The bunk beds were on the left, two desks along the wall on the right and barely enough room for the two of them to maneuver around each other in the middle. The dorm room would be there home for the next semester and Carson and Brody were figuratively and literally circling one another, getting the feel of the other, who this other person was they would be sharing such small quarters with over the next few months.

Carson was from South Georgia, his slow drawl such a reflection of the region and he was the first from his family to go to college and he found it intimidating. He was naturally shy, slow to make friends, and he considered himself so average, average height, brown hair, brown eyes, slim build (he thought of himself as skinny, too skinny) that he believed he wasn't noticeable, not like the jocks or the guys who looked like those in fashion ads or in the movies with the fashionable haircuts and nice bodies. All this lack of confidence was made worse by the fact he also knew his attractions were not acceptable by most others, or that is what he assumed based on how things were in high school. He had to remind himself over and over not to stare at the guys he found attractive, the ones that he thought of when he masturbated, usually during the day when he had some time alone in the room, or at times, when he was so wound up, frustratingly so, he would quietly jack himself off during the middle of the night when he knew Brody was asleep.

It didn't help that Brody was becoming the focus of his fantasy during masturbation, the guy he pictured the most vividly, the guy he was trapped in this small dorm room for a semester.

Brody was attractive, outgoing, just one of the guys, and his tall muscular body, his straw blonde hair and blue eyes made him popular, very popular. He seemed to never stand still, never sat at his desk for hours on end struggling with one subject or another like Carson, but seemed to always be doing something socially, playing football in the Commons and going out to eat or a movie with some of the guys.

Brody was from Memphis and the youngest of three boys. The oldest graduated from college this past spring and the middle son was in college over in Atlanta and Brody was in this college town where things were, on the surface, more low key. Brody fell into the routine quickly, knew what to expect, how to handle his class load, and made himself a part of the atmosphere. But he also, late at night when Carson would be asleep before him, go online doing searches, finding out what options there were for someone like him, someone who was gay, for he was quiet about it since he didn't know how his parents would respond, the worst case scenario being he'd get cut off and forced to leave college. He knew he was attractive, the way girls would come on to him but it was the two guys back in Memphis he had messed around with discovering what it was like to act out on his desires that made him realize he could have what he wanted if he just went for it.

So this was the situation, this odd arrangement where two guys, both gay, circled around each other, scheming and planning on ways to find what they wanted. Brody checked out bars, nightclubs and paid attention to the guys around him in the library, on campus or in class, watched for the look, that glance his way that might be the opportunity he was seeking. Brody was on constant lookout for a guy, someone to hook up with but ironically, it was Carson who acted on his desires first.

He didn't have the confidence to flirt with guys, not when he wasn't sure if they were gay or straight or somewhere in between and going to bars and nightclubs was something he found more intimidating than college, but his loneliness drove him to act and he sought the campus support groups finding the one that was for gays and lesbians. It was the second full week of the term and on a warm Tuesday night he put a few books in his backpack, lying to Brody telling him he was off to the library. Instead he headed out across campus to the English Department where the group used one of the classrooms for their meetings.

He meandered across campus not knowing whether to be early or a little late, and in the end he found himself outside the door early looking in at the few people already sitting around in small groups talking among themselves. Taking a deep breath he walked in and noticed how everyone looked up, smiled and nodded at him, a silent welcoming into the room and he nodded back quickly and cast his eyes around the room trying to decide where to sit suddenly feeling self conscious. He moved into the second aisle nearest the door and only a few seats back and sat, his back to the others in the room and he slid down into the seat and waited, his mind a jumbled mess of thoughts, his emotions stirred with anxiety, a certain unexplainable fear and his loneliness.

Over the next ten minutes others came into the room taking seats somewhere behind Carson. He would glance up at each person who came in and then look back down not wanting to seem blatantly obvious in checking each guy out who came in. An older man, early thirties or so, came in and introduced himself as Terry, the faculty advisor, and he went over what they had talked about last week, acknowledged those he already knew and was beginning to address those new to the group when the door opened. Carson, along with everyone else, looked up to see who was coming in late. The guy was tall and lanky, dressed in all black with wrist bands, ear rings, and boots that came up mid-calf. His hair was black, longer than most and wavy, uncombed, and he wore long sideburns and a soul patch. For Carson, he was a persona he had only seen on television, in some magazine or online.

