'Hey Tina I got great news'


'I got into the final trials at state!'

'Luke that's great' She replied and kissed me.

Tina, my girlfriend had been real supportive of me trying to get a scholarship to play football at college, the only way I would be able to afford to go to college. I had been one of the stars of our high school football team but it was still no guarantee I would be good enough for college ball so to get into final trials was a relief and I went to go tell coach Daniels.

'Great job Luke' coach said as he patted me on the shoulder.

'Thanks, I couldn't have done it without you'

'Well you're not in yet so remember to do everything you have to, to get in'

'Yes, sir'

'I mean it, sometimes coach Miles can be a little unconventional but he isn't one of the best coaches in the country for nothing so do what he wants, ok?'

'Of course I will'

The trials were only a week away so I didn't have much time to improve my fitness but I worked out hard every day. I had a naturally big physique, suited to football but I had trained hard to develop and sculpt my body into broad shoulders, tight abs and a round ass (which Tina loved). The day finally arrived and I got up early to drive the couple hours that it took to get there.

I found my way to the locker room to get changed and was greeted by three other guys, the only others who were there for that trial session as they played center as well. They introduced themselves as Bryan, Matt and Hunter, they seemed like cool guys and it was easy to forget we were competing against each other to get in.

We were instructed to get changed into full pads, even though we weren't playing a game and we met the head coach, coach Miles. He was a big guy, at least 6'3, solid muscle and pretty intimidating to us nervous hopefuls.

The day was pretty full on with fitness and skills trials but I think it went well; the other guys didn't seem to perform any better than me. The day was finally over and we were sent to the showers. Just as we were getting changed and having a chat, coach Miles walked in.

'Ok boys good job today. After you have showered come to my office just in your jockstrap. I like to conduct my own preliminary physical'

It seemed a little strange as we were told we only needed a physical if we were selected but none of us said anything about it as we showered and put our jocks back on, I guess this was the unconventional methods coach Daniels told me about. We entered his office where we were instructed to line up. Coach walked up and down the line, taking some measurements and taking some notes as we stood there in silence.

'Ok good, now I want you to turn around and lean against the wall'

I was a little hesitant and I noticed that Bryan and Matt also were but Hunter turned around straight away so we followed his lead. Coach walked up and down behind us as our asses were exposed to him.

'Right boys, I just need to do a few tests, don't worry about it'

With that he crouched down behind Hunter's ass and stuck his face between his cheeks and started to eat his ass. Holy fuck, I thought to myself I had never seen anyone do that but Hunter hardly jumped, he just had a look of sheer pleasure on his face as the coach licked his ass.

The coach pulled away from Hunter and moved onto Matt who jumped when the coach started to eat his hole but he soon relaxed and I could hear him moaning quietly. Coach then moved onto Bryan, who reacted the same as Matt and I knew it was my turn next.

I felt the coach's breath on my ass as he moved behind me and when I felt his tongue lap my ass I squirmed in shock and pleasure. I was amazed that it made me feel good and my dick was beginning to stiffen and I was almost forgetting the situation that I was in. I was disappointed when he pulled away as my dick was now rock hard, I glanced across at the others and could see their jocks bulging as well.

'Ok the next test is ready to begin'

The coach pulled down his pants to reveal a long hard dick, which he pumped up and down a few times. My heart pounded as I saw him get behind Hunter and rub his dick along his crack, nobody reacted, I guess we had all been told to do whatever it takes to get in. I actually thought I saw Hunter smile and spread his legs a little as the coach began to push into him.

'Uhhhhhhh' he moaned as the coach slowly sank into him.

Once he was in the coach began to slowly pump in and out of him and Hunter moaned quite loudly, I could see his jock was still bulging and I could tell he was enjoying it.

'Yeah, fuck me' Hunter moaned.

It was actually fucking hot seeing him get fucked and enjoying it and my dick was straining in its jock at the sight. The coach then pulled out and got behind Matt who braced himself for the entry as the coach grabbed his hips and pushed into him. Matt yelled a little bit, he definitely didn't take it as easy as Hunter but soon he was gently moaning as the coach pumped in and out.

Next up was Bryan, who reacted in a similar way to Matt but again soon ended up taking it pretty well even if his face still looked a little scrunched up in pain. I was enjoying the sight way too much I had forget that it was my turn was next and when the coach pulled out of Bryan I had the sudden realisation I was about to get fucked. I just remembered what coach Daniels told me about doing everything I can to get in.

The coach grabbed my hips and started to push against my hole, giving me no time to prepare myself as he penetrated me. I managed to stifle my yell, the other guys had not shouted that loud and I didn't want to be the one to sound like a bitch. He slowly sank into me as I tried to block out the pain focusing on the bits that felt good. As he began to fuck me the pain began to subside and there was actually something inside of my ass that was making me feel all kinds of good. My cock swelled again and I started to push back against his dick, wanting him to hit the good parts inside of me again.

'Oh yeah, this one really likes it, you like this cock don't ya boy?'

'mmmmm' I moaned.

'Come on that's an answer, you love this big dick in your ass don't ya?

'Oh fuck yeah' I shouted, which was true I was enjoying my ass getting filled with another guys cock, something I had never even dreamed about.

