My older sister had married a handsome guy called John. He was about five feet five with a massive hairy chest with a well defined body and 30 yrs old man (Brother-In-Law).

I always had a crush on John since the moment I met him. I would always to try to find the chances or reason to touch or grab him. But the way he looked after my sister made me realize that I had no chance with this most manly of men.

That didn't stop me from jerking my ten inch boner thinking about his naked hunky body until my cum creamed my hand. I always spying on him when he used to go-to shower, so that I could make my fantasy more real. I was wishing to see him completely naked just once. I'm not able to find him alone in home any time, because my parent's and my sister are always stay in the home only.

Finally, that day came for which I was waiting from long ago. Means My fucking-hot brother-in-law stay in home alone with me, because my parent's went to their hometown and my sister went to her mother-in-law's house.

All are left the house in morning only. Even he also left to work & also went

outside for some work. In evening I came back home before he came, so that I can make my plans for my FIRST NIGHT with my dream man (Brother-in-law).

He came home in night around 10PM, he had drunken, so he directly went to his bedroom to change his clothes & went to sleep. I waited until 11.30PM then I went to his bedroom to check that he completely went to sleep or not. First of all he is a more snoring person & not wake up easily and that of he had drunken, so this is my chance to full-fill my dreams.

After went inside the room I saw him in his bed with his underwear only, so within a seconds I also came to underwear only. Now I call him by his name to check whether he will reply or not. Then slowly without making any noise I jump to the left side of his bed and move my leg near to his left leg and try to rub up & down. For that also no reply. So, now I put my hand on his

chest and rub his nipple softly, for that also he no reply. So I got some confidence and I started to ran my hand all over his face, hair and lips. And also began to rub his cock underneath his underwear with other hand.

After a few min's' gone, I removed his underwear relieving a 7 inch uncut cock with enough foreskin to cover a dick and a half at least and also removed mine also. And I stroke his cock furiously until he came and came in orgasm. I quickly jumped down and began to suck him off. After a while of sucking his cock he moaned in pleasure. I was so shocked that did I wake him up, but he didn't wake up. And I felt his hot rod shoot his load of cum inside my mouth.

Now, with his cum in my mouth I started to kiss him on his lips. I was so surprised that he started to open his mouth by gave his tongue with my tongue. And I lick his face, nipples, stomach and legs. After finishing licking him completely, I started to finger fuck him in his red cherry crack and I was loving what I was doing to him.

Soon after I had my three fingers into his tube. I got up and knelt between his legs and pointed my enormous dick at his hole. Instinctively, I put his legs over my shoulders and I pulled his butt up over my thighs until I felt my tool inside his ass. And slowly I pushed the rest of my cock inside to him. And slowly I started pushed my cock in and out of his hole. He was moaned in the pleasure in sleep only by calling his wife name. I left my cock inside him and shoot my hot loads of cum inside in hole.

And went to asleep by leave my dick inside him. Next day morning, I got up earlier morning and saw he was still in sleep & my dick still inside him. So slowly I pushed my cock in and out until I shoot another hot load of cum inside him. Then without making any noise I put his underwear and left his bedroom.

When he got up and came to hall for coffee, he told me that he had strange dream last night like "He was sucked & fucked hard by someone else, but he don't remember who is that?".

I started to made a joke that "How can you get fucked by someone else". But still he is feeling something happened in last night but he is not able figure it out what is it?.

This was the my FIRST NIGHT & LAST NIGHT ONLY. Because after that day, I'm not able find him alone in home so.




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