Chapter 30

JD and I arrived at Theresa's right about 8 pm and the guys were sitting at the bar sipping on a beer. Steve was behind the bar and yapping with them as well as several other guests. The bar was unusually busy for a Sunday night and I was's good that the neighborhood is so supportive of the local businesses. Theresa's has a really eclectic mix of, straight.....old, young...professionals, yuppies and even some hippy types.....on nights when it's busy like this it's really a fun's always fun....but it's really nice to see it like this.

We walked up to the guys and Steve poured me a tall Rum and Coke and JD opted for a beer...flavor of the day...not sure what it was but he seemed to enjoy it. Steve said "We are running a little ragged and behind so I don't think your table is gonna be ready for a few". I told him we were in no hurry and not to worry about fact "if anything opens in the bar we are perfectly fine eating in here"..."Cool...will get ya first available:

About ten minutes into our conversation two people at the end of the bar got up to leave creating 4 seats on both sides of the corner so we were able to take those, sit together and all see one another so it worked out fine. I tend to be a bar guy so prefer to eat at the bar if it works out that way.

We were working our way through the various courses of our meal...chatting and bantering back and forth....JD was getting to know Matt and I was doing the same with Chris. It really was working into a good day with all of us seeming to get along....enjoying each others company and having a good time. It was good to actually have another "couple" to hang out with and for it not to be necessarily anyone from our current world...ha.

Just about that time...when we were on the beginnings of desert our boy Dylan showed up....I knew he came in here fairly often since his move to town but we actually hadn't run into him here. Dylan came up and patted JD and I on the back and asked us what was "shakin"...we laughed and just told him we were hanging with Matt and Chris after going out on the lake today. Dylan shook their hands and then said he was meeting someone.....after we gave him the appropriate level of grief he excused himself and went and sat at an open spot at the other end of the bar.

Dylan (Thinking to himself and from his perspective - the story goes in this direction for a bit)

Now go figure....I'm gonna meet this hot guy here.....I figured the later the better cuz I wouldn't run into anyone and who do I see....both least they are looking like they are getting close to being done. I'm not sure how Matt will react when he sees who it is I am meeting. Maybe I better text him and tell him we ought to meet somewhere else......

So Dylan, feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the bosses being here, decided to text Andy and see if he would meet somewhere else....right at that moment Andy came through the door...even before Dylan could hit "send" so now it's on. Andy walked right up to Dylan...grabbed a stool and started small talk not even noticing that Matt, JD and two other guys were down at the other end of the bar. Dylan listened for a minute and waited for an opportunity to order Andy a drink from Steve.....Dylan was not aware that Andy and Steve knew each other. Steve put his hand out to shake Andy's hand and Andy shook it saying hello....It was about that time that Andy noticed Matt and JD....and Matt made eye contact with Andy and Dylan.....there were smiles all around and that was least for now.....

Dylan and Andy decided to just stay. There didn't seem to be any negative reaction to all of them being in the same place at the same time. After really wasn't Matt's place to have any influence over Dylan when it came to his off time or personal life....though Matt and JD had been incredibly cool to Dylan...and Matt did say that Andy was a good what the hell.....Dylan decided to just see where this night led.

"Dylan...are you hungry...should we grab some food before the kitchen closes"

"I actually am kinda hungry. After we closed last nite I went over to the clubs and didn't really wind down til this morning....then I slept and I haven't really had anything"

The two decided on one of Theresa's killer pizza's with a couple of salads. As Steve was bringing their salads over the guys noticed that Matt, JD and their friends were getting up to leave.....they stopped and chit-chatted for a their friends to Dylan and then introduced them to Andy. It seemed a bit hesitant and awkward but not too weird. Matt made eye contact for a few seconds with Dylan but then they left. Dylan and Andy dug into their salads and then the pizza arrived....steve poured them a couple more drinks and they talked and talked and laughed as they were getting to know each other.

In a turn of coincidence and weirdness Andy and Dylan realized that they were both staying in the same "extended-stay" motel with weekly rates.....

"Dude.....I thought I saw you the other day over by the pool"

"Well....I had asked one of the people over at Mag when I first got here where a cheap place was until I found an's just too funny that we are both in the same place....."

"I've lived there for several's not too bad....gonna get outta there as soon as I get a steady job and back on my feet"

"Didn't you used to work for Matt?"

"Yep...screwed that one up big time but hoping he will give me a second chance"

"What happened?"

"Well lets just say I made some really bad choices and got into some stuff I shouldn't have.....I let him down...and let myself down....but I think I am back on if I could just get some regular work......the things you do to get by...well...let me just say Im not proud of what I did or what's going on now"

"Dude...we all fuck up from time to time..."

"Yeah....I know....."