"Gabriel, glad you could make an appearance" Terry said, his tone slightly sarcastic.

"Sorry I'm late" Gabriel replied as he moved into the room. Carson noticed how Gabriel scanned the room, a mischievous smile on his face and when his eyes came to Carson it made Carson feel trapped, caught in the act of staring and he quickly cast his eyes down. He saw Gabriel's lower body move by him and sit down somewhere behind him, close by, and he fought the urge to look back. He heard Gabriel shift in his seat and suddenly Carson saw the booted feet move along each side of his chair. Gabriel was directly behind him.

Terry resumed with getting each of the new attendees to introduce themselves and when it came to Carson he quickly said his name and where he was from, the small town in southern Georgia.

"I know that town; it's just below Albany" Gabriel said in a low voice and Carson turned and saw Gabriel was leaning toward him with a sincere look on his face.

"You know that place?" Carson whispered.

"Yeah...I'm from Albany."


Gabriel smiled at the way Carson responded. "Really" he confirmed. Carson just looked at Gabriel for a moment then turned back around not knowing what to think. The next hour the conversations bounced around the room and Gabriel wasn't shy on saying what he thought and Carson just listened, let the conversation move around him.

When the meeting was coming to a close and everyone began to talk about getting together afterwards Carson suddenly felt like he was an outsider, the way he hadn't participated in the conversation and now wasn't a part of any discussion on going for a late dinner or out to a bar. He slide out of his seat and picked up his backpack and noticed Gabriel was still sitting staring up at him.

"Are you going to do anything now?" Gabriel asked.

"I guess I'll just go back to the dorm" Carson replied and for a brief moment, just the shortest of time, he considered asking Gabriel if he wanted to do something, but he just knew Gabriel wouldn't want to do anything with him. Then Gabriel surprised him.

"Have you had dinner?"

", not yet."

"Well, wait up for me. I just want to ask Terry something and we can go grab something."

Carson waited in the corridor standing on the opposite wall looking inside the room where Gabriel and Terry were in conversation. He looked at Gabriel, the strangeness of him, the way he was so different from most of the others that had been in the meeting and he was intrigued by him, found something alluring about this persona he portrayed.

Carson was quiet for the walk across campus into town, letting Gabriel do most of the talking, telling him of his plan for an art show, an exhibition of work that he called 'queer', and the way he said it Carson knew the exhibition would be controversial. Gabriel led him to a small café on a side street he didn't even know existed and he found himself in a room with others who reminded Carson of Gabriel. Their dress may not be as gothic but there was something common among them, the way they talked, their mannerisms and Carson soon found he was able to relax, actually engage in conversation with Gabriel, talking about Albany and the small town he was from, the attitudes of the area, and finally about their sexuality. Carson was nervous with the topic, embarrassed at his lack of experience but Gabriel didn't seem to notice or care. When they were finished and back outside on the sidewalk Carson suddenly didn't know what to do, what was expected, and he started to tell Gabriel thanks for dinner and head back to the dorm.

"You want to come back to my place for a while? You can see what I've been working on...I'm really excited about how some of it is turning out" Gabriel asked and Carson could see he was sincere, his face animated with his excitement.

"Yeah, sure, if it's not too late?"

"Too late? Geezz man, it's never too late" Gabriel said and he slung his arm over Carson's shoulder, hugging him loosely, and for Carson, this first touch, this embrace, was electric. It seemed to warm his entire body. Gabriel led him down the street, turned and cut over a couple of blocks till they came to an older residential area. Carson soon found himself standing on the porch of an older home as Gabriel unlocked the door. Through the windows he could see a living room on one side and the other was a bedroom that Gabriel used as a studio and an easel was in the middle of the room with canvases leaned against the walls and hung on them.

