After we landed, Zack waited for me at the top of the jet way.

Even with our crazy romp in the first class bathroom, he still looked amazing. Zack's tight black shirt clung to him like an extra layer of skin, his dark hair was messed up in a perfect way and his eyebrows still spoke to me, the language of love.

Me on the other hand, I was a smelly heap of sperm and perspiration. I wasn't sure of what to do with myself when I sheepishly exited the bathroom after something like two hours of sucking and lip-smacking. They don't have showers in Coach and I totally needed one. I had asked the flight attendant for a few wet naps to try and clean up a little, but all she'd been able to come up with was a paper towel and a cup of ice water-I did what I could.

Zack's eyes scanned me from top to bottom. He grinned, and we exchanged a 'can you believe we just did it at 40,000 feet?' glance.

He handed me a folded piece of paper. I gave him a quizzical look.

'Contact info,' Zack said. He picked up his bag and put a hand into the small of my back to ease me ahead.

'Oh. Great, thanks!'

I shoved the paper in my pocket and let Zack slip in behind as I walked the rest of the way off of the jet way.

As we walked through the terminal, Zack and I talked about hockey, about what he intended to do with his career. It wasn't exactly my sport. I asked a few questions that probably sounded a little stupid. Zack smiled and answered me patiently. I smiled back and made a silent promise to myself to get a book.

Preferably one with pictures.

Of Zack and his tight black shirt.

He was the sort of guy people looked at when they passed by. A lot of people did. I wondered whether anybody knew who he was. I wondered whether anybody else had seen Zack's hockey stick.

I wanted to see it again.

Before we headed out of the passengers-only area and down to baggage claim where my parents would be waiting for me, Zack and I paused at the top of the stairs.

'It was very nice meeting you, TJ,' Zack said. His cute Australian accent emphasized the 'very' and drove the message directly into my dick. He nodded in the general direction of my crotch. 'And especially nice meeting 'Little TJ.''

Little TJ? I turned a little pink, then took a breath and smiled.

'Thanks, that was fun, we should, it again...'

He nodded. 'Sure mate, glad to oblige. Only next time, maybe we could try it, I don't know, horizontal or something. At sea level.'

I giggled.

'Sure, mate,' I agreed. 'Horizontal it is, at sea level. You have a deal.'

Zack smiled again and began to walk off. 'Good. I'll bet you're a great fuck,' he said quietly.

My jaw opened up. Then he was gone in the crowd.

'Bye,' I mouthed silently.

Baggage claim at LAX was a chaotic mass of humanity. My folks seemed really glad to see me. If they noticed that I reeked of sex and body odor, they were polite enough not to mention it during the long ride home to our house.

When we walked in the door, there were like 8 messages on the machine, all for me.

My mom rolled her eyes. 'I guess our college boy is back,' she said. 'Could you at least have dinner with us tonight before we lose you to all of your friends?'

Given how excited I was to hook up with Will, Joey, Andy and the even the Leeman twins, I reluctantly agreed. I only had two weeks off from school and I intended to make the most of it. But maybe just one night with the family would be okay.

I listened to the messages. Will called twice, Andy called once, and David from Danny and David called once. A couple other friends from high school too, but nothing from Joey. What the fuck, had he already moved on?

Twenty minutes after walking in the door, my social schedule for the next 14 days was pretty much fully booked. I hadn't called Joey yet, but I was sure we'd figure something out. I headed up to my room to take a desperately-needed shower.

At dinner, my parents had invited pretty much everybody in the entire family, my grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, the works. We had barbecue, and it was easily the best meal I'd eaten in months. It was great to be home!

I went to bed with a full belly and tried to think about Joey as I fell asleep.

In the night, some kind of funny sound woke me up. I sat up in my bed and looked around. Something was outside my window. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and got up to check it out. When I pulled back the curtains, I looked directly into the smiling face of Danny Leeman.

'Hey amigo,' he said. 'Long time no see!'

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.


What the hell was Danny Leeman doing outside my window, on the 2nd floor of our house in the middle of the night? I sighed. I somehow knew how this was going to end.

'Time for a midnight run, pal,' Danny said. He looked at my bare chest. 'Get some clothes on, you pervert.'

'Danny, I...'

'Danny, nothing,' he mocked me. 'Go put on some shoes. We're doing an 8K.'

'An 8K?'

He nodded. 'I heard that's your race now. I want to see if you've learned anything about the fine art of running from that fancy East Coast school you go to.'

'Danny!' I protested. I glanced at the clock beside my bed. 'It's after midnight.'

'Exactly, amigo. It's after midnight. When the hell did Paul Revere take that famous ride of his anyhow?'


'After midnight, you lame brain,' Danny said. 'You live in Boston now, right? Doesn't everybody know that?'

I peered over the edge; he was dressed in the green and yellow school colors of the University of Oregon. He was standing on my dad's ladder. I shook my head.

'Danny, what are you talking about? What does Paul Revere have to do with anything?'

Danny raised his eyebrows. They were dark too, just like Zack's had been, only not as perfectly shaped.

'Paul Revere rode a horse,' Danny explained patiently.


He grinned broadly. 'David's in the car, waiting for me to get you down. It took a lot of convincing, but he's gonna run with us too.'


'Then David's gonna ride your horse, just like Paul Revere.'

'My horse?'

'You know what horse I mean, TJ. Your eight and a third inch horse.'

I smiled to myself.

'Does David know this yet? That you want me to fuck him?'

Danny pursed his lips. 'Um, well, maybe. I didn't tell him, but he knows me pretty well, so he may have figured it out on his own.'

I shook my head again. 'You're a great brother, Danny Leeman,' I said.

'Thanks,' he chuckled. 'Coach ran our asses off up there at Oregon this year; I don't think the boy has had a dick up his tight little Leeman brother butt since high school.'

'Amazing,' I said.

