Meet Micah, a typical gay twink, long hair, blue eyes, hairless body, and a love of Aero and skinny jeans. He wasn't athletic, but he was thin. He was 20, in his second year at college at NYU, studying business, but more often these days, he was studying his dorm neighbour, Mason.

Mason was here on a football scholarship, and he showed it. Micah had been to a few of NYU's games, and this guy, even toughg it was his first year, was already the quarterback of the team. He played well, and was probably the mpst muscular guy Micah had ever seen.He didn't have an ounce of fat, and was packing something huge in his pants. Mason typcially wore tight fitting jeans, not skinny jeans though, we wouldn't of been able to get his probably size 14 feet through the leg holes. He also only wore black tanktops, which showed off his 6 pack and amazing pecs. Mason never had any girls over to his place, and only went out to the smaller parties, strange for the most respected student on campus, which made it almost impossible for Micah to see him without making it obvious that he was trying. As of now, Micah could only see Mason in the mornings, when they left the dorms, and when the came back in the evenings. They seemed to have the same class times, but never had the same classes.

Often, Micah would strike up conversation with Mason, and Mason responded, and they would talk about school, until they left the building, but it never got to be more than that.

One day, Micah decided that he was going to try to "reach out" to Mason, talk to him, and go out of his normal routine to do so. after Micahs classes were over, and he and Mason were in their dorms, Micah went over to Masons dorm. He knocked, and heard someone inside yell "I'M COMING!". then the door opened and Mason appeared in the door, wearing the same thing he had all day.

"Can I help you? Oh, hi Micah..." Mason said looking obviously suprised, and a little happy, which suprised Micah.

" Hi Mason, I was wondering, do you, umm, want to maybe, hang out or something?" said Micah nervously

" Yea, sure. I don't have a roomie, so we can do pretty much whatever" Mason said, smiling.

" Thats strange, I don't have a roommate either, they usually put people who are alone with a roomie if need be" said Micah, walking in. The room was perfectly kept, with a cherry desk in the centre of a twin sized bed and a medium tv on a tv stand. On the desk was a Alenware laptop, very high end, and usually used for gaming, not college kids. There was a window minimized on the screen., and Micah thought he read "GayDemon" on the taskbar, but Mason went over and closed the lid before Miach could get close enough to see.

"Yea, its an AilenWare. Little known fact, but I'm also a pretty avid gamer. I have an xBox to." said Mason, gesturing to his tv, and the xBox in the cabinet next to it.

"Your a gamer? So am I! We usually don't find athletes with such high end stuff though" said Micah in awe of this sexy, muscular man in front of him, who shares a common interest with him! He looked around at the cream coloured walls, and then at the floor. There was a pair of Timberland boots, a few dirty underwear, which gave Micah a boner, looking at the rainbow coloured boxer briefs lying around, a basket of dirty clothes; with jeans, tank tops, and more colouful Gnich Gnoch underwear, and a few black DC socks. There were also 5, which suprised Micah, pairs of skate shoes, Osiris, DC, and DVS. There were Osiris NYC83, and Osiris Bronx. And DC Court Graffik. There were DVS Transoms and DVS Enduros. Micah had 4 pairs of skate shoes, and today he was wearing his yellow and black Osiris Bronx. He had noticed before how Mason wore skate shoes, but he hadn't noticed that he wore different ones each day. They were all pretty well worn, but taken care of well. Micah had a shoe fetish, a big one. It pretty much occupied his mind when he had a free moment, new sites that had what he was looking for, and people he saw that wore skate shoes. he was really suprised, and aroused. He noticed that Mason was looking at him, smiling.

"Yes, I skateboard to, you'll find I'm ..... mutitalented" Mason said with a smirk, like he had a secret he was trying to share subliminially with Micah. "But most people find out that I game, and that I skateboard, adn they leave, because I don't fit in with them. Gamers and skaters don't play football, and nobody oin the football team games or skates. Its frustrating!"

"I may not play football, but I won't abandon you because of it, you seem like a cool guy" Micah said, sitting on the bed beside Mason.

"They don't hang around long enough to know what I really wish I could tell them" said Mason, looking sad, almost about to cry

" What do you want to say? You can trust me, I won't leave because of it" said Micah

" I'm gay, and I have a strange fetish... I have a fetish for skayte shoes, thats why I have so many." siad Mason, with a look of shame on his face.

"What? I.... I do to!" said Micah, dumbfounded, and optomistic of what could happen

" Oh, now your mocking me! This is serious!" said Mason, looking extremely hurt.

" No, I'm serious!" Mason didn't look convinced "How can I prove it to you?"

"Sniff each and every shoe I own, and lick 'em" said Mason, looking hard, like he was going to beat Micah. "Even the ones I'm wearing, lick my feet, and sniff my underwear, then, I will believe you."

