At the age of sixteen, my junior year of high school, I realized that I was gay. My favorite class was gym when I got to see my classmates nude in the showers and locker room. I fantasized about what their cocks looked like hard and what it would be like to suck one off.

I never acted on my desires, however, until my freshman year of college. Once I had experienced man sex, I couldn't get enough. Now for my story.


After high school graduation, I enrolled in the state university. I bid my parents goodbye and headed off on my own. I'd be living in the dorm and be on my own.

I arrived at school a week before classes in order to get my bearings and know where I was supposed to be at any particular time.

Upon my arrival, I went to housing and got my dorm assignment. I asked the lady behind the counter if she could tell me the name of my roommate. she said it was a young man from Kansas named Clay Roberts.

Being the first in the room,I got to choose which side of the room I wanted. I chose the one closest to the window. I uploaded my car and got settled in, then began checking out the campus.

Two days later, I was about to go to lunch when the door opened and a tall slim, yet very muscular, young man with dark brown hair and the face of a Greek statue stepped in.

'You must be Brad Taylor, my roommate. I'm Clay Roberts.'

After he dropped his armload of belongings on the other bed, we shook hands. His grip was firm and masculine. The top three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned and i could see that his chest had a nice covering of dark brown hair.

'Nice to meet you. You need any help with your things?'

'I could use it. With your help we can get it all in one more trip.'

'Let's go,' I said.

We got his car emptied and everything in the room. As he started to unpack, I said that I was about to go get a burger and asked if he cared to join me.

'Fuck yea! I'm starved.'

We went to a burger joint just off campus and as we sat eating we began to get to know each other.

Clay was raised on a farm outside a small town in Kansas. His mother had dies when he as ten and he said he had an older brother, Buck, who was twenty and Buck and his dad did most of the work, however, when Clay got home he said he had his chores to do, then dinner, then homework.

'Didn't leave you much time for yourself,' I said.

'Oh, I didn't mind. Saturday mornings we did just what we had to do, then took the rest of the day off and didn't work on Sunday. Buck and I spent a lot of that time together camping on Saturday nights out by the pond.'

I asked what his major was and when he said advertising and graphic design I blurted out,'You're shitting me?'

'No, why?'

'That's my major also.'

'No shit? That's great. Maybe we'll have some classes together.'

Although Clay was a country boy, he spoke very distinctly with no 'country' accent. He had managed to get top grades and received a full scholarship to the university.

I was the opposite. I was raised in a large town by an upper middle class family. I was an only child and never had chores.

Even with our different backgrounds, we found whe liked a lot of the same things and had a lot in common. We hit it off immediately.

We got Clay unpacked and took his car to a movie that night then a late stop at the burger joint. When we returned to our room, Clay said he was going to shower. Without any hesitation, he began stripping right in front of me.

First, he removed his shirt and I got a good look at his muscular hairy chest. I could feel a tingling in my crotch. His back was to me as he removed his jeans, exposing a nice firm round butt. But when he turned to face me, his cock caught my attention. It was at least eight inches long and slim. when he saw the look on my face, he said, 'Oh, sorry. Buck and I shared a room at home and didn't think anything about undressing in front of each other.'

'Hey, no problem. I think I'll join you.'

I stripped and joined him in the large common shower. As we showered, I asked, 'You always go commando?'

'Yea. Buck and dad do also. We prefer the free feeling we have.'

After the shower, I said that I needed to use the toilet and would see him in the room. Going into a stall, I sat down and jerked off to a roaring climax.

I showed Clay around campus and when we checked our schedules, we found that we had two of our classes together.

Things were going great. I started going commando and he was right. The free feeling was unbelievable.

About the third week of classes, I was in the restroom in one of the buildings, alone and in a stall. I heard the door open and two guys talking softly yet loud enough to hear what they were saying.

'Hey, man, you won't believe what I found out.'

'What's that?'

'Don't get the wrong idea about me, but I heard that the restroom in the basement of the library has a large hole in the partition between the stalls. If you ever get horny and don't mind a guy sucking on your cock, you can get it done there.'

'Fuck! You tried it yet?'

'Keep this strictly to yourself or your ass is mine but yea, I have and it was awesome. The guy even swallowed my load.'

'Shit, man, I might have to try it out sometime when my bitch is on the rag.'

They left but the thought took root in my brain. I had to check it out also. Then I wondered if Clay would be interested.

When I got back to the room, I casually mentioned what I had heard to Clay. He smiled slightly and simply said, 'Unreal.'

Two days later, one of my instructors was ill and class was cancelled. I decided to check out the restroom.

Arriving at the large library, I looked around casually and saw a sign reading 'Archives In Basement' with an arrow under it. I followed the signs to a stairway in a back corner. I went down to the basement and at the base of the stairs, I saw a closed door marked 'Archives' and to my right was a door marked 'Men'.

