Rick had stayed in Mark's bunk after they ate the pizza. They slept together closely in the single bed. Rick positioned behind Mark, both lying on their sides. Sometime during the night Rick's arms became tangled around Marks body. Rick's dark skin and tattoos contrasting sharply with Marks perfect white skin.

Rick surfaced from sleep first and looked down at his pup. Rick started suck on Marks left nipple. Mark was awoken by the sensation of Rick sucking on his chest. Mark's youthful dick sprang to life. Rick rolled Mark's left nipple around in his right hand and tugged on it making it hard. It was 6:00am and they did not have to be in class this morning until 9:00am.

Rick startled Mark by pulling him into a 69 position on their sides. Rick ordered Mark to suck him. Rick put Mark's erection in his mouth. Rick lathered his tongue on Mark's fat cock teasing the rim and head. Marks groaned at the sensations and tried to emulate Rick's technique. Rick was rubbing Marks balls.

From Rick's vantage point he could see Marks sweet ass cheeks peeking at him from behind Mark's balls. Rick spread Marks ass cheeks so that he could see Mark's hole while he licked and sucked on Marks fat dick.

Mark erupted in orgasm suddenly and without warning. Rick drank down every drop of semen and kept sucking Marks softening cock. Mark was overly sensitive and tried to pull away. Rick held him tightly in place by force. Rick started to pump into Marks mouth with more force. Rick swallowed Mark's half hard cock to the base and rotated his head around on it. Rick pumped Marks dick with his face. He felt Mark's fat dick stiffen again. Mark started to hump into Rick's mouth.

Rick reached down and pushed Marks mouth harder onto his dick. Rick heard Mark gag on it a few times, and a rush of excitement raced through his balls. Rick loved to gag lovers with his dick.

The boys fucked each others' face for another ten minutes. Rick was getting close to orgasm and started fucking Marks mouth roughly trying to push his dick deep into his throat. Rick buried his dick into Mark's throat and started to ejaculate.

Mark started to choke and semen gushed out of his nose. Rick quickly pulled out to allow Mark time to breath but at the same time jerked his dick emptying his balls, into Marks face as he struggled to recover.

Mark said accusingly, "You put your dick all the way down my throat and then squirted on my face!"

"Bro that was fucking hot." Rick looked at Mark's red puffy lips. Semen was still dripping from Mark's nose.

Rick said consolingly "Let's get in the shower and get ready early. We can go grab breakfast."

Mark followed Rick into the shower. They soaped up. Mark blew his nose trying to clear his nasal passages. Rick started rubbing Mark's back and kissing his shoulders. He would reward his pup tonight. Rick was thinking about calling that girl from Biology class and talk her into flashing her tits at Mark. Or maybe he would give him another good ass licking, or maybe both.

Thirty minutes later they climbed on Rick's motorcycle, Mark holding on to Rick's mid drift. Rick drove them to a diner on campus to get breakfast. He paid for their food and carried their tray to a table. Mark was still pouting.

Rick told Mark, "You'll get stronger and more confident as you learn more. Pretty soon you'll be begging me to face fuck you hard for an hour."

Mark still outraged, "But why were you so rough?"

Rick answered, "It's just the way I like it sometimes."

Rick asked Mark if he wanted to go to the gym after class. Mark nodded and started to perk up.

They reached the dorm late that afternoon sweaty and tired from working out and playing basketball.

Rick said playfully, "You play basketball like a little white bitch."

Mark pride smarted. Mark had played basketball all during junior and senior high.

"Shut up, I kept up with you fine." They had played 1/1 and then had played in a pickup game with a group of guys.

Rick continued to harass Mark, "Little white princess bitch."

Mark launched on Rick tackling him to the ground. Laughing Rick wrestled with him to get the upper hand. Mark was a skilled wrestler but Rick was street smart. They wrestled back and forth knocking over chairs and generally wrecking the room. Testosterone and sweat were flying everywhere when Rick went limp allowed Mark to lock him down on the floor.

They were both breathing hard and both had strong erections now. Mark in a superior position instinctively rubbed his crotch on Rick's ass. Excitement surged through Mark's ball sack. Mark leaned down to kiss Rick's neck, tasting the salt and sweat on his skin.

Mark humped Rick's ass cheeks though their workout clothes. His breath became uneven and ragged. Mark passionately kissed Rick's neck with an open mouth and continued to lick the sweat and salt off Rick's shoulders. Rick lay perfectly still allowing Mark to continue.

Rick wanted to reward his pup. Marks thrusts became frantic. He groaned and shuddered in orgasm. Mark fell against Rick gratefully kissing his neck.

Rick moved to a more comfortable position. Rick looked down at Mark, "That's called grinding, Bro." Mark had a contented beatific expression plastered on his face.

Mark happily replied, "I really liked that. I did not think you would let me do it."

"Mark, come get in the shower with me."

Sleepily, Mark stood up and followed Rick into the bathroom. They stripped off their workout clothes and got into the shower.

"White princess bitch," Rick began to tease Mark again about his ball playing. But this time Mark just smiled enjoying Rick's banter and attention.

