Gay Dayz

The music was so deep and intense, I could feel the beat bounce through my body. Even my nuts packed tightly into my new black speedo were vibrating to the bass of the house music out by the pool. Men were everywhere, more like HOT MEN, oil, sweat, sun, lots and lots of skin. The coolest part was the place was packed with every type of gay man. Twinks, punks, cubs, muscle bears, gym rats, Muscle heads, young, old, and everything in between - all in one place having a blast. Me and A buddy lucked out at the last minute and scored two rooms at the central complex for "gay dayz" down here in sunny Florida. Neither of us had ever been but had heard it could be fun even for a couple of old farts like us. As soon as we checked in, I tossed my clothes in a drawer slipped on my new suit and headed out to the rear pool, following the music and the trail of half-naked men I knew we were in for a great week ahead. After scoring a drink from the bar we found a small clearing near the pool and settled in for some big time eye candy cruising and scoping out the men who arrived from all over the world for this sausage fest of parties, fun, thrill rides and good times.

At 53 yrs. old it is fun to cut loose and hang out with 1000's of sweaty men having fun. I must admit, I don't look half bad for my age either. A gym rat at heart, the years of keeping the body worked out and tuned up has been good to me. I am about 6'1" tall, and weight in a solid 215lbs. of lean muscle. I keep it shaved and smooth with a nice summer tan.

We had just settled in when a small group of much younger guys came over. One of them recognized Jeff, my buddy, from some race or marathon or something and started chatting him up. I nodded hello then went back to scoping out the parade of men around the pool. I was not paying a whole lot of attention they were good looking, polite and hot eye candy, but so damn young for my tastes, maybe mid to late 20's or so. After a few minutes I feel an ice cold sensation placed on my left nipple. My body jerks from the tingling, I look to see the tallest of the three looking deep into my eyes, his cocktail glass is tracing my pec and erect nipple. "And who is this hot muscle daddy" he asks Jeff, "is this your other half?" He is addressing Jeff, but looking so deep into my eyes that I feel my knees buckle. Jeff chuckles a little at this display and lets him know that I am indeed single and not his partner. "Good". Leaving the ice cold glass on my nipple, he leans in and kisses me with the wettest most passionate kiss I may have ever had. "Meet me here in an hour" he hoarsely whispers in my ear, "I need to go say hello to a few friends that just arrived." He kissed me once again with the same passion and vigor as before, then turns around without even waiting for a reply and gets lost in the sea of men.

I look over to see Jeff laughing out loud, "who the hell is that?" I ask him. "That is Dave." He laughs. "And Dave seems to like him some 'Muscle Daddy" teasing me with a full on laugh. "And from the looks of it, you seem to like Dave too." He glances down at my crotch. I am rock hard and my speedo is bulged to the max. "Damn" I mutter out load, and notice my dick is about to pop out of the speedo. The fabric is stretched pulling away from the skin and it is full on peep show to my junk. I shake my head and enjoy my drink. I have never been shy, so why start now. I lean back against the table and enjoy the feeling. The Ice on my nipples did a number on my mind and that kiss. WOW.

It could have been two hours or ten minutes, with the crowd, music, sun and atmosphere I had no clue. I was startled back to reality with a hand placed firmly on my ass cheeks, and a full set of lips in my ear from behind. "Looks like someone missed me judging from the bulge I left in your swim suit". Goose bumps erupt the entire length of my body hearing his sexy deep voice in my ear, and sure enough my hard on was still very full and poking the material in all the right places. I turn my head slightly to meet his deep brown eyes and intense gaze, "You think you caused this?" I slyly tease. "I know I did" as he slips his hot tongue deep into my ear and starts to nibble.

Dave spins me around grabbing both cheeks of my ass in his large hands then drives his tongue so deep down my throat I felt as if I were going to pass out from lack of oxygen. His hands never stop roaming over my ass, I feel him peel the waistband down resting the suit just under the cheeks exposing my ass fully. Without breaking the kiss he speaks into my mouth "do you have any idea how fucking hot you are going to look on the end of my big dick?" almost as much to himself as to me and to no one in particular. Before he once again rams his tongue even deeper probing my tonsils. In all of my 53 years on this planet I have never been kissed with such heat and desire. I am either too stunned to react, or too gone to care, but I let this young kid maul / molest my body and mouth for the entire pool party to witness and I love the feeling. Before breaking the kiss, he tilts my head back opens his mouth wide and lets all of our mingled saliva slide from his mouth into mine. "Something to keep you warm, until you show up in my room in half an hour". I feel the sting of his large hand swat my bare ass, he leaves my ass hanging out of the rear of my suit, my rock hard cock obscenely about to bust the seams, and turns to head off before telling me his room number and leaves. Jeff just shakes his head with a smile, "I will catch you later. Have fun" he adds with a wink.

29 minutes to the second I am standing at his door. After stopping by my room to freshen up, brush my teeth and deciding to show up in nothing but the same speedo and flip flops. If his trigger is a muscle daddy, then let's go. When his door opens I was struck for the first time what a real beauty Dave is. He must be at least 6'4" tall and although not a muscle head, every muscle on his body was lean rock hard tight sculpted and shredded. His abs- must have been an 8pack, the ridges were cut deep and totally separated. And his legs. Long muscled and perfectly fit his frame, all the way down to the large good looking feet standing on the carpet bare. It was all I could do to stand there and gawk at him wearing nothing but a towel still dripping from the shower. His eyes are giving my body the same work over that mine are giving his, when he steps aside to let me in, "good to see you know what I like, and left the clothes where they belong, in your room." Then closes the door behind us.

