Seth opened his eyes and looked out of his bedroom window at the sun's morning glow from his king-size bed. His alarm clock read 7:24 AM, which is about the usual time he had been waking up every morning lately, even without setting an alarm. To ease into his day, Seth liked to wake up early, fix coffee and light breakfast, and eat on the patio taking in the warmth of the sun and fresh air of the California coast. Today was no different.

Seth climbed out of the bed and stretched his whole body before walking across the dark hardwood floor of his master bedroom into the master bath. Seth looked at his naked body in the mirror. At 28, Seth was very happy with his slim but fit body. He was six-foot-three-inches tall with short brown hair, which he styled in a spiked fashion. His body was tan thanks to his in-ground pool looking out over the city on one side and the Pacific coast on the other. Hard muscles highlighted his arms and chest. An outline of a six-pack and the V-shaped lower abdomen led his admirers' eyes down to his thick seven-inch dick. He prided himself on his body.

A young entrepreneur, Seth had built a successful consulting agency along the California coast. He enjoyed his job, which includes pricy dinners with clients, late-night business parties to promote new clients or properties, and trips up and down California. He also enjoyed the lifestyle his job provided him. He started the day at home, calling clients, checking e-mails, and checking in with his office from his balcony in the mornings. The staff running the office handled early-morning business until he made it there every morning.

After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he started down to the kitchen in his black boxer briefs to make his morning coffee and omelet. He walked out to the patio to enjoy his breakfast and leisurely started reading his e-mails. He looked across at his property with its small manicured lawn and pool. The gardening company would be sending someone over today to tidy things up a little. They typically come over in the afternoon and are gone before he returns home.

After breakfast, Seth climbed the wooden stairs to the bedroom to begin getting ready for work. As he picked out his clothes for the day, Seth started to think about his upcoming vacation trip to Australia in a few weeks. He was going with a friend who owned a vacation home on Sydney, so he would only have to pay for the plane tickets and living expenses for the week. He had never been to Australia before, so it seemed like the perfect time to go. He had broken up with his boyfriend of three years a month ago, and he needed an excuse to get away from the city.

Seth remembered a weekend trip to southern California a few years ago for a conference. He met Alex the first night on the trip at the hotel bar. Alex was there with a few friends enjoying a weekend trip to escape the stress of grad school. A couple years younger than Seth, Alex was tall with lightly-tanned skin and lush lips. His smile lit up his face as he met Alex's eyes and distracted Seth from his drink. Suddenly, all the other people around the bar area became blurred as Seth's attention became solely on this beautiful man. The weekend turned out to be less about the conference and business connections and more about Alex. This intriguing man moved in with Seth six months later and turned out to be a great lover over the next 3 years.

Thinking about his time with Alex still made all of Seth's seven inches of his dick rock hard. Seth stepped into the green-tiled shower and soaped up. The hot water relaxed his body, but his dick was still hard and thick. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his soapy hands rubbing all over his chest and stomach. Without touching his dick, he rubbed the short, well-groomed pubic hairs of the base of cock with one hand and his hard ass with the other. A wet finger ran around his asshole, making his boner even harder. A surge of the pleasure hit him as his finger pushed its way into his tight hole. Twisting his finger and shoving another finger in made him moan. There is no putting it off any longer, so he lathered up one of his hands with soap and stroked his dick.

He started recreating one of his nights on the balcony overlooking the coast with Alex. He was on the balcony shirtless looking at the ocean, and Alex was the in the bedroom. Alex walked through the double doors and out of the patio, pushing his warm skin against Seth's. Seth remembered the smell of Alex's skin after a day on the beach as he put his strong arms around Seth from behind. As he felt Alex's soft breaths on the skin and warm kisses on his neck, Seth knew he was about to be pounded.

Alex lifted Seth's right leg and propped his foot on the seat of one of the balcony chairs. He continued kissing Seth's neck as he ran his hard cock up and down Seth's ass before pushing the head in gently. Seth's burning pain was overcome by pleasure shooting up his spine when he felt when Alex's body touched his ass, meaning all of Alex's eight-inch cock was inside him now. That's all it took for Seth to start moaning loud enough for his neighbors to hear if they had been outside. His ass was filled with the amazing cock as the sexy man who was rubbing his body. Each time Alex shoved in his dick, Seth moaned louder.

Alex was an attentive lover, sensually rubbing Seth's body the entire time. One hand rubbed over Seth's chest and the other jerked Seth dick, and Alex never broken rhythm or stopped kissing Seth's neck and back. Alex's arms pulled Seth hard against him, and Seth approached the end at that point. Alex must have known, because he stopped stroking Alex's dick.

Alex picked up Seth and turned to face the patio table, his cock still inside Seth's hot ass. He continued fucking Seth slowly as first, speeding up as Seth's body relaxed again. Seth could only bend over the table, grabbing the edges of the table as Alex thrust his cock in and out. Every time Alex his thrust in all the way to the base, their balls slammed into each other. The sting of balls slapping together quickly doubled the pleasure. Alex ran over hands down Seth's sides as he pulled out. Before he knew it, Alex had flipped Seth over on his back and was shoving his tongue into Seth's mouth.

Alex raised Seth's legs, giving him full access to Seth's ass and dick. Alex quickly slammed his dick in and out on Seth's ass again. Seth eyes close and head tilted back as Alex started stroking his dick. Feeling the incredible cock moving in and out of his body as his own dick was being rubbed sent Seth into another world, momentarily being unaware of his moaning growing louder and louder with each thrust.

Within a minute, Seth felt Alex's final hard thrusts followed by a heavy sigh. Alex forcefully held Seth down on the table as he jerked his condom off and flung it to the floor of the balcony. Alex started kissing Seth while jerking Seth's dick together with his. After only seconds, both of their dicks were shooting cum on Seth's chest and stomach. After Alex cradled Seth's face in his hands and gave him a passionate kiss, Alex licked both of their come off Seth's body and joined him in another steamy kiss, sharing come in their mouths.

Seth was then jolted back to reality as he felt the rising tension growing in his body and began shooting come all over the wall and floor of the tiled shower. He stroked all the come out of softening dick as he rinsed off. Thinking about sex with Alex always made a quick jerk-off session if he was in a hurry. Seth felt relaxed after that orgasm, but he wished his experience was real. He remembered how Alex's lips had tasted, and he suddenly wanted those lips more than anything right now. He turned off the shower and dried off before dressing for work. He couldn't help but smile at how the day had started, and he still felt like he could go another round. Maybe he will meet someone today..



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