Previously.....From Chapter 27:

As I got to the front of the table the man sitting with Chris rose from the table and I realized he was much taller than either of us....6'5 or 6'6 tall, a strikingly handsome guy with blond hair, a little neat scruff and blue....those blue eyes.....HOLY SHIT I exclaimed out loud as I was drawn into a monster of a bear hug....I looked up and yep, here I was....looking up and into those oh-so-mesmerizing blue eyes....the bluest of blue.....deep ocean blue eyes that, many years ago, captivated me so much that I changed my life all together....

It was first love, the man that helped me become who I am today....the man who taught me how to, and that it was ok to love another man..... the man that taught me that life throws curve balls and sometimes things just aren't meant to be.....and the many who, for the rest of my life, no matter what, would be with me in the depths of my soul.....

Chapter 28

So with a lump in my throat, a knot in my stomache, weakness in the knees and the beginnings of a tear in my eye I hugged this rock of a man back with all I had. We stood there for what seemed like days and as he let go he grabbed both sides of my face and leaned in and gave me a passioned kiss that also seemed to last forever.......All of a sudden I became very aware that the noise in the restaurant had subsided and all eyes were on the three of us......Chris was patting both of us on the back....which I thought, at the time, was a bit odd, but the reunion was classic..........and took my breath away for a few minutes......

I grabbed a chair from the next table and sat on the outside of the booth and just stared for a awe at what just happened......Matt just sitting there with that grin he had, complete with those dimples that drove me wild back in the day.....I turned and got Michelle's attention and she came over and I asked her to grab a nice bottle of Pinot Noir and bring it...and to please get word to Dylan to track JD down and send him over......

"What the hell...I mean....what are you doing here....I mean....I am blown away.....!?!?"

"Matt, I want to first introduce you properly to Chris Walker. Chris and I have been partners for about two years now - Chris is the Chief of Staff for the Lt. Governor's Office here in town"

"Chris, it is really nice to meet you....I gotta say I am just stunned right now....but welcome!"

"How...I mean...."

"Chill out buddy....I got your e-mail last week and it just so happened that Chris and his staff were going to be in town this weekend and I thought, what the hell....It would be great to see you and see what's happening in your world. I called and talked to your assistant the other day to see if there was still space to come in and I asked her not to say anything....she didn't really want to play at first...and I wasn't sure how much she knew about you and your past so I just turned on the old charm and convinced her"

"Wow...I am still just blown away"......"What a great surprise though I should proly kick her ass for it"

We all chuckled and about that time JD arrived at the table with that bottle of wine Michelle had opened for us....

"Gentlemen, JD Cavanaugh" as JD extended his hand to Chris and Matt

"Did you know about this?"

"Jenni had told me the other day that an old, old friend of yours was coming this evening and that it was supposed to be a surprise....I didn't ask for names but I assumed it was Matt since you had said last week you emailed him"

"Matt, it is really good to meet you, I have heard so much about you I feel like I have known you for years"

"Thanks JD....and this is Chris Walker, My partner....Chris works here in town for the Lt. Governor's office"

"Chris, really nice to meet you and welcome....certainly hope this will be a place where we will see a lot of you in the future"

"Thanks JD...and I think it's the perfect spot to call my new hangout...."

"So Matt" and with that we both looked at JD....everyone paused and chuckled......

"I guess we will have to go back to Matt 1 and Matt 2" when we are around

"JD, when Matt and I were dating we were always referred to as 1 and 2 when we were with friends or out and about"

"How did you decide who was 1 and who was 2"

Both Matt and I snickered a bit....I was not really wanting to admit why we came to that decision but Matt popped off

"Well guys, lets just say I was labeled 1 because size differential"

The entire table burst into laughter and I know I was 3 sheets of red at that point...but it was funny....and sadly, true

I felt it necessary to explain "1 and I were at a weekend retreat up in Sonoma...kind of a bear weekend at that resort on the Russian River. At one point while taking a dip in the pool some of the guys there were really confused because we were both named old queen who was a regular at those retreats decided to name us based on the endowment....and now you know who's bigger....#1` over there"

JD cracked up....but recovered well by saying that I was number one in his book.......

Chris took the initiative to pour us each a glass of wine and said "'s to old times, memories, good friends...and the future"

We all clinked our glasses together....JD kissed me on the cheek....and I couldn't help but just grin at the way the evening worked out so far.

