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                                                     Chapter 1


            “Principal Carter, I assure you it won’t happen again.” I apologized, forcing a smile. “Jeff’s been going through some stuff ever since his mom died.”

            “Mr. Wilson, I sympathize with you and your son but after the 10th time hearing this from you my patience is wearing thin.” She said, glaring at him, and giving a cold smile, her lipstick smudging even more than it already had. “You need to control your son.”

            “I’m working on it, ma’am.” I said with a weak smile.


            “You need to cool it, dude.” I growled at my son the second we had stepped out of the principal’s office.

            “Fuck off.” He mumbled.

            “Oh, real nice.” I said, shaking my head.

            “There’s only two years left until graduation anyway. Then I’ll finally be out of your hands.”

            “Oh yeah? And how do you presume that’s going to happen if you can’t get into college, Jeff?” I said as we got to the car.


            “I’ll get into college.” He mumbled.

            “Yeah, and how are you going to do that if you’re failing out of high school?”



            “Maybe you wouldn’t dread school so much if you made even an attempt at making friends.” I said, looking at him seriously. “But that would require you to spend more than a minute outside of your bedroom instead of just jacking off all day.”

            “Just shut up.” He said, angrily. “Everyone at my school sucks. I don’t want to be anything like them.”

            “Hey, don’t get me wrong. I remember what it was like at your age. Spending quality alone time by myself was exactly what I wanted to be doing then, too, but it was simpler then. With all this internet porn there’s no end in sight for you. You need to get out and experience it in the real world.”

            “Is there a point to all of this?” He sighed. He was clearly embarrassed.

            I looked into my son’s eyes and saw the complete lack of drive and emotion that was on his face every day. He was a good looking kid. Great looking. I’m sure he could have his pick of girls if he wanted to, but I’m sure he was just as attitudinal with his peers at school as he was with me. And besides, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even interested in girls. I had found what he had been looking at on his computer and let’s just say it wasn’t what I was expecting. My son was gay, hormonal, and his mom had died. No wonder he had an attitude.

            Jeff’s mom and I had been married 19 great years together when she died suddenly. I knew it was hard on him and it was hard on me. My wife and I had always had a feeling that Jeff was gay, and we so wanted to show him that we loved him and supported him. Hell, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t accepted a blow job from a guy before in college a few times, but that seemed like a lifetime ago. I wish Jeff knew that he could count on me. He didn’t have to hide himself from me.

            “Jeff, I want you to know that I love you. And that if there’s anything you need to tell me I’ll still love you.”

            “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” He said, giving me an annoyed look.

            “It’s 2015, dude.” I smiled. “If you’re gay I’m totally cool with it.”

            Jeff looked at me with such anger I thought he was about to hit me. This was the most emotion I had seen in his face since his mom died. But then the anger stopped and for a split second I saw the little boy who used to laugh on my lap and color me happy little cards on holidays.

            “H-how did you know?”

            “You know, you millennials can sure run circles around me technology-wise, but you’ve got to remember to clear the browser history on the family computer every once in a while.” I laughed.

            He laughed, too.

            “So you’re not angry? Or disappointed?” He asked softly.

            “Jeff, I’m furious that I got the 10th call from the principal this morning that you’ve been cutting class. I’m angry that you treat people around you with such disdain and disrespect when I know that’s not how you were raised. I’m disappointed in you that you are so smart and have such potential and you’re squandering it away. But I could never be angry at you for being gay. Never. I thought you knew me better than that.”


He seemed to look at me for a while and I could have sworn he was deciding whether or not to cry. He didn’t.

            “Well thanks.” He said quietly. With Jeff, that was high praise.

            “I’m just treating you with respect. It’d be nice to get some back every once in a while.”

            “Well don’t be such a douche all the time.” He said, smiling.

            “I’m your father, Jeff, I can be as much of a douche as I want to and you still have to respect me. Now where do you want to eat?”