He looked at my chest. 'Put some clothes on. You're giving me a woody,' he said.

Danny gave the front of his running shorts a squeeze. I rolled my eyes.

Five minutes later, I was buckling myself into the front seat next to David Leeman. Danny slipped into the back. Both of them had let their brown hair grow longer. They were pretty difficult to tell apart already. When we were in high school, I could always rely on their hair, though. David was always a little more put together, Danny more of a mess. In the dark light of the car I could barely tell them apart.

I looked at David in the driver's seat.

'You are David, right?' I asked, tentatively.

He nodded. 'It's great to see you, TJ,' David said. 'Long time.'

'Great seeing you guys too.'

I looked around at the darkness. I just figured I'd see them and go for a run sometime when it was light out.

'This is gonna be fantastic,' Danny hooted from the back seat. 'Let's head over to the track at school, just like old times.'

'It's locked,' David protested.

I agreed. Even though we graduated from Apple Valley High last year, I didn't think they'd want some nutty college freshmen breaking in just for a late night run on the track.

'Ain't nothing I can't get into,' Danny taunted. 'When I really want to get in!' The double entendre was obvious to both David and I. We groaned.

Danny's hands came over the back of my seat, from behind. Somehow he found my nipples through my Boston University running singlet and pinched them both at the same time.


'Relax, amigo, we're just getting started.'

I liked being with my old friends. I'd made a few new friends at BU, but there was just something special about hanging out with the old gang.

When we got to the school, we found a low point in the chain link fence and climbed over. Danny was at the bottom of the other side first. He looked up at David and me from below.

He whistled.

'Danny,' I said, as I jumped the last few feet onto the school grounds, 'you're probably the only guy I know who gets turned on by the sight of your own brother's ass!'

He smacked me on the shoulder. 'You'd be surprised, amigo, you'd be very surprised.'

'Don't listen to him, TJ,' David said. 'He's all talk. We were roommates in Eugene. He didn't have sex at all this year. He jerked off about three hundred times a week. I barely got any sleep!'

'Figures,' I said. Danny's sex drive was over the top. David, on the other hand, was pretty normal. Sometimes I couldn't believe the two of them were really twins!

The three of us walked the familiar way to the track where we'd run at least a million laps in high school. 'All right, all right, amigos, enough chit chat.'

When we got to the field just outside the track, Danny took off his shirt. He'd put on some muscle. His smooth chest glistened in the moon light. I felt a tiny drop of saliva form at the edge of my lips.

'Danny?!' Both David and I said in unison.


David shook his head.

'Okay, here's the deal,' Danny said. 'TJ runs an 8K now. Back at his big fancy East Coast school.'

'It's really not that fancy,' I protested. 'It's BU, it's not like its Harvard or Tufts or anything.'

Danny dismissed my comment with a wave.

'Here's the deal,' he said again. 'We run TJs race. The winner gets to choose.'

'Choose what?' I said.

'Uh oh,' David said. 'I think I know where he's going with this.'

'Who he gets to fuck,' Danny said. He grinned.

I shook my head. 'Danny, we both know you're gonna win. Why don't we just get this over with? Just say it right now. You're gonna say you wanna fuck me.'

'Not necessarily amigo.'

I sighed.

'You want to fuck your brother?'

'You never know. It depends if he asks me nicely.'

'No way,' David said.

I laughed. These two were quite a pair.

Danny looked at the two of us. 'So, do we have a deal?'

'Why would we do this?' I asked. 'Why don't we just run? Right here, right now, our old high school track. Nobody needs to win, nobody needs a reason to win. Nobody needs to fuck anybody else.'

The Leeman twins shook their heads in unison. 'Uh uh,' David said. He pointed at Danny. 'He can't do it, TJ. He needs a reason to win. It's just who he is.'

'A running prodigy pervert?' I asked with a smile.

'That's me, amigos,' Danny agreed.

A few minutes later we stood at the starting line. We had made our deal. We amended Danny's original plan just a bit, but stuck with the basic idea. Both David and I had been a little too creeped out about one brother screwing another.

With one hand on his watch, Danny counted us down. 'Three, two, one, go!'

The race was a mismatch from the start.

The twins took off fast and I settled in behind. Just like they always did back in high school. With Danny slightly ahead of David, they led me for most of the first lap, but as we rounded the final turn I stretched out and found my stride. I smoked past them down the front straight. The 8K was my race, the distance I'd been training for all season. I crossed the line at least 100 yards in front of my friends. I barely broke a sweat.

After I finished, I stopped and walked slowly back. The Leemans were going all out, Danny's face wrinkled from the effort, trying to stay ahead of David. David looked a little more relaxed, but he was really pumping too.

I don't think I'd ever beaten the two of them before. Certainly not quite this badly.

Danny looked straight at me as the two of them crossed the finish. Then he slowed and put his hands on hips, breathing heavily.

'Fuck!' Danny said breathlessly. 'What the hell was that, TJ? I've never seen you fly like that! Maybe I should join you back at BU.'

I laughed. 'That's us. Boston Fucking University! We're a track and field power house.'

David couldn't speak, he only nodded and gave me a thumbs up.

They both stopped and leaned their palms on their knees. Danny looked over at me again, panting. I watched the two of them breathing. In the soft moonlight, they were mostly in silhouette.

I made my decision and pointed my finger at Danny.

'Tag, you're it,' I said.

He put his head down. He knew what was coming. After all, it had been his idea.

David smiled and slapped his brother on the back.

'I think I might enjoy watching this,' David said between breaths.

Danny pursed his lips and stared at my running shorts. 'Just go easy on me, will you amigo?' He started to undress, pulling off his shoes and socks and then zinging them at his brother's head.

David dodged out of the way four separate times. A minute later, Danny Leeman stood on our high school track completely naked. It was two o'clock in the morning.

