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                        Chapter 5

The next day Dad and I went to the supermarket. Sure, it may seem completely normal for a father and son to shop together and pile food into the basket, and school supplies, and mouthwash, but when your son pulls out a value jumbo tub of lube and dumps it right on the top of the cart for the world to see it starts to look less normal. Dad wanted me to put it at the bottom of the cart so people wouldn’t see it but I said no. It was almost like it was my chance to mark him as my territory in public. So we carried on, lube in plain sight.

            The cashier gave my father a disapproving look as she rang up the giant tub of lube at the end of our trip. “What a horrible father to shop for things he uses to have sex with his girlfriend while his son is here.” She must have thought. “Poor child. Times sure have changed since I was a kid.” I laughed to myself at her disapproving glance. Little did she know that lube was for my cock, not his. My dad was buying this huge tub of lube so I could fuck him over and over again until we’d be back for another tub. She was right about one thing, though. Times sure have changed. If only she knew just how much.

Just as we were leaving the store she turned around to watch us leave and gave my dad another disapproving stare, and even though it was risky, I gave her a good glimpse as I reached out and grabbed my dad’s meaty ass cheeks and smiled her way, mouthing, “We’ll be back for more soon!” right as the mechanical doors shut in her scandalized face.

            “What the fuck were you thinking, Jeff?” My dad scolded me on the way home. “People could have seen you. People we know.” My dad said, furiously, clearly distressed.

            “Dad, there was no one there. I didn’t like the look she was giving you And besides…” I said putting my hand on his knee. “I like marking my territory.”

            My dad looked at me and smirked. “Oh, so that’s what it is?” He put his hand on top of mine and clutched it. “You want people thinking I’m yours, huh?”

            “You are mine.” I retorted, giving his leg a squeeze.

            “Yeah, well you can’t keep doing that in public, Jeff. It’s not appropriate. People will start to talk and they’ll worry about you.”

            “So what am I supposed to do if someone makes a move on you right in front of me?”

            “Just how much of a commodity do you think your old man is?” He laughed.

            “If only they knew.”

            “Well just because someone wants to have sex with me doesn’t mean they get to.”

            “I do.”             I corrected him.

            “Yes. You do.” He grinned and winked at me.

            “Whenever I want it.” I reminded him.

            “Whenever you want it, son.” He replied, obediently.

            “Now that’s what I like to hear.” I said, reaching under his shirt to play with his chest hair.

            “Not while I’m driving, son.” He said sternly.

            “I can have you whenever I want.” I reminded him.

            “Well what good is my ass to you if we’re both dead on the highway?” He laughed.

            “Good point.” I said, pulling his shirt back down. When we get home I’ll bring in the groceries. I want that ass lubed up and ready for me in five minutes.”

            “Whatever you want, son. It’s yours.”



            My dad had to leave town on business for four days the next week. Four. Fucking. Days. Four days I had to go without dumping my loads into his ass. I made him promise me he wouldn’t jerk off while he was away and I was going to do the same. When I picked him up from the airport he got in the car hurriedly and leaned over to kiss me.

            I was so happy to see him. I was pulling out of the parking garage when my dad all of the sudden grabbed my arm to stop me.

            “Son, I don’t think I can wait that long.” He said quickly.

            “What do you mean, you want me to fuck you right here in the car?” I laughed.

            “That’s exactly what I want.” He said, unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt and leaning in to kiss me. Oh fuck, we were going to fuck in this parking garage.

            “Jesus Dad, at least let me pull into a spot.” I said, pushing him away as he tried to kiss me.

            I found a spot close to the back of the garage where I hoped no one would see us.

            My dad undid all of the buttons on his shirt so that it lay open at his sides. I loved his hairy pecks poking out. He reclined his seat as best he could to be as flat as possible and he laid down to remove his pants and boxers. I decided to keep my shirt on and just took off my pants and underwear.

            “Come on, son, I need it bad.” My dad begged, lifting his legs and exposing his hole to me.” His 10 inch dick was hard as concrete against his stomach. He wasn’t lying. He really did need it bad.

            I got in between the dashboard and my dad and lined my dick up with his hole. “Are you sure about this, Dad? We don’t have any lube.”

            “Come on, son, just lube it as best you can.” He said, spitting into his hand and wetting his hole. I followed suit and slicked up my dick as well as I could and then pressed it into his hole.