            We got home and predictably, Jeff closed himself off in his room. I could blame him for a lot of things, but I remember how my sex drive was when I was his age. Hell, I was used to getting it almost every day before my wife died so I know how it feels to have a high sex drive and no one to share it with. I decided to take a shower, and as I started to take off my clothes I took a good, hard look at myself in the mirror. I think I look good for a forty five year old single dad. I still had women flirting with me at the supermarket and I did keep myself active when I could, but I had put my sex life on hold while Jeff was still in high school. He needed me, and of all the things going on in his life, dealing with his dad’s girlfriends coming in and out of the house wasn’t going to help. I had a decent body. It’s not like I had a six pack or anything, but I wasn’t over weight. My hair had some grey in it, much to my dismay, and my chest hair was following suit. But still, I thought I looked good for my age. What I would give to have Jeff’s youthfulness and good looks. I sure as hell wouldn’t be spending my time alone in my room, that’s for sure.

When Jeff failed his English test the following week I had had it.

            “Dad, English is stupid, anyway. Why do I need to know about Shakespeare if I want to work in Science anyway?”

            “Because you need to get into college to become a scientist, Jeff.”

            “My grades in science and math are fine, Dad.”

            “It’s not enough.”

            “Well I don’t care, I can still pass English if I do okay on the final.”

            “You’re still grounded, son.”

            “What?” He shouted.


            “I told you last time if you failed any more tests you’d be grounded.”

            “That’s not fucking fair!” He shouted again.

            “You know what? Keep saying things like that and see how it helps you.” I yelled back.

            “Whatever. It’s not like I’m going anywhere anyway.” He said, laughing cockily. “Fuck this.” He said, walking out of the room and slamming his door.

            Nope. That really did me in.

            “What the fuck?” He yelled as I burst open the door of his bedroom.

            “Give me the computer, Jeff.” I said from the doorway.

            “What? No.” He said, with panic in his voice.

            “Grounding you isn’t going to do anything, you said it yourself. Give me the computer.” I repeated.

            “You can’t have my computer.”

            “JEFF, GIVE ME THE GOD DAMN COMPUTER.” I screamed.

            He looked at me for a second and gulped. I was furious. He got up from his bed and turned off his computer. He glared at me as he unplugged the laptop and shoved it into my chest.

            “I will not be talked to like that.” I said, still fuming.

            “I’m going to bed.” He said, coolly.


         The next few days went by very slowly, and I could feel Jeff’s disdain for me radiating from him. I had no idea how we had gotten to this point. My own son hated me. Sure, I had hated my parents when I was his age, too, but not this bad. I couldn’t just hide in my room all day like he did. And the worst part was that I missed him. I missed how happy he used to be when my wife was alive. We were a perfect family. I hated myself that that was taken away from him. I knew I didn’t have the power to bring his mom back, but I still felt like I had failed him. But if there was one thing that was for sure, it was that giving him his computer back so that he can go back to just being alone for the next two years was not going to help him. I wanted my son back.

            “Jeff, I need to talk to you.” I said, knocking on his door.


“It’s open.” He mumbled.

            I opened the door and he was just laying on his bed, face up just looking at the ceiling in the dark.

            I sat down on the end of his bed, trying to find the words I wanted to say.

            “Jeff, I need you to know why I took away your computer.”


            “I know why you took the computer.” He mumbled.

            “Jeff, you can’t just sit in your room all day on your computer while everyone else your age is out having fun. I want you to be out there with them.”

            “You don’t get it.” He said.

            “What don’t I get? They may not have had computers when I was your age, but I know that this life isn’t what you should be living.”

            “It’s not that.”

            “Then what is it?”

            “You don’t know what it feels like to be the only gay kid in school.”

            “Oh…” I said, sadly.

            “You don’t think I want to be going out with friends every night and having real relationships with people like everyone else?”

            “Jeff, I want these things for you. But how are you going to experience things like that if you don’t try? You’re a great looking guy.”

