Sonny Shares the Story in Part 2

During our P E class the next morning at 9 AM, our instructor told us we were wanted in the principal's office. The thought of going to the office of heartless Principal Jones sent fear through us both. He was known on campus as Mr. No Mercy Jones. When we arrived at the office, Mr. Jones secretary led us into the principal's office. There sat Mr. Jones and our Coach Jessie with very stern faces. Shit this scene did not look good.

"Well gentleman, you know we run a tight ship here with no fooling around sexually with either sex. You've read the conduct code. Now have a seat. Late yesterday when you two left Coach Jessie's office and went to the locker room, one of the school's athletes over heard you two engaging in very explicit raunchy gay sex. He slipped around the corner and saw you having both oral and anal sex. What do you have to say for yourself?"

I felt my face turn a dark shade of red and as I looked at Luke he had turned white as a sheet. Yea, we were caught due to that witness. I looked at Coach Jessie and he refused to make eye contact but rather had his eyes pointed on the floor. What was he thinking and would he defends us or throw us under the bus. And shit today was the final crucial league football game to determine a trip to state for the championship playoffs. This scene looked really bad. Should we deny the charge, remain silent or just confess? I was speechless when Luke spoke:

"Well Mr. Jones, I'm not going to lie to you and Coach Jessie. Yea, we had incredible hot sex for the first time and it was awesome. I'm gay and proud of it. I'd been horny for Sonny for years and I'm an adult at 18-years-iof-age. We both have wanted that day to come and we fucked like two dogs in heat. Have yuo ever heard of the right of consenting adults to have sex?"

Shit, although I loved Luke standing up for us and our love of sex, we were now finished. The principal turned several colors of red and such anger came across his face. I could not tell where Coach Jessie was coming from as he continued to not look at us. But I guessed he was overcome with fear that he might be found out from what we had learned about his gay fucking of those pro football players. He might be next to get booted out of our school.

It seemed like hours went by before Mr. Jones broke the silence. My heart rate was racing and both Luke and I had begun sweating just like on the football field in a summer hot day. I needed some fresh air.

Then the curtain came down on us when Mr. Jones spoke: "Well gentlemen, and I use that term very loosely, you are immediately off the football team and suspended from school. You are to gather your books and supplies and leave campus by noon. We will notify your parents. But first, I want you to go with Coach Jessie to his office and let him speak with you and gather up all your athletic gear. By the way, Coach Jessie agrees with this decision. Is that correct Coach?"

"Yes Mr. Jones. I think this is the proper course of action."

That little shit. Coach Jessie a fucking gay whore had thrown us under the bus to save his own fucking ass.

Mr. Jones said: "Well fellows that is all. You are dismissed. Go with Coach Jessie now."

On the way to Coach Jessie's office, one of my best friends, Sarah, had heard what was happening and as we passed her in the hall she gave me a comforting smile and placed some papers in my hand and whispered to me: "Make sure you look at these before going into the Coach's office."

Luke over heard what she said. I knew we had to see what these papers were about so I made an excuse: "Coach Jessie, I really need to piss. Can I go to the restroom and then straight to your office?"

Luke got my drift and said: "Yea me too Coach."

"OK guys speed it up so we can turn in your athletic gear."

The little shit of a coach had me fuming as Luke and I entered the bathroom. I opened the stack of papers and gasped for breath and belted out: "Fucking hell, shit, shit shit, Luke look at this. These are photos of Coach Jessie sucking cock and getting his ass fucked not by a pro football player but a damn hot local semi-pro hockey player. Luke this is Sean the most mean and aggressive hockey player on the team. You and I love to watch him play. Man look at those two fucking horse cocks. They must be at least 11-inches and the biggest balls I've ever seen. Man, what hot fresh meat. I'd love to get those cocks up my ass. Fuck Coach Jessie is pounding that big rough hockey player's ass. I bet Coach Jessie is the town's biggest gay whore. There is no telling how many guys he has fucked. That bitch would not stand up for us. Man this makes me horny as hell. Gee look at both of us. Our cocks are stiff as a steel rod."

"Sonny this is great. Man you really owe Sarah for this evidence. Man, she is a good friend of yours. How do you suppose she got these photos? Now here is my idea. Lets go to Coach Jessie and show the bastard this evidence. I bet he will turn white as a sheet and he will be eager to deal with us."

"Yea, Luke this is great. Lets make him pay big time."

When we entered the Coach's office, he was seated behind his big desk and looked very smug.

He looked at us and said: "Well guys you blew it this time. Why in the hell would you fuck around in the locker room? Don't you know the chances were high you would get caught. In fact, I heard all that fucking of ass as the lockers were banging down the hall as big Sonny fucked that bubble ass of yours, Luke. I would not have rated on you but the student did and I have no choice but to support Mr. Jones. Lets get this over with so I can get the hell out of here and get the team ready for tonight's game."

"Fucking Coach not so fast, you little turd," I said.

"Sonny don't you talk that way to me. You are all ready in deep trouble and you are just adding to the charges. How dare you call me such disrespectful names."