I went in and found it empty. I went onto one of the two stalls and after dropping my jeans I sat down and began reading the writings on the walls.

A few minutes later, I heard the door open. I sat forward, waiting.

The man entered the stall next to me, dropped his jeans and sat down. I glanced through the hole and saw him fondling his cock. i began doing the same. I had no idea if he wanted to suck or be sucked.

After a moment, his fingers appeared at the hole motioning me to put my cock through. My heart was pounding wildly as I stood and turned toward the hole. As I slipped my hard cock into the hole, I immediately felt his hot wet mouth close on the head of my cock. I moaned softly and shoved the rest of my cock through the hole. As i did, he swallowed the entire thing and I heard him then moan.

He began sucking me hungrily and soon I neared my climax. He could tell and sucked harder and faster. I gave a audible moan as my cock exploded into his mouth. He took it all and with my cock still in his mouth, I felt him swallow.

When he pulled off, I heard him say, 'Ummm, yea.'

I sat back down not believing I had just had my first blow job and loved it. I decided I wanted to see what it was like. I motioned for him o put his cock through.

He did, and it was long and slim. I slid my mouth over the head slowly. i found it erotic and exciting and went further. It took a few minutes for me to adjust and be able to swallow the entire thing. I continued sucking and after a while I felt the head swell and erupt, sending huge ropes of cum into my mouth and throat. after a slight gag, I collected his load, savored the sweet-salty taste then swallowed.

I couldn't believe that I had finally done what I'd been wanting to do. I had sucked my first cock, but I knew then, it wouldn't be my last. I had totally loved doing it.

The guy left quickly after slipping me a note to meet that night at seven. I remained and waited. A few minutes later another guy came in. He was more forward. After dropping his pants, he turned toward the hole, just putting the head through the hole. I decided to suck it and when I put my mouth on the head, he fed me the rest of his cock. I soon brought him to a climax and as soon as he shot, he pulled up his pants and left. I followed him out and saw his printed shirt. Back upstairs I saw him sitting at a table with three other guys.

He was damn good looking and built. I recognized him immediately. He was a senior and the star quarterback for the football team. I couldn't help but wonder if the others knew he had just had his cock sucked off.

That night, I made an excuse to leave the room around six-thirty. I hurried to the library and took my place in the stall. Right at seven, the earlier man entered and went into the other stall.

I was soon sucking him and afterward he was sucking me. we each again swallowed each others loads. Before he left, he wrote me a note saying, 'Wait for me on the stairway landing. I'd like to meet you sometime when we can get in bed. Let's talk.'

I left and climbed the stairs to the landing and sat on the steps leading from the landing to the main floor. A few seconds later I heard the restroom door open and waited nervously to see who the guy was.

When he came into view, we were both stunned, looking into each others eyes.

'Clay?' I asked.

'Oh shit,' he replied.

We sat on the stairs together a moment neither speaking. Finally, I spoke up saying, 'Let's go to the room and talk where no one might overhear us.' He just nodded.

Neither of us spoke on the way back to the room. But once inside, I asked, 'Are you really gay or bi?'

'Brad, I'm totally gay.'

'When did you start?'

He said he got started about three years ago when he caught Buck and a friend of his naked in the barn.

'What happened?'

'I couldn't remember if I had latched one of the stalls and went to check. When I walked in Buck and Ray were both nude and Buck was lying on his back and Ray was sitting on his chest and Buck was sucking his cock. Ray's back was to me and neither could see me so I watched a minute or so. I was curious so I stripped and eased in behind them. Bucks legs were spread apart so I eased between them and started sucking on Buck's cock. He jumped and pushed Ray off him and looked down at me sucking him. He didn't try to stop me. He returned to sucking Ray and when Ray climaxed, I saw Buck take it in his mouth and swallow. When Buck shot, I did the same. Then they took turns sucking me and got me off. Buck and I started having sex nightly.'

'Damn. What all did you and Buck do together?'

'Just sucked each other at first. Then we started kissing and making out, then fucking each other and rimming. What about you?'

'I've known I was gay since my junior year of high school, but never did anything with another guy until this afternoon when we sucked each other in the restroom.'

'That was your first time getting sucked and sucking?'


'Damn, you're new to all this aren't you?'

'Totally, but I have loved what I've experienced so far. After I sucked you today I stayed and sucked another guy and you won' believe who it was.'


I told him and he was shocked.

'Clay, I have a lot of questions, and I hope you'll be willing to answer them.'

'First, what's rimming?'

'That's when one guy spreads another guys as cheeks and licks his hole and tongue fucks him. It's hot as hell and feels great.'

I asked what it was like to fuck and be fucked and he said fucking a guys ass was fantastic but getting fucked hurt like hell the first few time to start but before the guy climaxed it would be feeling great.