            I slowly sank into him while placing my palm on one of his pecks to brace myself.

            “Oh fuuuuuuck, son. “ My dad groaned. His eyes were closed and his head was staring up at the ceiling of the car, his hands wrapped around my ass cheeks to pull me in closer to him. “God damn, that feels amazing.”

            I stopped pushing into him and he opened his eyes briefly. “What’s wrong, son? Keep going. I can handle it.”

            “Uh Dad?” I said apprehensively.

            “What is it, son?”

            “You kind of came.” I said, running my finger through the thick wad of cum smeared around his chest.

            “What?” He questioned, leaning his head up to look. Before him lay his rock hard cock and a small pool if cum leaking from it onto his belly button.

            “Well fuck.” He said, amazed. “That has to be a record.”

            I laughed. I wasn’t even half way in him when I saw him start to drip and before I could stop he was shooting. This really was a record.

            “Do- Do you want me to stop?” I asked disappointed.

            “God no, keep going. I’m good for at least another round.” He assured me, leaning his head back down and getting into the moment again before poking his head back up. “At least you can use it to slick me up better now.” He said, wickedly.

            “Oh fuck yeah.” I smiled, scooping up the load he had shot and withdrawing my dick so I could smear it up and around his hole. I was amazed at how resourceful the human body could be when it came to getting laid. Using my own father’s cum to fuck him was pretty kinky even for us.


            We fucked like rabbits that night. We really missed each other. After four days of him being gone it was nice going to sleep being able to wrap myself around him and keep him close to me, where he belonged.

            The alarm clock woke us up. My dad opened his eyes and groaned disappointedly. “Up, son.” He said drowsily, hitting the snooze button.

            “I don’t want to go to school today, Dad.” I said half asleep. I wrapped my arms around his hairy chest and pulled him close to me, wanting to fall back asleep.

            “You’ve got to go to school, son.” He said, leaning back to kiss my arm.

            Even in this state I was starting to get morning wood. I lifted one of my legs and wrapped it around his hip, my hard, leaking cock grinding against his ass.

            “Not gonna happen, son.” He said, agitated as he got up from bed.”

            “Come on, Dad, I missed you. Besides, I don’t have anything important today.” I said angelically.

            I played with my big cock, slapping it against my abs and looking at him expectantly.

            “Son, don’t do this to me. You know I can’t let you miss school just so you can stay home and fuck me.” He pressed.

            “Why not? You know you want it.” I grinned, grasping my big cock and moving it around to show him how big it was.

            He bit his lip, conflicted.

            “Come on, Dad.” I pled, getting up and kissing his neck. “Tell me you don’t want me to throw you on that bed right now and fuck the cum out of you.”

            “Oh fuck, son.” He groaned, reaching back to grab my cock.

            “Alright fine. I’ll let you miss the first half of the day. But I’m taking you to school after lunch.” He relented, taking off his shirt and rolling us into bed.

            “Whatever you say, Dad.” I smiled, kissing him.

            Needless to say, I was fucking the fifth load out of him by the time school let out for the day.


            When I woke up from our nap later that afternoon my dad was staring up at the ceiling with a troubled look on his face. God he looked handsome. I put my hand on his chest to play with his chest hair. There was still a good bit of dried cum he had shot into it.

            “What’s the matter?” I asked.

            “Jeff, the whole point of this thing we’re doing was to make sure you were doing better in school.” He said seriously.

            “Dad, I am. I made honor roll. You know that.”

            “I know that, son, and I couldn’t be more proud. But I did something today that I shouldn’t have done. I should have made you go to school.”

            He was really beating himself up about this. “Dad, this was just a one time thing, I promise.” I assured him.

            He looked at me and said, “Jeff, I love you so much. But you need to know that I want what’s best for you and when you bring that big thing out of your pants all of the sense in my head just goes away and I go cock crazy. If we’re going to make this work you’ve got to meet me half way here. I’m just not strong enough to resist you and you know it.”

            I sighed. “Dad, I don’t want you beating yourself up about this. It won’t happen again.”

            He got out of bed and started making dinner. I hated seeing him like this. He was being really hard on himself. And then I felt something come over me. It was this great epiphany. I wanted to make him proud. No, not just so I could fuck him. I wanted to make him proud because I loved him. He was my father. The only thing he wanted in life was to see me succeed. I really wanted to give that to him.