            “It’s not that easy. No one else at my school is gay.”

            “Well how do you know that? Maybe they’re afraid.”

            “It’s just not that simple.”

            “I want you to connect with another human being, Jeff.” I said, seriously.

            “You mean… you mean like in a sexual way?” He asked awkwardly.

            “Well sure. Sexually, romantically, platonically. Just some connection with another human being.”

            “What, are you volunteering yourself?” He laughed.

            There was a long pause as a pondering look came over my face.

            “Why not.” I said simply.

            “What are you talking about, Dad?” He asked incredulously.

            “I want you to experience a personal connection with another human being, Jeff. I’d rather that person be someone your own age but I understand how you feel. If that person needs to be me, then so be it. I’m your father and I love you.”

            “You’re actually serious, aren’t you?” He questioned cryptically.

            “And besides, it’s not like you can get me pregnant.” I laughed.

            “Dad, have you even ever done anything like this before?”

            “Sex? Sure. More than my fair share.”

            “You know what I meant.” He pressed.

            “Well, I’ve only had sex with women. There was the occasional in-a-bind blowjob I accepted from a few guys in college, but nothing beyond that. But honestly I’d rather take a dick up my ass than deal with your attitude for another two years.” I said half joking. I suddenly realized that I had put something out there that I couldn’t take back. I was really going to do this.

            “So are you saying you’ll let me fuck you if I change my attitude?” He asked, a smile slowly spreading across his face.

            “If you stop being such a little prick I’ll let you have my ass. That goes for your behavior at home, at school, wherever. ”

            “I can’t believe this.”

            “I’ll drop my pants right now and we can shake on it.” I said, getting up from my seated position.

            I stood up in front of him, took a deep breath, and undid my belt. With one fell swoop I dropped trou right in front of my son.

            For what seemed like an eternity I watched as he eyed me over. I had a big cock. Even soft is was impressive. He looked it over and I swear I saw his pupils dilate.

            “Damn, that’s a big dick.” My son mumbled under his breath. “Now turn around.”

            I sighed and did as he directed. I turned my back to him to where my ass was now in his face. I knew I had a nice ass, but this was all so new to me. I had never thought of my butt as an erotic object.

            “Very nice.” My son complimented. “I have to say, pops, I’m impressed. I knew you took care of yourself, but damn.”

            I started to blush.

            “So you think you’ll be able to keep your end of the deal?” I teased, flexing my butt.

            “What do you say I take you for a test run… But I’m thinking your chances are pretty good.” He said cockily as he grabbed one of my ass cheeks.

            My son was cocky, but I didn’t expect his whole personality to change instantly. I knew this was going to be a long process. Now I just had to worry about keeping up my end of the bargain. Was I really about to let my son fuck me? I knew it had to be at least somewhat pleasurable, otherwise people wouldn’t do it. But would I like it? I was about to find out, I guess. And was I really starting to get hard right now?

            I heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled and my heart started beating fast. This was it.

            “Why don’t you start by getting my dick wet.” I heard my son say.

            I turned around and jumped. My son is pretty tall for his age, but I was still stunned at the size of the erection he was sporting. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess. I’d have guessed it was an exact replica of mine, same length and thickness. I was pushing a little under 10 inches and I’d be hard pressed to decide whose was bigger.

            “Holy shit.” I gasped.

            “Why so surprised, Dad? You’ve got a huge dick yourself.” He laughed.

            “But I’m the one who is going to have to take it.” I gulped.

            “I’ll go easy on you.”

            “Please son.” I begged, staring deep into his eyes.

            “Start sucking on it.” He commanded, moving his hips around so it swung up and down, menacingly.

            “Son, I didn’t say anything about sucking cock.” I said, apprehensively.

            “If you suck my cock I’ll eat your ass out. And you’re going to need it, trust me.”

            I paused to consider what he said. “Well, alright.”

            I walked over to the bed and got down on my knees right in front of my son’s rock hard 10 inch cock.