'Alright, let's not get too carried away' Coach said as he pulled out of me.

'Well you all passed that test, and you are welcome to leave now if you want but there's more fun to be had. I still haven't decided who I'm gonna pick yet, so you've all come this far you might as well go for it now'

We all stood up properly and turned around to face him but nobody said anything until Hunter said 'I wanna stay', this was quickly followed by 'me too' by the rest of us. I nearly laughed when I glanced down and saw the tenting jockstraps of every single one of us.

'Knew you would' the coach smiled.

'Alright Luke, come here and suck my dick, Matt you suck Luke's, Bryan you suck Matt and Hunter you suck Bryan'

Coach stood up on a bench as I sat down on it, his cock swinging close to my face. We each grabbed onto the dick we were told but I don't think any of us really knew what to do and it seemed weird that I had just had a cock in my ass but was weirded out about sucking one. Hunter broke the ice and started on Bryan's, which triggered a domino effect of everyone putting their mouth down and going for it. As I felt Matt's mouth wrap around my dick I opened my mouth wide and allowed the coach's dick into me.

'Yeah that's it' the coach said as I attempted to suck his dick.

Matt was kind of just licking around the head of mine so I tried to do that to the coach, getting used to the taste and feel; which was not as bad as I thought it might have been. As I got into it more I began to take more and more into my mouth and even tried to get it down my throat. Soon I was enjoying playing with his dick and I could tell Matt was liking it more too as he was making me feel pretty good.

The coach grabbed my head and started to push my head deeper into his crotch, forcing his dick down my throat. I gagged a little to start but soon I felt his pubes on my top lip and his balls on my chin as I began to deepthroat him.

'Damn you're a quick learner' He said as he pulled away 'but let's do something different, who wants to get fucked again?'

There was silence for a moment until, again, Hunter was the first one to speak.

'I'll do it' he said.

'Alright' the coach replied, 'anyone else?'

'Yeah I'll do it again' I said, I'm not quite sure where that came from but I couldn't deny I had enjoyed it before.

'I knew you liked it' the coach smiled, 'How about Matt and Bryan fuck you?'

'Sure' they replied.

'Luke and Hunter bend over so that your mouths are on my dick and remember you gotta eat what you're going to fuck first'

We bent over and both began to play with the coach's dick, Hunter surprised me by grabbing the back of my head and pushing his face into mine. I had never kissed a dude before and was a little taken aback but soon we were kissing passionately as I felt a tongue lick across my ass.

Me and Hunter went back to sharing the coach's dick as Bryan started to tongue my hole, he started off quite tentative but it didn't take long for him to really get into eating my ass. He pulled away and I knew what was coming next as his dick pushed against my hole. My previous fucking had got me slightly prepared for what was coming but it still hurt as his dick sunk deep into me.

However, Bryan didn't give me any time to adjust as he began pounding hard into me, I knew Hunter was getting the same treatment as we both rocked back and forwards playing with the coach's dick and balls. I don't know why but his cock felt so good in my ass, I loved the feeling of being stretched and filled as I reached out to kiss Hunter again.

'Damn, this is fucking hot but let's switch things around, Matt and Bryan you want to get fucked again?'


'You don't have to do anything you don't want to'

'No I don't think so' Matt said

'Me either' Bryan continued

'That's ok, Luke you wanna fuck something?

'oh yeah'

'Alright, Luke you fuck Hunter as I fuck you, Matt you suck Hunter's dick and Bryan eat my ass'

Hunter leant against the desk and Matt got between his knees to suck his dick. I got behind Hunter and lined up my dick to his hole and pushed in. Damn, his hole was so tight and warm, nothing like pussy at all and it felt like his ass was gripping my cock as I pumped in and out of him. I felt the coach's dick push against my ass, and I pushed back to welcome him in as we formed a fuck train with Bryan eating the coach's ass.

Fuck, it was so hot having a dick in my ass and fucking ass at the same time and Hunter's hole felt so good I knew I couldn't last much longer. I felt my ball's clench as my load boiled up through my cock and shot straight into Hunter's ass. I heard the coach yell and felt him slam into me as I realised he was unloading inside of me, we lay still for a few moments to get our breath back before we pulled away.

I had shot such a huge load that as I pulled out, cum came running out of Hunter and it ran down on his ass and onto Matt's face, who I realised already had a mouthful of Hunter's cum. Hunter quickly crouched down and licked the cum, that had run straight out his ass, on Matt's face and then kissed him, sharing the load between them, which was so fucking hot.

'Damn boys, that was hot but we still got two loads to go, Luke and Hunter help out your buddies'

I quickly dropped to my knees and sucked on Bryan's dick as Hunter did the same to Matt. It literally took less than a minute for Bryan to shoot his load, which I took in my mouth. I stood up and stuck my tongue out towards Bryan, showing him the load and inviting him to share it. He paused for a moment but when he turned and saw Matt and Hunter sharing he leaned forward and we made out.

'Fuck that was hot, this is gonna be a tough decision but I'll let you know. Now go and have a shower I can't let you leave here covered in cum' Coach said.

We all left in silence but I noticed smiles on everyone's faces as we headed back to the showers.


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