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                                                           Chapter 3

         Around Christmas time I heard the doorbell ring. Jeff was out with some friends for the night and I opened the door to find my neighbor, Susan, with a big casserole in her hands and an even bigger smile on her face. Susan was a nice woman, and she liked to bring food over for Jeff and me, especially around the holidays. She knew that my wife had passed away around the holidays and felt bad for us. She was great to talk to for the first couple of months after my wife died. Susan was a very attractive woman, and it was clear she was into me. I hadn’t pursued her obvious advances because obviously I was still mourning my wife, but she still tried flirting with me in the supermarket or other places where our paths crossed.

            “Hi Mike.” She smiled, kissing me on the cheek. “I just wanted to bring by a nice home cooked meal for you and Jeff. I’m always thinking of you all this time of year.

            “That’s so sweet of you, Susan. Come on in.” I smiled.

            I opened up a bottle of wine and we talked for a while. It was getting late and just as I was about to get her coat Jeff walked in the door.

            “Hey Susan…” Jeff said surprised as he went over to hug her.

            “I was just on my way out. There’s a casserole for you and your Dad if you’re hungry.” She said, giving my son a warm pat on the back. “See you two around.” She smiled and walked out the door.

            I couldn’t quite put my finger on my exact feelings at that moment but I knew I felt kind of guilty. I knew in my head it was fucking ridiculous for my son to get jealous of his dad flirting with an attractive woman, but I still felt kind of dirty. I was surprised I felt this way.

            My son looked at me with a serious look on his face. “I don’t want you seeing her.” He said flat.

            “You what?” I asked, relishing the situation.

            “You heard me. I don’t want you going after her.”

            “Son, I didn’t go after anyone. She came by on her own. And even if I did go after her, what business is it of yours?” I countered.

            “You’re mine. I say who you have sex with.” He said angrily.

            “That is not at all what we agreed to, son.” I yelled, frustratingly. I couldn’t believe this little kid was trying to tell me who I can or can’t sleep with.

            “If you fuck anyone else the deal is off.” He yelled.

            He was angry. And for the first time in a long time I felt like I had power. For so long my son had owned every aspect of me. I had sex when he wanted it. I blew a load when he wanted me to. I bent over for him when he wanted me to. And he was finally starting to realize that his handsome, big-dicked, masculine dad had options. If this arrogant kid wanted to keep using me as his personal cum-dump then he was going to have to up the antee.



            Ever since I came home to find my dad flirting with that whore neighbor of ours I’ve been unable to get it out of my head. I hated how jealous it made me, but it did. The thought of him having sex with someone else threatened me. He was supposed to be mine. And what business does he have fucking someone with that big cock of his anyway? My dad was a bottom. Sure he was masculine and he had a huge dick, but his cock was only for decorative purposes or to wrap my hand around as I took his ass. He may have started out letting me fuck him just to keep me from lashing out at school but he enjoyed my dick in his ass way too much to keep up the illusion that he wouldn’t bend over for me even if he didn’t have to. No, my dad needed to be bred. He needed to be taken. He needed to be told when to bend over and where. It’s just the way he was wired. He was only kidding himself if he thinks he would get off with Susan as much as he gets off with my dick up his ass.

            The worst part about the whole thing was that he knew how much it got to me. He knew I was possessive of him. My dad was my toy to play with and I wasn’t keen on sharing him with anyone else. I figured the best way to keep him all to myself was to make sure he was well drained. He wouldn’t want to fuck Susan if he was getting enough from me.

            One Sunday night my dad came into to the living room while I was watching the game. He had just showered and had nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Damn, I can’t believe that grade A Dad ass was all mine. His masculine, toned, hairy torso still glistening with steam from his shower was really starting to turn me on.

            “Hey son, I just wanted to come say goodnight. I’ve got an early meeting in the morning so I won’t see you before you go to school.”

            “Alright, night Dad.” I said, waving him off and bringing my attention back to the game.

            My dad lingered awkwardly. “Was there something else?” I asked, looking back at him.

            “Well…” He said reaching under his towel to grab what I assume was a 10-inch, rock hard cock. “I was kind of hoping I would get my ass fucked before bed.” He smiled. I could hear his meaty, thick cock slapping against his palm under the towel.

