I received an email from Jon a few days later inviting me over to his place for a romp in the sack - noon hour on Friday. It isn't very often that we are able to meet twice in one week so I was excited and more than ready. Driving over to his apartment, I played with my semi hard cock and was nice and hard on arrival. I rang his unit and was let in almost immediately. Knocking on his door, I was met by his son, David, who announced that "Dad got an emergency call half an hour ago but should be back soon."

I settled down in an overstuffed chair facing David who was sitting on a couch across the room. We chatted a bit getting to know one another as last time it had just been a handshake, a nod and a smile. He was a good conversationalist telling me that he was on vacation from up North and had decided to spend a few days with his Dad. From time to time he grabbed at his crotch and I began to see the outline of a nice one hanging down his left pant leg. It looked as if he was going commando. This aroused more than my attention! I adjusted myself as I was beginning to feel constricted in my briefs. Now he was visibly squeezing and rubbing his inner thigh showing the complete length of that nice one. I imagined I could see a big knob throbbing.

David announced, "Steve, I have to take a piss, why don't you go into the bedroom and relax, Dad will be here soon." We trotted up stairs - me to the bedroom and him to the washroom. I settled down on the bed, my hard on tenting my jeans. I adjusted myself allowing it lie across my left hip. A few minutes went by , I heard the toilet flush, the bedroom door opened and there stood David with his cock hanging out of his jeans. My god it was a monster- at least eight inches , uncut. The knob was peeking out of his foreskin and looked wet, glistening in the sun as it shone through the window. I felt like a ten year old boy as compared to the size of his. He was way bigger than both his Dad and I; however, Jon is cut.

David crossed over the few feet from the doorway to the bed and plopped himself beside me. He looked at me and smiled that all knowing smile that suggested that we were in for some fun. He reached over to feel my hard cock and said, "It looks as if someone is horny." His hand began exploring, squeezing, and caressing my hardness. I closed my eyes, spread my legs for better access and enjoyed this young man's attention. He unzipped me, taking it out and began palming my knob and stroking me. I was leaking precum which he used as lube for his own erection and began matching stroke for stroke . Unbuckling my belt, I lifted my hips as he pulled my jeans off and then my briefs. He stood up, did the same revealing his beauty in all its glory. I sat up , took off my Tshirt and reached out to feel him for the first time. It felt awesome in my hand, wet with a mixture of his and my precum, so thick, his foreskin pulled all the way back revealing the a full sized knob. Perfection. His bull balls looked so heavy and indeed felt weighty in my hand as I fondled them.

David crawled between my legs, bent over and took my towering cock into his mouth and began servicing me better than his Dad. Jon was right - his son was bi and was enjoying my cock. He proceeded to lick my balls, my taint and lifting my legs, my hole. I could feel his tongue licking and going round in circles massaging my winking hole. Dropping my legs he hovered over me, his hard wet cock between my legs, searching for my lips. We kissed, tongue to tongue, deep throating as he started a rhythm between my legs pumping away. I couldn't stop myself, moaning with pleasure enjoying this hot stud of a young man. My arms wrapped around him pulling him down , massaging his back as his hips thrust away. I was lost in ecstasy and it felt like he was too.

The door to the bedroom open and in walked Jon. "My, my what have we here?" he said. "You horny fuckers, you couldn't wait for me." With that he stripped naked and got on the bed behind his son, his cock all primed and ready for action. He placed it between David's ass crack and rubbed it up and down making David moan aloud. David was as much a moaner as his Dad . I unwrapped my arms from around him, David now with his ass in the air - I scooted out from underneath him and went to lick and tongue Jon's ass. I managed to pull his balls down and back to my waiting tongue as I licked from balls to hole, up and down, round and round, up and down, round and round, up and down, round and round knowing all full well that that was what Jon really liked. I had done that to him so many times.

David pushed his Dad off his ass, Jon rolled over on his back, David hovered over him and descended Jon's hard cock taking every inch up his ass. I moved to the top of the bed feeding my cock into Jon's waiting mouth, leaned over and returned to kissing David. The intensity of the sucking and the fucking increase until I though I would shoot my load - far too soon. David pushed off his dad's cock and rolled him over and plunged his eight incher up Jon's ass. Jon was impaled and I sat there in awe watching Dad and son going at it - this certainly was not the first time. The two of them were in their own world - I was left to masturbate at the side of the bed . I reached over and fingered David's ass which stimulated him to the point of no return. With one gigantic thrust of his hips he growled and shoot his load. Withdrawing, he was still shooting rope after rope of cum. He flopped down beside Jon breathing heavily and gasping for air. Well done son! Well done!

Jon was still on his stomach so I mounted him and within a few strokes I shot my load up there too. With two loads up his ass Jon needed to cum as well - he rolled over on his back and started to jerk off. I took it in my mouth and coaxed his to an orgasm as David leaned in and kissed his Dad .Everything seemed to come together spontaneously - I couldn't have planned it any better

That was my first time being with a true father/son combination and to this day if David is in town, he and his Dad get together with me for a fun afternoon. We have done so many things together that it is mind boggling at times. But all of that is for another time.




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