Carson couldn't say how things progressed, when things went from hanging out to something sexual but he soon found himself in Gabriel's bedroom, the small room having a bed, a small table, and surprisingly, another easel. Carson felt self-conscious at first, naked and standing in front of Gabriel but when he felt Gabriel's hands touch him, grasp his cock, rub over his stomach and chest he forgot his anxiety and soon held Gabriel in his hand, the thickening cock filling his fist quickly. Gabriel kissed him, hugged their bodies together as he eased Carson down on the bed.

Gabriel moved over Carson in ways that aroused him greatly, the way Gabriel touched him, the way fingers probed him, opened him up and Carson clung to Gabriel, with his breathing ragged, his skin hot, and his cock hard.

"Will it hurt?" Carson uttered when he felt Gabriel shift down between his legs, lift them to his chest and rubbed his hard wet cock over the tight hole he had been working loose with his fingers.

Maybe...a little" Gabriel replied, his voice calm and low, suddenly aware of Carson's inexperience, the confession arousing with its sense of naivety. Carson laid back, eyes closed as he felt Gabriel move over him, his legs pushing back as Gabriel folded him in half turning his ass upward, opening him up. Gabriel pumped his cock gently against Carson's hole, pressed against its tightness, rubbing it, slickly smearing it with his precum.

"Put it in me..." Carson whispered as he put his hands on Gabriel's sides pulling him downward, encouragingly and Gabriel penetrated him, eased his cock through the tight ring and sank into Carson's depths, slowly, inch by inch, until he was sunk into Carson's ass all the way.

Carson felt some pain during the initial penetration but soon, clinging to Gabriel, he felt his body relax, the feeling of Gabriel inside him suddenly so different, the way their bodies were interlocked. He felt Gabriel move inside his body, felt the fullness of cock sinking into his hole and he pushed upward with his hips taking every inch Gabriel sank into him. They settled into a slow rhythm, Gabriel grinding his cock into Carson pushing inward deeply. They undulated against each other, Carson's hands rubbing over Gabriel's back and down to his ass pulling him downward.

"Oh Fuck" Carson moaned as Gabriel increased his pace, letting Carson's legs slip off his shoulders and down around his waist. Up and down Gabriel's ass moved, pumping his cock, faster and faster, till the sound of their labored breathing, the moans and grunts of their fuck echoed in the room. Gabriel rose up on his hands and began to thrust hard, slamming his hips down against Carson's ass as he fucked to his climax, pumping his load into Carson till he was spent.

"Fuck" Gabriel exhaled as he lay back down on top of Carson. Carson ran his hands over Gabriel's back feeling the heat rise off his skin, the slick wetness of it and he felt Gabriel's cock slip free of his hole suddenly more aware of how it had filled him now that he felt its emptiness.

Gabriel kissed Carson, roughly, passionately and he sat up grinding his ass down on Carson's cock feeling its hardness pressed against him.

"Your turn" Gabriel uttered as he rose up, reached back taking Carson's cock holding it up and he slowly lowered his ass down to it, let it nudge to his opening, push against its tightness. He took a calm breath, savored the moment and letting the weight of body carry him downward, let Carson penetrate him, inch by inch till he was sitting on Carson's hips with his ass fully penetrated.

Carson was wide-eyed with the pleasure he felt, his cock enveloped inside Gabriel, soft and hot on his cock and when Gabriel began to move, raise his body up and ease back down, Carson felt the tight ring of Gabriel's hole slide along his cock squeezing it, milking it, bringing him quickly to the point of cumming.

Carson cried out, grabbed Gabriel by the thighs, squeezing tightly as he pushed upward, hard, as his cock erupted deep within Gabriel's hole.

Gabriel slid off Carson as moved down beside him, their naked bodies becoming intertwined as they settled down and fell asleep. The slept soundly, both exhausted from their exertions.

Sunlight filtered through the blinds and into the room. Carson stirred feeling his exposed nakedness. The sheet was lying across his lower legs and the morning air was cool to his skin. He ran his hand across the bed expecting to find Gabriel next to him but only felt the cool sheet and he opened his eyes to the wall and empty bed next to him. Then he heard movement in the room and he eased up looking around where he saw Gabriel at his easel, still naked, and he was working furiously with a paint brush.

"What are you doing?" Carson asked.

"Painting you; now be still."

"" and Carson rose up. Gabriel moved around to the bed, paint brush in hand.

