Three weeks after Luke and I had been expelled from their high school by mean principal Mr. Jones for having sex on campus and after our steamy sex with Coach Jessie in his office, Luke and I went out to our favorite recreation center to meet two of our very good friends on the high school football team for a game of pool. Erik the 18-year-old senior and the teams kicker and David, the 18-year-old team's backup quarterback that year to quarterback Luke, met us around 6 PM at the rec center on a Saturday night.

As we drank Pepsi and played several games of pool, Erik finally got up the nerve to say: "Sonny, your dear friend Sarah told me about the photos of Coach Jessie that she gave you as you were going to Coach Jessie's office after leaving Mr. Jones office. She said the photos were of semi-pro hockey player Sean having wild sex with Coach Jessie. Is Sarah telling the truth? The entire campus knows why you and Luke were kicked out of school and the rumors are flying about Sean and Coach Jessie. Did you confront Coach Jessie with the photos and what happened?"

"Well Guys, the truth is out that Luke and I are gay and we are now lovers. And yea, we were so pissed that Coach Jessie had not defended us when Mr. Jones gave us the boot that we not only showed him the photos in his office but we had him lock his office door and we gave each other steamy hot blowjobs. Yea, we each swallowed that thick cum down our throats."

I noticed that Erik and David began to sprout big tents in their athletic warmups. Man, soon their cocks had grown to full erections. Wow, I knew how big their cocks possibly were from seeing them naked in the locker room although they now had rock hard tools. Luke and I had begun to also get hard erections. Were Erik and David gay or just two naturally curious and typical horny young studs needed to get their rocks off? I needed to know and I got the wild idea to ask: "Hey guys, look how hard you are and yea Luke and I are getting horny too. I've got an idea. How would you like to go over to Coach Jessie home for some man sex? After our blowjobs in his office the other day, he invited Luke and me to come over because he wants to fuck our young meat pussies. What do you guys think? Should we go for it?"

I instantly saw pure lust in their eyes and they both began to rub their crotches. Man this could be a hot night of a wild orgy.

Luke added: "Yea man, this could be our first real orgy giving and getting blowjobs and fucking like some wild animals. Man, I'm getting horny. Lets go for it."

I could see that Erik and David not only had become excited but eager to get it on with Coach Jessie.

Erik said: "Man I'm so horny and yea having man sex might be really fun especially with that hunk Coach Jessie. Would he want to take on all four of us? What about you David?"

"Fuck yea, I've been curious about man sex although it would be my first time with guys. Shit, lets do it," responded David.

I got very excited about the idea of we four hot young football studs getting it on together and also with hot Coach Jessie. I began to leak some pre-cum from the excitement.

When we got to Coach Jessie's home, I noticed his car was in the driveway and the lights were on. We were lucky, yea he was home.

I rang the doorbell and when the Coach opened the door, he looked somewhat shocked to see four of his former really horny and young athletes standing there with big hardons.

"Well Sonny and Luke, I see you have Erik and David with you. What can I do for you gentlemen? Do you want to talk about where you are going to college next year?"

I said: "Coach can we come in?"

"Sure Sonny, come in. Can I get a soft drink for anyone?"

I spoke up and said: "Coach, drop the innocent game. We have told Erik and David every thing and we have come over to have wild fucking sex with you. Lets all get out of these damn clothes and make mad man sex. The word is out about you Coach. I'm sure in the next few days Mr Jones, will fire your hot ass."

The Coach began to grow a big bulge in his pants. This was turning him on. He had gone beyond the point of no return. He had to be horny as hell with the chance to fuck four very sexy 18-year-old jocks with very big cocks, young fresh pink asses and lots of sweet semen at this age.

Coach Jessie said: "Hey guys, who wants my huge cock up their ass first?"

I laid a big surprise on Coach Jessie when I replied: "No Coach, tonight you are in for a hot surprise. You will do what we say. You are going to be our bitch. All four of us are going to rip that ass of yours apart with our young big fresh cocks. You will take all four of our big dicks up that man pussy. I bet you will stay in bed all day tomorrow as you will be so sore from all our raw meat deep inside you and gobs of cum juice. While one of us is fucking that man pussy of yours, the other dudes will be sucking your cock and you sucking on their timber. Got it Coach?"

All the guys were so excited about my order to the Coach, by the time I had finished giving the instructions, we were all butt naked with our cocks standing straight out with drippings of pre-cum making our cock heads shinny. We grabbed the Coach, carried him to his master bedroom and began to strip him of all his clothes. Shit, he was so turned on that his cock was as hard as an iron pipe and he had begun to leak.

