This is the story of my first time with another man....

One night I was staying in a hotel room by myself. And is often the case, I was feeling very horny, but lonely as well... So, for these type of occasions, I invented a game that I still sometimes play... What I love to do is masturbate on my bed with the lights on and the curtains pulled opened just far enough, so if a person wanted to peek inside, they would find me playing with my cock. It's always a turn on to know that someone may be out there watching me. I always act as if I'm so into what I'm doing, that I have no idea the drapes are exposing me, as I'm playing my little game... But, between you and I, I ALWAYS have my ears perked up and listening for sounds, and, I know EXACTLY when someone is walking by...

Now let me describe myself, so'll you'll be able to get a better mental picture... I'm a fit and clean cut man. I stand 5'10" and weigh 165 lb.s. I work hard at staying in good shape. I exercise daily and I try to eat right. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I also like the way I look when I shave all the hair off of my private parts. I think nothing is sexier than my smooth shaved cock, nuts and butt. And I've often watched myself in the mirror as I jack off and wished I was giving myself a good fucking!

When I play my little exhibitionist game, I usually like to smoke some of mother earth's finest green. For some reason, I just love a good buzz when I masturbate and/or have sex... It just enhances the experience, don't you think? 

The other thing I do before playing my little game, is to buy some good old fashioned porn magazines from the corner newsstand. Not just regular porn, but GAY porn with lots of pictures of hot naked men in them. Seeing other men's ripped naked bodies gets my dick harder than anything!!! And, I sooo wish I was in the magazine with them, being touched by them, being loved by them, being controlled by them..

So on that particular night, if you happened to walk by my room and looked in,  you would see me laying naked on my bed with a pillow folded in half, beneath my shaved ass and nuts, completely exposing me to the world. As I masturbate to a GAY men's porn. 

I ALWAYS make sure that everyone can see exactly what type of magazine I have in my hand. And, EXACTLY what I am doing as I look at all those hot naked men!.. Now, I really don't care who looks into my room. If its a woman or a man, or a couple that happens to peek in my room and catch me. To me it's a complete turn on just knowing I am being watched. And whoever it is, I hope they will enjoy my show.

Well, this particular night, after I had been going at it for awhile, I began hearing noises outside my window... My penis kept getting harder and harder and my heart began to race, as I was fantasizing about who might be outside watching me masturbate to those fucking hot studs in the collection of magazines I had spread across my bed...  I knew someone was out there too, because I keep hearing rustling sounds just outside my window. Was it a man? Or, maybe a couple watching me stroke my hard cock, and they themselves getting turned on watching me working my hard cock... Or, was it the Police?

Finally, I heard a hard knock on the door... My heart pounded inside of my chest as I jumped over to the window. Me, not knowing who was out there, or, what their reaction would be... But when I stumbled to the window and looked through, it was a very good-looking, very fit and very muscular man rubbing his crotch and peering in at me. I was nearly overcome with excitement as I opened my door for him.

He must had been there watching me for awhile, because when I opened the door, he bolted through like a dog in heat!.. Boy, I knew I was going to get what I deserved too, teasing him like that!.. He was a Latin man, I found out later named Marco. With a dark complexion, nice smooth brown skin and deep brown eyes. I could tell he worked for the horse track across the street from the hotel by the logo he had on his shirt. He was a horse trainer! And, in his broken English, Marco told me I was going to get exactly what I needed!

Marco rushed into my room, tearing off his clothes as he pushed me over to my bed. He began kissing me. Not soft kisses, but deep and hard and very forceful. He had a hold of me as if I was a untamed animal he was trying to break... Believe me, I was loving it! It felt so good to be under his power...

The next thing I remember he did, was to put his arms around my ass and pull me forcefully into him as he put my smooth and VERY hard cock into his mouth... I had never been sucked off by a man before that night. But, I could tell he knew exactly how to do it, like only another man would.... 

Well, with all the time I had spent masturbating to this very thought, and NOW having it actually happen. It didn't take me very long at all to shoot my load right down his throat. And I know I came a lot too. I could feel my orgasm all the way down to my toes.

Now, looking back on it, I think maybe I made Marco mad coming in his mouth the way I did. He didn't spit it out, no, he drank it down, every last drop of my sperm. But, when I was through, he instructed me to turn around and bend over the edge of the bed. Marco also informed me he was going to treat me like the two-balled bitch that I was!.. AND, I KNEW I was in heaven!

I had never been fucked before, but had always fantasized about it. And as I stuck my silky smooth butt up in the air to meet him, I could already feel my cock stirring again. Marco spit in my butt, reached out and grabbed me by my hips and aimed his hot cock right for my tight little brown eye. As my ass loosened up to accept his hot cock, I felt just like one of the horses in his paddock being ridden hard! This was my turn to get Master's attention. I was SO in love with the feeling I had, a feeling of complete surrender to him... 

As his speed increased, in and out of my hole, and as he kept telling me, I was getting exactly what I deserved, showing the whole world what a untamed faggot I was. My dick just keep getting harder and harder. And when he finally came deep in my ass, I immediately shot my second load directly on the sheets beneath me. I remember the feeling of the wetness of my semen on my stomach as he pushed me down onto the sheets and roughly kiss the back of my neck... It was pure ecstasy!

Marco got dressed and left me that night with his cum in my ass, and a dirty little smile on my face. I am proud to say I was in his stable for a very long time, occasionally being pulled out and ridden hard and fast by my own personal trainer!

I still like to masturbate with the curtains open when I stay in a hotel. But, now, along with my GAY porno magazines, I have wonderful memories to jack off to as well... And to this day, I've always wondered who else was might have been outside my window that first night? And if they knew I getting exactly what I had always wanted?!?



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