I know it's a bit of a cliché but college is fucking awesome. I mean I guess I knew it was going to be, I didn't exactly struggle at high school I was the stereotypical popular football player; good-looking, great body, and popular with the ladies. I had broken up with my girlfriend just before I left for college as I loved to have sex and I knew I couldn't be tied down to one woman.

I was lucky enough to be on a football scholarship to state and without the worry of paying tuition I knew I was going to enjoy myself. I had barely arrived before I was having the best time of my life, the football team were pretty hardcore partiers and cute girls flocked to them.

I had only been at college a couple weeks and I had already slept with 4 of the cheerleaders but now my next plan was to join a frat. A few of the guys from football had suggested their frats and I knew there was a few that I was interested in rushing.

Me and a couple buds rushed quite a lot of chapters, mainly for the parties, but there were a couple I definitely liked best. I got on well with the guys in them and they seemed pretty cool so in the second half of rush I picked out 3 I wanted to join and only went to their events.

After some great parties I was pretty much sure that I wanted to join the Kappa frat, I knew a lot of the guys in it already from football and they all seemed real close. They definitely had the 'brother' ideals and they weren't too much the stereotypical frat bros, they were actually the most welcoming and I felt like I fit in with them already. I just had to hope they bid for me.

I found out a couple days later that they had accepted me as a pledge; I couldn't wait to begin the pledge process and become a brother. I heard so many stories about how bad hazing was for pledges and all these awful things they had to do. But at Kappa there was nothing like that, it mainly consisted of tidying after parties, driving the guys around and basically sucking up to them.

The final step in pledging was an interview with the whole frat about our opinions and how we thought we had bonded with the frat over the pledge weeks. It was sort of intimidating sitting in front of all the brothers but I had become their friend over the last few weeks so I wasn't too nervous.

The questioning all went fine and I think I was doing pretty well until the last question.

'Ok Josh, final question' the president asked.


'Ever had sex with another man?'

'Um, is that relevant?'

'Is that a yes?' he smirked at me.

'Hell no'

'You sure?'


'Alright thanks for coming, we will see you tonight' He smiled and stood up and ushered me to the door.

I left thinking it went pretty well except for the last question, which seemed kind of out the blue but I guess you hear about frats not letting in gay guys and I had answered truthfully so I think I would be ok.

All pledges had to return to the chapter house that night for the final stage and to be initiated into the frat. As soon as I arrived at the house that evening a hood was pulled over my head and I was pulled into house to begin the initiation with the other pledges.

'Alright pledges', I heard the president shout. ' You have made it this far into the Kappa brotherhood and tonight you must pass the final stage to become a fully initiated Kappa brother, if you let us down now, you will not become a brother, do you understand?'

'Yes' we all shouted.

'Excellent, Ok boys, do your thing'

I felt two guys grab me and lead me to another room; I heard the door shut before they pulled my hood off. There were two of the brothers in the room with me, one I knew from the football team called Tyler and the other I knew was called Matt.

'Alright pledge, you have almost made it to become a fully-fledged Kappa brother, there is just one thing we need to sort out. Do you recall the last question we asked you at your interview?'

'Yes, and it was true I have never ever had sex with a dude'

'Oh we believe you, that's the problem'


'Well kappa's pride themselves on being diverse and all-round great guys'

'I'm not sure I follow'

'It's just that your lack of experience with sex doesn't fit in with a Kappa'

'Are you kidding?' I laughed, this had to be a joke.

'No not at all, open-mindedness is our main trait'

'I can assure I'm open minded'

'Well we just want to prove that'

'Is this some elaborate initiation joke?'

'Well you can call it an initiation but it ain't no joke'

They both started to rub their crotches and I could see the bulge in their jeans already forming as their dicks swelled, what the fuck was happening? Tyler was the first to unbutton his jeans and a long cock, at least 8inches, popped out.

'Ok, ready for a taste?'

He walked over to me and started to jack his dick right in front of my face, starting to make it touch my lips, which I kept firmly shut.

'Come on man, you gotta try new things'

'I bet you have a camera filming this and you're gonna show everyone'

'If this was being filmed would I do this?' Matt said as he dropped to his knees and took Tyler's cock all the way down his throat for a few pumps before pulling off and standing up.

'Holy fuck'

'See, your turn now'

Tyler pushed his dick against my lips again and I had no choice but to let him in, his dick was so big that not much more than the head could get in and not knowing what to do I just held my mouth open as he slowly fucked my face.

'That's a good pledge, now try a bit harder, start to use your tongue'

I started to wiggle my tongue around the head and got a taste of his precum; which was actually kind of arousing and my own dick was straining in my pants. I felt another dick rubbing on my face and looked to see that Matt was now offering his dick to me. I pulled off Tyler and quickly began sucking Matt's dick, which was about the same size as Tyler's but a lot thicker. I begun to lose my inhibitions and was getting into sucking these big dicks as I switched between them.

