The thought hadn't crossed my mind until I woke up to see Rayne getting changed into his school uniform. School. In the midst of all this craziness, I forgot about school. How was I supposed to tell my friends let alone the entire school that I had become a new man, so to speak. If I didn't tell them about me, I knew for certain that I would lose Rayne forever and I certainly didn't want that to happen.

Suddenly, I didn't feel too good.

'Good morning baby,' greeted Rayne, 'you can wear my clothes for school.' He threw one of his shirts at me along with a pair of pants and continued to wriggle into his sexy little shorts, his ass shaking in the process.

'Babe, I don't feel too good,' I mumbled.

Rayne looked over his shoulder at me and attempted a reassuring smile. 'I'm sorry honey, maybe school will get your mind off things.'

'No, babe, I feel really crap, I don't think I can go today.'

'Okay honey, you stay here. Jesse's got work off today so you two can stay home and bond.' Rayne poked his tongue out at me and turned around to continue prepping himself in the mirror.

Despite our deep and meaningful conversation, Jesse was still cold with me. At dinner, Jesse didn't speak a single word to me, look at me or even acknowledge that I was sitting at the same dinner table. I wasn't too fond of the idea of spending a whole day with just Jesse.

I was stuck between a rock, a hard place and an angry Queen.

I really only had one option.

'It's okay, babe, I'll be all good for today.'

I parked in my usual spot and stopped breathing as I saw all the people hanging around the carpark. My eyes darted around for my mates and I was glad that none of them were around. I didn't want them to find out straight away. After a brief hesitation, I got out of my car and joined Rayne who was waiting for me in front of my car.

'Are you okay?' he asked me.

'I'm great,' I said with a forced grin.

There was no turning back. This was it. This was the moment.

I extended my hand out for Rayne to take; he gasped and looked at me with the most beautiful expression on his face as if to say 'Are you ready for this?' I half-smiled and nodded my head. Rayne grinned and took my hand.

We walked through the crowd of people who didn't notice until one whispering person told the next and then the game of Chinese whispers began. Soon, everyone was staring at us as we walked into the school grounds and looked around for our friends. Rayne spotted them and after some more hesitation, we walked hand-in-hand to our circle.

Brett noticed and so did Jayden. And then they told the next lot of guys and then soon enough, everyone was staring at us. The boys' faces were each painted a colour of horror. No matter how hard I tried to keep my head up, I couldn't help but look down at the ground. This was the worst feeling.

'What the fuck?' Jayden finally shouted.

'Why are you holding hands with a guy, you fag?' said Brett.

'Is there something wrong with that?' spat Rayne.

'Yes, there is, buddy,' said Dwight.

'I knew you guys were dickheads but I didn't know how truly pathetic you really were,' snapped Rayne.

'You fucking fag,' spat Jayden, 'you and Brendan can go fuck yourselves.'

My head shot up and as quick as lightning, Rayne had punched Jayden fair in the face. The rest of the guys hollered as Rayne stood over his fallen opponent, satisfaction clearly painted on his face.

'Dude, you just got knocked out by a queer,' said Dwight.

The bell rang for first period class and so Rayne dragged me to class in my state of complete shock. I was glad I could be with Rayne for now as we had Dance first. We disappeared into the changing room and began to get changed before the rest of the class showed up.

'Are you alright?' Rayne asked me.

'I'll get used to it,' I mumbled in reply.

Rayne kissed me on the cheek before focusing on getting his dance attire on. That feeling if disownership I felt when the guys saw me was still hurting me. I had always been their leader, a guy they could look up to. Now, they looked down at me as if I had some sort of incurable disease.

'How do you do it?' I mumbled.

'With a high head and a clenched fist,' he replied.

Rayne waited for me to change and as soon as I was ready, we both left the changing room and began to stretch and warm up. The girls came out ready and as soon as they saw us, they backed away from us like we were dangerous animals. Word had apparently got around fast.

Rayne looked around at them as confused as I was. I assumed girls were more accepting of this kind of thing than guys were. Obviously not.

'What?' said Rayne.

'How could you steal Ali's boyfriend like that?' said Tiffany.

'That's the worst thing you could ever do to a friend,' added Carly.

'Why did you even show your face?' said Katya.

Rayne's face dropped. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

'I wasn't dating Ali,' I corrected.

The girls completely ignored me and continued to berate Rayne, who as opposed to the Rayne this morning that stood up for himself in a heartbeat, was standing there taking it and taking it.

'I always knew you were a little conniving, sly little slut,' spat Tiffany.

'You couldn't keep up your angel act,' said Katya.

'Now we know the real you,' said Carly.

I looked over at Rayne, expecting him to defend himself or at least windmill kick all of them, but I watched as my boyfriend's eyes teared up and he dashed back into the change room, slamming the door behind him. The girls all crossed their arms and stared at me with hatred in their eyes.

'Oh how the mighty have fallen,' snickered Tiffany.

'I thought this class was for seniors, not immature primary school bitches,' I said before disappearing back into the changing room to check on him.

The Queen was sitting in the corner of the room sobbing to himself with his head in his lap.

'Baby, are you alright?' I asked as I sat down next to him.

Even in my mind, I was still trying to register what had happened. Leaving school on Friday, I was the Social King of the school with all the friends in the world and Rayne was the Social Queen of the school with all the girls to back him up. Now, with one small sign of public affection, Rayne and I had single-handedly become the biggest social outcasts. I knew I had to keep it together for Rayne's sake.

'This was supposed to be different,' said Rayne, 'my friends always supported me in being gay. Now, they're assuming I stole you off Ali and... I've never been called such nasty things before.'

I wrapped my arm around him and cuddled him to my chest. I didn't know a single string of words that could help make him feel better now.

For the rest of the school day, everyone couldn't stop staring at us yet no one said a single word. The boys were homophobic and the girls were judging on false pretenses. I kept it together without a problem but Rayne had troubles holding his head high let alone breathing.

As soon as he sank down into the passenger seat of my car, he sighed with relief and sunk his head into his lap again. Without a word, I quickly left the horrible school and went back to Rayne's house. Rayne dashed passed Jesse who had his arms open for a hug and disappeared into his room.

'What happened?' Jesse asked me.

'The kids at school aren't as accepting as we thought they were,' I explained.

Jesse frowned and immediately dashed up stairs to comfort his brother while I sunk down on the first step and held my head in my hands. Now that I was alone, I could let it out. Tears began to rroll down my face as I thought about all I had lost. My reputation, my friends, my family... all for what? All for Rayne? I loved him, I knew I loved him.

But was Rayne worth all this?



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