'You're kidding right?' I asked. 'You don't think we're gonna do this right here, do you? Right out in the open, on the track where we killed ourselves 5 days a week for years!?'

Danny walked slowly over to me and grabbed my head. He pulled me toward him and kissed me on the mouth. I closed my eyes. He was salty, but his lips were moist. I opened up and let him slide his tongue around my teeth. David hooted in the background.

Danny thrust his pelvis forward. Our cocks jammed up against other, separated only by the light fabric of my shorts. I was already hard, he was most of the way there. I put my hands on his ass. It was solid, tight, just like a I remembered it from our senior year.

His mouth surrounded mine and I let him pull me in even closer.

My fingers found the center of Danny's ass and I spread his cheeks wide. They were clammy with sweat. Suddenly he pulled his face away from mine.

'Wow!' Danny shouted. 'I just got a whiff of cold air! Right down Main Street!'

I laughed and brought him back to me. I kneaded his butt. We kissed again, and we both melted into each other.

A few seconds later I felt another pair of hands on my shoulders. Then I felt the unmistakable contour of a dick pressing against me from behind. I kept kissing Danny but I tilted my head back. David tucked my head between his neck and his shoulder. Danny's mouth stayed connected to mine.

With one hand, I tried to half hug David from in front of him. My fingers found only the bare skin of David's ass. From what I could tell, he had no clothes on either! I was standing in the center of my high school track in the middle of the night. I was the meat inside a naked Leeman brothers sandwich!

At least a quart of pre-cum oozed out of the top of my dick and moistened the inside of my shorts.

'Let's get these off of you,' David said. 'It will be much easier for you to fuck Danny if you're not wearing anything.'

He slipped his hands inside the elastic and lowered my shorts. My cock sprang free and bounced against his brother's lower abdomen. Danny kept his tongue inside my mouth as long as he could, only removing it when my shirt had to come up over my head.

When David had my clothes off, Danny wrapped his hands around my dick and balls. Then, David bent down behind me and began untying my shoes. He wedged his nose into the center of my butt while he fumbled with my shoes.

Danny took his cue and finally pulled his lips away from mine. He met his brother down below my waist and took my entire scrotum inside his mouth.

'Mmm,' Danny said, after he'd sucked the sweat off my balls. 'Nothing in the whole wide world like having salty set of nuts in your mouth!'

David stopped what he was doing with my feet and wedged his face between my legs from the back. Danny let him have my ball sack, but David put only one inside at a time, alternating left to right. Danny took advantage of his free mouth to lick the sticky pre-cum from the tip of my cock.

One twin had my nuts. One had my dick. Their mouths were pulling me in opposite directions. I felt perfectly in balance.

'Holy crap TJ!' Danny exclaimed. 'You've got a big dick! It's been a while! This can't be just eight inches!'

'Eight and a third.' I said. 'You know how big it is, we've talked about it a thousand times!'

Danny pulled his face back and looked carefully at my cock. He gave the head a little lick.

'Damn! Did you grow more back there in Boston?'

I giggled. 'No Danny, that's it. Same as always.'

Danny deep throated the entire length of my shaft. I felt the softness of his throat. As he pulled back his lips made a smacking sound. 'Well, if you say so amigo. But I don't know...' He stared at it again.

With one hand I pulled the back of Danny's head back toward me. 'Just put the fucking thing back in your mouth Danny.' He resisted, but only a little bit.

Meanwhile David was busily licking away at the space between my balls and my asshole. 'If he doesn't want it, I'll take it,' David said, his voice muffled.

I smiled. 'Don't fight boys, there's plenty to go around.'

'I'll say,' Danny said out of the side of his mouth.

The Leeman twins worked me over for a good ten minutes or so. David had managed to get my socks off without me falling over. Danny had managed to make a meal of my pre-cum as he sucked me and stroked the shaft all at once.

My nipples were hard in the night air, I was getting a little cold. I pulled them both up higher. The warmth of their bodies in front and in back of me made me feel better.

Danny's teeth nibbled at the center of my pecs.

David flexed my neck backward and he kissed me.

Both of them ground their hips into me. Both of them had massive erections. I took a Leeman weenie in each hand and began to jack them both up and down. We stayed like this for a while. Then we switched. Danny took over eating out my ass from below and David assumed blow-job duty in the front. I shuddered as I realized how close they were getting me to cumming.

'All right, all right, all right,' I said finally. 'You guys are gonna get me off like any minute now!'

Nobody stopped what they were doing.

I looked down. 'Guys!' I shouted.


'Hello! Anybody listening?'


'I'm like so close!' I shrieked. 'You have to stop!'

Danny replaced his mouth with a finger and shoved it deep inside my butt. David tugged hard on my balls and increased the pace of his sucking.

Oh fuck.

All of a sudden, that was that.

Danny's finger pressed down hard, and my dick exploded inside David's mouth. 'Aaaah!'

David gagged but swallowed what he could. Ever the helpful twin, Danny pushed his brother away and grabbed my penis with his hand. I was still gushing. Danny caught it between his lips then slid my throbbing cock into his mouth.

'Aaaah,' I said again.

'Mmm,' Danny said.

David licked his lips. 'Wow!'

I took a deep breath.

'Um. That wasn't supposed to happen. I was supposed to fuck Danny!'

They both laughed.

Five minutes later the three of us were back in their car wearing only our running shorts. We carried our shirts and stuffed our socks inside our shoes. When we got to their house, we tiptoed inside, trying to not wake anybody else up. It had to be sometime after three.

I did fuck Danny that night. And I fucked David too. Since I was on like my third orgasm in less than 12 hours, I lasted forever before I finally shot another load. Danny's butt was raw, but he loved it. David watched the whole thing and gave me tips on how I could make his twin feel even better. Danny fell asleep after David and I both helped him spooge all over his own belly.

David drove me home.

I slipped back into the house before my folks woke up. It was great to be back in Apple Valley.