As the conversation continued Dylan began to notice, more and more, how hot Andy was. He had the looks of an A&F model....the body of an athlete....and eyes that would just hypnotize you....and those dimples.....damn....those dimples.

After a couple of hours it became pretty clear that the two had probably had enough to drink. Steve tried to offer one more round before closing...the guys looked at each other and more shot.....what the work tomorrow...nothing really for either of them to do....Dylan secretly hoped that the shot would put Andy over the edge...of any inhibitions that is...and he would suggest the two spend the night together. Living in the wine country did not afford Dylan the chance to get out very often...and by that...meaning no real real contact with other guys besides those that would be guests at the resort his folks now here he was in a fairly good size and working in the what the hell.....

Andy took the last shot and went to stand up feeling a bit...well .....buzzed. But not too buzzed to decided that he wanted this little hotty in his bed. As he stood...he steadied himself by leaning against Dylan and placing the palm of his hand against Dylan's chest....nice and firm and rock hard....he noticed Dylans nipples seemed to be poking out of his tight t-shirt and Andy felt a stirring in his groin...difficult to hide in the white linen pants he was wearing....ugh...maybe it was a mistake to go commando tonite.

The pressure of Andy's weight made Dylan take a small step back....and as he did he noticed the bulge in the front of Andy's pants...thinking to himself that he was very glad that Andy wasn't too drunk to get excited...and how nice it was that by just putting his hand on Dylan's chest he got a little hard...The fairly good sized head was making its presence known as Dylan noticed Andy's cock was lengthening....snaking a bit to the left but clearly visible in those fact...its protrusion actually forced the front of the pants upwards....the drawstrings framing what looked to be a good 7-incher....and Andy's treasure trail and neatly trimmed flat spot where his waist met his raised shirt was clearly visible also.......hmmmmm....maybe tonite will be an eventful night after all.................

Chapter 31 (Continues from Dylan's perspective)

As we wandered down the block towards the motel I noticed that there were times when Andy seemed a little buzzed...but then times it appeared he wasn' I wasn't really sure what was going on...if this was an act just to get me in the sack or if he really was a light weight....we didn't have all that much to drink but, as horny as I am, have been and want to be...I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth......

"Dude...what room are you in"

"220 - so we gotta go up the stairs...."

" go first"

as I positioned myself right behind Andy I couldn't help but notice that every time he got a step up ahead of me his hot ass was just about in my face....There, in front of me were these awesome mounds....straining against those white linen he moved they moved alternately....damn....I let him get two steps ahead of me just so I could totally be at face one point he kind of fell backwards and his ass was resting against my I moved a hand...placed it squarely on the right cheek and eased him back up....he sort of turned and looked at me again I wondered how buzzed he really was....or was this all a total set up??

I got Andy up to the landing at the top and his door was right there. He was fumbling in his pocket to get his keys when I took over...reached in....and not only did I feel his keys....I felt that cock...he was as close to being totally boned up as you could get...I apologized....not really sure why...but I did...and he turned and smiled again. I got the keys....unlocked the door and he made his way in....and as he did he turned...grabbed me by the front collar of my t-shirt and pulled me in.....I could barely get the door closed behind me (and yes...I left the keys in the lock) when he pushed me up agains the wall and planted the mother of all kisses on me....tongue and all.....running his hands down the side of my face...down the front of my shirt....up and down.....reaching the hem of my shirt and forcing it up over my head and my out sretched arms...all in one fluid motion....the only interruption of the kiss was as the shirt passed.....

Andy proceeded to go to town on my neck and ears and chest and nipples.....I was so turned on I thought I was gonna bust. I actually had to ease him back away for a sec just to catch my breath though I was relishing this attention and his touch. As he stepped back a bit he took off his shirt...all the while staring at me with those eyes....and the touch of a grin...which egagerated his dimples....almost an evil grin/stare.....but it sure let me know that he wasn't too buzzed to know what he was doing and, for the most part....what his intentions were.

I think one of the most sexiest things on this earth is to undress someone....I don't know why...I just after Andy took his shirt off and he continued the assault on my chest and belly....I slowly grabbed one of the drawstrings on his pants and gently pulled....slowly....slowly....slowly....ya know that moment when a string breaks free from the know....well the instant I felt that little....Ugh.....and the string came clean to me those white linen pants just fell....straight down those killer his ass and down to his ankles........and he didn't event notice! I think because the top of his cock was poking up out of the waistband so there was nothing to hold them in down they went.......I stood there for a second and then I realized Andy was taking my hand and moving it to his crotch while he continued using his tongue on my neck, chest and nipples. When I realized the pure weight of the package in my hand I instinctively started to drop to my knees.....i felt a hand on the top of my head as I went down.....I ran my tongue down that taut stomach of Andy's until I reached that closely cropped bush at the top of his dick.......oh man.....this really was turning out to be and eventful night.........


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