Chapter 25

After that somewhat strange encounter with Andy I went ahead and made my way over to Firehouse. Things were organizied chaos if you will.....Service staff working to prep the dining areas and bar.....Dylan running around like a maniac checking table sets, flowers, menus...etc....speaking of Dylan...damn that boy looked good this morning. He was wearing a faded purple tank top with really, really faded jeans...ya know...the kind that are thread-bare at the knees, the ass and crotch...yum. Not to mention that this may have been the first time I really noticed his physique....being in a tank clearly showed off his muscular arms.....quarter sized nips on a hard, lightly hairy chest....and when he reached for something a clear view of those abs....damn. I gotta stop this right now.....I am acting like an over sexed man-whore right now....every thing and everyone I look at just gets me going....and old junior is just in constant state of semi hardness this morning...

"Hey Boss".....I was shaken out of my horniness by Pam...yep that will do it...a big ole Lesbian chef, complete with knives, shouting at you will bring you out of any potential wet dream and masturbation material in an instant....

"Yes maam...what can I do for you"

"Well, for one thing - you can stop drooling over the baby boys...and for can sign these purchase orders"

"Fine bitch....just give em to me"

Seriously....did that big ole lesbo just call me out?? (Please don't take any offense to my name calling directed at her.....thats the way we banter back and took us a while to get there...checking each other out....and we certainly don't do it in front of other folks!)

Pam laughed, turned on her heels and walked away mumbling something about cranky queens....who knows......I thought again about how easy the big ole lesbo has made my life and what a great addition she is to the "family" and how lucky I am that she found

As I was wandering through the lower level checking things out Dylan noticed me and cruised over....he seemed flustered and yet in a zone....

"Whats up look a little flustered....anything I can do"

"Oh boss, let me count the things you could do" and as he said that he clearly understood he put his big old foot in his mouth..."Matt, I did not mean that the way it sounded"...and he was clearly embarrassed and had a real sheepish look on his face.

"Dylan buddy, I get you....some times thats what young and full of cum is....stoooopid....things tend to just come flying out of our mouths before we have a chance to hit send....I get ya"

"Now, are there things you need me to...take care regards to today or tonite...or are you good?"

"Well....I think I've got pretty much everything dialed in...except...."


"Well....when I got here this morning there was this guy kind of hanging around out front....Good looking guy....sweats and a as fuck and built too.....said he was a friend of yours and was looking for ya......I told him I wasn't sure when you would be in and he asked if maybe you were down at Mag" "I realized he must know you to know you might be over there...but I just played kinda dumb and told him I just wasn't sure of your schedule today"

"It's all good, I ran into him at the coffee shop...he is a former employee who Is looking for work again"

"Oh, guys must know each other pretty well...he seemed really familiar with you so it kind of bugged me at first...but as long as he's cool its fine"

I turned to start up the stairs to the second floor when it occurred to me to turn back around and Dylan was just kind of staring at me...

"Dylan, was there something still seemed bothered....."

" was just a feeling I I said, he acted like he really, really knew you and I had no clue who he was so I guess I was a little...freaked"

"Did he say something else to make you uncomfortable...or"

"Nothing really boss, just some off the cuff remark about your routine....when I told him I wasn't sure of your schedule or when you'd be here he said something about knowing you were on your way....when I asked him if he had an appointment or anything...he said no..just that he knew you very, very well...and knew you were on your way"

"I dunno...and then I said something about you being an early riser he mumbled something I couldn't quite make he knew how to get you to rise...or he knew when you rise...or some weird shit like that"

"Ok.....don't worry about any of this Dylan...he's an ok guy. We had some issues when he worked for me and he's working on getting his shit together...he really is ok so put it outta your head. I did invite him to stop by later in the week so don't be surprised....actually....all things aside...I think you guys could end up being good friends....."

"And did say you thought he was hot as fuck if I can quote you"

"Whatever I am horny...what can I say....but he is hot...I mean I would do him in the elevator....whoops...did I say that out loud?"

"Ass....get back to work you little shit....." "Im gonna go do some paperwork and get outta here so if I don't see you before...I will see you tonite.....and bring all your hotness with you....The Gayborhood is gonna swoop down on us tonite....last nite was the big wigs....tonite all the queens will be out"

"K boss...see ya later"

I went on upstairs and sat at my desk...there was a myriad of paper...stacks of papers to go I sat there my mind wondered again......two things were kind of bugging me....What was Andy really up to...was it him in the house this morning or am I just starting to lose it.....and

Why the hell haven't I heard from JD. It's been a few hours since he surprised me with the little encounter/apology this morning and I thought I would have heard from him by now.....hmmmm.

