When I was younger I was pretty adventurous. I loved to check out bathhouses, group orgies, and adult arcade rooms all the time. It was just an easy way to find a guy to fuck and get your dick sucked without all the extra crap of a relationship to deal with. And in my younger days, I believed that I was a top only. I would take my 8 ½ inch dick and fuck you mercilessly or choke you with it till you stupered and your eyes began to bulge. It was almost like a private joke to me to get guys to let me do whatever I wanted. I loved to be in charge and took full advantage of it anytime I could. Well there was a club that I frequented a lot and I had begun to get a bit of a reputation. This place would sometimes get these pussy sub twink kids in there and they would get put in a sling for use. The minute I knew that was happening I would slide in a fuck them till they nearly yelled for help. I loved it. The look of total fear they would get when the realized it was me coming into the room and they were helpless to stop me. I even had a few guys stop me before I fucked their precious little bitch because they knew I took pleasure in their pain.

Well one day I went to my club only to find it closed. I was pissed to say the least because I had not fucked or cum in over a week waiting to get my rocks off on some helpless little bitch. As I peered through the window at the entrance door, the attendant who normally lets me in came out when he saw me. I asked him what was going on and he said that the owners were looking to branch out in a new direction with the club. But then he added that the club owners know that their regulars would be a bit pissed about this, so they set up a massage parlor next door that would give a full body release guaranteed to leave you empty of want or desire. So I figured I'd give it a shot. It didn't cost much more than the usual admittance price to the club to get a massage and I just thought, "Well I bet I can end up fucking the masseuse if they can't give me what has been guaranteed." I nodded to the attendant and he gave me a red card with a black dot on it. He said that this would tell the masseur that I was from next door and they'd know what to do with me.

So I headed on over and walked in feeling like this could be a new and interesting way to get off. I had never gotten a massage with a happy ending but I was always up to give it a try. I handed the guy who was running the desk the card and began to get out my wallet when the man sitting in front of me stopped me.

"Oh no sir, your money is no good here. This card insures that you don't have to pay any monetary amount to us. The owners of the club next door gave us explicit instructions on serving anyone with one of these cards." the massage attendant said.

"Good," I thought "I have given them plenty of business before. It's about time they pay me back."

So the man escorted me to a back room with two doors and a massage table. I was told that I could strip down to my underwear and get on the table. I thought this was a bit of bullshit.

"I was promised, no guaranteed a full release from the people next door. Why do I need to leave my underwear on for this massage?" I said.

"Because prostitution is against the law, your underwear must remain on for the initial massage. But trust me, they will come off and you will get your release." the attendant said with a smile.

So he left without another word and I stripped down. There was a little cubby next to the shelf and I put my shirt, shoes, socks, and jeans in it and pressed lock leaving me in just my white briefs. I realized I wanted to check my cell phone after I had shut it, but it was tightly locked and I just shrugged it off as a means to keep people from doing anything that would distract them from totally releasing.

I laid on the table, ass up and put my arms on the arm rests right in front. There was a little space for my head to go and I laid their only being able to see the floor and possibly the feet of masseur. So I began to wait for the masseuse to get in there. Soon some soft peaceful music began to play, and the sound of a fake waterfall began to fall in the corner. Then there was this smell that didn't smell like perfume like lavender or anything, but it was very soothing. I just laid there and let myself relax and began to doze off to sleep. I figured it might be hot to wake up with a guy rubbing me down and then getting me off so I didn't even try and fight the inevitable sleep that overtook me. It wasn't a heavy sleep. It was just a fog like sleep that kept me alert but extremely relaxed. I heard the masseuse enter the room and slowly he began to run his hand over my body warming me up. Then as he found a starting place with my arms he told me to relax and just lay there and let them do their job. Before I had a chance to ask what they meant, another set of hands began to rub my feet and my calves. It was so relaxing to me that I began to truly doze off to sleep. I started to come to when I felt a chill in the room.

I was a little groggy having been so relaxed but I began to stir to tell them to get a move on my fucking cock when a realization hit me. I was tied down. While in my relaxed state my arms, ankles, head, and even a band across my back was secure making me completely immobile and helpless. I hated this feeling, and instantly began to squirm around. I called for the attendant but nobody came. I couldn't even look around because my head had been strapped down into the massage table so all I could see was the ground immediately beneath my head.