Over the course of the next couple hours Pam had sent out an amazing 4 course prime rib meal. I got up a couple of times to greet people on their way out and slowly the dining area was clearing. There was a considerable crowd hanging out in the bar area and we did notice that people were coming in off the streets to have night caps. Erik came over and asked if that was going to be ok and I said sure...we weren't planning on that to happen but it's good PR....I told him to put some of the sample menus out and let people know we would be open next week. "As long as you and Michelle and Dylan are willing to hang out I am ok with it"

It was clear during our time with Matt and Chris that they and JD were getting along. When I had a chance to think about it, I was a little concerned at how they would interact but we are all big boys and things seemed to be just fine. There is me again worrying about shit I shouldn't.

"Hey 1, how long are you in town for"

"I had really only planned on being here for the nite but Chris is here all week so I think I will stay a few more days...I haven't been to town in quite a while so it will be nice to just kick back, relax and hang out with him.....He's gonna be busy during the days so what is your week like?"

"I think since tomorrow is Sunday and JD and I really hadn't talked about any might be a great day to go out to the lake....that is if We can use JD's boat?"

"Thats a great Idea 2....(even JD got into the hang of the 1-2 thing now).....Why don't we meet at Mag for breakfast and we will head out to the lake might be a little crowded but at least we can spend the afternoon out there......and then we can BBQ at my place when we get back"

"That sounds great...are you talking about Magnolia Cafe for breakfast" chris inquired

"Yep.....thats my other spot.....I have had Mag for a little over 2 years now"

"Damn....I eat breakfast there all the time....I had no idea that was yours....."

"We've probably seen each other there before"

Dylan came up to the table and let me know that the last of the kitchen crew was out and would it be ok if Pam came over.....and could he lock the front and get outta here

" got a date or a hurry to get outta here"

"No date....but the clubs close in an hour and I don't want to waste this hotness"

We all laughed....I got up, shook Dylans hand and pulled him into a hug (an yes...still going commando...he must have planned it that way for the clubs), thanked him and pushed him on his way. "Thank god for that kid...he is amazing when it comes to keeping things running...much more than you would expect out of a Maitre D"

The guys all shook their heads and Chris and Matt got up....indicating they should be headed out too..."Where are you staying....." "Chris has a nice little condo over by the capitol so it's just down the street a bit...we walked over here from there"

"Cool, cool...well about Mag at about 8....does that work for you guys..."

"Thats good....we will see you then"

And with that the guys were off. I couldn't help but stare for a minute as they walked away. That guy still gets me a way that is so different than how JD does...can't really explain just is what it is I guess.

"Well #2, you handled that surprise pretty well....."

"I feel really awkward all of a sudden...I mean...I know I have talked with you about him...about what he meant to me at the time....but I still can't help but feel a little weird...the two of you getting along like that...."

"Well....I did have a couple of days to prepare myself....and trust me....On one hand it's really good for me to see that guy and to know what he meant to you...and to put a face to the name...and what a gorgeous face it is....Ha Ha"

"On the other did nothing but make me feel more secure with what we have....and also lets me know how important to me you are...I I a bit jealous....who wouldn't be...have you seen that ass? Oh wait, you have!"

I laughed and just pulled JD into a hug.......I have been lucky enough to have two great guys in my life where most people don't even get that once!

"Mr. Lawrence.....I believe our car will be here shortly....can I interest you in a ride home"

"Yep Mr Cavanaugh...I would like that...oh wait...gotta run and check in with Pam real me out front"


I wandered back into the Kitchen to check with Pam but she had already left...but she left me a note on the ticket wheel

"Boss, didn't want to barge into your reunion - just wanted to check in on how things went. Am going to help out at Mag in the morning so enjoy your day off and I will talk to you Monday.....P"

That was good....I wasn't sure I wanted to have any in-depth conversation tonite....and I am glad she is going to spend a little time at Mag...don't want Mag to become the bastard step child in all of this.

I went out the side door, checked to make sure the kitchen and front doors were locked and made my way out front to a waiting JD with the passenger door of the RX open. I jumped in and we were off. He asked if I wanted to stop at Theresa's for a night cap and I declined....

"Lets just go hit it...home"

"Hit it? You mean 3 times in a day"

"No putz.....I meant lets just head home....haha - now who is the man-whore?"

"Well...if there is one thing I have learned about you is that you want what you want...and if you are ready who am I to turn ole #2 down??"


