****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Kayla’s POV*******************************

Michael, Kevin, and I were at the hospital waiting to hear about Eric from one of the doctors. We had been there for at least an hour now. Eric was still in surgery so like everyone else we knew next to nothing. While we waited, we talked. We talked about a lot of things; most importantly the reason why Eric was lying on an operating table with a bullet hole in his chest. Naturally I was completely shocked when Michael told me that Eric’s father had shot Eric while he was attempting to shoot him. My jaw dropped when I learned why. When I learned that it was Eric’s father who had shot Michael’s grandfather and that he was trying to cover all of it up by killing Michael.

All of the things that Michael said completely shocked me and made question whether I was in the real world or whether I living in some fantasy land. Sure Eric’s father was a bit strange; he had always seemed a little out there. Nothing prepared me for the moment Michael said. “Eric and Jake are brothers.”

I thought for sure I was hearing things. Or maybe if I wasn’t hearing things I was surely dreaming a crazy dream. It had to all be a dream. There was no way in hell two guys so different, with so much animosity between each other could be related; let alone brothers.

“Oh my God.” I cried. “I really need to clean my ears out. Because if I didn’t know any better I thought I heard you say Eric and Jake are brothers.”

“But that couldn’t be what you said” I laughed. “Because that would be absolutely impossible. That would be insane. That would be crazy right? Right?.......Wait a minute why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Michael talk to me.” I continued.

“Kayla you didn’t hear wrong.” He replied. “I know this sounds crazy but Eric and Jake ARE brothers.”

“Michael are you serious? This is a joke right?” I scoffed. “This has to be a joke……wait a minute am I being punked?”

“Kayla calm down.” Michael replied. “I assure you, everything I’m telling you is true. Eric really did get shot, his father was the one who did it. And Eric and Jake are brothers…..his father said so just before he tried to shoot me.”

“That doesn’t make sense.” I laughed. “How could they be brothers?”

“Eric and Jake are brothers. Eric’s father had an affair with Jake’s mother.” He said. “To make a long story short….nine months later Jake was born.”

“Wait a minute….Jake is a younger then Eric.”

“Yeah I know.” He responded. “That’s what makes this so much worse…”

“That does make it worse.” I screamed. “This means that Eric’s father and Jake’s mother were having an affair while they were married. While they were with other people.”

“I know…..this is horrible.” He said.

“Wait.” I cried. “Do they know?”

“Do who know?” he replied.

“Do Eric and Jake know that they are brothers?” I cried. “This is insane!”

“No No-one knows, except for my grandfather, Eric’s father and myself.” Michael said. “I was going to tell Eric, but his father tried to shoot me….and now he’s lying in bed with a bullet in his chest.”

“This is crazy!!!” I cried. “Jake hates Eric…And Eric doesn’t have much use for Jake either.”

“They don’t HATE each other.” Michael said, trying to calm me down. “They are just so different…….They just have differences of opinion that what it is.”

“Differences of opinion?” I scoffed. “Michael don’t even. They hate each other and you know why.”

“No I don’t?”

“Michael don’t play coy.” I said. “Jake told me about how he kissed you a few months ago. And that’s not all he said.”

“He also said that he was in love with you.” I continued. “He said that he wanted to be with you…..but he couldn’t because….”

“Eric” Michael said finishing my sentence. “Because Eric is already with me.”

“But he told me that he was over me….he said he had moved on.” He said. “Why would he say he was over me if he didn’t really mean it?”

“Why?” I replied. “You know why Michael. He loves you so much that he’s willing to be in your life any way he can…..even if just as a friend.”

“But that’s what he is to me.” Michael protested. “We are friends. Jake and I have been best friends for years. It’s not like we were lovers.”

“Yeah Michael I know you and Jake aren’t lovers but he wants to more than a friend. Jake wants to be with you.”

“I hadn’t noticed it at first but once Jake told me he had these feelings for you.” I said. “I started to pay attention more. I’ve seen the way he looks at you. He looks like he wants to undress you with his eyes. He can’t take his eyes off you.”

“Kayla! Kayla just stop!” he cried. “Don’t you think I know how Jake feels about me? There is nothing I can do about that. What Jake wants I can never give to him. I’m in love with Eric and I want to spend my life with him.”

“The feelings that Jake has for me….I don’t have those feelings.” He continued. “I love Jake like a friend but I will never love him, the way that he loves me.”

“I just wish Jake could find someone.” He said. “Someone that could make him as happy as Eric makes me.”