For the next few weeks I really focused on my school work. It was college application time and that meant I was busier than ever. My dad and I sat at the kitchen table going through brochures of universities I wanted to apply to. I wanted to apply to the more realistic options that were close to home but my dad was pushing me to apply to some of the really good schools all over the country. That was just the way he was. He saw things in me that I never could.

            “Man, to think how far you’ve come in just 6 months. I’m so proud of you, son.” My dad said, reaching a hand over and patting my shoulder. “I can’t believe we’re applying for colleges.”

            “Thanks Dad.” I smiled. “It’s all because of you.”

            He leaned in and kissed me tenderly before going back to the catalogues in front of him.

            “You know, applying for colleges makes me think of how much I’m going to miss you.” I said.

            “You’re just saying that because you’ll miss having someone who will bend over for that big dick of yours any time, day or night.” He laughed.

            “No, I’m serious, Dad.”

            “I’m going to miss you too, son.” He replied, tears starting to form in his eyes.

            “How do I know you’re not just saying that because you’ll miss my big dick ready to fuck you any time, day or night?” I joked, trying to lighten the mood.

            “Free at last!” He laughed, leaning in again for another quick peck.

            He looked at me and said honestly, ”You know I’m only joking, son. These last 6 months have been the best time of my life. I’d let you fuck me regardless of any obligation I needed to fulfill.”

            “So how about right now?” I said, rubbing my dick through my pants.

            “Meet you in bed in 5 minutes?” He smiled, getting up.

            “How about right here on the kitchen table?” I suggested, getting up and grabbing his ass.

            “Sounds good to me.” He grinned, kissing me.

            Two minutes later we were making out on top of the college brochures while my dick was 10 inches up his ass.

            “Fuck, son, you’ve gotta slow down. I don’t want to cum just yet.” He winced as his hands squeezed my ass.

            I slowed down a little bit and kissed him sensually.

            “God damn, that’s good.” He moaned.

            I grabbed his throbbing, dripping cock in my hands and started slapping it against his stomach.

            “God I love this big cock.” I said absentmindedly, dipping my finger in some of his precum and bringing it to my mouth.

            “Well my big cock seems to enjoy your big cock fucking me, son.” He smiled, enjoying the sensation my dick was having on his prostate.

            I thought about all the times my dad must have used his big cock, fucking women to intense orgasms as he dropped his masculine loads into them. I thought about how handsome and virile he must have been when he sprayed his load into my mom and ultimately created me. And how here he was laying on his kitchen table while I took his ass and played with is huge cock while I fucked him.

            I watched the lust in his eyes as I fucked him hard, each hard thrust I made he pushed back on me just as hard. My dad was a man. And it turned me on.

            “You ever wonder what it would be like to take my big cock, son?” He grinned as he saw me playing with his huge cock.

            This certainly surprised me. For the 6 months we had been fucking he had not once ever had the balls to ask me that.

            “Why would I wonder that? You’re a power bottom through and through.” I lied, fucking him hard to remind him where his place was.

            “Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, son.” He said as I kept fucking him.

            “What’s that supposed to mean, tough guy?” I asked, playing with his nipple.

            He winced for a second and then regained his composure, saying, “It’s just that you like to think of yourself as such a man. You’ve proven you can fuck like a man, but whether you can take it like a man remains to be seen.”

            What the fuck. Was he playing mind games on me again? And why was I getting turned on so much by it?

            “That’s okay, son. I can take it like a man for the both of us.” He said cockily as he lay his head down on the table, really getting in to me fucking him hard now.

            “What would you even know about fucking like a man?” I asked. “Look at this big cock just laying there while I fuck your ass. You love taking a big cock up your ass.” I gloated, grabbing his rock hard cock.

            “I was certainly man enough to make you, wasn’t I?” He countered.

            “Just shut up and enjoy it while I fuck the cum out of you like the true power bottom you are, Dad.” I teased as I really railed into him.

            “Oh fuck, son.” He said through gritted teeth as I started to push him over the edge.

            He reached a hand out and brought it to his cock but I slapped it away immediately. “Don’t you fucking dare.” I yelled. “I want you to watch that big cock of yours explode while I fuck the cum out of you like the true bottom you are.”

            He obeyed and rested his hand as his side as he looked straight into my eyes. I could see his breathing intensify and his big dick was starting to jump against his stomach with each thrust I made.