I reached for his towel and remove it from his waist, the stunning man before me was a marvelous sight. I use the damp towel and finish drying him off as I lay him back on the bed. I slide up between his long lean muscled legs, licking my way from his ankles, around his calves between his thighs. I notice a moan escape his lips and his body twitches when I hit sweet spot on the inner thigh up near his low heavy full set of shaved balls. I pay special attention to that sweet spot a while longer, before I slide past his cock with barely a whisper of a touch, and continue up those perfectly formed bricks rippling up his abs. The separation and ridges between each muscle in his abs are cut deep and rock hard. I trace my tongue around every slab, his cock is at full mast now leaking and poking me in the face while I treat his midsection to the most sensual tongue bath I am sure he has ever received.

He grabs under my arm pits and with raw natural power that belies his lean frame, he slides me up his body and raises my torso so I am sitting on his now wet abs. He pulls me forward and again assaults my tonsils with his tongue. I feel his fingers teasing my hole and wiggling in. I feel the index finger from his left hand join the index finger from his right hand as he opens me up and plays with the muscle just inside my hole. The moan from deep within my gut is involuntary and loud. More like a roar and rumble mixed in with his tongue down my throat. "Lubes in the drawer, if you want it" he says around the kiss. I lube myself and get prepped for his rock hard dick.

Once I get my hole ready he releases me and locks both hands behind his neck, "show me what you got muscle man." And with that, it is ShowTime. I stand up with my feet planted on each side of his waist, take a huge pull off the bottle of poopers and start to lower my ass slowly down making sure every fiber in my thighs and glutes explodes with muscles. I reach for his cock and with slow steady pace I lower myself on his big dick and don't stop until I am grinding his hips with my ass and seated firmly. His eyes roll back just a little before he regains his control. "Sweeeeeet", Is all the reaction I need. I stay planted deep and start flexing my ass muscles. His eyes drill deeply into mine as if edging me on, without words. I start raising slightly, flexing my ass muscles, stroking his dick the entire length of my ass as I piston up and down. My left hand moves up to my right pec and I start playing with my muscles. Flexing them in the same rhythm that my ass is using on his dick. A low guttural moan escapes his throat- "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" almost silent but deep and rumbling from his gut with my show. "You like?" I ask teasingly, as I raise my right bicep up to full flex then my left into double bicep pose. He wanted a hot muscle daddy? I will give it all I got and then some. His hips start rising to meet my ass I perfect timing. As I feel his cock flex and stiffen, I start getting cockier, I lift my right bicep up to my face, stick my tongue out and kiss lick and spit all over it. I suck my spit back in and keep kissing it with giving him a full on show.

With speed, agility and power that I was surprised by, he had both my ankles in his hands flipped me over to my back pinning me down with my legs behind my ears, his cock never left my ass and he is pressing every inch into the hilt and glaring into my eyes. "You need this cock don't ya, muscle boi"? Using his entire torso and legs to drive deep and hard with full strokes.

"Oh fuck yea." He hisses "I plan on giving you ever bit you can handle."

I grit my teeth "I am going to wear your cock out, you hot fucker" as I flex my ass muscles and throw my hips to meet every thrust he makes.

"What time does the park open tomorrow?" he huffs between breaths "because I am going to still be feeding you this big dick when it does" he brags, but I am beginning to think it is not far from the truth.

He grabs one ankle in each hand and spreads my legs into wide V, and starts gyrating his hips sideways, entering from every angle he can find. He turns me sideways, placing one foot between my legs and keeps the pace and rhythm of a man on a mission to tear my ass up. After about 45 minutes of him all over me, tossing me around on the end of his dick and putting me in positions I have not been in a long time, we end up with me on all fours, my hips in his hands while he drives in as deep as his hips will allow him to enter. I feel the sweat dripping of his body onto my back, it only adds to the heat of the fuck.

One hand reaches up and grabs the back of my head by the hair and pulls me as far back as I can bend to meet his lips. "You ready for a load of cum from a real man, Boi?" He kisses into my mouth. "You bet", I reply. I hear the sound before the sensation of the sting registers on my ass. His open hand made full solid contact to my sweat covered smooth cheek and the burn went right to my core. "What did you say?" he swats my ass again even harder this time. "Yes Sir", I rephrase my answer. "Good Boi." He buries into the hilt, stiffens his entire body and with a roar that is as animalistic as I have ever heard I feel his big dick flex, jerk, spasm, and convulse. His hips jerk involuntarily, every muscle in his lithe body is firing on all cylinders and he continues to unload what feels like a gallon of cum deep within me.

Once his orgasm subsides he lays across my sweaty back to catch his breath while he reaches around to my dick and feels cum still shooting out and leaking from the tip down onto the mattress beneath us. "I literally fucked the cum right out of you didn't I" he says with pride, flexing his rock hard cock deep inside to me emphasize what a total stud he is. "And to think, it is the first day here, and I have an entire week to use this ass"

I shiver and smile at that thought,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lucky me.

I soon find out what it is like to be fucked by a marathon and distance runner. Stamina is the understatement of the decade with this guy.

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