Will was like crazy busy and it was days before we could get together. We finally agreed to meet up at his house just before Christmas. If it was not too cold, maybe we could go for a swim.

I called Andy too and he thought he might be able to make it as well. If we were lucky, it would be just like all of our old times back in high school. I just didn't realize how much!

My parents were busy and couldn't drop me off, so I rode my bike. It had been a while since I'd been on one-just like riding a horse I reminded myself (and I'd certainly been on a few of those lately!)-and the gears were a little rusty, but it still did the trick.

When I got over to Will's house, I hopped off my bike and was surprised to realize that the pedaling had made me hard. Either that or my dick knew something about what was coming that my head did not. I stood in front of Will's front door and tried to make the proper adjustments.

Andy answered the door.

'Hey dude! Long time no see! Welcome back to Apple Valley!' His straight white teeth sparkled in the sunshine.

'Um, hey Andy, I didn't expect you to...'

He grabbed my neck and pulled me inside.

'Yeah,' he said, 'when I heard you were coming over, I had to join you gents. Three or four chicks wanted to blow me today, but I said no to each of them.'


Andy's grin widened. 'So, you owe me, bro!'

I giggled. 'Three or four girls?'

He shook his head. 'Or maybe it was five. I forget.'

'Oh,' I said.

'A couple of them cried when I told them I couldn't make it.'

I chuckled. 'Oh, really?'

Andy's sandy blond hair was longer than when I'd last seen him over the summer. It danced across his shoulders. I felt my jeans tighten. Shit.

He slapped me on the back and then stood back to look at me. A concerned look came over his face.

'You're not eating, little buddy, you're even more of a scrawny fuck than you were last summer,' Andy said with a frown.

'Um, well, college, you know, it's hard to...'

He nodded. His emerald green eyes continued downward.

'Okay, okay, and maybe you've been hitting the gym. The arms look good.'


'Mmm, mmm, and I'll bet you've got a six-pack down there in the abs department.'

'Well, I don't know...'

He smiled.

'Let's see 'em!'

I blinked. 'What?'

'Your abs dude! Let's see 'em! It's been ages since I laid eyes on your naked body.'

I blushed.

'Um, if I remember correctly, seems like you laid more than your eyes on my naked body,' I said in a low voice.

Andy laughed. 'Tooshay, dude! You're right, if memory serves I gobbled up your cock right here in this very house. At Will's graduation party. What a fantastic night that was, right?'

Andy's memory wasn't perfect. It was here at Will's house, and there was some cock gobbling going on, but it wasn't mine that got gobbled.

'Um, well I don't think...'

Andy pulled my shirt up. My hairless abs were exposed.

Andy whistled.


'Very nice little belly you've got going on there,' he said.

'Knock it off Andy; we're at Will's house!' I whispered loudly.

Andy placed his hand on my stomach. I was cool and I tightened.

'Very nice, dude! Feels an awful lot like a washboard to me!'

I stepped back.

'What?' Andy said, seeming surprised that I didn't like him man-handling me in Will's living room.

'Andy, come on! Where's Will, anyway?'

Andy didn't answer. His green eyes landed on my crotch. A smile grew on his face.

'What have we here? You're that happy to see me?'

I looked down at my zipper. I was bulging. If you knew what you were looking at, there was no mistaking it. I definitely had a boner.

Andy reached his hand out to touch me. I jumped back.

'Andy, geez! We're at Will's. Where is everybody anyway?'

'Never mind that,' Andy said. 'Why is TJ's famous penis hard? At 11:00 in the morning? On a Thursday?'

I shrugged.

'Eight and a half inches of prime TJ beef! If I remember it correctly, it points straight up and maybe just a bit to the left.'

I shook my head. 'We are not having this conversation right now,' I said. 'And its eight and a third, you measured it, remember? Where's Will already?'

'I remember TJ, I do indeed. That would have been on the floor of your bedroom, with a ruler. The first time at least. Before I measured it with my mouth a few weeks later.'


'Take it easy, TJ, I'm not asking you if I can give you head right now, I'm still pretty straight, I don't do that anymore.'

'Andy, you're not pretty straight.'

Andy opened his mouth in horror. I laughed.

'Anybody who's that obsessed with my penis can't be straight.'

He laughed.

'Obsessed? You think I'm obsessed?'

I nodded.

'And it's straight, by the way. It doesn't curve to the left. Or the right. It's straight!' I said emphatically.

He laughed again. 'So let me get this right, I'm not straight, but your penis is?'


He pointed to my pants. 'Prove it.'

I shook my head. 'Andy, I'm not dropping trow, and proving to you that my dick is straight when I've got an erection. You've seen it, it's not crooked. It's straight!'

Andy blew air out of his mouth. 'If you say so, dude. If you say so.'

I nodded. I was convinced I had made my point. I may be bent, but my penis wasn't.

'So where's Will?'

Andy ignored me again, his eyes stuck on my mid-section.

'Five bucks says you whip it out before the end of the day. Whadda ya' say? I know you, TJ. You're proud of that monster; you love to show it off!'

'Okay. Five bucks. It's a deal. I say it stays in my pants.'

I stuck my hands into the pockets of my jeans, protecting my bet. I fully intended to earn that money.

Andy smiled, watching me struggle to get my hands all the way into my pants. 'Feels good in there, doesn't it dude?'

'Andy! Fuck! You're such a pervert! Now, where the hell is Will?'

Andy cupped the basket of his own pants. There was quite a mound there.

'All this talk about hard cocks has gotten me a little turned on,' he said.

I shook my head.

'Yeah, you're straight all right. Where's Will already?'

He smiled. 'In the shower.'

Uh oh, that could be trouble. This felt like déjà vu. All over again.

'Should we go and check on him?' Andy was taunting me.

'No, I'm good,' I said.