****Scene 2: Jake’s POV**************************************

I was having the best sleep of my life. I was sleeping so well. It’s really funny how, every time I jack off I fall asleep so fast. I was sleeping like a baby. I swear I never slept so well, in all my life. And yes if you must know I was thinking about Mike; I can’t get him out of my head. Why did he have to be with Eric? Why him?”

I hadn’t been sleeping for more than a couple minutes; thirty minutes at most, when my phone started to ring. I tried to ignore it but it kept ringing. If I let it ring any longer it would have woke my parents. “FUCK! I better answer that!” I cried as I angrily grabbed my phone from off my night stand.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Jake it’s me.” A familiar voice said over the phone.

“Wait a minute. Is that you Kayla?”

“Yes it’s me.”

“Kayla you do realize it’s almost midnight right? Why are you calling me right now? I was trying to go to sleep.”

“I have something very important to tell you.” She said.

“Kayla it’s almost midnight. This couldn’t wait until later today?” I asked. “Like lunch time maybe?”

“No Jake this can’t wait until lunch, this can’t even wait tell morning.” She said. “You need to get dressed and come to the hospital right away.”

“Why?” I asked. I was a little confused about why she wanted me to dive to the hospital at midnight. “Wait what happened? Is everything alright?”

“Why are you whispering?”

“Never mind why I’m whispering.” Kayla said. “All you need to know is that everything is not alright. “It’s actually far from it. Eric was shot tonight.”

“Wait are you for real?” I said. “How is he? How did this even happen?”

“It’s a little too long to go over it over the phone.” She said. “Just get your ass down to the hospital right now. Michael needs his best friend. I’ve never seen him so depressed before in my whole life.”

“Kayla I would love to go and comfort Mike. You know I would, but my mom will kick my ass if I sneak out again.”

“Ever since I told her I liked guys she’s been watching me like a hawk. She’s caught me two times already. Third time I’m fucking screwed.”

“Jake you just have to sneak out.” She said. “You just HAVE to. It’s really important that you be here.”

“Why is it so important that I be there?” I asked.

“Jake don’t worry about why it’s so important. Just get down here now. I just heard life-altering news and I feel like you should know about it before the whole world does. It’s very important, that’s why you need to get your ass over here. Now!”

“Geeze, ok whatever.” I said. “I’m getting dressed now. But I don’t see why you couldn’t just tell me this life altering news right now.”

“Jake I can’t tell you something like this over the phone. I think Michael should be the one to tell you this.” She replied. “To be honest I’d rather not be the one to tell you this.”

“Tell me what?”

“Come to the hospital and find out.” She replied. “I’ve got to go. Michael is coming back. Just get here fast.” After that she ended the call. She didn’t have to tell me twice, because as soon as she said Mike needed me half of me was already thinking about going. When Kayla said he had something important to tell me I was all ears.

I quickly threw on a T-shirt and some basketball shorts. I pulled out a pair of converses and I was ready to go. I rolled up my window and climbed out onto the roof. Thank god there was a big oak tree beside my window or I would have had to tip toe downstairs.

After swinging onto one branch and jumping onto another I inched my way down the tree until I landed on the ground. I landed in the cold wet grass. “Fucking dew!” I covered my mouth as soon as I said it, hoping no one had heard me. I watched my parents’ window for few seconds; their lights were off so they had to still be asleep.

I hopped in my truck. Turning off the lights I drove real slowly out of the driveway. Once I was out on the road I turned my lights back on and drove toward the hospital. Several songs and several hours later I finally reached the hospital. Checking my phone I saw that it was now twenty past twelve.

“Kayla this better be as important as you made it out to be.” I grumbled to myself. “Waking me up in the middle of the night. This better be good.”

****Scene 3: Michael’s POV***************************************************

Kayla, Kevin and I had been sitting in the waiting room for hours. It would be more accurate to say Kayla and I, because Kevin was passed out on one of the chairs. He seemed to only snore louder when the nurses complained about the way he was sleeping the chair. Don’t even ask me how he managed to sleep like that in a hard chair. It was truly beyond me.

But that wasn’t what was on my mind. My mind was on Eric. Eric was still in surgery and I didn’t know what to do. Did it really take that long to remove one bullet from one person? The longer we waited the worse I felt. This awkward feeling of not knowing what was going on; and what was going to happen was driving me insane.