"I don't think so Coach. Take a look at these pictures of you fucking with that hot hockey player. Man, these photos are hot as hell. Look at us. Luke and I are horny as hell and look at those tints in our pants. And yea, you were fucking big Sean here on campus. I think we better come to some agreement. Don't you?

The Coach looked at the photos and then turned pale and looked like he would faint. He was now at our mercy. We were in charge. Then after a long silence he managed to say: "Shit, mother fucker, where did you two get these photos?"

"Coach that is none of your business. It is time for us to make a deal. Luke and I are already booted from school and will not graduate and we are no longer your students or you are not our coach so we are free to fuck around with you. Pick up the phone and tell the department secretary you are in conference and cannot be disturbed for at least an hour."

He obeyed and then he locked the door.

Luke took charge and ordered the Coach: "Coach Jessie, take off all your clothes and get totally naked. Sonny and I are going to strip also. We are going to have a fucking good time with you."

Soon we were all only in our birthday suits. Hell, we all had sprouted the most erotic and steel hard cocks. Shit, the Coach had at least an 11-inch tool. We began to jerk off and soon we all were leaking pre-cum as goo appeared on our cock heads.

This would not be a long fuck session due to the circumstances and the need to hurry and not get caught.

We had Coach Jessie get down on is knees in front f our hot crotches as we stood in front of his desk with our cocks standing at attention.

Luke ordered: "Coach, start sucking our cocks. Rotate from one cock to the other until we shoot our jizz down that big throat of yours."

I felt Coach Jessie grab my big balls, pull them up tight into his hands, and he took his really big long hot tongue and began to lick up and down each side of my rock hard shaft. Man, this was the best feeling I'd ever had. The Coach had to be a pro cock sucker. He took the longest time to kiss and lick up and down over and over. Then shit he started spitting huge gobs of spit on my cock until I was drenched in his saliva. If possible, my cock grew another half inch. I'd never been this hard. He slid his tongue up and down my fat cock shaft as my cock got red hot on his tongue.

Then I felt him put his big juicy lips around my cock head and he clamped down hard , as he sucked more pre-cum out of my piss slit. Finally, he began to take my tool inch by inch to the back of his throat and spent lots of time coming almost all the way off and the deep throating my cock again and again. He had buried his face in my crotch as he wet my pubic hair. After some 10 minutes and his final squeeze of my balls, I went over the edge and I shot a volcanic load deep into that bitch's mouth. I was finished for now.

In the meantime, Luke had gotten down and had begun to take that huge snake of the Coach in his mouth. Luke went wild devouring all that pre-cum as we all were moaning and grunting with pure pleasure. I watched as Luke lost all control and some how managed to swallow that entire horse cock. He went wild devouring that cock as saliva poured out of his mouth. Coach Jessie began to fuck face Luke with those big hips and ass muscles. I decided to help Coach Jessie dump his load in Luke's mouth. I got behind the Coach's ass and began to tongue that big asshole and shove a finger deep into that man pussy. The Coach could not take all that rimming of his ass and the hot mouth on his cock.

I heard him cry out: "OH fucking my bitch, here I come. Take my load down that young throat. Mmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhh, Shit, yea, here it is. Oh yea, take it all, you little bitch.""

He had a cataclysmic eruption of stream after stream of creme deep into Luke's throat. I heard Luke gag as if he was drowning from all that rain of cum.

Now it was time for us to get Luke off. We agreed that the Coach, a master of cock sucking, would service Luke. He had Luke get on his desk on his back with his feet hanging over the edge. He spread Luke's hot legs and feet far apart and got his mouth between those hot legs and crotch. The Coach decided to waste no time as we were near an hour of sucking cock and the staff might wonder what was going on. Coach Jessie took both of his hands and placed them at the base of Luke's rock hard big cock and shoved his mouth all the way down on that wood. He did not come up for air but used his tongue to massage and slid all around on that cock. Luke began to moan and breath with great force. Shit it was no more than one minute when the Coach locked his lips around that beautiful cock and pressed hard. That put Luke over the edge. I heard him grunt and yell out: "Oh shit, Yea that is it. Mmmmm, Ahhhhh. yea here I come."

He dumped a huge load of his semen down that experienced fucking mouth while the Coach swallowed it all.

We dressed and as we were about to leave, the Coach said: "Well boys, that was some hot fucking time. Maybe we can meet off campus and do this again and even fuck ass. What do you guys think?"

I spoke and said: "Coach this has been really hot and yea we would love to have that champion cock up our man pussies. By the way, your job is secure as we will not tell anyone you are a fucking whore. Man, I hope that bitch Mr. Jones retires soon. He is at least 70 years old."

The Coach responded: "Thanks guys and I too hate working for that damn principal. Give me a call at home and we can get it on. I'd love to fuck those pink bubble asses. Man they are hot."

Coach Jessie was not that bad of a guy. Yea, he was hot as hell. We would sure see him again for some hot times.

P.S. The team lost the football game that night and their season ended.


Naughty Eric


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