            “You know you want to give me that load, Dad. Just give in.” I said, staring down at him as I fucked him hard.

            He sighed, defeated, as his huge cock pulsed and erupted, shooting out jet after jet of cum up against his chest.

            “There we go.” I praised, turned on that I could get him to cum like this just from my dick in his ass. “Just like I thought.”

            He closed his eyes and let the pleasure consume him as I dumped my load up his ass. I slowly withdrew my dick from his ass, proudly watching some of my load beginning to drip out of the hole I had claimed for the past 6 months. I let some of it pool into my palm and then wiped it across his face and kissed him. If he wanted my ass he was going to have to be a man and ask for it. I wasn’t opposed to letting him fuck me. In fact I was quite turned on by the idea. But I wasn’t just going to hand it over to him. If he wanted a shot at my virgin hole he was going to have to earn it.


Chapter 6

                        Over the next few weeks my dad was getting bolder. And I had to admit I liked it. I liked it when he took control. Even when I was fucking him he was starting to tell me what to do and how to do it. It was really starting to turn me on.

            “Come on, son. Take that hole.” He commanded as we were fucking in bed one night. “That’s it. Give me that load.”

            I leaned down to kiss him as I fucked him harder and then I felt something that surprised me. He was grabbing my ass like he usually does in this position but this time his finger was tapping against my hole. He smiled at my reaction but I didn’t tell him to stop. Instead I just fucked him even harder.

            “Yeah, you like teasing my hole while I fuck you, Dad?” I asked, getting really turned on.

            “I think you’re the one who likes it, son.” My dad smiled deviously as he started to push it in.

            “Oh fuck!” I yelled, surprised at the feeling but incredibly turned on. It only made me want to fuck him harder. The sound of my balls slapping against his filled the room.

            “Yeah, you like that, son?” He teased, starting to push it in and out.

            I ignored him and concentrated on dumping my load into him. I had to admit it felt great. Fantastic, even. And not only did I enjoy the sensations it was giving me I was also enjoying seeing my dad start to take control.

            “It’s okay to admit you like it, son. God knows I do.” He pressed.

            I continued to ignore him and he increased his speed, really shoving his finger up my hole with power now.

            “Fuck!” I said through gritted teeth. I was really starting to get off on it and he could tell.

            “Yeah, son. Give me that load. You know you want to.” He egged me on. And then he hit something in my ass that made my dick jump.

            “Ummph” I let out, not being able to hide it.

            “Looks like someone just found out where their prostate is.” He teased, tapping it a few times as I writhed around on top of him in uncontrollable pleasure.

            I tried focusing on shoving my dick up his ass harder but the sensations coming over me through his finger were overwhelming.

            “Yeah, I think Jeffy here likes it.” He taunted, really prodding my prostate now.

            “Oh fuck!” I yelled, as I started to spray my seed up his ass.

            “Yeeaaaahh!” He said excitedly as he felt my hole contract around his finger and my dick start shooting. “Come on, son! Give it all up to me!” He yelled. I wasn’t sure if he was talking about my load or my hole, but I didn’t care. All I was focusing on was the intense  orgasm I was currently experiencing.

            After about 30 seconds I came back to reality. My dad withdrew his finger and I was happy to see that it was completely clean. He brought it to his lips and sucked it cockily as he tasted my ass. His rock hard dick laying on his chest jumped.

            I noticed he hadn’t cum yet and I knew he must be aching to. I slowly withdrew my dick from his ass, my load immediately starting to drip all over the sheets out of his hole.

            “Hey, don’t leave me hanging here. I still need to blow my load. Come on, fuck the cum out of me, son.”

            “Shouldn’t have tried to get me to cum that fast then.” I said, getting up to use the bathroom.

            “Aww, son, don’t be like this. I just wanted to see if you liked it!” He called out to me.

            I stuck my head out the door saying, “Oh I liked it. I’m just not sure how getting me to blow my load faster helps you get off.”

            “Whatever. I still had fun.” He smiled, resting his head on the pillows, satisfied with what he had done.

            I shut the door and looked at myself in the mirror. I was still rock hard. Without even thinking I wet my finger with my tongue and shoved it up my ass. And at the exact same time Mike Wilson jerked himself to his own orgasm his son was shooting his second load all over the mirror as he massaged his own prostate for the first time.

 I was starting to like this new side of Dad. Perhaps I could find some use out of that huge cock of his after all. 



