Feb 26 at 4:30 PM

Jon is a buddy I met up with a few years ago. He is a divorced father of three grown children and has a live in mistress. He is a bear of a man with a moderately hairy body and about a six inch cut cock. He is a true bisexual being and loves sex of all kinds. He is up for anything and sincerely enjoys foreplay leading up to the main event. He has no teeth, wears no dentures, making him one great cock sucker.

We met on line and chatted for many weeks before making the commitment to meet one Saturday afternoon when he was off work. He has a demanding job and isn't available for a bit of play all that often; compounding this is the fact that his mistress works different shifts so one is never sure when she will be around.

Our usual procedure is to start kissing immediately as soon as I am in the door, caressing one another and groping between the legs, Kissing our way into the living/dining room, we stop and start to undress one another pausing to lick and suck and fondle balls. Eventually I bend him over one of the dining chairs, spread his cheeks and rim his puckered hole. He is a moaner of the first degree. Once his hole is wet and slippery from my saliva, I ride my hard cock up and down his ass crack searching for his moist, warm hole - sometimes dipping in. Now you see it now you don't. Leaving our clothes scattered on the floor we head up the stairs to the bed room when we go right to it.

On this day I am referring to in this story, I arrived prepared for some hot kissing to start the foreplay ritual. Jon kissed me quickly and then led me into the interior of the apartment. There sitting on the couch was one of his sons, David. He had a smile on his face, stood up and offered his hand to me. We chatted awkwardly as I was unsure of what was happening - perhaps he had dropped in on his Dad unexpectedly. A few minutes went by and then he excused himself saying he was going out for a coffee. He winked at his Dad and gave us a thumbs up closing the door behind him. I looked at Jon - he just smiled and said, "Let's go upstairs and get naked."

With those words I feel a tingling in my jeans and Jon leads me up the stairs by my bulging crotch - squeezing and massaging all the way. We pause on the landing and start the passionate kissing - tongue to tongue. He is moaning already and I can feel him hardening in my hand. He pushes open the door to the bedroom with his foot and we shuffle inside still engaged in one of his erotic kisses. We untwine and quickly discard our clothes at the foot of the bed, turn to face one another, cocks clashing as we embraced in another long kiss, hips thrusting against one another. We flop on the bed, holding one another, caressing our naked bodies and stroking our enflamed cocks. We like to kiss one another at this point and mutually masturbate one another until one of us is overcome with passion for a taste of cock.

I usually am the one that goes down first - no different this time. I kiss down his body and feel his legs begin to spread as he anticipates my wet, warm mouth. I grasp his towering hard cock, rubbing my thumb over his knob, collecting some of his precum and paint his shaft with it. Lowering myself as I hover over him, I slowly take his knob into my mouth, swirling my tongue all around the glans - fuck he tastes so good, I am in heaven. - pig heaven. Never can get enough cum to suit me. I slowly descend his shaft as I fondle his balls and reach for his hole. He moans like the whore he is, begging for me to finger him as I blow. "Gladly", I say and go to work massaging and working my finger up his ass. He is now panting with pleasure as I increase the speed of the finger fuck and my sucking action. He is now grasping the back of my head pulling me down, thrusting his hips, face fucking me. I am in lust.

We break for a second as he rolls me to his side, spreads my legs and takes my throbbing cock into his mouth. One big thrust of my hips and he takes it all as I grunt and moan for some furious action. He ascends my shaft and begins to chew on my sensitive precummed knob. He is a toothless wonder at this. His naked gums bear down, rolling my knob back and forth, sometimes caressing, sometimes chewing and other times sucking the precum out of me. I am leaking profusely as he reaches down to massage and pull on by sac. This almost sends me over the top. I know I am at the point where I need his ass.

I push Jon off my cock, toll him onto his stomach and mount him from behind. He is more than ready, spreading his cheeks for easy entry , I press my knob against his hole and push; he pushes back and I slip n. I can just imagine his eyes rolling back as I slide in. Jon is one who likes it slow and easy at first - slipping in and withdrawing all the way out and then back in again. The slurping sound of my wet cock and his wet hole echoes in the room. He reaches back and grabs my ass pulling me deeper and deeper. We pause as he feels my entire length and girth stuff him. He is moaning so loud enjoying the sexual assault. I am over the top and deposit a load deep inside him. I shudder with the passion of release. We stay joined together, my heart beating so fast until I slip into my flaccid stage - I am sated.

I withdraw and roll him over onto his back, seeing the contented look on his face. Now to finish him off. More cock sucking and finger fucking on my part and moans from him. He shoots his load directly down my throat - I gag a bit but don't spill a drop. I crawl up his body and deposit a kiss on his waiting lips. He loves the taste of himself on my lips. We hold one another dearly now that it is time for me to leave. Reluctantly we get up off the bed and slowly dress. Making our way downstairs, I notice David has returned, sitting on the couch with an obvious hard on. He smiles, I nod and then head for the door, As he sees me out, Jon quietly says. "David is bisexual as well."




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