My first experience at a sauna was both an eye opener and an altogether thrilling experience.This story recounts my first visit but each visit merits a separate chapter which, if encouraged, I may recount subsequently.

Having paid and showered I duly set forth with towel around waist into a veritable Sodom and Gomorah. during my exploration of the maze of rooms I couldn't beleive the delicious sights and sounds of many excited naked men openly indulging in all the customary sexualities in both pairs and , most thrillingly to me, in goups. I came to the dark room fully aroused where 2 men were noisily and enthusistically fucking on a floor matress surrounded by an audience of a dozen. Engrossed I immersed myself amongst the excited viewers. After a bit I noticed a young oriental next to me with a raging hard-on and I being totally aroused bent down and gently nibbled his ear lobe. Thrillingly he immediately turned towards me and kissed me with the softest lips akin to any woman's. This is one of my turn-ons and in no time we were passionatly french kissing almost oblivious to the sights(altho not the sounds) of the mattress fucking.I broke off occasionally from the deep and passionate kissing to nibble my companion's neck and nipples (he was so smooth) before I re-surrendered my mouth to his sweet lips. That really touches my button and in no time the familiar warming from my raging tumescence presaged the inevitable outcome. However any chance of prolonging the pleasure disappeared when I felt my raging turgid member engulfed by a warm wet mouth. Glancing down I saw that I was being serviced by an enthusiastic young blond youth squattting on the mattress who nodded up at me with his mouth full of my tumescence. I returned to the sensual lips of my ardent companion abandoning myself to his charms as the pressure in my groin all too quickly reached that unbearable pitch when I explosively erupted copiously filling the hot eager mouth below. Fully sated and on legs of rubber I retired resolved to return with greater stamina soon



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