Over the next few weeks my dad and I enjoyed a whole new way to fuck. He couldn’t get enough of my ass. Whether that meant eating it, teasing it, or fingering it, he was all over it. But he still hadn’t fucked it. I could tell he wanted to so badly, but I wasn’t going to let him have it until he earned it.

            We were in bed one Thursday night and he was tongue fucking my hole like it was his job. My dick couldn’t have been harder. I had my face in the pillow as he ate me out like a fucking champ. Subtly I saw him reach for the night stand and grab some lube. Not so fast, wise guy. Immediately I intercepted it from his hand saying, “Thanks for getting the lube for me, Dad.” I pushed him onto his hands and knees and lubed up his hole. The disappointment on his face was so telling. He thought he was finally going to get to fuck me. Not tonight, Dad. He was going to have to work harder than that for me to give up my hole.

            The second I sank my big dick up his hole the disappointment on his face completely vanished and he couldn’t help but beg for more.

            “Oh fuck, I love that big cock.” He groaned as he pounded his fists into the mattress. 

            See, it was times like this that made me hesitant to give up my hole to him. I want him to fuck me like he means it. You’d think after 7 months of me fucking the shit out of him day in and day out he’d finally get it. I’d done everything I could to show him how to fuck like a man. To rightfully take what’s yours. But no, here he was begging for my cock like the true bottom he is. Until my father could man up and take my hole like I took his he couldn’t have it.

            I fucked two loads out of him that night and he went to bed with a satisfied smile on his face. His huge cock dripped a bit of precum as he slept. Maybe my dad really was just a bottom. Was I going to need to look somewhere else to finally get my ass fucked?

            And then it dawned on me. Uncle Robert! Robert was my dad’s younger brother. He was the epitome of man. In fact I think in some weird way he was the one who made me realize I was gay. Seeing his big strong frame as he picked me up and threw me around in the backyard made it impossible to not become infatuated with him. He was my number 1 role model for the kind of man I wanted to be when I grew up. He was also gay. It was encouraging growing up with Uncle Robert because he was proof that you don’t have to like pussy to be grade A man. He was queer and made no apologies for it. That’s the kind of man I wanted to be.

            I began to put my plan into action the following day.

            “Hey kiddo!” The scruffy voice on the other end of the phone exclaimed. “I was beginning to think you’d gotten too cool to hang out with your irresponsible uncle anymore.”

            “Hey Rob.” I said into the phone. “Come on, I always have time for you.”

            “Glad to hear it, buddy. What’s on your mind?” He replied.

            Even listening to his low, scruffy voice was getting me hard. I began to massage my cock through my pants without even realizing it.

            “Listen, Rob. As you know my Dad’s birthday is next weekend. I was thinking you could come in and stay with us and surprise him. Ever since you moved in with Jack my dad never gets to see you anymore.”

            “Well since you mentioned it, Jack and I are no more.” He said sadly into the phone.

            “Oh?” I feigned disappointment.

            “Yeah, it happens. I just hope you and I aren’t into the same type of dudes. Competition drives me crazy.” He laughed.

            “I have a feeling we’ll do just fine.” I replied.

            “So when do you guys want me to come by? I can be there Friday if that’s not too early.”

            “That sounds perfect, Rob.” I grinned mischievously. “We’re going to have a lot of fun.


            Thursday night I was in bed getting ready to go to sleep when I felt my dad reach around my chest and start to stroke me.

            “Can I help you, sir?” I laughed, surprised by the initiation.

            “We didn’t fuck all day today. How do you expect me to go to bed like this?” He asked, lifting up the covers to reveal his rock hard cock.

            “I’ve got a big day tomorrow. Jerk off if you have to.” I said flippantly. I wanted to save my loads for when the guest of honor arrived.

            “So I’m not going to get any at all today?” He sighed, disappointed.

            “Doesn’t look like it.” I replied, loving how sex crazed he gets when he wants to get fucked and can’t get it.

            “Is everything okay, son?” He asked.

            “Everything’s fine, Dad. Trust me.” I replied, closing my eyes to imagine the big weekend we had in store.


            My dad called from the office the following afternoon saying he’d be working late. This was perfect since Uncle Rob wouldn’t get in until around 5. I paced around the living room in anticipation of my hot uncle arriving. I was finally going to get fucked this weekend. By a real man. I was itching for it.