            “Just take it in your hands and get a feel for it.”

            I cupped my hand around the base and slowly waved it around. Damn, my kid had a thick cock. I couldn’t help but be proud; even if I still had to take it.

            “And just put the head in your mouth and swirl it around. You probably know more about this than I do.”

            He was right about that. I’d been blown more than a few times in my life and I knew what felt good to me. Now it was just translating what I knew felt good into my actions so that I could make my son feel good.

            “Yeah, that’s it.” He moaned as I swirled my tongue around the head of my son’s huge cock. “Mmmmm….”

            He had a thick cock but I was still going to do my best. I could barely get the whole head into my mouth without my teeth getting in the way. Fuck, this kid was never going to appreciate all the work that goes into getting a good blow job.

            “You’re pretty good at this, Dad.” My son praised. That made me feel good.  “But what I really want is your ass.”

            My heart kind of sank at the thought of my son somehow cramming all 10 inches of his cock into my ass, but I always kept my word.

            He reached around me and grabbed my ass possessively. “Get up here.” He said, patting a spot on his bed.

            I followed his command and slowly knelt down on the bed so that my ass was right in front of my son’s face.

            “Damn, I can’t wait to get in here.” He smiled wickedly, grabbing my buns and molding them around. “But first I think you’ve earned a little treat.”

            “Oh fuck!” I let out as I felt a tongue enter my hole.

            “Yeah, I figured you would like that.” He said for a brief moment before diving back in.

            I suddenly had an uneasy feeling that maybe my son had done this before. If that little fucker is playing me… But before I could finish the thought I was again shaken by the extremely unfamiliar but extremely pleasurable feeling of his tongue slipping in and out of my hole.

            “Well look who’s come out to play.” My son teased. It barely registered in my brain what he was talking about until I felt his hand grab my cock, which had apparently become rock hard during my hole’s introduction to his tongue. “That’s a really big cock, Dad.” He said, squeezing my cock in his hand. “Don’t worry, Dad. If your cock liked my tongue in your ass it’s going to love it when I get my dick in there.” He spanked my ass loudly. “Unless you want to back out, that is.”

            “A deal’s a deal, son.” I said through gritted teeth, nervous, but also a little excited for what was about to come.

            “Well then let’s get started, shall we?” He said sinisterly.

            I heard the familiar sound of a bottle of lube being popped open. Where my son had gotten hold of lube, I had no idea, but now wasn’t the time to think about that. I felt the cool sensation of lube oozing on and around my hole. Fuck, this was really going to happen. My son was going to fuck me in the ass. And fuck if my cock wasn’t rock hard as I was sprawled out on all fours waiting for it to happen.

            I felt a large, blunt object at my pucker. My son’s body leaned into mine and a cool whisper came into my ear. “Last chance to back out, Dad.”

            “Bring it on, son. Just remember your end of the deal.”

            And with that I felt him push forward.

“OH FUCK!” I yelled. His head had popped into my hole in one thrust and I was not ready for it. I was not ready for any of this. My son gripped my chest tightly as he continued to slide more of his huge cock into me.

            “FUCK!” I continued to shout. I could feel my arms beginning to buckle underneath me. If this was pleasurable to some people it sure wasn’t pleasurable to me. After almost 10 thick inches of cock I finally felt my son’s balls nestle against my ass. God damn, that was a big dick. Time seemed to stand still as I tried to adjust to the sheer size of my son’s cock.

            He moved his arms up from my abdomen to my pecs as he flicked one of my nipples possessively. At the same time he retracted some of his cock and I felt the most intense feeling overcome my body. His cock brushed against something in my ass that was intensely pleasurable.

            “UMPH” I gasped as he continued to grind against whatever it was that was filling me with such pleasure.

            He pinched my nipple again and I again felt his mouth at my ear.

            “Last chance.” He said with a low voice, making sure to really slam into me as he said it. “Now can I have my computer back?”

