Okay, so it wasn't too bad. But I suddenly wished I hadn't agreed to watch my estranged aunt and her oh-so-aristocratic husband's house for the whole summer vacation while they helped some orphans in Africa or Malaysia or wherever. I stood on the elaborately decorated front porch as their cab arrived with my aunt waiting beside me.

'Honey!' She called into the house. 'Cab's here.'

A voice echoed from somewhere upstairs, 'Just a minute!'

I took my aunt's huge bag and started dragging it to the cab. Along the way she informed me of all my duties for the third time. Check that garden service do their work, look after her precious golden retriever, check that maid service do their work and remember to set the alarm each night.

It wasn't really that much work, and she pretty much let me use all of the facilities in their rather up town house. And she would pay me when they got back. That was the main reason I was here. Why get a lousy job at the video store when you can live in heaven for three months and get paid to do it? My only problem was that I didn't know anyone in town; or any place to meet people for that matter.

'Arthur!' my aunt yelled just as my uncle appeared through the doors hauling yet another huge bag.

He hurried over to the cab, my aunt said her last goodbyes and they were off. It was oddly silent and it hadn't really sunk in yet that I was alone. I walked back to house and just stood in the door looking at the foyer. I didn't really know what to do.

I went up to my room and unpacked my bag. My aunt said since I was staying so long I might as well organize all my clothes into the closet and make myself at home. I brought my Xbox, but lately I haven't been in the mood for games. I went down stairs and flipped through the various channels but quickly got bored.

My aunt had quite a huge movie collection, but I wasn't in the mood for that either. No, I needed to be around some friends. My mobile phone rang. My mom was calling. She just wanted to check if everything was fine, you know, the regular concerned mom routine.

I hang up and it was silent again. This was going to be a long three months if I didn't find something to do. It was about three in the afternoon and it was kind of hot, so I went upstairs and put on my swimming trunks.

Before going down stairs again, I looked at myself in the mirror. A great sense of pride overcame me. I was captain of the swimming team and one could tell by my toned body that I was a regular in the water. I had short, wavy black hair and a set of dark blue eyes. The 'I'd fuck myself' scene from the Silence of the Lambs popped into my head, but was quickly washed away. Gross.

The water was amazing. The pool was huge. What more could I ask for? I knew I was going to spend a lot of time in there and I was happy I could keep in shape for when my final year of school started.

And that's pretty much what I did for my first weeks of house sitting. I watched movies and swam. Then in the evenings I would watch some more movies and then retire early. I started to jog around a few blocks and when the second week ended, I knew all of the houses on the block.

I would stare at the people living there and it kind of made me feel like I was a voyeur, but then again, aren't we all?

It was on the last day of the second week that things got a bit interesting. The house next door that had been empty the whole time was being occupied and a large moving truck covered the whole road in front of the house. I was standing on the balcony to my room and instinctively peered at my new neighbors.

I saw the father of the family, a man in his mid forties. He seemed like he carried his years well and I imagined he was quite the looker when he was younger. I tried to spot the rest of the family, but didn't see anyone.

Strange, the house was definitely too big for just one man. Unless his family was coming in later. I focused my attention to the younger movers, who in their loose fitting grey shirts didn't seem all that attractive and not one of the generic faces caught my attention.

Then I saw him. A tall blonde guy with the whole blue eyes, gorgeous, cliched, to-die-for face. And I almost did. My heart skipped a beat or five and I found myself gasping for air as I ducked behind the huge plant to my left, trying to sneak in a better look than just an 'uninterested' glance. But he was gone.

I crashed down to earth as I searched for him between the people, but no sign of him was found. Had I imagined him?

'Father?' I heard a voice coming from down below. I closed my eyes. My mind made the image of this deep, throaty, beautiful voice coming from the face I just saw and died over.

'I suppose I have free choice on my bedroom?' he asked in such a boyish tone.

'Of course!' his father replied. I could hear they were related. 'Just not my master bedroom.'

The son laughed. I could barely hear him. He was moving away. I had to get closer. I peered out from behind the rose shrub. I still couldn't see him. I glanced down to the front yard and saw I haven't collected the news paper yet. Yes! Perfect excuse.

I literally ran down, almost knocking over some Chinese antique vase in the process. I had to stop myself from bursting out the door and I took a second to work on my posture. Oh god, what was I wearing? I glanced in the mirror in the foyer. Er, presentable enough. Damn, I need to make a great first impression.

