Story Continued by Troy

After we returned to the studio after lunch on that Tuesday where we had discussed sex for the first time and Caleb had confided in me that he was a virgin, my lust to have wild sex with this Greek god virgin took possession of my entire being and I threw caution to the wind. The idea of fucking yet another virgin and such an awesome hunk had me wild with desire.

I instructed Caleb to undress and get back up on the platform and began his usual pose. Then I made my move when I said: "Caleb, we are getting close to to the final details of your statue. In fact, I'm starting to work on that portion of the statue featuring your cock and balls so I need to use a special lotion and massage oil on your crotch and cock to highlight that area of your body so that the sculptor becomes the most prominent feature of my stone figure of you. Is that OK with you?"

"Gee Troy, no one has ever touched me down there except a doctor during my annual physical but I guess it is OK, you're the professional and you know what you need to do. We've come too far for me to screw up your work by saying no."

I took a bottle of lotion and massage oil and began to go wild lubing that awesome cock and hot balls. Soon Caleb's crotch area was shinning with all that oil. I even began to use oil on his scrotum and ass sphincter. I used my experienced hands to gently stroke his growing cock, used my fingers to carefully massage his ass sphincter and began feeling up his big balls.

Holy fuck, within a few seconds, Caleb's cock became stone hard and that monstrous tool had filled out to a fucking 9-inches standing straight out no more than 2 inches from my lips. I took a finger and placed it at the entrance to his ass. As I touched his puckering ass, I knew my move was working. A few seconds later, Caleb began to thrust his crotch forward causing his cock head to hit my eager lips. There was no turning back now. I grabbed the base of his gorgeous cock, took my tongue and began to run it around his wet piss slit and slowly started taking that throbbing stiff cock deep in my throat until I was deep throating the world's most amazing dick. Soon I was sucking the sweet pre-cum out of that wide open piss slit. As I feasted on that cock and pre-cum, I began to insert my wet oiled finger up that pussy until I loacted his prostate and began a wild message of that sensitive gee spot.

Caleb became totally submissive and consumed with lust as he started whimpering, moaning and began breathing rapidly. I'd succeeded in my dream to make love to this Greek god.

Caleb began panting and twitching as he managed to whisper: 'Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh my god, Troy is this how gay sex feels? Am I gay? Oh suck my cock, finger my ass, yea, fuck that feels so good. You are such a stud with that slim hard muscled body and look at that huge cock of yours. Man you are a hot daddy. Do you want to fuck me? Teach me how to be a hot fucking bitch for you."

This made me hornier than hell. Oh wow, Caleb smelt so great, his hard cock filled and stuffed my throat, his thick pre-cum tasted like ice cream, his ass muscles were massaging my now three fingers up his ass and he used his sexy hands on the back of my neck to drive that incredible cock deeper and deeper into my throat. Holy fuck, he began to pound my mouth with his huge thick long cock. Caleb became some type of primitive animal and began to take charge of me as his prey. Wow, what a turn of events.

Soon he used his youthful frame to throw me on the floor on a big rug on my back. He tore off all my clothes until I was as naked as he was. He got up on my chest and placed his wet hot pulsating ass on my face and ordered: "Daddy, eat my ass, suck those juices out of my pussy and use that big wet tongue and lips to rim my pussy. Do it you fucking whore."

Wow, Caleb was no soft wimp. He was really into man sex. I'd never been this horny or lusting for a man and now I'd become the object of the world's most sexy man. Fuck, Caleb was letting out all his stored up hormones, young raging testosterone and a libido that had him manhandling me. Yea fuck, I'd unleashed a primordial provocative sex machine. Wow, how great!!! Yea, I loved what was happening. For the first time, I was becoming the bitch. I sucked that pussy for at least five minutes devouring those sweet juices and feeling his soft ass tissue with my tongue.

Then Caleb moved down on my chest and thrust his leaking cock into my mouth. He reared up and used his entire body to began fucking the hell out of my mouth with his monstrous dick. Soon I was swallowing an increasing amount of his delicious spewing pre-cum. I'd never smelt such a perfume like body. He began to partially remove his huge boner from my mouth and then slam it back deep in my throat. He fucked my mouth like some desperate animal as he fucked the hell out of my mouth. My whole body began to spasm, my cock was aching and stiff as a board and a surge began to build in  my nuts. I did all in my power not to come yet. I never wanted this to stop.

Caleb finally showed mercy as he took his horse cock out of my mouth and planted his sexy soft lips against mine. Man, for a man who was a virgin and had never kissed another man, he was a perfect kisser. He used his youthful tongue to part my lips and thrust his tongue deep in my mouth as we began to French kiss wildly and sloppy. The salvia ran out of our mouths and down on our chins and chest. Caleb had to be the world's best kisser.

