I but my lip as I made my way up the stairs. My boner was coming back just thinking about the gorgeous mature body against mine, his big lips with the few prickly hairs that he had left behind while shaving, his long tongue that rolled with his accent. I fixed my boner in my shorts so Jake wouldn't think that i was full on gay. I opened the door to our apartment to see Jake's manly feet over the couch.

"Gee, Tyler. I thought you ran out of here to get a girl's number not a guy's!"

Jake sat up and his abs hugged eachother as his skin pressed against itself.

"You know he's a freak. We should try him out, I've never been with an older guy man." I wasn't lying, just a bunch of college frat boys.

"What are you waiting for? Give him a call, those huge tan melons jumping out of his shorts won't fuck themselves!" Jake was right, Roger did have amazing glutes and i wanted to taste them, fuck them. I grabbed his number and began to dial. Roger answered and we agreed to mow his lawn the following day. He laughed through the other line and asked me to reassure him that my partner would be fit too. I looked over at Jake and reached over to run my hands over his abs.

"Of course Mr. I assure you he is." I hung up and Jake kissed me straight on the lips. "What was that for man?"

"You're not that bad at picking up clients after all." He winked at me and continued to his room.

"We leave at 5 pm tomorrow, don't forget to wear a cute jock strap or speedo, just in case." I laughed and returned to my room.

The following day, I showered, put on a clean white shirt that hugged my entire upper body including my arms, some tight jeans, and a jock strap from football season. We got to the address Roger had given us and we knocked on his door. Roger opened the door and i could feel the oozing of precum from my cock. I was grateful that i brought a jock strap to keep my junk in place. He was shirtless and his hairy pecs and hard nipples were just asking for my attention. His abs were like rock hard and the hair of his happy trail made them that much sexier. He had a towel covering his lower body but his happy trail was quite happy and his ass made the towel curve greatly.

"You weren't wrong Tyler," Roger exclaimed almost laughing as if he were joking but he wasn't. We walked in and then to the backyard. Jake and i set up and began our work. Not even 5 minutes in, Jake took off his shirt and within a few minutes i did the same. We continued i finish the yard and i caught Roger glancing through the window multiple times. Mr. Roger walked out and greeted us with water, he invited us to talk inside after we had packed up so he could pay us.

Mr. Roger sat on his long couch and Jake and I sat to his sides almost instinctively as if we knew that we were about to get it in.

"Lovely yard you have here Mr. Roger, do you live by yourself?" Jake asked too comfortably.

"Yes, i got divorced a couple years back because i wasn't happy, then i got this place and married the gym!" Mr. Roger chuckled at his own personfying remark.

"What a shame Sir, you seem like an outgoing guy and you take very good care of yourself, why would anyone leave you!" I nervously laughed not knowing if i had crossed the line.

"Thank you son, I wasnt planning on getting too personal but i wasnt feeling the satisfaction i needed until i got hooked into my personal trainer bud." It was almost too easy, i knew he was gay, i knew it.

"It's ok Sir, to be honest you caught our eye. You're just so handsome," I added.

"Thank you boys, you know i could've mown my lawn by myself right?" He chuckled.

"You know, my lips have been craving your lips since the day that we met," before i knew it, i had gone in for a kiss. I wasn't prone to doing this kind of stuff but it all came fast and i got caught in his deep voice and boulder build. Jake kissed Roger right after me and i began to flick Rogers nipple with my tongue. Roger had his hands on mine and Jakes hard cocks as we took turne kissing him and worshipping his pecs. I got down and started kissing Roger's abs as he and Jake almost switched tongues eating each other's faces.

I startled licking his upper body from the top to the bottom, starting by spitting into Jake's mouth and having a three way kiss. I kissed his neck and licked his sweaty but erotic arm pits, by this time my cock was throbbing and i took of my pants leaving my sweaty socks and jockstrap. Jake did the same as i stole Rogers mouth from Jake, when we resumed i licked Roger's abs clean and then followed his happy trail. I whipped off Roger's towel and my cock grew a couple more centimeters than it's recorded size because Roger packed a 9 incher. Mine was only 7 and a half! Jake noticed it and whipped out his 8 incher to show Roger. Two of the sexiest cocks were before me and I wanted the best of both worlds so i focused on the foreign cock first, I spent a good 3 minutes licking his head with my tongue and gagging on his ball sack and 9 inch cock. I switched to Jake's as Roger moved me up to the long couch to play with my ass. Roger was and eager beaver because he lubed up real good and said, "I've been fantasizing about your ass since yesterday now I'm going to write my name all over it!"

He put in his two fingers making me gag on Jake's cock, then he put in 3 and began fingering me, i moaned because it was feeling so good. I felt Roger's tongue on my hairy asshole and i almost came, it felt so sexy. As Roger started shoving in his thick 9 inch cock i spit on Jake's cock because i was getting the fucking of a life time. It hurt but as Roger slowly sarting beating my ass it turned into a sweet pounding. I went down to suck Jake's cock but i only put it in my mouth for a second before i was moaning again, Jake went down and we started sloppy kissing because of my head movements caused by Roger's furious fucking. Jake must've enjoyed watching us fuck that he started jacking off to our moans and the sight of me being pounded by the sexiest 40 year old. The best feeling of the night CAME after 10 minutes of raw fucking when Roger came into my ass. He moaned so loud then got back on his face to clean my asshole. Jake and I took turns fucking Roger's fat melons but Jake got the honors of cumming into his asshole. I volunteered to clean the mess up. After that, Roger got to watch me penetrate Jake and he came for a second time into Jake's mouth as i fucked Jake with his legs up in the air. After our fucking spree Roger got on his knees and began sucking my cock with his big fat lips and my eyes only rolled onto the back of my head. Jake noticed me curling my toes that he got down there to lick my sweaty toes clean. I screamed that i was going to cum and Roger took it all in his mouth. He kept it in his mouth and started making out with Jake, transferring my cum into both mouths. They made eye contact and we had the sloppiest three way kiss in history. We passed out nude in the living room, cuddled on our new sex daddy.



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