            “Oh yeah?” I asked, smiling and running my hands over my crotch. “You want me to fuck that dad ass?”

            “Yeah, son, I want it.” He groaned, leaning against the door frame and running his hands through his chest hair.

            “I suppose I could pause the game for a load or two and help you out. Show me how bad you want me to fuck you.”

            He unclasped the towel around his waist and let it drop to the floor, unleashing his huge throbbing cock. Man, that thing was a monster. Poor guy was really in heat!

            I got up from the couch and walked over to him, reaching out to grab his huge dick. “You gonna keep this thing nice and big and hard for me to hold on to while I take your ass?” I asked, kissing him gently on the lips.

            “Oh fuck yeah, son.” He moaned, accepting my tongue into his mouth.

            “I’m doing a nice thing for you, putting the game on hold for you so you can get your ass fucked so I want it to be worth my while. I want at least 2 loads from you.” I played, continuing to kiss him gently. “Think you can give me that?” I gave his thick cock a good squeeze.

            “At least.” He moaned as I ran my hand over his furry pecks.

            “Then lead the way, old man.” I commanded.

I followed him, marveling at his muscle dad ass from behind as we walked to the bedroom he and I now shared. I couldn’t believe that ass was all mine. He had given up his tight, virgin, muscle dad hole to me and no one else. And I could have it any time I wanted. Hell, he was more than happy to  give it to me. And I was even happier to take it. Each and every day. I was not naïve. I knew my dad had had more than his fair share of sexual partners in his lifetime and they were probably as impressed with his huge monster cock as I was. But only I was the one who got to have his hole. He may have shared his monster cock with quite a few people in his lifetime but his hole was just for me.

            We got to the bed and he paused to lean his head back and kiss me while I ran my hands across his chest. He undid my belt buckle and pulled my pants down, freeing my dick to slap up against his ass cheek and throb against it. After about a minute I pushed him down onto the mattress and spread his cheeks apart so I could see my prize. There was his tight dad hole, which was ripe for the taking.  He reached into the drawer beside the bed and pulled out some lube and threw it back to me.

            I popped open the cap and I swear his hole puckered. I lowered the tube down and squeezed a tiny glob right onto it, rubbing it in gently with two fingers.

            “Mmmm…” He groaned into the mattress.

            I played around with his hole, teasing it with my fingers and making sure he was nice and lubed for my dick.

            “Come on, son, I need it.” He groaned impatiently, pounding his fists into the mattress in frustration.

            “If you say so…” I mused, hoisting myself onto his back and pressing my cock right at his puckering hole. I pushed in with one constant motion until my balls were pressing against his. I loved the feeling of his big, masculine, heavy balls resting against mine. It lets me know I’m fucking a real man. And if my dad wasn’t a real man I don’t know who was. A real man who was letting me take his ass like only a man could.

            “Oh fuuuuuuuck.” He moaned in pleasure. I smiled to myself knowing I had been keeping his dad ass well fed if he was able to take my whole cock in one slow thrust and not even wince.

            I began to fuck him slowly leaning down to kiss him in between his shoulder blades. He really gets off on me doing that.

            “Oh fuck that’s good, son. Come on, fuck your old man.” He groaned into the mattress.

            I continued thrusting in and out of him and then I pushed my hands under his chest and said, “I want you on your back.” I wanted to stare into his ruggedly handsome face, his deep brown eyes as I bred my own father.

            Obediently he started to rotate, making sure my dick never left his hole until we were face to face. I sank my cock as deep as I could up his ass and leaned down to kiss him gently.

            “MmmmMMMmmmmMMmm.” He moaned into my mouth each time I hit bottom again.

            His cock was rock hard and there was a steady drip of precum from the tip each time I sank my cock back into him.

            He would start to grab his dick but then would back off after a few seconds. “I won’t be able to hold it, son. I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.”

            “Go ahead.” I pushed, leaning down to kiss him again.

            He reached down and began to jack off his cock again. “ Oh fuck son, here it comes.” He said into my mouth as I began to long dick him in hard strokes. “Come on, son, right there. UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH” He groaned and I felt my chest begin to slide around on his cum. He moaned as I continued to kiss him.

            “That’s number 1.” I said, bringing my head down to kiss his chest. “Now I want another.”