Wow, after some five minutes of kissing me rough, he got down between my legs, grabbed hold of my blood filled cock, put his soft wet lips around my cock head and sucked hard as he enjoyed my dripping pre-cum. Next he slid his lips and tongue up and down my red-hot cock shaft with special attention to the underside of my sweaty cock. His lips were firmly stretched around my fresh meat driving me crazy with desire for him. Then Caleb began the most awesome blowjob I'd ever had as he lowered his throat on my cock taking my iron pipe all the way down to the base. He began rotating between slow and fast sucking on my stiff cock. After several minutes of this incredible blowjob, I'd reached a level of total euphoria that had me beyond any further control. My cum gathered in my balls, rushed up my cock shaft and I blasted a monstrous load of my seed deep in that young sexy mouth. Caleb managed to swallow most of my thick warm cum with a small amount running out on his lips. When I was spent, he pulled off my cock, came up to my face and kissed me as I licked the remaining cum off his lips.

I knew what was coming next as Caleb was delirious to get his nuts off. He placed me on my stomach on the rug. I felt him place a  pillow under my wet crotch and dick, he spread my legs far apart and I felt his sexy legs touch my legs as he began to push his cock head into my pulsating and puckering ass entrance. With no further hesitation, he thrust his huge cock all the way inside my eager and worn pussy. I felt his big cock begin to thicken inside my ass. He used great force to thrust his giant sausage deep inside me as he plowed my ass like I'd never experienced before. Fuck, how could he be such a pro fucker for the first time?

Soon filled with lust he threw his sweaty body down on my back and he began to suck on my ears and neck while he pounded my ass. The feel of his warm sweaty body and breath on me as he humped my body and fucked my pussy caused my cock to began to grow again until I was completely erect. He fucked me for at least 30 minutes, wow what staying power he had.

Finally, Caleb was overcome with pleasure as his cum gathered in his nuts, he used his huge cock to give my ass one more violent thrust, let out a guttural wail and then unleashed a gusher of his white thick warm cum deep in my ass. The feel of his wet warm cum coating my pussy caused me to shoot my second load of cum and this time all over the rug.

His cum filled my ass to the bream and as he pulled out his still rock hard cock, the cum began to spill out onto my ass cheeks. Caleb got down and used his tongue to collect all that flowing cum and he moved up to my mouth and spit that pool of cum in my mouth after he had turned me on my back. We kissed and shared the smell and taste of cum.

As we lay in an embrace covered in sweat and cum residue, I asked: "Caleb Baby, you fucked like a pro. How is that possible for the first time?"

He answered: "Daddy, what I did not tell you at the restaurant during our conversation about sex is although I'm a shy guy, I've known ever since I was about 12 that I was gay so I've watched lots of xxx gay videos preparing for this day. How did I do?"

"Baby, you were terrific. The best sex of my life."

"Thanks daddy."

I took Caleb to a five star restaurant for dinner with both of us still very horny.

After dinner, we rushed back to my hotel room realizing Caleb was desperate to have his first big cock up his virgin ass. As we got naked, Caleb gave me the most seductive smile and said: "Troy daddy, for weeks I craved to have your big cock up inside me. Please fuck me now. I want to know what it feels like to get fucked. Oh daddy, I can't wait to experience that huge cock of yours pounding my ass. Please  fuck me now."

I got down on my bed on my back with my 8-incher stiff as a stone standing straight up filled with blood. I had Caleb climb up facing me and I grabbed his bubble ass and said: "Baby, slowly push that sexy pink ass down on my hard cock. Ride me cowboy. You will love my cock inside your pussy. Do it now."

I witnessed pure excitement and lust in Caleb's eyes and face as he lowered his pink hairless ass down on my cock. Inch by inch I felt my cock slowly enter his pussy until I had my cock deep in that virgin ass. I began to push my hips up as Caleb pushed downward until we were in a hot rhythm of fucking that hot pussy. I'd never felt a more smooth and jell-O-like pussy that was taking care of my stiff cock. I did not last longer than 4 or 5 minutes when I shot a torrent of thick sticky cum deep in what now was no longer a virgin ass.

When the orgasm was finished, Caleb leaned down and kissed me passionately with my cock still inside that fresh pussy. When he finally pulled his ass off my cum covered cock, the cum drained out of his ass onto my crotch and pubic hair. Caleb go down and licked that cum into his mouth. He came up and kissed me as the cum dripped off his lips and part of it into my mouth. The protein meal was so delicious.

We embraced and soon fell asleep. We woke the next morning covered in dried cum, took a shower, had breakfast and returned to the studio for another session. We agreed that sex would be on our daily night agenda. This was a perfect arrangement for the weeks ahead.



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