            I heard a car door slam and looked out the window to see Rob stepping out of his truck. God damn, that was a sexy man. He was about 38 and maybe an inch or so taller than my dad. They really did look a lot alike. He kept himself in great shape and he carried around the confidence of a stud who knew he looked good. It suddenly dawned on me that I was going to have to seduce this man. A man who could get any man he wanted to bend over with just the right look. I really had my work cut out for me this weekend.

            I put on the tightest, sluttiest wind shorts I could find and threw on a form fitting shirt and ran outside to greet him.

            “Holy shit, dude!” He smiled as he saw me. “What happened to my little nephew?”

            I patted him on the back warmly, loving how big his muscles were. The scruff on his face was really turning me on.

            “Aw, come on Rob, do I really look that different?” I asked, knowing how much I had grown up in such a short time.


            “You’re a man, nephew. When did this happen?”

            “I’d say 7 months ago…” I said cryptically, remembering the time I took my dad’s ass for the first time.

            “Man, if I didn’t know who you were… I might have….” He started to say before stopping himself. I had a feeling he was about to say if he didn’t know I was his nephew he would’ve been into me. Maybe this was going to be easier than I thought.

            We brought his suitcase in and he sat down on the couch, exhausted. He unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt and I could see his chest hair trying to force its way out. It was really turning me on.

            “So tell me, Jeff. A stud like you has got to be getting more ass than he could possibly know what to do with, right?” He said looking me over.

            “I do alright.” I smirked.

            “I’ll bet you do. If I’d have guessed I would have said you looked more like a grad student than a high school student. You’ve really grown into yourself, buddy.” He complimented.

            “Thanks Rob. That means a lot to me.” I replied, blushing. The fact that my stud uncle was saying these things really did mean a lot to me. I really respected his opinion.

            “My dad was really great about me being into dudes. I owe it all to him.” I said.

            “You don’t know how lucky you are to have a dad like Mike.” Rob expressed, taking a sip from his beer he had collected from the fridge. “Even back when I was just coming out he was the one person I could count on. Anytime someone had something to say to me your old man made sure they went through him first. I love him every day for it. You really won the dad lottery with Mike.”

            I wanted to make a joke, like “You have no idea…” or something cryptically suggestive but I realized he was right. I really did luck out having a dad like my dad.

            “I know I did.” I smiled. “He’s the best.”

            “So tell me about school, champ. Anything you’re willing to tell your old uncle here about the trouble a stud like you can get into?”

            Since Rob was being so forthcoming with his willingness to talk about sex I decided to step on the gas a bit and kind of test his limits.

            “Actually the guys at school don’t really interest me.” I revealed. “I kind of have a thing for older guys.”

            “No kidding!” He exclaimed. “Man, I remember being your age and thinking the same thing. And then it changes. When you get to be in your late 30’s like me all you want is some young stud to really take you on and show you what it’s like to be that age again.”

             This was going to be too fucking easy.

            “But you probably don’t want to hear about me and my adventures.” He trailed off, awkwardly.

            “Why would you say that?” I implored him.

            “Because you probably think I’m old. I remember what it was like when I was your age.”

            “Which is why you should know more than anyone that I would be very, very interested.” I said, going for broke and putting my hand on his knee.

            “Whoa, whoa buddy!” He yelled, getting up from the couch. “What the hell is going on?”

            “I’m into you, Rob.” I said, staring into his eyes.

            “What- What do you mean you’re into me, Jeff? You’re my nephew.”

            “So? It’s not like one of us can get knocked up. What’s the harm?”

            He looked at me like he was going to explode but he couldn’t find the right words to say.

            “Jeff, you’re just a kid.” He struggled to say.

            I started to unbutton my shirt, revealing my toned muscles and hair going down my abs, gripping the huge erection visible through my wind shorts. “Do I look like a kid to you, Rob?”

            “God no. “ He said in a trance. “You look like a man.” He absentmindedly started to stroke what appeared to be a sizable erection in his jeans.

            “Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll back off.” I said walking over to him.

            He said nothing as he stared straight into my eyes, unable to find any words.


            I stroked his arm and leaned in to kiss him gently. At first he struggled but after a few seconds he gave in, thrusting his tongue into my mouth, his scruff rubbing against mine in the way only a man and another man can experience. I started to unbutton his shirt, marveling at his toned and hairy chest. A man’s chest. And just when I got to his big belt buckle the sound of keys in the door immediately made us jump.