We both looked at the ceiling. Seconds passed. Inside my pants, my dickhead edged up against my hand. I exhaled.

More seconds passed. Andy smirked. He was watching me.

'Five bucks?'


'Come on, TJ, you want to. I know you do!'


Andy dug in his pockets and pulled out a wad of cash. Mostly singles. 'What if I make it....' He counted the money in his hand. ' about...six bucks?'


He looked down. 'Okay, then ten!'


'Ten bucks, TJ, just show me your cock. I still say it's a little crooked.'

I sighed.

'If I do, will you shut up?'

Andy smiled. 'There's my boy, I knew you would do it!'

'Gimme the money,' I demanded.

'First?' Andy said, 'I don't know, TJ, how do I know you won't just grab the cash and dash, dude?'

'Give me the fucking ten bucks, Andy.'

He paused. He was thinking about it.


'Okay, here you go.' He handed me a five and five ones. I shoved it into my back pocket.

Andy nodded at my crotch.

'Do it,' he said.

I sighed. 'This is ridiculous!' I whispered.

'A deal's a deal, dude.'

I unbuttoned the top, then unzipped my jeans. I could feel the soft fabric of my underwear. Andy's eyes were glued to the activity below my waist.

I hooked my thumbs behind my waistband and inched them down a little bit.

I nodded my head toward Andy's basket.

'This is stupid for me to do this by myself, Andy. Why don't you take yours out too?'

'I will if you give me my ten dollars back,' he said.

I rolled my eyes.

'You think your dick is worth it?' I joked.

He laughed.

'Well you may have a point there, dude,' he said. 'Maybe just $7.50.'

I laughed too.

I handed him eight. 'Keep the change.'

Three seconds later, Andy's pants and boxers were around his ankles. His long slender cock broke free and stared me in the face.

'See? Mine's straight.'

I looked around Will's living room. All of a sudden it came to me that any member of the family could walk in on us at any moment.

'Um...are you sure nobody else is home?'

Andy pursed his lips and shook his head. He smiled.

'Actually I never really asked,' he said tauntingly.

I nodded toward Andy's penis, it jutted out at a perpendicular angle from below his waist. He was completely shaved. No surprise there. And, I have to admit it was pretty straight. A tiny drop of saliva formed at the corner of my mouth. I could use a snack.

Andy put a hand on his erection and stroked it slowly. I was frozen in place. All I could do was watch. More saliva moistened my lips.

'Satisfied?' he asked.

I had to admit, he had an awfully nice dick.

'Just like you remember it?' he added.

'Um, well.'

Andy took a couple steps toward me. His boner bounced as he did. I reached my hand out to hold from the underside.

'Uh, uh, uh,' Andy said, thrusting his hips backward and just out of my reach.

'A deal's a deal, right?' He nodded toward my unbuttoned pants. 'No see TJ's dickie, no touchie Andy's dickie.'

I giggled. All right, all right. I guess I had nothing to be ashamed about. I finished loosening my pants and pushed them down below my hips. Sheepishly I lowered my boxer briefs as well. My cock slowly flopped out and pointed right back toward Andy. Somewhere in the distance I may heard a shower turn off.

He looked down and smiled.


'Well, TJ old buddy, I guess your Willie ain't so perfect after all,' he said.

I peered down at my penis.

Uh oh. It wasn't straight! It clearly left my body at something other than a perfect 90 degree angle. I used both hands and tried to straighten it out. When I took my hands away, it went back to the same angle that it was before.

Oh my god! When could this have happened?

Andy laughed.

'Crooked,' he said.

I gasped. 'Andy, I can't believe this! Something weird must have happened. I don't know!'

He kept laughing. 'Here, let me try,' he said.

He put his palm around my cock and tried to manually bend it back toward the middle.


'It's no use, TJ. It doesn't want to go that way,' Andy said. His straight white teeth lit up the room.

I pushed his hands away.

'Let me do it,' I insisted.

Andy stepped back and absently put both hands back on his own cock, keeping it warm. I tried tugging and twisting my penis, but every time I took my hands away, it sprang back to the way it was in the first place. Bent to the right. And now I was started to get soft!

Fuck, fuck, fuck! This can't be happening!

Andy watched me with an amused look on his face. 'Don't worry TJ,' he said. 'Your big dick is still famous. At our high school at least.'

I shot him a look. I was just semi-hard now, and getting droopier by the second. Andy pulled up his underwear and his pants. He carefully tucked himself back in and snapped the top button. The bulge was impressive.

'We're not in high school anymore Andy,' I said. 'That doesn't do me any good.'

I continued to look down at the funny angle of my partial erection.

He laughed. 'TJ, relax. I'm sure it won't take long. Your eight and a third inch dick will be famous at Boston University too!'

I shrugged my shoulders.

'Famous at least for being crooked!' he added.

I smacked Andy on the chest with the back of my hand.

We both looked at my penis. I was pretty much back to a completely flaccid state. I was definitely more of a grower than a shower.

'Better put it away, dude,' Andy said. 'I don't think I hear running water anymore.'

'Guys, what's going on in here? Seemed like I'm missing something,' Will's voice said quietly from across the living room.

All of the color drained from my face. Andy and I turned and saw Will standing there looking at us.

'Oh, hey Will,' Andy said.

My best friend Will was wearing a giant bath towel around his waist, nothing else. He had a quizzical look on his face; he was probably trying to figure out why I was standing in his parents' living room with my pants down below my knees.

'Uh...' I really didn't know what to say.

'Young TJ and I were just trying to figure out whose penis was straighter, mine or his,' Andy explained.

'Oh,' Will said. 'Of course you were doing that. Standing right here in my living room!'

I nodded. 'Pretty silly, right?'

Will looked at my dick. 'So, what's the verdict? Who's more curved? I'm betting it's gotta be Andy!'

I hoisted my pants up.