            I turned my neck to where I was finally able to look at him right in the eyes, man to man. I could see him wanting me to fold and finally submit to him and let him call the shots from here on out.

            “Not a chance, kid.” I smirked and leaned into him as I kissed my son deeply on the lips.

            That did it. My son thrust his huge dick into me as hard as ever and immediately retracted it only to slam it back in again. Yet his lips did not leave mine. He made out with me sensually while he continued to slam into my ass with each thrust he made. He may have gotten me to let him have my ass, but I was still the one calling the shots. And whether that drove him crazy with anger or lust, either way he was going to take it out on me in the only way he knew how. I was getting royally fucked by my own son. And I was in ecstasy.

            Each time he rammed his cock back into me a surge of pleasure radiated throughout my whole body. His finger flicked my nipple as he continued to kiss me, dominating my mouth with his tongue just as powerfully as he dominated my ass with his huge cock.

            “Oh my god, son.” I groaned as I gripped the sides of the mattress in pleasure. I suddenly realized I was having an orgasm. I could barely breathe. All of the air had been knocked out of my lungs. I watched in amazement as my rock hard cock spewed the thickest, whitest load I had ever seen come out of me onto the sweaty sheets below, completely untouched.

            My son was really railing into me now. Each smack of his hips against my ass was louder than the previous, and he was breathing heavily against my cheek. I felt his hot breath on my face as his seed began to flood me from the inside. It was the most sensual feeling I had ever experienced in my life. My own son had put his seed into me. It felt so natural.

            My son’s breathing began to slow as he continued to unleash his seed into my ass. The ritual was now complete. I would forever be one of his conquests; someone who had submitted to him. Nothing would ever be the same.

            With a soft, kiss he began to pull out of me. There was a wet sound as his head popped out of my no longer virgin hole. I felt his seed starting to ooze out of me; completely powerless to tighten it up and keep it inside. I had been thoroughly fucked. There was something so hot about being fucked so hard that I couldn’t even keep my hole closed tight enough to keep his seed in me.

            We both looked at each other, unsure of what to say. I could have sworn I saw him smirk as he watched his seed oozing out of my hole.

            “Kind of a large price to pay for a computer, huh dad.” He said in what must have been a test for me to disclose how I felt about what we had just done.

            “The computer is mine for now, son.” I said, neutrally.

            “Well then I’m going to want another shot at your ass in a few minutes, Dad.” He smiled.

             “You can have it any time you want, son.” I smiled, leaning in for another kiss.

                                                          Chapter 2


       If I’d have known how radically my life would change from that day on I would have seriously reconsidered that bargain I had extended. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was great. I was having the best sex of my life getting nailed by my son multiple times a day, but trying to keep up with a teenager’s sex drive is a losing battle.

            My part of our little agreement was that he could have my ass any time he wanted. And he sure took me up on that. The only time we weren’t fucking was when we were sleeping and that was just the time he needed to stock up on the cum he needed to fill his old man up the rest of the next day. Needless to say my body was in shock. The amount of orgasms Jeff had been putting me through was certainly not what it was used to. Jeff would want to fuck day in and day out. Any time our eyes met he would throw me against a wall, or a chair, or a sink, or a bed, or a couch, and fuck me until we had both blown our loads. That was his little rule I hadn’t quite agreed to. Any time he fucked me he made sure I blew a load or he would just keep going. It was kind of a sweet torture. There might be a day in the future where my poor body just can’t keep up with him production-wise, but we had yet to see it. Even if I felt like he had drained every single last drop of sperm from my body, if he wanted another load from me he found a way to get it.

            My son had made it quite clear that while I may be the boss in every other aspect in life, he was the boss when it came to fucking. Part of me wonders if he is trying to get me to say uncle so that he can win and have me drop out of our bet, but I was not going to yield. My son says the word, I bend over. I wasn’t going to back out.

