So many people have different things that make them hard and horny. For me it's bondage. I love the feeling of being tied down with no escape from whatever comes my way. And to be tied up in white briefs is my ultimate high during bondage. Having nothing on but the smallest and most classic form of cover while being tied up helpless and completely vulnerable is pure pleasure for me.

One night I and my boyfriend decided that we were going to have some fun. We'd done the bondage thing here and there but nothing too serious. He didn't have a lot of equipment so we normally would just use some soft rope and this start up bondage kit he'd bought a while ago. Everything was pretty harmless and fun. He'd strip me down to my white briefs and tie me up a little. He'd edge me for a while and then milk me dry. It wasn't anything too advanced but it was fun for us. Well one night my boyfriend decides that we should have a little more fun and take our time. I agreed and told him I was his helpless sub for the evening. He got his evil smile on and I laughed and we got started. He starts out by putting a blindfold on me. It was just a sleeping eye mask that you can get for the plane or whatever and he secured it with an ace bandage we had lying around. To my surprise, I really couldn't see anything through it. Next he stripped me down to my briefs per usual. At this point my dick pretty much always stands at attention. Taking notice of it, my man gave me a quick graze letting me know he was aware of my raging cock. But this session wasn't about a quick cum. This was going to be a longer session he'd said. So then he guilds me to the bed and sits me down. Next he begins to put some restraints on my wrists and ankles. But these restraints aren't like the others we'd been using before. Normally I could escape whenever I wanted. Sometimes I would do it just to aggravate him. But these straps had a lock to them. I could feel their weight and the lock with my fingers. I giggled a little nervously and he just laughed silently to himself, while every once in a while giving my cock a brush with his open palm. He then placed me back on the bed and tied me spread eagle. But instead of rope he used something else. I could feel the straps used to keep my restraints in position. They were thick and also had a lock. He just laughed out loud as I struggled and struggled to find a fault or weakness in this. I laid there panting and a little sore from being unable to break free. He had really put me in a place of helplessness. I began to really enjoy this feeling. Having him being able to do whatever he wanted to me while I was this helpless really made me hard. I was raging. Then he whispered into my ear, 'Open your mouth, I have a surprise!' He then placed a gag with a hole in it. It kept my mouth from closing and rendered my teeth as harmless as my body now was. I could literally be face fucked and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I LOVED IT!

He edged me for what seemed like forever. I was in a pleasurable agony when suddenly I could hear him digging through a bag or something in the room. 'Damn it,' he says. 'I don't have the keys to release you!' I just let out a muffled laugh because of the gag and he continued to search.

'No really, I don't have them. I was at the porn shop today buying these and the guy took them out to show me what I had ordered and how to use them. He must have forgotten to put the release key in the box. I hate to do this, but I have to go and get the key.'

He even took my blindfold off so I knew this was serious. My hard on was instantly lost. Now I am trapped in my own room with no way out. This was not turning into the fun evening I thought we were going to have at all!

He ran out the door as fast as he could to go and get the keys. And there I am, lying tied down in my briefs, completely helpless with an open mouthed gag locked in place. I could see the lock spots everywhere and there really was no way I could just escape. Damn I wish he had been smarter about this. I could hear him drive away, not knowing how long he'd be gone or when I would get out of this shit. Then I heard a sound that made my heart sink. The door in the room across the hall opened. My boyfriend's roommate lived in there and though he was normally a cool guy, I always got the feeling that he would really like to find me in just a position. On top of everything my boyfriend had left our bedroom door open just a crack while leaving in a hurry. I could hear him talking with someone too. Oh god his boyfriend was with him too! This was so embarrassing. Then as they walked past the bedroom they both stop. I can see them looking in the crack of the door and start laughing. I was so pissed at my boyfriend now it was unbelievable. The door opened all the way and they walked in looking around.

'So he lost the keys I heard,' said the roommate.

'Too bad,' said my roommate's boyfriend.

My roommate's boyfriend walked over to me and looked back at Chris and said, 'Is this what you want to fuck?' Chris instantly began to smile and nod.

Then Chris's boyfriend put the blindfold back on me. He secured it tight and whispered in my ear, 'Now you have no idea what we have planned.' Then he told Chris 'Hey man we have to hurry, we don't know when Jake will be back.' Then Chris whispered in my ears, 'By the way, the store owner is a friend. He took the keys on purpose. Ha Ha Ha.'

