After My First sex with my dear bitch bro-in-law, I was unable to find him alone for more than a year. Within this year I was imaging the first sex day with him & cuming every night.

Even within this one year I was fucked my dad & uncle (thinking like I was fucking my bitch bro-in-law only) almost more than 15 times without let them know (means when they are drunken) these are another stories.

Finally, again the day came for which I was waiting for one year. I need to go to some place which is near to my bro-in-law home for some work for a week. And my sister planned to come home for two weeks, but he didn't come with her. So, I planned to leave the home after my sis came. I am getting ready to leaving after my sis came to home. She comes to know that I'm going out of station for a week then she asked me regarding the where I'm going and where I'm staying place? Then, I told her that I'm going near to her place and need to find some hotel. After talking to me, she called my bitch bro-in-law & asked him that can my brother stay in our home for a week due to some work and he replied as "It's ok".

So I planned to use this chance again to fuck that bitch bro-in-law. When I reached his home he was not in home and he left a note to me like "See u in the evening", so I got inside the home and got fresh up then I went to my work. When I came back to home in evening around 6'o clock he was not yet came. So, I decided to check his bed room. When I went inside to his bedroom I first went inside the bathroom to check whether his used underwear & condom are present or not in laundry or dustbin. But I didn't find any used condom & underwear.

Then I started to check his locker & to surprise I found some of the prone movies DVD's & magazine's and also two-three different styles dildo's.

Then I choice one DVD and started too played in his laptop. And to my surprises it was his fucking sex movie only. But instead of he fucking other, he only get fucked that to by his wife only with the dildo.

Then I understand that he LOVES fucking by dildo. So, I watched the complete movies and planned to fucking night with my BITCH BRO-IN-LAW. Before he came back to home I completely watched that fucking movies & kept the things back their place and started to watch TV in hall.

Around 8'O clock he came back to home. We both wished each other by hugging. Then we both went outside to have dinner and came back home around 10pm. After coming to home he went to kitchen and brings some bears bottom and gave me one, and then we both start to drink while watching TV. I still not yet started the first one only but he finished three more bottoms. After a while he left to his bedroom by saying good night to me. After while later, I heard a snoring sound for his room and I decided to use this chance, so I went inside of his bedroom & found him on the bed only in underwear. Then I went near to his bed and sat next to left side of his bed & slowly started to touch his body from top to bottom. First of all he will not wake up for these things as I know that because in my first day sex I pumped him with my hot long cock than also he doesn't response so. After that I started to rub his cock for a while and I removed his underwear relieving a 7 inch uncut cock with enough foreskin to cover a dick and a half at least & I removed my clothes completely and fell on top of him. And I start to kiss him on his lip and he also opening his mouth to my kiss by gave his tongue with my tongue, rubbing his nipple softly, rubbing his cock with my cock and finger fucking his ass. While doing these entire he was moaning louder by calling his wife name and just enjoying. After a while I started to suck his dick, while sucking his dick it starts to grow bigger & bigger and finally he shot's his load in my mouth.

And I kissed him with mouth contains his hot load and we both played our tongues for more than 5mins. Then I started to bite his nipple until it becomes red & hard. Finally I went down and start the finger fuck until his ass hole become bigger to adjust my dick. Instinctively, I put his legs over my shoulders and I pointed my enormous dick at his hole, and then pulled his butt up over my thighs until I felt my half tool inside his ass and started to pump in and out slowly. After 10mins I pushed the rest of my cock inside him. Started to bet him like a hell and he was moaning louder and louder like says fuck me baby fuck me... and shoot my hot loads of cum inside in ass hole. Now in his sleep only he is asking me to ride his dick by thinking me his wife. I think for a while and with my self confidence I getting ready to ride his dick.

First I finger fucked by myself and used his dildo to make my hole as bigger as dick, so that I can ride his dick easily without much pain. When went near to cock to sit on it, he only pull me and make to adjust to his tool and to pump up & down. Even I also jumping on his cock and kissing with lips-to-lips. After half an hour's he went to completely sleep by lifting his tool inside me only. I started to clean him and his bed so that he can't find these naughty happened to him by me. While cleaning his ass hole I got horror again so I started to fuck him harder and shot my load inside his ass. And I cleaned him & left the room by putting his underwear back.

When I return back to my room I was thinking that if he was women, he would already become a mother of my children's. Unfortunately he is not so I was just dreaming in dreams like he was my wife & I was his husband.

In morning, I was in kitchen preparing some coffee, then he came in his tight T-shirt and 3/4th shorts and wished me good morning by hugging me tight. He was completely happy so I asked him why? Then he told that he had good dreams last night. I asked him to share with me and he told that he was fine sex in dreams with wife and other women. In my mind I was thinking that's he still not didn't come to know that it was not his wife but it was me who sucks & fucks him and fucked by him.

So, I planned to use this advantage and fuck him this whole week hard. So, every day evening I asked him to take outside for dinner and when we came back I make sure to have some drinks so that I can find success in my plans.




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