            “That’s not going to be a problem if you keep fucking me like that, son.” He said, staring into my eyes. He brought his hand to my chest, feeling my muscles strain as I fucked him. He reached my nipple and pinched it hard.

            “Fuck!” I shouted, wincing as the pleasurable pain shocked me. My dick throbbed deep inside of him.

            He smiled at me deviously and pinched my nipple again, harder than the first time.

            “Fuck, stop, that hurts!” I shouted, slapping his hand away and giving him an extra hard thrust for good measure.

            “Aww, son what’s the matter? Afwaid of a wittle pinch?” He mocked, giving my nipple another hard pinch.

            “That’s it.” I said, angrily. “You’re going to get it now.” I grabbed both of his arms and pinned them above his head. He looked into my eyes surprised but extremely turned on. I held his arms down and really started to rail into him.

            “That’s it, son. Give it to me.” He said excitedly as I pumped into him. “Goddamn that’s good.” He nodded enthusiastically as I increased the speed and power of my thrusts into his ass.

            My nipple was red and sore and I was going to make him pay. The sounds of my balls smacking against his ass filled the room as I fucked my father hard. And just when I thought I was being too hard on him I felt his cock throb under my chest again as he began to pump out more cum to add to his first load, completely untouched by the hands I had pinned above his head. He was moaning deeply but his gaze never left my eyes I continued to fuck another load out of him from the inside.

            That did it. Before I knew it was happening I began to unload my seed into my father, dumping out what felt like an endless load into his ass. I continued to drain my balls in him for at least half a minute before releasing my hold on his arms and resting on top of him. He brought his hand to my chest and gently felt the red area around my nipple to sooth it. I smiled at his smooth touch and leaned down to kiss him softly on his lips. His cum had splattered all over his hairy chest and his giant cock was finally starting to go down.

            I looked into his eyes again and sighed. “I’m going to get back to the game. I expect there to be clean sheets when I come up to bed.”

“You little fucker.” He laughed. I dipped my finger in the cum reservoir on his chest from the two loads he had blown and let it drip on to my tongue. I brought my tongue up to his and let his cum pool into his mouth, ending it with a sensual kiss.

“I know you’re tired but you’re the one who made the mess, not me. I made sure all my cum ended up in one place.” I teased, giving his ass a good squeeze.

            “Fine. Clean sheets will await you when you come to bed.” He smiled. “It was worth it.” He gave a satisfied sigh and tucked his hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling with a content look that only a good ass pounding can give a man.

            “Any time, Dad.” I smiled, running my fingers across his cum soaked chest hair.


                                                            Chapter 4

             I was sitting at the kitchen table when my dad walked in through the front door home from work.

            “What’s up, son?” He asked brightly as he went to the fridge to get himself a beer.

            “I want a tattoo.” I said, bracing myself for his reaction.

            “Well good, you can get one in 8 months.” He said, smirking as he took a sip from his beer.

            “Come on, Dad, all you need to do is come to the place with me and say it’s okay and they’ll let me get one. I’ve already got it picked out and everything.”

            “When hell freezes over.” He laughed.

            “Are you serious?” I yelled. “I thought you’d be cool about this!”

            “What on earth gave you that idea? A tattoo? Come on, son, you know me better than that.”

            “What does it matter to you anyway, it’s my body.”

            He walked over to me and ruffled my hair saying, “Not for 8 months it’s not.”

            “So apparently to you I’m man enough to have your ass but not man enough to decide to get a little ink?”

            “If that’s the way you want to look at it, then yes. You’re man enough to have my ass but not to get a tattoo.”

            “This sucks.” I said, frustrated.

            “Yeah? Why don’t you show me how much of a man you are right now?” My dad said, reaching over my shoulder and giving my nipple a hard pinch through my shirt.

            “Oh you’re going to get it.” I growled, slapping his hand away and soothing my stinging nipple.

            “Yeah? You gonna fuck me like a man, son?” Dad asked as he removed his shirt, crumpled it up and threw it on the floor in front of me.

            “I’m going to fuck your ass so hard you’ll know who the real man is.” I warned him, taking my shirt and throwing it on top of his.

            “Show me, son.” He said, giving my nipple another pinch, harder than the first time. “Show me how much of a man you are.”