I was even able to get them further down my throat, not yet quite as well as Matt had done but I was trying. I even tried getting both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time, which was a struggle as they were both pretty thick. I glanced up to see that they were making out and damn, it was a hot fucking site.

'Looks like he's enjoying it' Tyler said as he pulled away and grabbed hold of my hard crotch. I Jumped at his touch as he laughed 'Lets get out of these clothes' We all quickly stripped down to reveal 3 raging hard dicks.

'Ok pledge lay on your back on that table' Matt told me, I did what I was told 'Ok and hold our legs up' Again, I did what I was told but I was getting a bit nervous about where this was going'

'Looks like a fine one' Tyler said before planting his face between my cheeks and eating my ass. I moaned in surprise and pleasure as he eagerly ate my hole.

'Ok, lets see if you can deepthroat this better from this angle' Matt said as he climbed on top of me so his balls were hitting my nose and his dick entered my mouth. Slowly he began to push his dick further down my throat and I was managing to take it. The next shock came when I felt something warm on my cock and realized Matt had started to suck my dick. He definitely knew what he was doing as he deepthroated me straight away.

We were all soon in a rhythm as me and Tyler hungrily sucked each other in a 69 and Tyler tongued my ass. I was loving the multiple stimulation and had barely registered that know something was pushing against my hole until I felt his cock push through into my ass. I tried to yell but Matt's dick was still deep in my throat and there was nothing I could do.

He began to pump slowly in and out my ass and I concentrated on the pleasure from getting my dick sucked and on the dick in my mouth and the pain began to ease, in fact it was starting to feel pretty good. I think Tyler could tell as he quickened the pace and started to fuck me hard and fuck, I was loving it. Matt pulled off me and withdrew his dick from my mouth and stood for a moment watching me moan in pleasure as Tyler rammed my hole.

'Yeah you liking that, pledge?' Matt asked.

'Aww fuck yeah' I moaned.

'I need to try that ass now' He said and walked over as Tyler withdrew, making me feel empty and hungry for more. Matt lined up his dick and I knew it was still gonna hurt as his dick was so thick but before he entered me Tyler came and straddled my face.

'Right eat his ass as I fuck you'

Tyler lowered himself onto my face and hesitantly began licking his hole as I felt Matt push into me, it hurt a bit but not as bad as before and I was enjoying how his fat dick stretched me even more. The taste of Tyler's ass was so fucking erotic, I knew it was sort of gross but I loved the taste and feel of his hole on my tongue and I hungrily ate his ass.

'Oh man, I can't wait anymore, I gotta try this pledge dick' Tyler said as he stood up away from me, I thought he meant he was gonna suck me like Matt had but to my shock he straddled me again, but this time over my dick. He was facing me as he held my dick up straight and sank himself onto it until he was sat in my lap.

'Oh fuck' I yelled. I had never felt anything like it as his warm tight ass clenched my dick, it felt nothing like pussy, it felt 1000 times better. He began to ride me as Matt plowed away at my ass and there was a piston-like rhythm of fucking between us all. Tyler leaned forward to my face and I knew what was coming as I prepared myself for my first man to man kiss.

I had never had kissed anyone so passionately as we shared our saliva mouth moaning in ecstacy at our fucking. Matt slowly pulled out and I was left with that empty feeling again as my asshole clenched, in hope of another dick. As me and Tyler shared our tongues I felt another dick rub against mine and realized Matt was putting his dick in Tyler's ass as well.

Tyler began moaning loudly as we kissed but Matt pushed in pretty easily, holy fuck, the feeling of another dick rubbing against mine in this hot ass was the most amazing feeling and I knew I couldn't hold my load much longer. It didn't take long for this stimulation to cause me to explode deep inside Tyler's guts, and damn, it was one of the biggest loads I ever shot as I filled him with rope after rope of fresh cum.

I guess my orgasm had triggered Matt's as I heard him yell and felt his dick pulsate inside, filling Tyler's ass even more. I soon realized Tyler was shooting his load all over my chest, we all lay still for a moment to catch our breath, then Matt slowly pulled away and Tyler pushed himself off my dick, as he did a load of cum ran out his ass onto my dick and abs.

Tyler knelt down and cleaned Matt's dick of cum before they both lapped up the cum that was all over me and both leaned forward to me and we shared a 3-way kiss. They both shared the cum they had in their mouths with me and I eagerly savored the taste before swallowing it down.

'Welcome brother' Tyler smiled as we pulled away.

'See, initiation is not that bad is it?'

'I guess not' I smiled as I imagined life as a full Kappa brother.


Chris Miller



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