I closed my eyes just to take it all in. It was just to evaluate everything that had happened in the last couple days. I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the chair. I closed my eyes for just a second, and as soon as I did I heard someone calling my name. “Michael, Michael, Michael”

I opened my eyes to see Jake standing on the other side of the hall. When our eyes met he smiled. I smiled before turning to Kayla who sitting to my left. “Kayla please tell me you didn’t tell Jake to come over here?” I whispered; my voice had a slight hint of irritation in it.

“Michael relax all I told him was that you needed him, I didn’t tell him anything else.” Kayla said. “I didn’t tell him about you know what. I’m sure you can do that?” she laughed.

“Oh Gee, thanks a lot.” I said. That was really the only thing I could say because by that time Jake had made his way to the other side of the hall. We hugged and he sat down beside me. He looked a little irritated. This is just me, but I think it might have had something to do with the fact that Kayla woke him up in the middle of the night and told him to come to a freezing hospital. But that’s just me.

“Hey dude.” He said. “Kayla told me that Eric was shot tonight. How did that happen? Do they know who did it?”

“Jake this is going to sound crazy but…..” I began

 “Well that’s my que to leave.” Kayla laughed.

“Where are you going?” Jake chuckled.

“Oh I think I need to give you guys some privacy. Also when I got here I think I saw a coffee machine somewhere around here. I’m going to go find it; I think we all could use some coffee.”

“Don’t worry I won’t be gone too long.” She laughed.

After she left I started talking to Jake again. “Ok where was I? Oh yeah you wanted to know who shot Eric. Well this is kind of insane…..but his father shot him.”

“Why would he do that?” Jake said. He obviously couldn’t believe what he was hearing. I wondered how he would take the other news I had to tell him.

“Well he wasn’t trying to shoot Eric.” I began.

“Well who was he trying to shoot?” Jake asked. “How could he accidently shoot his own son?”

“He was trying to shoot me.”

“WHY? WHAT THE HELL!” he yelled. “That guy is in jail right?”

“Why would he even try to do something like that?” Jake continued. “I don’t even understand why he would try to do that to you. You’ve never even hurt a fly. He has to be crazy.”

“Jake calm down.” I said, placing my hand on his leg trying to get him to calm down. “Believe me I’ve never seen a person act the way he did in my entire life. But I don’t think he was crazy he sounded more calculated then anything.”

“But why? Why would he want to shoot you?” Jake asked.

“Because I found out his secret.”

“What secret?” he replied. “What secret could be so bad that he would try to kill you to keep it under lock and key?”

“You know how my grandfather was shot a few weeks ago on my engagement night?”

“Wait you’re not saying?” Jake asked stunned. “Wait are you saying Eric’s father shot your grandfather? Like I knew he didn’t like the guy. Who does? But why would he shoot him at an engagement party?”

“Because my grandfather found out something about Eric’s father. Eric’s father didn’t like that so he shot him. I found out that it was him who did it”

“Along the way I found out the secret as well.” I said. “I went over to Eric’s house tonight and his father was there. He found out I knew because this piece of paper fell out of my coat.”

“He picked the paper up and read it and the rest is history.” I continued. “He was dead set on keeping this secret a secret. “

“So set that he would try to kill his son’s fiancé?” Jake scoffed. “What secret could make him do that and what was this letter even about?”

“It was a love letter.” I replied. “Don’t ask me how my grandfather go a hold of a copy of this letter. I do know that it was a love letter written to Eric’s father by a woman named Meredith Rose.”

“Ok so Eric’s father had a fling with some woman a few hundred years ago.” Jake laughed. “What does that have to do with me?”

“Jake it wasn’t a fling it was an affair.” I responded. “Jake but wasn’t just an affair the woman, Meredith Rose was pregnant with a child. I not sure but I think you are that child.”

“Wait what?” he cried. “Mike you can’t be serious. If Eric’s father and this woman are my parents that would make me and Eric brothers. That just doesn’t make sense.”

“My parents are Tom and Alice McCarthy. You know and I know that.” Jake laughed. “This just can’t be real….there has to be a mistake.”

“Well Jake you are partly right.”

“How could I be partly right?” Jake scoffed.

“Well Alice actually is your mother.”

“Wait how could she be my mother when you basically implied this Meredith Rose woman was my mother?” he asked.

“Jake that woman, Meredith Rose….she doesn’t go by that name anymore. That name was an alias her real name was Alice McCarthy.”

“This just doesn’t make any fucking sense.” He cried. “Why would my mother lie to me like this if that’s even what she is? For all I know she could be some secret agent living a double life.”