            My son has been fucking me for about two months now. Right now he has me on my back. He likes fucking me on my back like this so he can kiss me while he deposits his load into my ass. It was things like this that let me know I made the right choice that fateful day. Jeff never would have kissed anyone two months ago. He was too angry at the world. But now if he gets angry he just fucks me. Not that he takes out his anger on my ass. Instead he converts that hateful energy into lust. His grades have skyrocketed and his demeanor has changed. They always say that you should neuter a dog that has aggression issues and he will change for the better. I say give that dog something he can mount any time he wants to and you will see what he is truly capable of. His teachers have also noted Jeff’s change. If only they knew what caused it.

            So here we are fucking on what used to be my bed. Jeff likes to fuck me in my own bed. He gets off on it. Though lately he seems to be commandeering it for himself at night. I didn’t mind. I liked him sleeping next to me.

            Right now he is railing hard into me. He likes to really fuck me hard before bed. “Give me that load, Dad.” He commands, leaning down to kiss me sensually. “We’re not stopping til you give me that load.”

            This was the seventh time he had mounted me today and I was about to cum yet again. “Here it comes, son. Fuck it out of me. You know how to do it, come on.” I said, pounding at my cock to coax its final load for the night.

            “Oh fuck, son, here it comes. Just like that. Right there. I’m coming! Right there! UUUUUUUUHHHHHHH” I wailed as I reached my orgasm. My whole body was working tirelessly to pump out its seventh load for the day. Yet I was still in ecstasy each time. I kissed him and wrapped my hands around his hips as I let the orgasm sweep over me.

            “You call that a load?” Jeff said, still pumping into me.

            I managed to look down and much to my dismay, the only evidence of the earth shattering orgasm Jeff had just inflicted on me was a pitiful drop of cum running slowly down my large shaft.

            “Nuh uh. I want a real load.” Jeff said as he began long dicking me making sure to hit my prostate each time he went back in.


            Later that week after I got home from work Jeff had started cooking dinner already.

            “That sure smells good, son.” I complimented, leaning over his shoulder and watching him stir.

            “I’m glad. There’s something for you on the table.” He gestured.

            “Really?” I said, inquisitively. I walked over to the table and paused, confused.

            “What are these?” I asked, picking up what appeared to be a bottle containing little blue pills.

            “Now, Dad, I think you’re smart enough to figure out what ‘the little blue pill’ is.” He said passively as he tended to the stove.

            “Is this Viagra?” I asked in disbelief.

            “Ding ding ding.”

            “Son, why do you want me to take Viagra? Don’t I already put out enough for you?” I laughed.

            He ignored me.

            “Is this about earlier this week? Son, I’m in my 40’s. I’m not meant to blow 10 loads a day like you are.”

            He said from the stove, “When I agreed to my end of the deal I agreed to fucking a human being, not a blow up doll. When I’m fucking you I want you to want it. You know I won’t cum until I make you cum.”

            “Son, I came. Trust me.” I said, getting frustrated. “Just because my 43 year old body simply can’t produce as much sperm as yours can doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying myself. The orgasm feels just as good.”

            “So then what’s the harm in taking it then?” He asked, gesturing to the pills.

            “It- it’s just…” I struggled, sort of feeling emasculated by the implication. “Any man my age who is having sex at least 6 times a day would be considered a medical anomaly. I feel like I’ve been keeping up with you pretty good.” I said, getting offended.

            “Dad, I’m the boss when it comes to fucking.” He said, walking over to the table and crossing his arms. “You get to be the boss 90% of the time, but I’m in charge when it comes to this.”

            I looked at my son and knew he was right. Obediently I opened up the bottle and took out a pill and held it in my palm nervously. I had never done Viagra in my life. Because there was no way in hell I could ever need it. My sex drive was outrageous for a man my age.

            “Take two.” My son commanded, smiling at me deviously.

            “Are you fucking crazy?” I yelled.

            “What’s the worst that can happen?” He laughed. “What, you think you’re going to want more sex than me?”