They had planned this. I was helpless because of my boyfriend and now his roommate and boyfriend were going to rape me. They wasted no time either. As soon as the blindfold was secured again I could hear a new bag being drug into the room. They placed nipple clamps on my tits and tied my balls up through my underwear and tied them to the bed. I couldn't move for agony pains would drive straight into my stomach. Then Chris announced that I needed to be forced to get hard so I enjoyed this experience as much as they were.

I felt a pill fall into my mouth and then piss was poured into the hole and covered. I fought and fought to not swallow the piss but the taste was making me sick so I swallowed it up to relieve myself. I then realized I must have swallowed the pill they had put in my mouth too. I could hear them laughing and kissing each other as my dick betrayed myself and began to grow hard. It got harder and harder till my cock was solid and raging. Then Chris said, 'There we go! Much better!'

He then climbed on top of me and I felt his cock head slid into the hole in the gag on my mouth. Then without so much as skipping a beat, he began to thrust into my mouth. Over and over again, without as much as an ounce of mercy. He plunged into my mouth again and again till I felt the head of his dick swell and release. Shot after shot of cum hit the back of my throat with me unable to do anything but swallow to keep from gagging. He then pulled out of the gag. He must have had a bit more cum running from his dick because a bit more was put on his finger and rubbed all over my helpless tongue. I was so pissed. How could this be happening to me? But my cock continued to stand proud and tall oozing pre cum out of me with ease.

Then I felt the nipple clamps get pulled off me one at a time. I moaned through the gag as the sensitive parts of my body were pulled and slapped. Then the familiar feeling of a body on top of me came again and I knew the boyfriend was next in line. His dick could only fit in half way into my mouth because it was much larger than the hole in the gag. But still he filled my mouth and thrust again and again against my tongue. Suddenly there was another rush of fluid filling my mouth. This was so much cum I gagged and gagged as I tried desperately to swallow the cum that filled my mouth. There was so much cum I knew I'd be sick. Even after he climbed off of me, he was pumping more juice out and forcing it into my helpless mouth. I was a cum receptacle for these ass holes.

'Now it's your turn!' they both said.

They cut the rope from my balls releasing me and making me a bit more comfortable. Then they lowered my briefs under my ball sack making my cock stick out straight and upright. Suddenly there was a condom strapped to my dick. Chris has always wanted me to fuck him. He rode my cock till I had no choice but to shoot and shoot. He then hopped off and took the condom off emptying its contents into my helpless mouth. Then another condom was placed on my still hard dick. And again I was ridden hard and fast till yet another load was forced out of me. And like the first time the contents of the condom were poured into my mouth and I was forced to swallow my own load. But still my dick was hard. They just kept jerking me off and milking more and more cum from my draining balls. Each time forcing me to drink my cum. They forced a total of 5 loads from my cock and into my mouth before the sound of my boyfriend returning was heard.

'Damn we wanted to get more out of you before he got home. Oh well....have fun with your boyfriend!' They said as they quickly packed up their stuff and returned my raging hard cock to its hiding place under my briefs.

My dick was in agony. It was still raging hard and I was still tied up in all the bondage my boyfriend had put me in. They quickly shut the door and I could hear them going into their room laughing about their new accomplishment. Then my boyfriend came in.

'Sorry I took so long, the guy at the store kept talking and then he took forever to find they key. But it looks like your cock didn't mind this at all! And he touched my sensitive cock through my underwear. I moaned in agony but he took it for pleasure. Then I felt scissors cut my briefs off giving me needed air over my cock and balls. Then he forced a condom on me saying, 'This is something you've wanted to do for a while now! I am going to ride your cock till you go soft!'

I moaned and moaned for him to stop but still he lowered his ass onto my cock. And with my raging cock inside him, he began to force me to fuck him. As he fucked me he played with my sensitive balls and nipples having no idea that they had gone through their own ordeal while he was away. He forced another 2 orgasms out of me before he climbed off. I was so tired and sore that I thought there was no possible way there could be more. But noticing that no cum had left my cock, where normally a huge load would have been presented he said, 'Oh so you have been jerking off this week like I told you not too. Well in that case, two more loads will be taken from my victim before the night is through.'

Then he slipped his precum dripping dick into my helpless mouth and face fucked me while he jerked me off forcing more empty loads from my body. Once it was clear that no cum was going to appear he shot his load into my mouth forcing me to swallow every drop.

By the time he got around to releasing me I had fallen asleep in the bondage with a half hard cock still resting against my thighs.

Bondage will never be the same for me again.



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