“But my mother’s not the only one to blame….” He said. “Eric’s father who’s apparently MY FATHER now has even tried to get to know me ever. Like your son is in the same town with you and you can’t even fucking speak to him?”

“Jake I can’t even pretend to know what you are going through right now.” I said. “But if you need anything you know you can always count on me. Dude we have been through so much and we will get through this too.”

“How can I get through this?” Jake laughed sarcastically. “How do I get over the fact that my father ignored me my entire life? How do I get over the fact that he choose to raise Eric and not me.”

“It just seems like I’m always losing to that guy.” He sighed. “I can’t just have something for myself. He’s the one that got shot and I’m the one paying for it.”

“Jake you know that’s not true.” I said, trying to comfort him. “Eric didn’t do this your father did. He’s the one to blame for this…not Eric……and not you.”

****Scene 4: Michael’s POV****************************************

Jake and I were in the midst of our conversation. I had just told him that he and Eric were brothers. To say that he was not taking it well would have been a huge understatement. He was furious and he couldn’t even believe it. He calmed down enough to finally accept that he and Eric were brothers. But once he had accepted that he became angry again. I think he felt as if he was losing to Eric again. I don’t know why he would feel that way, Eric didn’t have an affair with Jake’s mother; their father did.

I looked up and noticed that Dr. Lange was walking toward me. He was the doctor who had been operating on Eric. I guess he was talking to me because Eric’s mother wasn’t here and his father….well we all know where he is.


“Hello Mr. Chandler I have news about Eric Smith’s condition.” Dr. Lange said. When he saw Jake he kind of did this weird little frown thing giving Jake a mixture between a side glance and a low key stink eye. “I can discuss this information with you since you are technically family considering that you are the patient’s fiancé not to mention the only person of any familiarity in town right now to the patient. But I’m however not at liberty to discuss a patient’s condition with him.

“Oh it’s fine doctor.” I replied. “This is actually Eric’s brother.” I couldn’t believe I was saying this let alone Jake accepting that fact. He hadn’t really accepted that fact but he had agreed with me so that was a start.

“Ok we were able to successfully remove the bullet from the patient. He’s in his room. I would say that he’s resting but he’s not doing much of that.” Dr. Lange laughed.

“Were still running several tests on him to make sure he’s alright. The results haven’t come back yet but I’ll be coming to make the rounds as soon as they are.” Dr. Lange said. “While I’m collecting the test results I think it would be alright for you to go in there and see him.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah he’s doing better than most of are other patients that come through are doors in a similar state.” Dr. Lange laughed. “He might even be able to leave in a few days. Plus he was pretty adamant about seeing you.”

“Ok take me to him.”

“Ok Mr. Chandler follow me.” She said. I started to follow her but I noticed that Jake wasn’t following me. “Jake are you coming?” I called out.

 “No Mike, I think it would be better if I just waited here.” He said. “Besides you’re the one he wants to see….not me.”

Dr. Lange led me to a familiar part of the hospital. I think my grandfather might have been in this part of the hospital when he first came out of surgery. If I never saw another hospital again it would be too soon. Jesus for a town called Harmony there definitely wasn’t much harmony in it.

“He’s right in there.” She said. “I’ll leave you two to talk. I’ll be right back with those test results.”

I entered the room and Eric’s eyes lit up. He was definitely happy to see, I wondered if he would still be happy when I told him Jake was his brother. When I saw him smirking at me my heart felt like it was whole again. He looked so good, so sexy; even in that hospital gown they had put him in.

“Boxers or briefs?” I laughed.

“To be honest with you babe. I’m not entirely sure.” He chuckled.

“Well as of right now.” He continued as he raised the hospital blanket up over his head so that he could answer my question. “I would have to say neither.” He grinned

“Mmmm that’s hot.” I swooned.

“Well babe why don’t you come over and make use of it.” He grinned, motioning for me to come closer.

“Eric!” I cried. “This is a hospital. We can’t do that here.” I said trying to keep myself from laughing.

“Babe what do you mean? We have and we did do the deed here.” He chuckled. “Baby you don’t have to be shy. We all know you’re a horny little devil.”

“No Eric, your doctor could be back any minute now.” I replied. “She seems like a nice lady but I don’t think she wants to see two guys fucking.” I chuckled. “No matter how hot you think it would be.”

“Besides there’s something very important that we need to talk about. “ I said. “Eric what do you remember about the shooting?”

“I remember everything about the shooting. I remember that my father is the one who did this and I remember that he was trying to shoot you.” He said. “But babe I don’t want to talk about him. I don’t give damn about him.”