            “Not possible.” I smirked.

            “Then take them.”

            He folded his arms again as he watched me take two capsules, like a parent making sure their child takes their multivitamin. I laughed at the fucked up irony. My methods for keeping my son in school and on good behavior may have been unorthodox, but his grades had gone up and he seemed happy for the first time since I can remember. And if my sacrifice was getting to now enjoy the best sex of my life each and every day while forging a bond with my son then it was a sacrifice I was more than willing to make.

            I didn’t feel the effects of the little blue pills until about 15 minutes after I took them. WHAM. Here I was sitting nervously in my chair expecting a slight buzz, but in a matter of 3 seconds I went from nervously flaccid to rock hard and horny.

            “Uh son.” I mumbled, slowly getting up from the chair. “I uh- I think it’s working.” I said, pointing to the huge erection concealed in my pants.

            “Well well well” He smiled, admiring the mound in my pants from across the kitchen. “That’s a pretty huge problem you’ve got there, pops.” He teased, turning his head back to the stove.

            “Damn, I didn’t expect this stuff to work this well. I could break a window with this thing.” I laughed incredulously, grabbing at my throbbing dick through the pants that were stretching at the seams to accommodate it.

            My son continued to stir, ignoring me.

            “Where do you want me, son?” I asked, unbuttoning my shirt and throwing it on the ground.

            “Sorry?” He asked, innocently. He was loving this.

            “Come on, son, I need it bad.” I said frantically, removing my pants and my underwear, my rock hard, huge cock slapping me in the stomach. I moved over to the couch, my cock swinging around along the way, and got on all fours, anxiously awaiting the intoxication of my son’s big, thick dick snaking its way up my willing ass.

            “Eh, I’m not really in the mood right now.” He said, wickedly.

            “Huh?” I questioned, leaning my head over to his direction from my ready-to-be-fucked position on the couch.

            “I’m just not really in the mood right now.” He repeated, continuing to stir.

            My heart sank. The little fucker had this planned all along. He went out and got me Viagra, even though we both know I didn’t need it, made me take double the dose, and then when I’m practically rabid for getting laid he was going to deny me sex. He was punishing me for not blowing a big enough load earlier this week.

            I got up from my all fours position and walked over to him cautiously. “Please son, I need it bad.” I begged.

            I leaned over his shoulder and kissed his cheek. My chest hair rubbed against his back.

            “You really want it?” He asked softly, pulling me in for a kiss.

            “Yeah, I want it, son.” I moaned, savoring his tongue against mine. He reached behind his back and grasped my rock hard, throbbing cock. With the other hand he wet his index finger with my tongue and I moaned into him as I felt his warm finger dancing around my asshole.

            Just as his finger was about to enter me, he suddenly broke our kiss and released my cock. I whined uncontrollably.

            “Maybe tomorrow.” He smiled wickedly and went back to stirring.

            I stood there naked, boned up, and frustrated. I knew there was no use in me begging anymore. He had me right where he wanted me. Sure, it would have probably felt amazing to him as he dumped a few loads up his old man’s ass, but the satisfaction of watching me beg for him to fuck me, and then getting to refuse me, probably felt even better. Slowly but surely my own son was stripping me of my pride and authority. And deep down inside of this masculine, handsome, big-dicked, 43 year old man there was a little, tiny part of me that was turned on because of it. If there was anything my son was good at, it was mind games. And boy did the little fucker have me wrapped around his finger.

              I didn’t even try jacking off that night. Was I absolutely desperate to get rid of this medically induced monster erection? Sure. But I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied blowing my load unless my son was fucking it out of me. And Jeff knew it, the little fucker. Right before we were going to go to sleep he crawled into bed next to me and started making out with me, making sure to rub my nipple as he ran his tongue across my teeth. And then just as soon as it started he pulled away and wished me a goodnight. It took me an hour of tossing and turning uncomfortably on top of a 10 inch boner before I managed to fall asleep. Any of you boys that are also well endowed know that trying to sleep with an erection getting in the way isn’t easy.