            “Dad’s home!” My dad announced as he walked in the front door. I looked over and Rob was gone.

            “Who’s truck is that out in front?” Dad asked me, setting his briefcase down on the counter.

            The bathroom door opened and Rob emerged, fixing his hair, having buttoned up his shirt in record time. “Happy Birthday big brother!” He sang as he walked over to his older brother to give him a big bear hug.

            “Well what is this!” My dad exclaimed, patting his younger brother’s back affectionately.

            “Happy Birthday, Dad.” I smiled.

            “I can’t believe this! How long are you here for, Robert?” My dad asked, stepping away to get a good look at him.

            “He’s here for the whole weekend, Dad.” I answered before Rob could answer.

            Rob looked at me conflicted, obviously having bad feelings about what had just happened.

            “Well I’ll be damned! Let’s get in the kitchen and start dinner.” My dad grinned as he headed over to the kitchen.

            Rob looked at me like a deer in the headlights as he followed my dad in. Rob may have been in a flurry of emotions and panic, but as for me, everything was going exactly according to plan.

            I couldn’t stop staring at my hot uncle all through dinner. While he and my dad laughed about inside jokes that only the two of them would understand I was admiring Rob’s huge shoulders and sexy scruff he had. He and my dad looked exactly like. Rob might have put a little more work into his appearance but my dad had that “dad next door” look that made him so irresistible.

            After dinner my dad and I started clearing the dishes while Rob took a shower.

            “So I guess my chances of getting Birthday sex tomorrow are pretty slim.” My dad said disappointed as I handed him a plate to wash.

            “Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.” I assured him.

            “Man, after not getting any last night or today I’m going to be going crazy tomorrow. There’s no telling what I might do.” He laughed.

            Little did the birthday boy know, that’s exactly what I was counting on.


            That night I was lying awake in my own room for the first time since I had taken my dad’s bed (and his ass) as my own 7 months ago. My dad insisted I sleep in my own room to keep up appearances. So much had changed since the last time I had slept in here. Just 10 minutes ago my dad had crept into my room on the off chance I was willing to give him a little action but I sent him away disappointed. I had other plans.

            I quietly got out of bed and made my way to the guest room. I opened the door and gave my eyes time to adjust to the darkness. I could just make out Rob’s huge frame delicately balanced on the tiny twin bed underneath him. Much to my pleasure, all he was wearing was his boxers. His body was amazing. He was toned and masculine, exactly how I imagined.

            “Is that you, Jeff?” He mumbled.

            “Yeah, it’s me, Rob.” I answered.

            “Are we going to talk about what happened earlier?” He asked, sitting up, his abs on full display.

            “What’s there to talk about? Are we going to fuck or not?” I asked boldy.

            He bit his lip, conflicted. I walked over to his bed and kissed him gently.

            “Your dad can know nothing about this.” He said, pulling away for a second.

            I tactfully ignored him and resumed kissing him. I ran my hands over his sexy chest and pecks and he did the same to me. Finally I decided to go for what I really wanted- that dick.

            I reached my hand into his boxers and my dick pulsed. Just as I expected. Another huge Wilson cock. If I had to guess he was just as big as my dad. Perhaps even an exact replica. This was going to be fun. I was just hoping at least this Wilson brother would actually know how to use it.

            He took his boxers off and I lowered my mouth onto his huge cock.

            “Mmmm” He moaned quietly. “Yeah, come on Jeff. Suck that cock.”

            I obliged him and sucked his cock like it deserved.

            “Fuck, that’s good.” He groaned. After a few minutes he lifted my head off of his cock and kissed me. “Now let’s see what you’re packing down there.” He grinned.

            I stood up and he placed his hands at my boxers and slowly lowered them down as he kissed my chest. My dick popped out and it obviously surprised him.

            “Well well well.” He admired. “You’ve got a man’s cock on you, nephew.”

            “Are you surprised?” I asked cockily.


            “Why would I be?” He winked and began to take my cock into his mouth.

            Fuck, I didn’t anticipate how good it would be to get head from an actual gay guy. This was amazing. Rob could suck dick like a pro.


            He swallowed me all the way down his throat and licked my balls like a fucking champ.

            “Holy shit, Rob, where did you learn to do that?” I gasped.

            “My college roommate had a huge cock.” He replied, before going back down on my cock.