Rick stayed semi erect during the shower. A few times Mark tried to make a play for Rick's dick.

Rick just slapped his hand away. Rick had plans to reward Mark for this morning's performance. He took special care to carefully clean Marks ass. Rick rubbed Mark's hole with his middle finger.

Mark sighed and gave into the sensation of Rick touching his anus and the million little nerve endings that responded to the pressure of Rick's finger rubbing his asshole. Rick's dick became fully erect. He wanted Mark badly now.

"Come on," Rick said, and turned the shower off.

Rick pushed Mark into the dorm room, pulling his naked body into an embrace. They stood there forehead to forehead, looking into each other's eyes. Rick's eyes were dark and smoldering and filled with lust. Mark's eyes were full of innocence and promise.

Rick started to kiss Mark on the mouth. He kiss was romantic, even gentle. Rick played at the corners of Mark's mouth with his tongue. Mark opened his mouth to Rick. Rick felt his balls instantly tighten up and his kissing became more passionate.

Rick pushed Mark down onto the bed into a prone position on his back. Rick lay on top of Mark kissing him deeply. He held Marks head as he kissed his sensitive young mouth. Mark's hand tentatively touched Rick's chest and started to move around gently touching Ricks nipples.

Mark looked up at Rick's tattooed torso wanted to kiss his chest and trace the tattoos with his tongue. Mark made the move to do so. Rick allowed Mark's kisses and even murmured words of encouragement, rubbing his head, and talking to him. Mark had attached himself to Rick's nipple and was sucking on it passionately. Mark went back and force between Rick's nipples gently worshiping them. Mark kissed all of Rick's gang markings.

Rick took control and pulled Marks face in for another deep kiss, thrusting his tongue into Mark's mouth. Rick forced Mark roughly into a position on all fours. Rick spread Mark's ass cheeks and looked at Mark's smooth ass crack. Mark had light fur on his balls but his asshole was nice and hairless.

Rick was infatuated with Mark's ass. Marks ass had to be the best boy ass he seen and licked. Mark was breathless waiting for Rick's tongue. Before Rick licked Marks ass, he wanted to tease him for a few minutes.

Rick took his finger with feathery light pressure and ran it from the top of Mark's crack to his hole, around his hole a few times and down to his balls. He rubbed Mark's balls sensually and slowly and then repeated the process several times. Mark was panting.

Rick bent his face to Mark's crack and start running his tongue along the same path as he had been running his finger. When Rick got to Marks balls he would suck and lick them for several minutes. Rick tongued around Mark's hole. Mark was breathing hard and moaning, willing Rick to hit the spot.

Finally when Rick's excitement was peaking and his restraint wore thin he began to lick Mark's ass in earnest. Rick started licking directly on Mark's asshole, causing Mark to gasp. Rick focused on his hole for several uninterrupted minutes as he continued to rub Mark's balls sensually.

Rick positioned his face firmly into Mark's crack and pressed his tongue into Mark's anus. Rick had a strong grip on Marks hips that locked Mark into place so Rick could fuck Mark's ass with his tongue. He could feel Mark's anus start to relax, and he was able to get more of his tongue inside of Mark. Rick told Mark to lie flat on the bed. Rick placed a pillow under Marks pelvic area to lift his ass. Rick buried his face again in Mark's ass, trying to get maximum penetration with his tongue. Mark became humping the pillow like a school boy.

Rick slapped his ass and told him to stop, startling Mark. It left a nice red hand print on Mark's pretty white ass that turned Rick on. Rick went back to licking Mark's asshole. Rick could not get enough of his pretty white boy ass.

Rick flipped Mark over on his back. "Put your hands up here by the headboard. Now lift your ankles up and hold them with your hands. Rick pulled Marks ankles and demonstrated the position. This exposed Marks ass and balls to Rick and gave Rick easy access to lick Mark's hole. Rick buried his face again in Mark's crack licking and fucking his ass with tongue. Rick nuzzles and sucked on Paul's balls every so often. Mark's breath was ragged and uneven. Mark's engorged cock bounced around.

Rick gripped Mark's ankles now and started rubbing his cock against Marks sweet virgin ass. Mark's chest and face where flushed a deep red. Rick knew he was overwhelming Mark with pleasurable sensations.

Rick became so fucking hot looking at his own dark cock up against Mark's white ass. Rick wanted to fuck Mark so bad right now. Rick pressed the head of his dick against Mark's asshole. Electric shock waves surged through his balls. Rick pushed in just a bit to tease his opening and test the waters. Rick looked up at Mark's face to see fearful big blue eyes staring back at him. Rick immediately stopped and released Mark's ankles.

Rick grabbed Mark's cock and started to go down on him with vigor. Mark body went slack and Mark gave joyfully into Rick's ministrations. Less than a minute later Mark exploded into Rick's mouth. Rick quickly jerked off into Mark's face. Mark weakly opened his mouth for Rick's load. Rick ejaculated all over Mark's face and open mouth. Mark leaned up to suck and lick the head of Ricks dick to clean it.

Rick was pleased with how fast Mark was coming along. He had completely forgotten about the hot blond girl in his biology class.


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