Then with a big smile on his face he said: "Sonny, go over to my dresser and get that big bottle of lube and some of those condoms."

I got the lube and we filled his puckering big ass with what seemed like a gallon of lube. He was so filled with that wet lube, he could take a dozen cocks that night if he needed too. As the leader for the night of fucking, I said: "Erik, you get the first go at that big experienced ass. Here let me lube that big wood of yours."

As Coach Jessie laid on his back, Luke had pulled the Coach's legs up over his head and held them there. I had Eric get his crotch down to the ass entrance. I used my hands to lube that huge 8-inch cock. The feel of his cock in my hand so turned me on that I went down on his big cock and gave him a quick blowjob. He got hard as a steel pipe. He had the most beautiful fuzzy red pubic hair and a totally white smooth cock. This was one hot red headed stud.

I got control and said: "Eric slam that big wood of your up that man pussy."

The Coach said:"Wait guys, where are the condoms?

I replied: "Coach not tonight. We are breeding you raw."

"Well I guess that will be fun having all that wet cum up my ass. Go for it."

With one thrust, Erik buried his entire cock all the way into the pulsating ass and began to use his hips to drill that ass. Erik was like a wild man enjoying his first man pussy with his cock exploring every inch of Coach Jessie's hot pink asshole. He and the Coach were moaning and breathing rapidly in total heat. In the meantime, David had taken the Coaches big cock all the way down his throat and was giving the Coach a hot blowjob. I managed to get my throbbing cock into Luke's mouth for a terrific blowjob. The Coach was getting his ass drilled, he was also getting a blowjob and I had my cock deep inside hot Luke's mouth. Man, this was a hot orgy.

After about five minutes, I heard Erik blurt out: "Oh fuck yea, Coach here I come. Take my seed deep inside that man pussy. Oh my god, it feels so awesome. Yea. what an orgasm." I could see from the strained look on his blood red face that Erik was shooting stream after stream of his jizz deep into thew Coach's ass. I began to smell Erik's hot semen.

Shit, in a few seconds, I heard David began to gag like he was drowning. The Coach had just climaxed with a big load of his own cum down the throat of hot David. I noticed a stream of cum flowing down David's chin. The Coach's load had been so big that David could not swallow it all.

So now both Erik and Coach Jessie had emptied their balls leaving only David, Luke and me to get off. Erik went over and flopped down in a big chair and begun to play with his soft cock.

Next I lubed up my buddy Luke's big cock and watched as he drove his huge cock shaft slowly down the Coach's ass. The Coach cried out from the pain. Luke had such a long and also wide and thick cock shaft. "Oh shit Luke, it hurts so much. Go slow Luke."

Luke was so turned on that he ignored the plea and began to speed up as he fucked that pussy harder and harder. Soon the Coach was enjoying that monstrous cock. At the same time, I had taken David's wood deep into my throat and gave him a hot blowjob. His pre-cum was so sweet and thick.

Only after three or four minutes, I saw Luke pull his red-hot cock out of the Coach's ass, began to jerk off wildly until he blasted his cum all over Coach Jessie's asshole. Then Luke drove his cock back into that man pussy pushing his semen deep into that cum filled ass. When he was spent, he joined Erik over on one of the chairs. This left David and me to get off our nuts.

Now Coach Jessie was in for the final act and man would it be hot. I got down on the bed on my back, spread my legs and let my cock stand at attention. I had Coach Jessie climb on top facing me and ordered him to slid his big cum filled ass down on my cock. When he had taken my entire big wood deep into his pussy, David got behind the Coach and began to drive his cock inside that pussy. Soon I felt David's cock and my cock pressing hard against each other. We were DP the Coach's ass. The feel was so awesome that David did not last more than two minutes when he shot his load all over my cock and Coach Jessie's ass. That caused me to go into an immediate climax as I too filled that man pussy. David slowly pulled his semi-hard cock out first followed by my pulling my cock out of that hot pussy. David and I took turns parting the Coach's lips with our cum covered cocks and had him suck our cocks clean.

We all had gotten our nuts drained and had had a smelly and wet cum feast. We showered and ordered a couple of pizzas. The night had been terrific.

NOTE: I was not going to do part 3 until three guys commented on part 2 of this story requesting I do part 3. Guys I hope you enjoy!!!! Be well everyone.


Naughty Eric


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