Chapter 29

It was well after 2 am when we got back to JD's place and I was just exhausted. I got my coat and pants and tie off and then just sat on the bed while JD was putting some things away in the kitchen. The next thing I knew I was awakened by the sound of the alarm clock. I wasn't really sure where I was and couldn't get my bearings but I was laying on top of the sheet naked. Here I go again....what happened?? It took a sec but I realized I was in JD's bed...he must have come in after I had fallen asleep waiting for him...and it would be just like him to strip me down....geez....wonder if he had his way with me...I chuckeld at the thought and then smelled the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee.

I wrapped a towel around my waist after using the rest room and brushing my teeth and padded out to the kitchen. Once again...I was greeted with the rock hard ass, bent over the kitchen counter reading the paper, clad in only those white Calvins....."YUM" "What a Top O' the morning to ya is that"

JD turned around putting the paper down and walked over and kissed me on the forehead....running his finger down the side of my face...down my neck...down the center of my get the's his signature move that gets me a junior going every time.

"Hey now...none of that...we got things to do this morning and it's already come you let me sleep so late"

"It's your day off.....and besides you didn't even budge when the alarm went off at 6" as he chuckled.

"Did we have wild, passionate sex last nite or were you just the stalker guy who stripped me and stared"

"Well....I did get get you naked....and I did stare at #2....i guess you could call that stalking...but if we'd had wild animalistic sex you'd me"

" can let the #2 thing go alright"

"Nope, not gonna happen. There isn't much I can hold over your head so I am gonna abuse that one"

"Whatever......what time did we tell Matt and Chris to meet us?"

"Around 8" "Are you gonna jump in the shower or are you just gonna go with the flow?"

"Im gonna jump in and rinse off...wanna join me?

"Already had mine....Im gonna run over to the storage shed and grab the big cooler, grab some ice and beer and water and I will meet ya back here in about 30 minutes"

I laughed because as he was saying that he grabbed his keys and looked like he was headed out his side door to where his truck was parked....."Are ya gonna go like that....I mean it's totally cool with me if you do.....especially if you jump in the water and those become transparant"

He cracked up and wandered down the hallway returning in a minute dressed in some cargo shorts, a really nice form fitting tank top and his flip flops. He kissed me on the cheek, smacked my ass as he headed towards the door and yanked my towel off....and he was off.

I sat down and pretended to stare at the news paper......sipped off my coffee and began to think about last cool and strange it was at the same time....I thought about Firehouse and how it has all come together.....and I thought about that time in my life several years ago......Gotta go...gotta jump in the shower.....

I got myself cargos, a white tank...some of JD's flips and a baseball hat. I wasn't much for hats but for some reason today it seemed to go with everything.

JD got back...we loaded up in the truck and headed over to Mag. Matt and Chris were waiting in the lobby as Carly came up front and greeted us with hugs......we sat over in a corner and proceeded to order and eat our breakfast pretty much uninterrupted. We chatted about Chris' work....they asked about JD's job...Matt was proud to be on sabbatical and didn't seem like he was ready to go back anytime soon....guess he will in the fall.

We finished up and decided to head to the lake. It would be about a 20 minute drive from here and we chatted and laughed all the way there. JD seemed pretty excited to get the boat out and show it off. He asked if either of them wanted to ski and they both thought for a minute and decided to just enjoy the ride...float along...and whatever happens...happens.

We got to the marina and carried all the stuff down. Since this was the first time out this year JD explained he would have to do a little clean up once he got the cover up the generator for the refrig and mosy on over to the other side to get some gas.....The guys pitched in and we were soon on our way across the lake. Before you knew it everyone was shirtless and enjoying the ride. Matt #1 had on a killer pair of board shorts that were a bit loose and every time he reached or bent I could see the top of his ass crack and the tan line....I joked that he never used to have a tan line...he was always tan...but never had the line. Chris laughed and said as #1 was getting older he was getting less risque and willing to just wander around the back yard naked....we all laughed at that and #1 flipped us all off. I gotta tell you...he may be getting older but there is nothing about this guy or his body that anyone should be embarrassed about. It hasn't changed a bit in several years and he is still hot as fuck!

Chris was no slouch in the looks and body department. Somewhat similar in stature to me he was a great looking guy...had a great chest and rock hard abs....not a washboard but certainly firm and nice looking...and he was one of those with the killer treasure trail leading down the front. And of course...ya'll know how I feel about JD and how he gets me going. What a sausage fest this was....