            “Yeah, I’m definitely going to need to hear more about that later.” I laughed as he took me down to the hilt.

            “Fuck, that’s amazing.”

            Rob finally backed off of my cock and stood up again, giving me a wet, sloppy kiss.

            This was it. I was finally going to get fucked by a real man. My heart started beating fast and Rob pried his mouth off of mine and said, “I gotta have it, Jeff. Fuck me.”

            Fuck. “What?” I questioned, completely thrown for a loop.

            “I gotta have that dick, Jeff.” My handsome, masculine, impossibly sexy uncle begged as he leaned over the bed.

            “You want me to fuck you?” I asked, disappointed.

            “Hell yeah I do.” He said, looking over his shoulder.

            “You don’t want to fuck me instead?” I asked, wishing there was a sexier way to ask it.

            “Actually I’m way more of a bottom.” He admitted, reaching behind him to pull his ass cheeks apart.

            “Unfuckingbelievable.” I sighed. What was it about these big dicked Wilson brothers and their insatiable need to get fucked?

            “What’s the matter, stud? Don’t you want to fuck me?” He asked, waving his enticing ass around.

            “Hold that thought.” I replied, spanking his muscle ass and walking to the door.

            “What the fuck are you doing, Jeff?” He whispered as loud as possible.

            “It’s 12:05 am. I’m giving my dad his birthday present.” I replied, closing the door and walking across the house, my hard on waving around as I moved.

            “Happy Birthday, Dad.” I said as I walked into my dad’s room.

            “Well thanks, son.” He replied groggily as he rubbed his eyes. “What time is it?”

            “12:06 am.” I replied.

            “Why are you naked? Robert could see you.”

            “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.” I said, pulling off the covers. “Now follow me?”

            “Where are we going?” He asked, stepping out of bed and following me.

            “Wait, why are you taking me to Robert’s room? And you need to put some clothes on!” He whispered.

            I opened the door to Rob’s room and immediately turned the lights on.

            “What the fuck!” Both Wilson brothers shouted at the same time.

            My dad stood there with his mouth open in shock after seeing his brother’s muscle ass spread wide open, ready for the taking as Rob scrambled to cover himself up.

            “Jeff, what the hell, man?” Rob yelled.

            “Michael Wilson, meet Robert Wilson.” I stated as they tried to regain some composure. “Dad, Rob here just offered to let me fuck him 2 minutes ago.”

            “What!” My dad yelled.

            “Mike, please!” Rob yelled back, trying to calm him down.

            “Rob, my dad and I have been fucking for the past 7 months.” I said simply.

            “What!” Rob yelled with a confused look at me and my dad.


            “Jeff-“ My dad sighed, not knowing what to say.

            “You’ve been fucking your own son, Mike?” Rob asked incredulously. “Aren’t you straight?”

            “The answer to both of your questions is a resounding no.” I answered before my dad could say anything. “My dad is the one getting fucked and judging from the look on his face every time I fuck another load out of him I’d say he’s at least questioning if not full on gay.”

            My dad was speechless. “I can’t believe this.” Rob said, flabbergasted.

            “So you’ve been fucking my big brother for the past 7 months?” He asked me.

            “Like you wouldn’t believe.” I replied.

            My dad stared at the floor, red in the face.

            “So did you ask me here just to fuck me too?” Rob asked delicately.

            “No, I asked you here so that you would fuck me.”

            “Is this true, son?” My dad asked, betrayal in his voice.

            “Don’t worry, Dad. He didn’t. Because apparently I’m the only one around here who is man enough to actually take someone’s ass and fuck them like they need it.”

            My dad and my uncle said nothing, both ashamed of what they had done.

            “So I thought I would bring all of this out in the open and show you two how to man up and put those big dicks of yours to good use.”

            “What are you getting at, son?” My dad questioned, apprehensively.

            “I want both of you face down and ass up on that bed now.” I commanded, pointing to Rob’s bed.

            “Jeff, you can’t be serious right now.” Rob stated, still trying to cover himself up.

            I grabbed my rock hard cock and said, “Does it look like I’m joking?”

            Rob gulped. And looked at my dad. “Are we going to do this, Mike?”

            My dad looked at my cock and replied, “I’m up for it if you are, Robert.”

            “Then get your ass up on that mattress and get ready to be shown how to fuck like a man.” I commanded.



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