What the hell am I thinking? I am crazy. Here I am, trying to make a complete stranger notice me. Would he even see me if I went outside? Shit, now wasn't the time to think. I just need to see.

I slowly opened the door and looked to the driveway to the left, but not far left enough as if to look directly at the commotion. I walked out leisurely and stole a glance or two as I made my way to the news paper. Nothing. Not even his dad.

I picked up the news paper and paged through it. I thought it would look inconspicuous enough if I faced their house while reading it. There was a small hedge between my aunt's driveway and theirs and if I wanted, I could even talk to the guy if he was here. What? Talk to him?! Now I am crazy for sure! What would I say? How would I say it? I'm sure I wouldn't be able to say a word properly and maybe it was best to retreat to the house.

When I was about halfway to the door, I looked back one last time, but again I saw no one. Then disaster struck. I didn't look where I was going and my foot caught on a sprinkler, causing me to tumble to the ground in one swift motion. I immediately glanced back and I stared right into those eyes. They looked at me, unsure of what to do.

I flushed red and looked away. I got up, went into the house and into my room without trying to look back at the place. I was too embarrassed. Not once did I dare go outside again for the remainder of the day.

I woke up at seven the next morning and got dressed for my morning jog. I exited the house and when I saw the moving truck gone and a rather nice BMW parked in the driveway, my escapades of yesterday flooded my mind again. Okay, Justin, run, not jog, run. I didn't dare look at the house as I moved past it. When I came back I saw the garage door open, and him lurching over some stuff on the floor.

His back was turned to me and I thought about going slower, but I couldn't. I literally held my breath until I got into the shower in my room and washed myself clean. Okay, so my room and the study was the easiest ways to look at the house easily without being spotted.

I went to my room and peered through the curtains. The trunk of the car was open and he was busy unloading a few boxes. God, he was perfect. He wore some snug jeans that hugged his ass nicely and he had a tight fitting tank top on. I could tell he spent a lot of time in the gym. It wasn't a buff look, more like a Ryan Reynolds type of body.

I pulled the curtains shut. Since when did I spy so intensely on people?

I peered back out again. He was gone. I looked at the back yard and saw him move in behind the house. I rushed to the study that had a great view of their entire back yard and I saw that he was putting some stuff into a shed on the far edge of their house.

I glanced around the room and I struck gold. I reached for the binoculars in the cabinet and returned to the window to further indulge in my perverted spy game. He moved so naturally and, I wouldn't call it gracefully, but he had a certain thing to his movements that seemed as if he was more than mere human. I looked at him as much as I could before he disappeared into the house. Shit.

I decided that I should maybe start to eat a bit of breakfast and clean up a bit. I opened all of the curtains facing to their house, trying to afford as much looks at him as I could. I was scared shitless that he'd see me, but I just needed to see him. I tried to work up enough courage and go over to greet him, but I just couldn't and I found myself hiding masterfully behind the curtains of the study, studying the specimen of human perfection.

My erratic behavior lasted for three days when one afternoon I just couldn't stand the heat and I just had to take a swim. My binoculars were wrapped in the towel, just in case I needed them. I swam for like an hour before I got out and decided that I was looking a bit too white. I lay down my towel and just stared at the clouds. I started to feel groggy but the most amazing sound brought me to my full awareness.

A splash came from the pool next door. Oh my god. I seized the binoculars and rushed into the house, almost slipping on the auburn wooden floors from my still wet feet, but I just needed to get to that study. I yanked the curtain away and I gasped for air.

The guy had just surfaced for air and the outlines of his half naked body under the water had me anticipating like never before. I kept on watching him when finally he got out, allowing me to see him in his entire upper body. He was carved like some model for Calvin Klein, but had that more natural and manly look to him. Instead of the white and marble sheen of studio, he had a light layer of hair on his chest and arms. He had a trail of hair leading down into his trunks, but unfortunately I couldn't see an outline of what they concealed. I licked my lips.

He dried of his hair and I guess he had the same idea as I had earlier and spread out his towel on the lawn and lay on it. I studied every inch of his body; concluding that all men I had ever seen were vastly inferior to this one. He seemed like he just turned twenty or so.

I was so sad when he got up and went inside his house. It sucked that he didn't choose the bedroom opposite mine and I didn't see any sign of him at night.

I masturbated that night to image of my spy game subject. I never did stop pleasuring myself to the image of him outside the pool, dripping wet and splendid.

*To be continued*



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