Suddenly without warning I felt a hand from behind me run across my brief clad ass. It made circles on my cheeks and then a figure began to travel toward my head.

"What's going on?" I yelled.

"Oh we have been planning this for a long time boy. You come into OUR club and you act like you are such tough shit. You fuck who you want to fuck however you want to fuck them. Then you act like a big asshole and leave only to come back and do it all over again. Well we got so tired of hearing guys saying that if you were coming back to the club they were going to leave it. So we made them a deal. Come to the club when we send out the word and we will let them get their revenge." said the voice.

I began to struggle and yell as hard as I could. Getting revenge on me is not something I truly wanted to experience. I knew how I had treated the other guys in the club and this was sure to bode poorly for me. The guys just began to laugh, which clued me into the fact that more than one person was in the room. Then I felt the table begin to roll forward. It traveled through the other door in the room and then lights were suddenly very dim. We rolled through a dark hallway when that familiar smell of lube and poppers hit my nostrils waking me up to the fullest point since I had entered my stupor in the massage room. I was being taken back into the club. This could only mean that the massage parlor was part of the club to begin with. As we traveled I could hear guys jeering and laughing. At random points on our journey my ass would get slapped hard and the guys would just yell that they had waited a long time for this. As soon as I was stopped I began to try and struggle out of the restraints again but this only made me tired. Then I felt hands push and force restraints on me that would make me mobile and not just a victim to the table. As this happened my underwear would get pulled up and down revealing and covering my ass. Every time my ass was exposed I would get smacked. It was hard and sudden and then they'd get pulled back up. Guys grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart and I would even feel guys trying to shove their dry fingers in my whole through my briefs. I began to plead with the guys in the room saying I'm sorry for how I behaved. I promise never to do it again. Then I bargained and told them I'd let them fuck my mouth and ass if only they would do it gently because I was an anal virgin. Then I began to threaten them and tell them that I would fucking kill them for this. All attempts to stop this were met with laughter and applause. I heard clinks of chains being attached to my new found restraints and then suddenly I was lifted from the table and held in the air. My legs were suddenly spread apart and my arms were spread eagle as well making me weightless and helpless. I would try and kick and wiggle but the men who had a hold of me were the ones really in control.

Then it began.

Slap after slap with a flog hit against my ass and my inner thighs. It stung and burn and my body began to redden and swelter instantly. And then it stopped.

My feet were lowered and I was restrained in a free spread eagle form in the middle of the room. Men were all around me with their subs and many of whom I had fucked. The owner of the club walked up facing me and began to tell me what was to happen.

"We have decided that we are going to punish you. You will be fucked, you will suck cock, you will swallow cum, and you will become the bitch that you have forced others to be to you. You will have the choice in how these things will happen. We can take you by force or willingly. To go the willing route, you must say I am your bitch and I give full authorization in the making of this film, to the camera that is in the wall pointed at your face. If you would like to be more difficult you may refuse us but you will still receive the punishment....with some extras."

This seemed to enrage me more than ever. The idea that I was going to be filmed and made to be their porn pussy pissed me off. I was defiant to the end. So I spit in his face and told him that I would make him pay for this.

Then he began to smile and he said, "Oh good, I was hoping you'd say something like that."

He clapped and that was it. A man from behind me gagged me with an open mouth dental gag that had rubber edges to secure my mouth was in an optimum cock sucking position and free from any refusal on my part. Then my briefs were torn open and lube was being forced into my ass followed by a metal butt plug. And as I said before, I was an anal virgin. I felt like my body was on fire and that my ass was the source of all possible harm that one could do to me. At the same time, hands were running rope through my briefs fly and tying my cock and balls up and then running the rope to the wall in front of me making it so any movement would cause me immense pain in my testicles. Then my arms were released and I was forced into a mid-evil stock of some kind. It was a board that attached around my head and hands making it impossible for me to see below and making my hands and head completely immobile. Then the stock was tied so I was forced in a bent over position and then stock was secured so I couldn't just let it fall and ruin the clear position they wanted me in. I was helpless. Then the subs were told to form a line and grab a paddle. They each got to spank me the number of times I had fucked them. The smacks came almost immediately. Smack after smack with little to no break in between. I howled through the gag and tears ran down my face. It was shocking how many times I had been crewel to these guys and now I was getting what I had deserved. When what seemed like all the spanking was done the butt plug was ripped unceremoniously from my ass. I screamed again and nearly fell to my knees but my tied balls kept me in place. Then the doms were told they were to get in line. If I had face fucked their subs or them then they would get my mouth, if I had fucked their subs or them they would get my ass. And with that it started. My mouth was filled with cock chocking tears and bile from the very core of my body out onto my captors. My ass was lubed some more and without care was thrusted upon cock after cock. And the moment a torrent of cum was plunged into my gut or forced down my throat; a new cock would replace it instantly.