            I swatted his hand away again, stood up, and pushed him against the wall. I don’t know if my dad was trying to get me angry or turned on. Either way, he was getting both. I held his head against the wall and tugged his pants down until they were just hanging off his round ass cheeks.

            “Just for that I’m going to fuck you raw.” I said, giving my dad the courtesy of spitting into my hand and smearing what I could on his hole.

            “Oh fuck, son, you can’t. You’re too big.” He gasped, feeling my throbbing cock moving against his ass cheek.

            “Not too big to pick out my own tattoo, huh?” I retorted, pushing the head of my cock into his barely lubed ass.

            “Oh fuck-“ He said through gritted teeth.

            I reached for his chest and pinched his nipple possessively just as he had done to me moments ago and slid more and more of my thick dick up my dad’s clenching hole.

            “God damn, that’s a big cock.” My dad muttered, out of breath. I could feel his hole straining desperately, trying to accommodate my cock.

            I hit bottom and wrapped my hand around his defined stomach, pulling him on to me as far as I could, spearing my own father on top of my huge cock. He asked for a hard fuck and he was going to get a hard fuck.

            My dad gasped and clenched his hole even tighter. He was really getting it now. I thrust in and out of his ass making sure to really slam into him each time I sank back in. That’ll teach him to question who the man is in this house. The arrogant fucker’s hole won’t be able to close for a week.

            He had one hand grabbing onto my arm, squeezing harder each time I thrust into him and the other hand was bracing against the wall to support us. “Ugh- Ugha” My dad grunted as I slammed my dick as far into him as I could.  His hole squeezing my cock like a vice grip as it reacted to the size and power of my cock as I reamed  him. I was taking his ass like only a true man can take an ass. And admittedly, my dad was taking my dick like only a true man can take a dick up his ass.  The way he was grunting I couldn’t tell what he was experiencing right now. It was at that moment that I felt something wet hit my feet.

            What the fuck! I looked down and to my amazement I saw a giant load rain down from my father’s rock hard cock as he endured the ass pummeling I was throwing into him, completely untouched. The fucker was having an orgasm! His grip on my arm was as tight as possible as each thrust of my giant dick up his ass squeezed more and more cum from his prostate and out of his dick. Cum was now shooting out of his dick and running down the wall I was fucking him up against. At that moment I started to dump my load into my dad’s ass. It was just too much. I sprayed my seed into my dad’s ass for what felt like 2 whole minutes. And I swear he didn’t stop dripping cum from his dick until I did. The grip he had on my arm lifted and slowly I withdrew my cock from his hole. The second the head popped out my seed began dripping out of his hole. His hole was still contracting in big waves, completely powerless to stop my seed from leaking out. He was still trying to catch his breath.

            The scene laid out in front of me was a sight to behold. There was so much cum smeared across the wall, slowly running down, and cum all along the floor in front of my dad that you would have assumed it came from the both of us if it weren’t for the load dripping down my dad’s hole and down his leg. My dad had been fully bred by his own son.

            I gave him a cocky slap on the ass, bringing him back to reality. “If you were trying to punish me by fucking me like that,” he said in a daze “then you’re going to have to do better than that.” He pushed himself off of the wall and looked at the state of the wall and floor that had been hosed down by his cum.

            “I can’t believe you came like that.” I said, half amazed half frustrated. “I wasn’t trying to make it good for you.”

            “Could have fooled me.” He said proudly, watching his cum drip slowly down the wall. His dick was still pointing straight out. I’m sure if I had kept at it for just a few more minutes he would have cum again, the fucker.

            “Yeah well you just remember who the man is in this house.” I said cockily as I reached a finger to his ass and scooped out more of my cum from his hole.”

            “You may be man enough to take my ass but I’m still not letting you get that tattoo, son.” He said boastfully as he straightened up and stretched, cracking his back and swinging his huge dick around as if to remind me he was just as hung as I was even though he was the one who just had 10 inches of thick cock up his ass. He wasn’t fooling me. My dad may have a huge cock but he was my cum dump to use how I wanted and when I wanted. And if the big, satisfied smile on his face wasn’t proof enough, the huge load running down the wall and all over the floor was enough to prove he wouldn’t have it any other way. Nope. My dad was all 100% masculine, muscled, grade-A daddy bottom and he knew it.



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