Justin darted out of the building and left me standing behind the engine pondering my own thoughts. 'Married?' I said to myself, 'Why in the world would he do that and be married to someone?' 'Did she know what he was doing behind her back? And if so did she care or was she in the dark?' These question I knew I couldn't answer and wasn't even sure I wanted to, so I picked up my things and left for the night. When I awoke the next morning, I had 8 missed calls from Justin on my cell, I was sure I knew what he wanted to talk about but wasn't sure I wanted to do anything else after his confession last night. Right after lunch I got a call from the fire department line, 'Go ahead', I said. It was Chief Williams wondering if I'd come down and help out with some paperwork. Now along with us three there were 30 some odd guys on the station roster. The ones I usually hung out with were Jason, Alan, John, 2 Steve's, Alfonzo, and Jamal. We usually did our things, went out on the weekends and I would have never suspected anything from either one and I gave them no reason to suspect me either, I just dream about them individually at night. Sometimes it was hard to contain, Jason and John loved walking around the living quarters either nude or with just boxers on and I'd have to go to the restroom on the other side of the building and jack off quickly as to not expose myself in front of everyone. Now it took me a little while to get down to the station and when I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed Jason and Justin were there along with Chief Williams. I stepped out of my truck and walked up to the door to enter and it opened. 'Hey slick........we need to talk', it was Justin, the one man I didn't care to talk to at that particular moment. He led me around the back of the building and into a corner, just wearing his tee and work pants, I could definitely make out the shape of his chest and abs and the excitement was driving away my anger. 'Look rookie, I think I may have thrown you off when I said I was married' he said in an angered tone, 'She knows nothing about this and the only reason we are still married is because she's expecting and you know what they say, 'It's cheaper to keep 'em'.' Now I didn't know whether to be offended or relieved at that statement, I just nodded and went to walk around him when he grabbed me and went in for a kiss, I tried to resist but I gave up quickly, I knew I'd eventually give in at some point. He pushed me against the wall and continued to kiss me while rubbing my ass. I pulled him close and felt his raging hard on against my thigh and I wanted him, wanted him right there, right then. After a couple of minutes he pulled back, smiled and headed for the entrance to the fire department. Chief Williams met us in the hallway and said he had to run to another station for a little while, he would return shortly. I knew what was about to happen. Justin pulled me in the bunk room and took off his shirt. Even though the only light was coming from the clock on the nightstand, he looked like a god. As he started unzipping his pants he said, 'Well, are you going to undress or am I going to be the only one naked here?'. I quickly followed suit. He started rubbing my face and pulled me in for a kiss, I could have cummed right there. We laid down on the bed still in an embrace until he broke it. 'You did such a good job last night so it's my turn.' And with that he went down and started licking my balls. I was in heaven but I wanted his mouth on my cock so I took my hand and guided his head up. He laughed and dove right on it. Now I'm not too big like he is, probably about 7 inches or so uncut. But he was making that 7 inches feel very very good. He started out slow and with each moan he would get faster. 'Ahh, yes Justin, you're very good at this' I told him, he stopped long enough to say 'I know', and continued his work. I could feel my juices coming together so I told Justin 'You keep doing that and I'm going to cum'. 'Cum for me rookie I want it in my mouth.' And after a couple of minutes I was pumping every drop of my load into his mouth and he was quickly swallowing it all. After I went limp he says, 'Alex, your ass feels so good, I want to fuck you, I know you've never been fucked but I have a condom and some lube, I'll ease it in. It will hurt at first but it will get better after a few moments.' I wanted it so badly I didn't care if it hurt or not so I obliged, and with that Justin opened a drawer and came back with a condom and some lube. I knew I heard something coming down the hallway. 'Stop!' I whispered, 'I think someone is here!'. 'No one is here, we would have heard them', Justin said rather loud, 'No we wouldn't have Justin, you can come through that door without slamming it and no one would know.' I could tell he was mad at this point but I didn't want to get caught either, so he gets up and thrusts the door wide open attempting to prove me wrong when Jason appears at the door! My heart started racing, and I felt as if I was going to faint until Justin said, 'Jason I told you not to be coming up and down the hallway, I would let you know when I was finished.' 'What?', I said, 'Jason knows about you?' 'Of course I know about Justin and to be honest I know about you too, just figured if you didn't want to say anything about it I shouldn't be the one to out you. It's cool though, I'm bisexual as well so when Chief Williams called you out here to talk to Justin...' 'Chief Williams knows too?' I interrupted. 'Yea, but he's straight, I've tried to get him to do something for years and he won't.' Justin replied. I was in shock, and I wasn't sure if it was the excited shock or the other. I started looking for my clothes as Justin was trying to reassure me that everything was going to be okay. I quickly dressed and walked out to my truck with Justin still in the room and Jason following me. Now Jason stood a little shorter than the rest, at 5'10, but he was muscled, slick black hair that he kept cut as short as mine, and I knew he had a big one, I had seen it hard in the showers. 'Alex wait, let me talk to you for a second.' he pleaded. As he approached the truck I shut the door and rolled the window down, 'Before you leave I want to do one thing to let you know that it truly is okay' and with that, he leaned over and kissed my lips. A lot of thoughts were running through my mind, was half the fire department gay? Do the other members know about all this and is that why they never come around if they're not working? Justin pulled away and gave me a piece of paper, turned around and walked back into the building. I opened the note and it said, 'Alex, I've been wanting to tell you this ever since you got on the station. There are several guys out here, most of them married, that have sex with guys. They had a hunch about you so they decided to form a betting pool on how long it would be before you had sex out here at the station. Don't be mad at me because I think you're a good kid and I didn't partake in the nonsense. Do not tell Justin about this because he was the ring leader with the whole operation, he may pretend to be your friend but he will turn on you in a second. My number is listed below, call me so we can get together tonight and I'll answer any question you have. -Jason' What the hell? Is this all a joke to them? I couldn't believe what I had just read so I read the highlights again just to be sure. As I was starting the truck Justin opened the side door and I quickly threw it in reverse before he could step out of the building. I could hear him calling my name, or at least that's what I thought he was saying. I went home and pondered what I was going to do about the evening. Around 5 or so I picked up the phone and dialed the number in Jason's letter. To my surprise, a woman answered and when I asked for Jason she asked who was calling, 'It's Alex from the station, Jason wanted me to call.' I informed her. 'Oh, you're the guy my lovely husband is going to take to dinner tonight and try to seduce?' 'Excuse me, seduce?' I questioned. 'Yea, you know, take to dinner, get you all horny and excited and bring ya back here and fuck your brains out. He wins the bet and I get to watch'

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