My ass was no longer burning. It was numb with the abuse it was taking. I could feel cum running down my legs and onto my feet. My mouth however was in agony. My jaw hurt and I wanted relief. But as soon as one guy would shoot cum the other would be there to shove his dick in my mouth there by forcing the load of the man before him, down my throat. When I vomited, I was slapped, if I clenched my ass, I was spanked. It went on like this for what I counted was 5 guys in my ass and 7 guys in my mouth. Then there was a moment of relief. My mouth was released from the gag and my jaw just laid open with running cum and tiredness. My balls were released from the rope and I was taken out of the stocks I had been in. I was moved to a new set of stocks that were more secure and locked into place. Bent over and helpless once again my ass began to be fucked again. Nipple clamps were placed on me and a new agony was found. Then a step stool was placed in front of me where the doms began to step up. A new more secure gag was placed on me and the face fucking began again. I was tired but I couldn't stop standing in position because if I slouched then I would be chocked by the stocks and the nipple clamps would be pulled having been attached to the stocks as well. Now I wouldn't have thought it possible, but even with all the sore tired and agony I was feeling, my now free cock began to spring to life. Eight and one half inches were coming to full view and this was not something that was unnoticed by the others in the room. The minute my cock was steady and hard, my balls were being grabbed and pulled and my dick was being slapped. They pulled and slapped till my cock shrank from fear and everytime my cock betrayed me the instant bash would begin by the subs in the room. After what had to have been hours ended the last load of semen was unloaded in my mouth and ass. The final count was 17 in my ass and 28 in my mouth. I was actually full I had so much semen in my belly. Then while still in captivity a new plug was shoved rather painlessly at this point in my ass. A new gag was placed in that kept what remained of the semen in my mouth from spilling out and was shut so that I had to breathe from my nose. Then I was carried to a table and strapped down. I had a blindfold strapped on and my arms and legs and midsection were all secured to the table. Then the owner said that was enough for today. I began to feebly struggle again for fear that there was more to come but I heard the door slam and began listening to any sounds I could. It was evident that I was alone. While there I tried to push the plug out of my ass but it had been secured in by a strapping belt. The belt also had a cock ring of sorts on it and encased around my balls and cock forcing my limp scared dick to semi hardness with my cock in some kind of contraption.

As I laid there I thought about what I had done to those other guys. What an asshole I'd been. A few moments later my gag was taken off, leaving the blindfold on, asked me if I was sorry for being a prick. Instantly I began apologizing for everything I'd ever done to people here. Good he said. He told me that he was glad I was turning over a new leaf. He even joked a bit and asked if I liked bottoming. I told him....a little with a smirk of my lips. Good he said. Then this will be a good night for me. And with that he put a gag on me that had an opening of some kind but it was like breathing into a tube. And I felt the plug inside me turn on. Slowly it vibrated stronger and stronger and stronger till my scared and defenseless dick instantly sprang forward to full mast. It buzzed on and on and I began to involuntarily shoot my week long stored up and edged load. Rope after rope of white thick and hot cum left my body. Suddenly as fast as I was cumming the contraption on my cock sprang to life. It began to suck up the cum coming from me like a vacuum and even began to milk me for more. As I realized another load was about to be pulled from my cock I could taste cum. My own cum was being funneled into my mouth by the contraption on my cock and connected to my gag. I was helpless and getting a taste of my own medicine as it was. I wiggled and writhed but load after load of my own stored up cum that was originally meant for some unsuspecting sub was being forced into my own mouth. And there I stayed all through the night. I even tried to ignore the sensations but my prostate was being teased passed being ignored and my cock betrayed me time and time again with load after load. And there I laid, with a butt plug, milking machine and gag forcing me to drink my own semen for the night......till the door opened and the owner came back in.



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