'Well, dude, you would have lost your money,' Andy said. 'It's not me. My Mr. Happy is straight as an arrow. Soft or hard, small or large, my wang is a fantastic work of art. Perfectly proportioned, symmetrical. And it doesn't point to either the right or the left.'

'Son of a gun!' Will said, feigning surprise.

I finished closing up my pants. I felt a little bit more normal having this conversation without my genitalia hanging out.

'Yes, as crazy as it sounds, despite his length and girth, which are of course widely known by thousands around the entire Apple Valley area, TJ's equipment is flawed,' Andy joked.

'Well, I wouldn't exactly say that...' I protested.

Andy looked solemn. 'It's true, Will. His cock is crooked. About 45 degrees off of perpendicular.'

I sighed. 'It's not that much, Andy,' I said. 'Max is like 30 degrees.'

I looked at my two friends. They both looked doubtful.

'Actually I think it's a temporary thing. You know, from being stuck inside my pants all morning,' I said.

'All morning?' Will said.

'All right, let's just forget it,' I responded, a little exasperated.

Will turned to back to the bathroom. 'Okay,' he said. 'Let's just forget the whole thing ever happened.'

'Whoa, whoa, whoa,' Andy objected.

'What?' I asked.

'What about Will? Does Will's wood curve to the left or the right just like young TJ's does?'

'Andy!' I said.

Will took a few steps away from us. He shook his head.

'You know, for a couple of straight guys, you both seem a little too pre-occupied with penises,' Will said.

'That's right,' I agreed.

'Boys, I have been pre-occupied with penises ever since I realized I had one,' Andy said. 'I like what I've got, and I consider that I have, you know, just a healthy curiosity about the penises of others.'

'You do, do you?' Will asked, laughing.

'That's right,' Andy said. 'We're all guys, right? Doesn't everybody wonder how they compare, you know, dick-wise?'

'No,' Will and I said together.

'All right, just forget it,' Andy said.

'Okay,' Will said. 'I'll do that.'

He walked into the other room. We heard a door close, probably his bedroom.

'Damn!' Andy said.

'Andy, you're an idiot! You could have gotten me in a lot of trouble there. Will doesn't actually know about me!'

Andy just stared at me.

'Or about you for that matter,' I added.

Andy cocked his head to the side, like a puppy trying to figure out exactly what I was talking about.

'TJ, Will knows.'

My jaw opened. Really? Will knows?

'I mean, you're not exactly that hard to figure out,' he said.

I smacked him on the chest again. He laughed.

'And for what it's worth, he's very okay with it. Apparently you and I have done some extra-curricular stuff on the side anyhow, right?'

I turned red.

'Um, well, at his graduation party last summer...'

'I thought so,' Andy said.

We just stood there looking at each other in silence.


'So what?' I asked.

'Did it hurt?'

'Did what hurt?'

'Did it hurt having Will's enormous weenie up your butt?'


'I mean, we've both seen the thing, it's like out of this world gigantic, right?'


'It had to hurt, right TJ?'

I rolled my eyes. Did anybody not keep secrets anymore?

'Yes, it hurt,' I said. 'It hurt like crazy! But, you know, it was a good hurt? You know what I mean?'

'I think so,' Andy said.

We looked at each other again, not saying anything.

'It's not crooked,' I said.

'I didn't think so,' Andy said. 'Seemed pretty much like a rocket ship last time I laid eyes on the damn thing.'

'Yup, a rocket ship, all right. A Saturn 5 Apollo rocket ship!'

'Sounds like you liked it,' Andy taunted.

I thought about this for a moment.

'Yup,' I said. 'I did. I did like it. Being fucked by Will. To this day, I still can't believe I managed to get him inside of me.'

'Sounds like something to be proud of, something to put on your resume.'

I laughed. 'I'll keep that in mind,' I said.

Andy cupped the pouch of his crotch in both hands. I watched his hands circle around what looked like a mound of grapefruit.


'So what?'

'So can I fuck you too?' Andy asked. His voice was filled with innocence.


'I mean, I can't offer Will's Tower of Power,' Andy said. 'But at least we both know that I'm long and narrow. And straight as an arrow!'

I couldn't help but chuckle again.

'Andy, you're straight! Why the heck would you want to stick your dick up my butt? Aren't there like a thousand girls for you to go fuck? Sprinkled all around Apple Valley?'

'Well, you're right, I am straight. And there is certainly no lack of women who want to tackle my baby monster here...'


'Variety, TJ, variety! I get bored with the stuff girls have after a while.'

I shook my head.

'You're a pain, Andy, you know that, a real pain.'

He giggled. 'So, can we do this or not?'

If nothing else, he was persistent.

'Can we at least wait until we leave Will's house? I think we've done enough in this poor living room, don't you think?'

'Good deal,' Andy said. 'Let's wait till later.'

And we did.

After we left Will's, Andy drove me over to his house so he could fuck me. He had 8 different types of lube. I chose the grapefruit.


On the day before New Year's, Joey finally called me. He had been out of town or something with his family, some kind of reunion thing.

I was a little pissed, but I covered it up. I wasn't sure at all what he thought of us. Whether or not he wanted to pick up where we'd left off last summer. I hope he wanted to hook up. I really, really, really wanted to see him!

'So we're having a little party here,' Joey said, after we'd gotten through the basic stuff. 'You should come over.'

It was not really a request.

'Um, well, you know, I was going hang out with some friends,' I said.

That was not exactly true.

I'd been invited to three different parties, but I'd turned them all down. Trying to keep myself open in case Joey called. And now he had.

And now I was not being honest with him. I needed a shrink.

'Oh,' Joey said. He sounded disappointed.

'Well, I guess I could...'

'I'd really like you to come over, TJ,' he said.

Finally! He said it.


'What time?' I asked. 'What can I bring?'

'The party starts at like 9:30,' Joey said. 'Why don't you come over, I don't know, how about like 5:00?'