"Come on, lay back down" he asked moving to the bed next to Carson.

"You don't want to paint me...I'm..." and Carson hesitated.

"You're what? Not a muscled up jock? Not fashion magazine perfect? Come on Carson, there is nothing wrong with you...let me paint you?"

"I...don't...why..." Carson began to stammer, not sure what to say, wondering if he was protesting too much. "You really want to paint me?"

"Yeah" Gabriel said and a mischievous grin spread over his mouth and he reached out and ran the paint brush down Carson's chest leaving a blue line down it.

"Hey" Carson exclaimed as he jumped up.

"Let me paint you" Gabriel replied beginning to laugh as he reached out and took Carson by the hand taking swipes with the brush at his body. They goofed around, Gabriel running the brush over Carson's body leaving blue lines on his bare skin till they were wrestling around and laughing. Carson got the brush from Gabriel and ran it down his stomach and along his growing erection.

"Oh, I need more paint" Carson exclaimed, as he held the brush away from Gabriel.

As Gabriel reached for the brush he grabbed Carson around the waist and hugged their bodies together. Blue paint smeared between them as Carson suddenly stopped struggling and let Gabriel kiss him, the paint brush dropping to the floor. They eased down on the floor, Carson on his back letting Gabriel move on top of him.

"Fuck me" Carson whispered.

Gabriel ran his hand up Carson's stomach and over his chest, smearing the paint, then he moved his hand back down till he could grasp Carson's cock, feel its expanding girth in his fist as he stroked it. Carson pumped his cock through Gabriel's fist feeling his cock grow fully erect as Gabriel moved over him, pushed his legs apart and nestled down between them. Carson raised his knees up, spreading his legs.

Gabriel pressed his cock to the tight opening and bore down on it penetrating Carson easily. He sank his cock into Carson all the way and began to fuck, slowly at first, pulling upward as far as he could then pushing all the way back in. Carson moved with him, their bodies undulating with Gabriel's fuck, the way he pumped his hips, driving his cock deeply inward. Gabriel fucked till sweat beaded on his skin, till his breathing grew labored and his cock grew very sensitive, feeling every stroke of his cock. Carson moved with him, grinding his own cock against Gabriel's stomach, feeling it heave in and out with his breathing.

Carson came first, so sensitive from their horse play and then Gabriel's fuck he pumped wad after wad of thick white cum between their bodies feeling its slickness as Gabriel fucked harder, drove his hips with a urgency, a need to cum. Gabriel rose up and cried out as he thrust inward hard dumping his load into Carson, and he kept pumping his sensitive cock till he couldn't take it any longer.

They lay for a few minutes, barely moving as they let their breathing return to normal. Carson glanced at his watch and saw it was nearly seven and he had a class at eight.

"Oh shit, I've got to go."

Carson jogged back to campus and to his dorm, ran up the stair and into his room. Brody was still in bed, just lying there awake, watching Carson race in and kick off his shoes.

"I guess you had fun last night...and it a Tuesday night" Brody said sarcastically.

Carson tried to suppress a smile but he looked at Brody, the way he was looking at him questioningly and he just nodded.

"Well, what did you do?"

"Just hung out with someone and ended up crashing at their place" Carson said as he slipped his shirt over his head and tossed it on his desk.

"Just hung out? So what's with the blue paint all over you?" Brody asked suppressing the urge to laugh. He had only known Carson for a couple of weeks but in that short time he felt he understood the shy guy he was sharing a room with, someone who'd probably not make many friends for the way he seemed to keep to himself. But now he wondered what lurked beneath that shy external demeanor. He knew there was something up with Carson for the way he stammered some nonsense about art, a painting and some other vague aspects that didn't explain why he had paint streaked on his chest and a nice long line down the middle of his back.

Brody watched Carson race out of the room heading to the showers and was amused at how desperate he was in trying to get to class on time wondering why he just didn't bag that eight o'clock class. He lay on his bed and wondered what Carson had really done last night and he imagined him hooking up with some art student, some girl who had horsed around with him with their paint. Then he imagined it was a guy, someone a little more physical, willing to rough house more and this image enticed Brody, making him wonder anew about his roommate.



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