Then I asked what it was like to kiss another man.

'I think I can show you better than tell you if you want me to.'

'Sure,' I replied.

He came over and sat next to me and gently pressed his lips to mine, then he parted his lips and extended his tongue. I parted mine and accepted his tongue and offered mine.

As we kissed, he gently lay me on the bed, wrapping his arms around me. I did the same to him.

When the kiss ended, I looked at him and smiled and said, 'I loved that.'

'I love kissing also,' he replied before kissing me again.

After the kiss, he smiled and said, 'I think we're going to be great roommates.'

'I know we are,' I said.

Later, he had me fuck him and it was unbelievably great. I told him it was better than any cunt I had ever fucked.

Then I asked him to fuck me. He did and he was right. Starting out, I had never experienced such pain, but he was gentle and took my virginity slow and by the time he climaxed I was loving it.

We sucked and fucked daily after that and each visited the restroom regularly, sharing our experiences with each other.

A few eeks later I saw the quarterback head into the library. I ran to catch up with him, yet keeping my distance.

I had started carrying a small bottle of lube in my book bag just in case. If he went to the restroom, I was going to try and get him to fuck me through the hole.

He casually wandered around making his way to the stairs leading to the basement. I followed, praying that no one else was there.

I went in to find him in one stall and no one else there. My heart began racing wildly.

I entered the other booth and dropped my pants. Glancing toward the hole, I saw hat his cock was rock hard. I motioned for him to put it through. He did, and as I sucked on it slowly, I retrieved my lube from my bag. I lubed my ass while sucking him then puled off and lubed his cock. Quickly, I stood and turned around and holding his cock in my hand I backed up and pressed the head against my hole. Almost immediately, the head slipped in.

'Oh Shit!!' he exclaimed. 'I've never fucked a guy in the ass before.'

'You're in for a treat,' I said, as I slid back taking his entire cock up my ass.

'Mother fuck yea,' he said.

'It's all yours,' I said. 'Fuck away.'

He immediately began pistoning in and out of my ass as I kept it pressed against the hole. he moaned repeatedly as he plowed my ass. Then he said, 'Get ready if you want my load up your ass.'

'Hell yea. I want to feel it shoot up me.'

Seconds later his cock exploded up my ass and and I loved it. His load was huge and hot.

As his cock began to deflate, he said, 'Man, that was better that my girlfriends pussy ever thought of being. I've never fed her a load like that.'

'Well, it's yours anytime you want it,' I said. 'I'll be here tomorrow night at seven if you want either hole.'

'Man, I'll be here.'

'Great,' I replied, then decided to blow his mind. 'Good luck in the game this weekend. Make those passes count.'

He was quiet, realizing that I knew who he was. 'Don't worry, I don't believe in ruining a guys reputation. What happens here stays just between us.'

'Thanks,' he said nervously.

'See you tomorrow night?' I asked.

'Sure,' he replied.

The next night, we met and he fucked me again. However, I got the shock of my life. After his climax, he pulled out and sat down saying, 'Put yours through and let me see it.'

Excited, I did and felt him grasp it and begin stroking it. Then, I felt his hot mouth on it and he began sucking me. As my climax neared I warned him but he continued. Soon, I was filling his mouth with my thick cream. He collected it and I felt him swallow.

Quickly, he pulled up his jeans and left. I pondered what had happened, no believing that he had actually sucked me much less swallowed. I pulled up my pants and left but as I exited the restroom, I saw him leaning against the wall across from the door.

'Since you knew who I was, I wanted to see who you were.'

'Tony, I'm Brad. I never expected you to do what you did. It asn't necessary.'

'I know, but I want to know how you knew it was me in there.'

I tole him about sucking him once before and seeing his shirt hen seeing him at a table with three other guys and recognized him. I asked if they knew that he had just had his cock sucked.

'Fuck no! They hate gays.'

'Are you gay or was that just curiosity?'

'Gay, but I haven't been with a guy other than getting blown here in two years. I've been gay since I was in my early teens. I had sex until I transferred here two years ago and professional scouts began looking at me for pro ball. If it got out that I was gay, they wouldn't consider me.'

'You're safe with me. You have any plans for Friday night?'

'Nothing that I can't change, why?'

'I'll get a motel room out on the edge of town if you'd like to join me.'

'Consider it a date.'

'Great. Here's my cell number. I'll be at he motel by six. Call me and I'll give you the name and room number.'

'I'll do it.'

Tony met me and we sucked and fucked each other most of the night. He left around four so his roommate wouldn't ask to many questions.

Tony and I met every so often at the motel and as promised, I kept his secret.

Then one Wednesday, Clay asked me if I thought I'd like a three way. I said sure and that I thought it would be interesting.

'Who do you have in mind?' I asked.

'Someone special I thnk you'll enjoy meeting.'

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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