'You know, we could maybe throw the football around.'

I laughed.

'You're joking, right?'

He laughed too.

'How about we go for a short run?'

'Now you're talking.'

'Just take it easy on me,' Joey said. 'I don't happen to run college track.'

'No problem, we'll take it slow,' I said.


'Good,' I agreed.

'Are we talking about running? Or are we talking about what I hope we're talking about?'

'Um. What do you think we're talking about?'

'TJ, I thought you were a college boy! Are you really as clueless as you seem to be?'

I giggled.

'Okay, okay, I get it,' I said. 'Sounds like we're on the same page. I'll be there at 5:00. What should I bring?'

'Well, you could bring your dick.'

Seemed easy enough.

My mom had a pie in the freezer left over from the holidays. I defrosted it, then stuck it in my back pack. I biked over to Joey's about 4:30. I was not about to be late.

Joey opened the door in a pair of work out shorts. Nothing else. He'd put on some muscle, but he was still more chiseled than anybody else I'd ever seen. His chest hair was a little thicker. The dark features of his Italian face should have been in a museum in Tuscany.

I handed him the pie. He sniffed it and put it down.

'Mmm,' he said.

'It's banana,' I said. 'One of my favorites.'

Joey looked directly at my crotch. He nodded his head in approval. 'Mine too,' he said. I rolled my eyes.

Then he sniffed me. His beard tickled my neck.

'Double mmm. I love it, what are you wearing?'

'Dove,' I said, giggling. 'It's my mom's.'

He closed the door behind me. Inside the house, he pulled me toward him and kissed me. His arms bear-hugged me, a warm feeling flowed throughout my veins. Like his biceps, Joey's lips were strong and powerful too. He practically swallowed my mouth whole. I let him do what he wanted. God, it felt great to be held by him again, to hold Joey again.

One of Joey's hands found my ass. The other slipped behind my belt buckle. Joey's fingertips found the elastic of my underwear. A few centimeters and he'd have found something else.

Something he'd asked me to bring.

I leaned my head back, the force of Joey's tongue drilling its way into my chest I opened my throat to let him in. I was putty.

Somebody cleared their throat across the room. 'Ahem.'

Joey stopped kissing me immediately. He stepped back and turned red.


'Whoa,' I said involuntarily.

A middle-aged woman with dark flowing hair stepped forward and extended her hand. 'You must be TJ. I'm Joey's mother. Very pleased to meet you. Our Joey has told us a lot about you.'

As I shook her hand, I glanced at Joey. His face offered no explanation.

'Really? Well, um, that's great, I mean, thank you. Uh, Joey's been talking about you guys non-stop too!'

'Yeah,' Joey agreed.

I had a hard-on. Of course. I hoped Mrs. Joey kept her eyes above my hips. A few more seconds in her presence however, and I was bound for major shrinkage.

'When Joey first mentioned this whole thing, we were shocked,' she said. 'It's taken us a while to absorb it all as you might expect.'

Uh oh. The saliva inside of my mouth went completely dry. Joey's mom took a half step back and looked me up and down.

'But I can see that our son has made a very nice choice. You seem like quite a catch.'

My jaw opened to speak.

Joey helped. 'I told them about us,' he said. 'Or rather, I told them about me.'

'Us?' I said, looking into his eyes. I was lucky to make audible even that one syllable.

He smiled. 'You know? Us! I told my family how we met during senior year. I told them how you helped me with classes and stuff, how I was probably not even going to graduate without all that you did for me. I told them I was probably gay, or at least, you know, bi-.'

'You did?'

'My husband and I very much appreciate all the help you gave Joey last year with his classes. We had been worried about his marks for quite some time. It took your tutoring to bring him over the line, to really instill in him the desire to learn. Thank you very much, TJ.'


'Really,' Joey and his mom said together. They shared a private moment of eye contact.

''re like...I're really okay with this?'

She smiled warmly.

'TJ, Joey is our son. We're very proud of him. We want him to be happy. If it's you that makes him happy...' She paused and looked at Joey. Then she put one arm around his waist.

Then she continued, a tear formed in her eye. 'You must realize that love transcends anything, TJ. We will support Joey in whatever life choices he makes.'

Now my eyes were getting moist. 'But...'

Joey's mom wrapped her other arm around my waist and squeezed me tight.

'Welcome to the family, TJ,' she said.

Joey put his arm around the shoulder on my free side. The three of us formed sort of a lop-sided football huddle. Our faces were very close, I could have French kissed either one. Joey's mom gave me a neat little kiss on the cheek. Not to be outdone, Joey did too, only his was not so neat.

'We're Italian, TJ, this is what we do,' Joey explained.

When we finally broke our group hug, we all had red eyes.

'This is kind've weird,' I said. 'I've never really told...'

Joey's mom nodded. 'I'm sure it's a lot to take in all at once,' she said. 'Why don't you boys go on into Joey's room? You probably have a lot of catching up to do. I've just made some fresh lemonade, I'll bring some in.'

I sighed. 'Um, okay.'

'Oh, and thanks for the pie!' she said cheerfully.

Joey's mom hurried off in the direction of the kitchen. I stood motionless and looked at Joey in his running shorts. He was perfect. Beautiful. Strong. Self-confident. I was none of those things.

Joey put his huge hands behind my head and drew my face toward his. He scrunched up my mouth into a pucker and placed his lips over mine. I didn't really kiss him back. I was still a little shocked by what had just taken place.

In his room, we talked for a couple hours. We munched on some carrots his mom brought in and drank her lemonade. Nobody bothered us. It was getting dark outside. The New Year's Eve party would be starting soon.

Joey's mother had been right, there was a lot to catch up on. He was going to school in northern California, majoring in Forestry. He was a back-up quarterback on their football team and had seen some playing time in his very first season. I was in Boston at a not-quite Ivy League school, still with no major declared yet. I was running track and trying not to freeze my ass off. Joey was now out to his parents; I hadn't even dreamed of having the conversation yet. How come some guys had it so easy?

