be getting laid big time, don’t you worry about that.” My dad laughs, looking me over. “I can’t get over how much of a man you’ve grown into, Jeff.”

            “Yeah? You really think so?” I blush.

            “Boy, if you didn’t drive me wild then. . .” He begins, kissing me; completely unable to contain his lust for me any longer.

            “Yeah? Do I still drive you wild, Dad?” I say, loving the affect I still have on my old man.

            “Like you wouldn’t believe, son.” He says, unbuttoning his shirt. “God, I need you in me.”

            I quickly help him finish unbuttoning his shirt and lay him down on his bed, making out with him as I start to remove my own clothes.

            I pull my shirt over my head and play with his pecs as he unbuckles my pants and pulls them down. My cock is already hard, and I know there’s no time for foreplay.

            I hand my dad the lube as I pull his underwear down, finally freeing his equally charged prick. He lubes up his hole and pulls me down to kiss me tenderly.

            I look at him intensely and he nods his head. I line my cock up with his hole and push it in. There’s no resistance at all. Leave it to my dad to find his soul mate just so happens to have a huge cock as well. Yeah, my stepfather and my dad must still fuck like newlyweds if he was this used to someone my size. Like I said, my dad certainly has a type.

            “MMMMhhmmmmm” My dad groans rubbing my back as he opens up and lets me in. “Goddamn, that’s good, son.” He lays his head back in pure pleasure as the man he created works his cock into him. When I finally am all the way in him I can feel his balls resting against mine. I swear his leaking prick throbs with my own heart beat, a father and son not able to become more connected to each other than we are at this very moment.

            He looks into my eyes with such satisfaction and pulls me down to him and kisses me lovingly. “I love you so much, son.” He moans.

            “I love you too, Dad.” I tell him, thrusting in and out of him.

            “This is where you belong.” He says with such pleasure as he gets fucked. “Right here. Dicking your old man.”

            Again, he pulls me down to kiss him, gently thrusting his tongue in my mouth while he lets me claim his ass. His grip on my shoulders gets stronger and his kissing becomes more intense and I know I have him right on the edge. Without breaking away from his tongue for even a second, I feel his prick surge against my abs and I fuck the cum out of my father like I know he is aching for me to do.

            He’s moaning into me now, completely powerless to stop the cum from shooting out of his untouched cock. He slows his lapping at my lips as if his mind couldn’t possibly focus on everything at once. I break away from his embrace and he looks up at me with such appreciation. I bring my hand to his cum-soaked chest hair but he stops me and places my hand back on his side. He wants his load on full display, evidence of the pleasure I had just inflicted upon him. He continues to stare into my eyes as he watches me take his ass. I look from his wanting eyes down to the load I had fucked out of him and it takes me over the edge. He nods, encouraging me to leap off of it. At once I start shooting into him. He nods more urgently as he feels his son breeding him once again. “Come on, son. Make me yours again.” He moans, gritting his teeth as amazingly, once again, his dick surges on its own and spills out another load. Each powerful shot of sperm I shoot into my father is matched by his own. I never cease to be amazed by the virility of my father. If I’m half the sexual force that he is when I’m his age I’ll be a lucky man.

            When I finally stop shooting into him I lean down to kiss him. He accepts my tongue into his mouth gladly. My dick is still hard, deep inside of him. I know if I tried to pull out now he would stop me. I knew he wanted me right there, like this.

            “Merry Christmas, Dad.” I tell him, smiling.

            “I’ll say.” He smiles back, embracing me lovingly like only a father could.


            When I wake up it takes me a few seconds to remember where I am. And then when I feel my father sleeping soundly next to me, his arms wrapped around my waist for a split second I think I am back in high school, waking up next to him before school after a night of fucking like we used to do every night back then. But then I remember how times have changed. I’m not sad. But I just feel an immense sense of gratitude for being able to come back home like nothing’s changed and connect with my father in the most intimate way we both knew how.

            While we may not be able to reconnect as often as either of us would have liked, I know I’m in a good place in my life. I’ve got a great education, a good head o my shoulders, a great job, and a bright future ahead of me. I’ve got a fantastic stepfather who makes my dad happy and loves me like he would his own son. I’ve got a pretty fantastic life. And I have my dad to thank for that. We may not be your conventional family but there’s more love in my family than any other family I know of. I wouldn’t change a thing for the world.

            As I lay here thinking of all the things I’m grateful for in my life, my dad opens his eyes and nuzzles against me, sighing.

            “You up for an early morning Christmas fuck, son?” He whispers into my ear.

            “Always, Dad.”

            “I’m so glad you’re home, Jeff.”


            “Me too, Dad. There’s no place I’d rather be.”



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