Micah was shocked, but he went right to it. First, he sniffed Masons Osiris NYC83,checking the tags, and they were size 15s! Absolutely huge, but that helped to encourage Micah. He sniffed the inside, and they smelled like feet, sexy sexy jock feet, he licked the indise, the outside, and he even pulled out the sole and sucked the sweat out of that, he then moved on the the Bronx, doing the same thing, and the Court Graffiks, the DVS Transoms adn the Enduros, giving each one special attention, sniffing each one woith relish. He wished he could bottle up the scent and smell it forever. He got to the boots, looked back at Mason, standing up, smiling the slightest bit, and nodding him on. He picked them up, noting their obvious heft, and sniffed them, doing the smae as he had with the skate shoes.

He turned around, and asked "Have I proven myself?"

"Thats not all my shoes, there are 2 more pairs, the ones on my feet, and my football shoes" He went into his closet, and came out with two massive cleat like shoes. "These are my football shoes. I just had practice, their still warm" he said handing Micah them.

Micah held them to his nose, and almost came to the overwhelming scent of jock feet, even if he had held all 5 pairs of the shoes to his face, he wouldn't of gotten half the smell these had. He licked where Micahs heel went, adn cherished the taste of Micahs feet. He pulled out the soles, and sucked on them. His mouth was filled with sweat from the jocks feet, and he loved it. It tasted salty, and absolutely delicious. he finished up, and stood up, saying "Time to get my pot 'o gold!" and pushed Mason in the direction of the bed. Mason layed down, and looked at Micah. Micah slowly pulled Masons old, worn Vans Skink Mids off, noting how now, Mason had 6 pairs of shoes. He slowly smelled them, and smiled "You smell fucking great", and with that, buried his face in the shoe. He smelled it for a good five minutes before he started sucking on the sole. He pulled his cock out of his skinny jeans, the hardon he had was starting to hurt. his cock was 9 inches long, and as big around as a light bulb at its widest. He had cock piercings, one on his cock head, and one on his ball sack, right under his scrotum. He bent down and worked on Masons feet, loving their hugeness, and their warmth and moistness. He wasn't wearing any socks, and that made his feet warmer and sweatier. He suddenly realized that he still felt his cock being jerked off, thoiugh he had stopped long ago. He looked down at his cock, Mason had taken off his other shoe, and was giving Micah a foot job. Micah looked up, and saw that Mason was jerking off his dick too. It was huge, as big around as a baseball bat, and rediculously long.

"How long is that huge thing?!" exclaimed Micah

"Its 13 inches long when sofy, 17 when I'm hard, its waht I like to call my 'Tripple Hander'" said Mason, blushing.

"Let me come work on that, please" said Micah breathily as he climbed over Masons legs. He licked up and sown the side, and took it in his mouth, he started wiht the head, which filled most of his mouth, and he silently wondered how this was going in his ass. He got half way down before he had to stop going further. He went up aqnd down, slowly, then faster and faster until he felt Mason start spasming, then, he felt it,the cum, flowing down his throat at an amazing speed, it just kept coming and coming. He pullde up so he was tasting the delicious liquid, and he was sure he has swallowed a gallon by now, but Mason showed no sign of stopping. He finally finished 10 minutes later. Mason was panting, and looking at Micah with an amazed look on his face.

"Nobodys ever made me cum like that, ever!" he panted "Nobodys ever gotten down on me that much!"

"I like to practice with baseball bats" Micah joked, wiping cum off his lips and into his mouth. "Get a comdom, time to freak!" he said.

Mason got out his comdoms, and held his member straight up, as Micah noted his softball sized balls, and thought about ow those worked in a jockstrap, cup, and football tights. He sat down hard on Masons cock, deciding to take all the pain at the start, and screamed louder that he thought possible, but the felt the warmth, and the fullness of Masons cock, and he felt is prostate being massaged. He started pretty much jumping up and down on Masons cock, going from head to balls each time, loving the feeling. Then Mason came again, and Micah knew that the condom wouldn't hold the cum. His ass suddenly was filled with more warm cum, he felt it going through his insides, and came to the feeling. He came everywhere, he absolutely drenched Masons body, no spot was lfet uncovered wit cum, he dot in on the walls, the ceiling, and in Masons mouth, nose, and eyes. He was still getting filled with masons cum, and felt Mason come again, this time, there was even more, almost an impossible amount, he kept sitting on masons member, till he couldn't hold it amymore, he stood up, and his ass leaked cum, and that lasted for about 5 minutes of a tub spicket like stream. the bed was absolutely covered in cum, and Masons dick still had on the shreds of latex from the comdom. He loved every munute of it.

As Micah got dressed, he felt cloth hit him in the back. He turned and picked up a bad Mason has thrown to him. He opened it to find; one of Masons jock straps, his socks from football practice, a black tank top, a pair of Masons Gnich Gnoch underwear, and a paper with Masons xBox Live gamertag on it.

Mason also said "Take a pair of my shoes, for tonight, you'll need to recouperate, before we can do this again."

Micah took the Osiris Bronx, and left his underwear, Osiris socks, and his Bronx, and said "Fill my shoes with your cum, I'll need something to drink tonight" and walked out.

Stay tuned for more big dick fucking!



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