'Joey, this is like so amazing!' I said. 'I'm so happy for you that you told your folks. It must be a huge weight off your shoulders.'

He looked into my eyes. 'Thanks,' he said. Then he put his fist under my chin to steady me. He leaned in to kiss me. He did. He tasted like lemonade.

'Pretty fucking strange, right? Stud high school quarterback, 2nd best looking guy in the entire school, turns out to be gay.'

I chuckled. 'It does seem sort of unlikely,' I admitted.

I kissed him again, this time my mouth surrounding his. 'Second best? Who are you kidding? You were easily the hottest guy at Apple Valley!'

'After you, dude. After you.'

I smiled. He was clearly blind. Or nuts. Or both!

Joey picked me up in his arms. I was a sack of potatoes.

While his tongue deep-throated me, his hands fumbled with my pants. It could not have been easy to get all of my clothes off me while holding me in mid-air at the same time. I did what I could to make it easier on him, using my toes to push off my own socks.

Soon, I was naked. Joey's mouth still covered mine. Joey placed one hand between my legs, his palm on my scrotum, his fingers getting lost in between the crack of my butt. All in all, this seemed like a very good way to hold me up. I was in no danger of falling.

Joey stopped kissing me for a minute and tried to figure out how he could keep me up here and get my hard dick into his mouth. I wiggled my hips and my legs around to be as accommodating as I could. All my squirming resulted in two of Joey's fingers entering the opening of my ass.

'Aah,' I said, taking a breath.

Joey laughed and kept his fingers inside me.

Soon he gave up on this position. He flipped me upside down and vertical. Then he allowed my head to ease down toward the ground. I stretched out my arms and found my own head tucked between Joey's massive thighs. Up above, Joey popped my dick into his mouth. Out came one of his fingers, now just one remained, but he used to probe around in there. I rewarded Joey's tongue with a fresh ooze of pre-cum.

Hmm. If I didn't wind up breaking my neck, I thought this was a very nice position to be given a blow job.

Joey slurped away on my cock. I couldn't really do much with my own mouth, or even my hands for that matter. What blood wasn't already inside my penis flowed directly to my head. My feet tingled.

With some careful maneuvering, I managed to slide Joey's running shorts down to about his mid-thigh with my teeth. He was too busy to help; I was pretty much on my own here.

Without taking his finger out of my butt, Joey slid me the rest of the way down to the carpeting. My neck flexed and my face was facing up. He wriggled out of his shorts and then sat lightly on my mouth. At the same time, Joey buried his own face in my butt and spread my legs wide, like a wishbone.

'Aah,' I said again.

'Shh,' he said, 'I think the guests are starting to arrive.'

'Sorry,' I said quietly. 'It's just that, you're like eating out my ass like its Thanksgiving or something!'

'It's New Year's Eve,' Joey said with a chuckle.

I laughed too, but it wasn't easy to do upside down with my legs in the air and with a 200 pound Italian quarterback squatting on my face.

Joey alternated sucking on my dick with sucking on my butt. I tried not to moan. Five minutes later, I thought I would die of pleasure.

'Fuck, Joey!' I finally said. 'You have to stop, I can't take it anymore!'

Joey stuck another finger inside my ass.

'You're not really in a very good position to negotiate,' he said.

He managed to get both of my balls into his mouth, and kept finger-fucking my butt. With a huge wet palm, he stroked my dick up and down.

And then that was that. 'Aaah!' I said as quietly as I could. Then I came right onto my own face. Onto my cheeks, my nose, even my eyes.

Joey finally took his hand away from my backside and carefully let my hips and legs ease down to the ground. He lay down on his stomach and put his face over mine. One of us was upside down.

He smiled when he realized that I had given myself a total sperm facial.

'What a mess,' he said.

I licked my lips, tasting the bleachy musk of my own cum.

'Hey,' he said, 'that's all for me. You leave that alone.'

I giggled. 'It's all yours,' I said.

With his thick coarse tongue, Joey lapped up every single drop. I stretched my arms out and just lay there spent. I hadn't managed to get his thick cock into my mouth even once. Now I barely had the energy to take a peek at it.

When he was done, Joey looked into my eyes again. Somewhere far away, my dick throbbed and another drop of semen leaked onto my stomach in the general vicinity of my belly button. It felt warm and sticky. My face, however, was cool and clean; Joey's mouth had made sure of that.

'Round one,' he said.

Uh oh.

He kissed me.

'Um, don't we have to get out there for the party?' I asked. 'Won't they think it's a little odd that we're still here in the room?'

Joey pursed his lips and shrugged. 'We're good,' he said. 'They know exactly what's going on in here.'

I sighed.

'Really? They know? And they're cool?'

'More than cool,' Joey said. 'They want to hear all the details later.'

Holy crap!

Oh well, I would have to think about this later. Italian families were clearly not anything like mine. I looked down at my naked body, I tried to sit up but realized I couldn't. I was too weak.

'If we're going to do this again, if there's any chance at all of a Round two, I think I need some pie first.' I said.

He was up in a flash, pulling his shorts up over his hips. 'Back in a flash,' he said.

I stayed exactly where I was. On my back, on Joey's floor. I still had an erection. He gave it a squeeze with his hand as he stood up.

'Aah,' I said.

'You say that a lot,' he said.

As he opened the door to go out and get us some pie, he was silhouetted by the light from the hallway. Joey would have been some great fucking starting material for a sculpture by Michelangelo.

'So after we have pie, you'll be able to get hard again, right? You'll be able to stick your big, huge eight and a third inches of TJ-man meat inside my tender, muscular ass?'

'Sure thing,' I said. 'Just get the pie already!'


TJ Tachet

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