I'm a freshman in college, and until about a week ago, I was a virgin. I'm a swimmer at my college, and a water polo player. I made starting varsity as a freshman- something I'm proud of- and that was what lead to all the trouble.

There is this guy on the swim team, Zack, who everybody knows and respects. He is a senior, and is going to college on a water polo scholarship. He's also my crush. In the lockerroom, there is a running joke about the size of his cock, because it is HUGE. At least a solid eight inches, and that's when it's not even hard. (I stole glances from time to time.) then there's this other guy, a junior, I'm crushing on, Jason. He's the only Mexican guy on the swim team, and he's ripped and sexy as fuck- his dick is more normal sized, I think- his locker is on the other side of the room from mine.

Anyways, it was near the end of water polo season that this happened, before swim started. I was about to go home after Friday practice- we practice at 6:30 till 9:00, so it was late. As I left, I heard coach asking Zach to lock the pool up because he had to leave. I walked into the locker room to change, when Zach walked in after me. "Shane...?"

"Yeah what's up" I asked unknowingly.

"Nothing, but I was wondering-" he stopped short as I felt two strong arms grab me from behind. Zack walked forward slowly as I struggled and put his hand over my mouth, and whispered

"Sleep well." The arms shifted to a chokehold, and I blacked out.

I woke up in a daze, and immediately realized I was couldn't move, and that it was dark around me. I struggled a little more, and realized I was strapped onto a table. With my chin resting on it so I was looking forward, a my legs spread apart, bent at the knee. My junk also fell through some sort of whole, dangling freely below me. I had a gag in my mouth, spreading my jaws, but I could move my tongue. As I struggled and squirmed, the a door opened and the lights turned on. I realized I was in the swim lockerroom, in the main changing area. The person who had opened the door walked into my line of sight- it was Jason, and I realized he must have been the one that grabbed me. "Hello sexy" he said in a deductive tone. Gagged, I couldn't reply, only grunt at him. "Shhhh... Ill take good care of you."

The door opened again, and Zach slapped my ass and said "I'm gonna fuck your virgin ass hard- it's a tradition- Fuck the Freshman. The team did it to me when I made Varsity as a freshman, and I did it to Jason when he made it as a freshman with that years seniors."

Panicked, I struggled, but the bonds were too tight. Jason then started talking. "We have you all weekend, too. This is gonna be fun..." Zach pressed something to my ass, and u realized it was his cock. As scared as I was, I couldn't help but start to feel a little turned on- after all, I had wanted Zach to fuck me for a long time. Then Jason pressed his divk to my face, not inside my mouth, but circling the gag. Jason nodded to Zach,

And then they both slid into me at the same time. I wanted to scream at the pain of Zach's massive cock, but I was choking on Jason's, which was bigger than I had thought before. He slid his cock deep into my mouth, giving me a face full of pubic hair. Zach started fucking me, his heavy, muscular body pressing down on top of me, as he slid his hands under my arms and interlaced them behind my head, all while pounding my ass. The sensation of being penetrated so deeply by two cocks was insane- I was going to cum without touching myself, I was sure of it! Jason's cock was throbbing in my mouth, his balls practically slapping my neck with his torsos momentum, and he grunted at Zach.

"I'm gonna cum!"

"Wait, just a little longer, waaiittt... NOW!" At this, Jason exploded his cock into my mouth, and I gulped it down greedily. A moment later, Zach came in my ass, spraying hot liquid deep inside me. As Zach and Jason came, spray after spray of jizz inside me, my own cock released it's load, cumming out through the hole in the table. Little did I know that was a mistake.

They both pulled out if me, panting, while I lay on the table, exhausted.

"Ohh, that was great," Jason moaned

"Yeah, it was," Zach agreed, "lets keep him all weekend."

"Why not? I already texted the faggots roomate and told her that he was sleeping at your place in a team bonding thing. Ill just say it lasts all weekend." Hearing this I struggled even more, finding energy at the thought of enduring a weekend of this. "Shh... " Jason whispered. Zach walked over to his locker and pulled something out. He walked up to me and pressed it into my face- I realized it was some sort of cloth with a sweet, cloying smell like at the dentist as I slowly fell asleep...

To be continued



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