I was brought back to earth when Jenni, our temp office assistant, came bouncing in humming some unfamiliar tune.."Whoops, sorry Mr. Lawrence...didn't realize you were here"..."No worries Jenni...i was just going through some of the paperwork from the last few days"

As Jenni looked at the answering machine on her desk she commented that there were tons of voicemails again this morning......"Do you want me to screen any of these calls for you Mr. Lawrence....?" I stopped her and asked her to please call me Matt and she kind of blushed but agreed...."and, by the way Jenni, I have noticed how well you have done the past few days and I would like you to consider becoming a permanent part of the Firehouse team and family....I am not sure how that works with the temp agency but if you are interested I will get the ball rolling"

She almost squeeled with excitement and came over and gave me a hug....she had been looking for a permanent position for months as she was recently separated and had to kids to support.....I was happy to have made her day and I asked her to put it on the calendar for me to follow up on at the beginning of the week.

As I made my way down from the office back through the dining areas I turned into the kitchen just to make my face visible....Pam was coaching some of the kitchen crew on things she wanted to change up from last nite.....every thing was in order and well under her control so I waived at her and told her I would be back later.......just about the time I got to the front lobby area I could hear voices just outside the door and as I peeked through the ornate windows on the front I saw JD standing there talking with seemed somewhat of a pleasant exchange but clearly gave me an unsettling feeling knowing there was a conversation going on between the two of them with out me......just as I pushed through the door I saw them shake hands and then Andy jogged across the street to a waiting city bus....

"Hey is your morning going" and with that JD planted a kiss on my lips.....

"I am doing good....what was that all about?"

"Andy was coming around the corner headed to the bus stop when he saw me coming towards the door so he popped over, introduced himself and then apologized for being an ass to you"

I was thinking how strange the interaction between JD and Andy was and began to wonder how Andy knew who JD was....I mean the only time they had actually seen each other was that nite a few months ago at Theresas....the day after Andy had hit me....and of course....the day of that little tryst between Andy and I in his stomach was, all of a sudden in knots and I was beginning to feel really weird about things when JD snapped me out of it and said

"Whats the rest of your morning like? Can you get away for an hour or so?"

"Depends...I was gonna check in at Mag and then veg for a bit, what do you have in mind?"

"Come on...lets go see Carly and then I get you for a little while"

Clearly, JD had move quickly past his encounter with Andy so I supposed I should just go with the flow and see what he has up his sleeve......We popped over to Mag, checked in with Carly and he ushered me out the door and down the block in the direction away from the restaurants.......we walked a few more blocks and he stopped us right in front of a storefront that I never really paid attention to before....

"MASSAGE BY MIKE" was the name on the I looked at JD with a puzzled expression and he said "I have been wanting you to experience this for weeks and just couldn't make it today you are going to experience bliss....well bliss in a non-sexual way. My friend Mike, who taught me what I know about massage, is going to take you on a relaxation journey for 90 minutes"

"JD.....come on now....I don't have time for this....and besides...I like your massage techniques just fine"

"Matt, just do need knows when you will give yourself a chance like this again"

As he was talking he was literally pushing me through the door and into a very nice lobby area. We were greeted by a hulk of a man.....about 6'5, probably weighing about 220 or 230....beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair. He was dressed in a form fitting tank with Under Armour compression shorts on clearly outlining what looked to me an above-average package and tight ass, big thighs and a great look.

JD introduced me to Mike and we made a little small talk and, at that point, JD said he had some errands to run and would meet me for lunch at Theresas at about 12:30...and poof he was gone.

Mike ushered me back through a short hallway and into a dimly lit room with a massage table....candles.....great smells.....a small bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower off to the side and very soft music playing.

Mike invited me to take a shower if I'd like and I declined thinking I might do that after.

We went through a short questionaire about my medical history, history of any injuries and any current issues. I basically just told him I was tense, stressed and exhausted but had no real complaints or issues to speak of.

With a wickedly handsome smile Mike invited me to far down as I was comfortable, get up on the table and use the sheet to far as I wanted to...he was going down the hall for a second to get his oils.

With that he was out the door. I undid my shoes, took off my socks, my short and unzipped and dropped my jeans....and then thought....awww Fuck it....and shed my boxer briefs. If I was going to do this and experience it the way it should be experienced than I wasn't gonna be all shy or timid about it.

Just as I hopped up on the table Mike re-appeard with a somewhat shocked look on his face and said "Damn...guess you are not the shy type are ya"

"Nah...not really...and I figured it's the way it's supposed to why worry about it"

With that I laid down on my stomache and realized mike had taken his shirt off. I wasn't going to over think that part but for me....the eye candy certainly didn't hurt! He was hot and I wasn't sure junior was gonna stay in his sleepy state for long so I just put my head in the face cradle and hoped for the best!