I woke up to the sensation of my ass getting licked thoroughly. I was asleep on my stomach and needless to say my erection hadn’t gone to sleep when I did. Whether that was because there was still 2 tablets of Viagra and a whole excruciatingly long day’s worth of cum still in my system or if it was because there was a tongue licking around my hole remained to be seen. With a groggy moan I stretched on my stomach and craned my neck around to watch as my son continued to eat my ass, a thick, meaty ass cheek in each of his hands.

            “Oh fuck, what a way to wake up, son.” I moaned. My son sure knew how to eat ass. Each time I felt his tongue push through my hole a shiver went through me. I began to thrust my ass into his face and kept moaning into the pillow. With one hand I reached underneath me to my concrete cock. The sheets below me were damp with precum. I didn’t think it was possible to have an orgasm just from getting your hole licked, but I was fast becoming a believer. My son and I had been having sex at least six times a day for the past few months and going almost a full day without blowing a load was really doing a number on me. If he kept this up I was going to cum just from his tongue on my hole alone. I could feel my hole puckering uncontrollably around his tongue, desperate for something to fill it after being neglected for so long.

            I felt a slap on my ass and Jeff stood up. I heard him undoing his belt and my dick throbbed, knowing I would finally be getting sex after so long without it. My son squeezed my ass cheeks possessively and I felt his thick cock head at my hole. He leaned over my back and started kissing my ear tenderly.

            “Oh fuck, son, put it in me.” I moaned.

            “Yeah, you want me to fuck you?” He whispered into my ear as he nibbled on it.

            “I need it bad, son.” I groaned, squeezing the corners of the mattress in frustrating anticipation.

            He thrust his thick cock along the crevice of my ass, teasing me. His hand ran along my hairy chest, giving my left nipple a good tug. And then I heard a loud BEEEEEEP! It was my alarm clock.

            “Oh, look at that. I guess we don’t have time, Dad. You’ve got to go to work.” He said, feigning disappointment and slapping my ass.

            I opened my eyes as I felt his cock brush against my ass as he stood up and started to pull up his pants.

            That little fucker. He must have timed his little performance so that right as I was about to get him to fuck me my alarm would go off.

            “Don’t worry, Dad.” He said as he pulled his shirt on. “I’m sure we can spend some quality time together after school.” He said deviously as he squeezed my ass on the way out of the room.

            That little fucker. He must have timed his little performance so that right as I was about to get him to fuck me my alarm would go off.

            “Don’t worry, Dad.” He said as he pulled his shirt on. “I’m sure we can spend some quality time together after school.” He said deviously as he squeezed my ass on the way out of the room.


         I left work early that day to get a head start on the weekend and to make sure I got home just in time for Jeff to get home from school. I sat in the living room anxiously tapping my foot as I waited. I had been boned up all day at work and was afraid someone would notice. I had to be careful. If I didn’t keep Jeff content his little mind games would start to interfere with my work. He may be the boss at home but I was still in charge when we left the house. I couldn’t let him win there, too.

            I turned my head toward the front door when I heard keys going into the door. My son walked in and was clearly shocked to see me home so early.

            “Someone’s home early?” He observed, inquisitively.

            “Look, son. No more excuses.” I began carefully. “When you say you want a load from me I’ll give you a load. I’m sorry for not giving you a big enough load. It won’t happen again.”

            I looked at him cautiously, hoping he would accept my apology. For a while he said nothing, we just stared into each other’s eyes like two wolves sizing each other up.

            “I want you on all fours in bed in three minutes.” He commanded.

            “You’re the boss, son.” I grinned, hastily unbuttoning my shirt and throwing it at him as I dutifully made my way to the bedroom.

            Needless to say my son and I certainly made up for lost time that weekend. And I managed to find a way to keep up with him.



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