“But Eric you don’t know why he tried to shoot me.” I replied. “The fact that he shot my grandfather on the night of our engagement is only half of it.”

“Yeah some other secret he was keeping I guess.” Eric interjected. “Babe I told him if he did anything to you he would be out of my life. He tried to shoot you tonight and if I wouldn’t have been there he would have probably killed you.”

“Babe I would never be able to live with myself if that happened.” Eric said, “That man is not my father, he’s out of my life. I don’t want anything to do with him or his damn secrets…..all I want his you. Those secrets are his secrets they have nothing to do with me.”

“But Eric this secret has everything to do with you. Your father lied to you for years…he lied to both of you.” I cried. “Eric I really don’t know how to tell you this but you and Jake are brothers.” I really didn’t know how else to tell him so I kind of just blurted it out

“Hahaha very funny.” Eric chuckled. “Where are the hidden cameras? Babe isn’t it a little early to be doing April fool’s day pranks.”

“Eric I’m not kidding I’m being serious.” I said completely straight faced. “You and Jake are brothers this isn’t a joke or a game.”

“Would you stop saying that!” he cried. “It sounds weird as fuck. Jake can’t be my brother he doesn’t even look like me at all. Plus that doesn’t even sound right.”

As soon as I found out Jake was Eric’s brother I started to realize how much Jake favored their father. Jake had brown hair just like Joe not to mention similar qualities such as Green eyes; Eric looked more like his mother taking after her with is dirty blond hair and blue eyes and all.

“Babe he was probably just lying to you.” Eric said. “My father’s notorious for that. That is what he’s good at.”

“Eric he didn’t lie to me.” I said. “Your father was about to kill me. He confessed everything to me. If you hadn’t got there in time no one would have ever known.”

“This just can’t be true.” He sighed. “How can Jake be my brother?”

“Eric there is proof. Besides your father didn’t deny that he had an affair with Jake’s mother that resulted in Jake nine months later. He even claimed Jake, even if he hasn’t claimed him in the last eighteen years.”

“Babe come over here.” Eric said, as he called me over to his side. “Just kiss me already. I don’t care about this damn secret. I don’t care about my father or about if Jake is my brother or if he isn’t. “

“All I care about is that you are still here with me.” He said just before he grabbed hold of my face with both hands and planted a wet kiss on my lips. I returned the favor by kissing him hard, just like he kissed me. Soon we were making out on his hospital bed sucking on each other’s face.

Then suddenly we heard a sound in the background. It sounded like someone was clearing their throat, repeatedly. “Ahem…Ahem….AHEM”

I opened one eye and saw Dr. Lange staring at me. “Eric we have company. The doctor is here with your reports. I pulled my lips off of Eric’s and he groaned. After that I climbed off the side of Eric’s bed and sat down in the nearest chair.

“So what’s deal doc? Am I gonna be fine or what?” Eric asked.

“Well I have good news and slightly bad news.” Dr. Lange began.

“The bad news can wait.” Eric chuckled. “I’ve heard enough bad news to last a life time. Give me the good news first doc.”

“Well you certainly must have a guardian angel watching over you because that bullet was mere inches from your spine.” She began. “The bullet did bounce around quite a bit……but luckily for you it missed every major artery.”

“Ok that’s wonderful.” Eric grinned. “But when can I get out of here?”

“Were not going to hold you for two long….a day or two. But there is a certain complication. While we were running tests we learned that the way the bullet was lodged and the way that we were forced to remove it caused you to become paralyzed.

“Doc you got to be kidding me.” Eric scoffed.

“No Mr. Smith I’m afraid I’m not. The test I just ran confirmed that you don’t have any feeling in your lower half.” Dr. Lange replied. “We are quite certain that it’s only temporary paralysis. The problem is we don’t know how long it will last. It could last a couple days or it could last years.”

“You just have to give it time and your legs will be working again in no time.” She said.

“What about?” Eric said eying his crotch.


Other patients can still get it up……others are less fortunate.” She said. The doctor knew exactly what Eric was talking about.

“So you’re telling me I could be stuck in a wheeler chair for years?”

“No Mr. Smith that’s not what I’m saying at all.” Dr. Lange interjected. “All I’m saying is that there is a possibility of that. But we are quite certain that you will walk again. In good time you will walk again”

“But what if the feeling doesn’t come back? What if I never walk again?” Eric asked.

STAY TUNED………………………………………………………………………………..



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