JD maneuvered the boat into a small, very private cove that also had a bit of a sandy beach. He dropped the anchor and told us that he wanted to just kick it for a while...maybe have a couple of beers and swim....After a couple of beers Chris decided he was gonna jump in so the next thing you know he and #1 were dropping their shorts and holy cow....there was that ass I hadn't seen in quite some time....Mr. Adonis had sauntered back into my life...with his equally good looking partner....damn fine specimens of man meat......JD followed suit and stripped and dove in and then so did I. I hadn't considered we'd be skinny dipping today but the whole thing felt natural and normal and, in the end, it was fun.

As the afternoon wore on...and we got out of the one was really worried about getting dressed until we saw a patrol boat headed our way. We all threw our shorts back on as the boat rode past us....and we decided it was proly a good idea to head back.

We got the boat back to the marina, unloaded, stuff into the car and headed on our way. During the drive back downtown JD asked the guys if they wanted to come over and BBQ and hang out or would they prefer to go rest a bit and meet for dinner at Theresa's. Matt#1 suggested that we go clean up a bit....and let them buy us dinner tonite at Theresa's. We were both down for that...nobody really wanting to cook after being on the lake all afternoon so we agreed to meet in a couple of hours...around 8pm. JD said he would call and make a reservation and we would just meet the guys in the bar at 8.

We got back downtown, dropped Matt and Chris off at their car and were on our way back to JD's place in no time.

"So number 1 didn't seem to shy about shucking his shorts and jumping in the water did he"

No....he never has been shy......he spent plenty of time in his back yard naked.....I don't know that I ever saw him in a suit or shorts when he was swimming or in the hot tub...unless he had company..."

"Well I gotta say...he's one built SOB....I can see why you were so enamored with him"

"Why Mr I detect a hint of jealousy?"

"Come on 2, I saw how you looked at him.....I would be a fool not to be jealous considering how hot you are and how hot he is"

"Come on know the story.....and I hope you know that is all I still attracted to I want to be with him.....if circumstances were I happy with the way things are now.....very!" "I promise you, if there is one thing I learned from my time with's that I will always be honest.....thats why we are still friends today and why he still holds a place in my heart...cuz we were honest enough with each other to know we were drifting in different directions.....did that hurt....I can look back now and say..yes it did...but it's because of the time and circumstance......does it still hurt"

JD looked away from me as we were getting close to the driveway. When we pulled in I reached over with my hand and moved his face so he was looking at me. I saw a bit of a tear forming and I reached in and kissed him. It was, I must say, the most soulful kiss we had experienced and we sat there for a few minutes just relishing in it. He snapped up and said...."Come on lover...we better get a move on"

"Did you just call me lover? Why Mr. Cavanaugh....I do believe you have fallen for me"

"Shut up or I will get towels monogrammed with the number 2 on them!"

I got a hearty chuckle out of that and was pleased that he was smiling and joking again. The irony in all of this was that, all of a sudden, I felt as though I needed to convince him of where things stood between us...not the other way around like usual....kind of weird for me. I guessed that this was really becoming a full blown relationship and maybe Matt's presence here...seeing him happy having moved on.....and recognizing that I was happy without him....maybe I was finally settled or had come full circle in terms of what I wanted and where I was headed. Clearly it was important to me to include JD in this know that things between us would remain as they are.....was I ready for things to go further with JD.....the proverbial next step? I wasn't sure but I was sure that it felt very natural for him to be a part of my life and future right now.

We got in the house at realized we had about an hour to get cleaned up...get ready...and get on over to Theresa's to meet the guys. I heard JD talking with Steve on the phone and it appeared they would have a table waiting for us as always....I went on back into the bedroom and got undressed and turned the shower on...hoping JD would find his way back here soon....and he did....he shed his clothes and joined me. No hot carnal lovemaking....just the two of us soaping each other up....kissing...rinsing each other off in a playful way....and the realization that we were both hard as a rock....if we didn't get outta there now the boys would have to have dinner on their own.

"JD.....I sure hope you realize and understand how important you are to me....not cuz of the business....not cuz of all the help....not because of your A&F body....but because you are you....and I don't want you to think otherwise....I know I don't say it very often....and you are probably left to wonder a lot about where we are...where we are going......I don't have those answers right now...but what I do know is that I want to find out with you....the two of us together...."

"Ok #2.....I can live with that....and yes I do spend a lot of time wondering because I have, in fact, fallen for you.....and I can't imagine what things would be like if we hadn't met so thank you for that....I know I tend to be a little impatient and if I push too fast ya gotta tell me....because when I am with you it's all, and I mean all systems go!"

"Would ya stop with the #2 thing......" and I smacked him on the ass as I dried off and headed to the bedroom


Matt Lawrence

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