For the next 30 minutes Mike used his skill to work me over from my feet...up my inner lower shoulders...arms and neck. He has a masterful touch that combines some deep tissue pressure with some very sensual light touch that would get any guy aroused. His work on my ass and inner thighs caused junior to make his presence known and made me have to "adjust" myself several times. Each time I did, Mike kind of chuckled and then finally said "don't worry about it bud...happens to everyone and if it didn't I'd be worried I wasn't doing a good job"

At that point Mike instructed me to turn over and as I did he asked if I wanted to be this point I asked what the point as He already knew the effect he was having on me so I turned over declining the sheet.

I closed my eyes and waited and, after what seemed like minutes, I opened my eyes to find him staring...transfixed on my nether-region. "I sure can see why JD is so taken with you...damn you are a hot guy!" Blushing....I told him that I hoped it was more than just "that" but I certainly appreciated the compliment....!

Mike began to work on my front side...starting with my neck and shoulders....working his magic hands down my pecs and chest and, as you all know....once he hit the nips old junior did a bit of a happy which Mike chuckled again. "Guess I know what to do if I ever wanted to get you going huh"...I laughed....apologized and then just figured it was what it was....

He worked down my stomach to that area just above my dick...then down along side to my hips and, as he stretched forward I could feel a hint of his breathing on junior. (You have all seen those massage videos where the client's eyes are closed and the masseur has his face such an inch away from the clients junk...yep...that's the the more I imagined that video...the more junior reacted).

Mike must have realized that his belly and waist was pressuring down on my face so he lifted up and brought his hands back upwards, circled my nips a couple of times and then slowly, sensuously...maintained contact with a finger as he worked around the table down towards my feet.

Applying new oil Mike gave me a wonderful foot massage and then worked his way up from the bottom of the table, up the front of my legs with both small circular motions going a bit further up each he got to the thigh area his circular motions increased a bit and a few times he brushed the bottom of the ball sack...again making junior's presence known. I lifted my head and looked down and, low and behold, there was a drop of shiny fluid making its way off the slit and starting down the side of the head....damn...not now junior!!

Mike realized what I was looking at and skillfully worked his hand up the base...catching the drop and massaged it around the head and back down the shaft. "Full body massage means every muscle....if you are uncomfortable with this I understand...just let me know".........

CHAPTER 26 I lay there with this strangers hand on my cock the devil and the angel appeared in my head...and though it was, at that second, hard to concentrate....the voices were battling in my head. Reverting back to my youthful carefree days would mean I would just close my eyes and let this guy take me......but my more adult state tells me that, by doing anything, my relationship with JD would be in jeopardy and I wasn't really sure I wanted to go to that place.....

I lifted my head back up and moved my hand over on top of Mike's. He was continuing his up and down motion so I exerted a little pressure to the point where he slowed to a stop....

"Listen much as I am enjoying your touch...and I know I would jump in with both feet if things were a little different....I just cant.....or shouldn't....I value what I have growing with JD too much at this point to fuck that up....."

Mike smiled....and slowly removed his hand from junior....and as he did he touched my forehead and forced my head back down on the table. He worked on my neck...worked his way down my chest and stomache....bypassed junior and the nether region....spendt about 5 more minutes on my thighs, legs and then 5 more glorious minutes on my feet. He went to the bathroom and got a warm wash cloth and placed it over my eyes....put a bottle of water next to my hand and told me to lie there as long as I would like...shower if I wanted to and then come out when I was ready....he had no other appointments today so I was free to take my time.....the door closed and I was left to wonder if I had pissed him off.....I was celebrating in my head...that new mentality I had in terms of not fucking up with JD....but I secretly did wish that things had continued.....after all...thats what fantasy is right...a desire to have something like this happen to you??

So I got up off the table and decided to take a quick shower....toweled off, got dressed and headed out to the lobby where I found Mike, shirt back on, going through an appointment book. He looked up and asked how I felt...

"Well, other than being somewhat embarrassed and...well...I dunno....I feel great...what an amazing experience.....though I should apologize for stopping where I stopped.....I just don't..."

Mike interrupted me and said "Matt, I have the utmost respect for you for setting limits....I was not at all sure you and JD were committed or were trying to get there and it is me who should be sorry for being so bold!"

"Mike.....I truly am flattered and under other circumstances ya gotta know I'd have been all over that" so I put my hand out to shake it and he came around and gave me the obligatory gay hug....and with that I told him I would be back for another massage real soon and invited him to the opening tonite or next weekend....if he comes tonite just tell Dylan to track me down...and feel free to bring a guest.

I sauntered down the street towards Theresa's feeling blissfully relaxed, flattered...and really, really horny.

When I walked into Theresas JD was sitting at the bar talking with Mama Theresa who shouted "Mateo" when I came through the door. I walked over and leaned into kiss JD as Mama took off into the kitchen. Jill, the daytime bartender, brought over a tall rum and coke and a couple of menus.

"So, how was your massage experience?"

"It was....uhh...quite the experience!! I feel incredibly revived so I owe you one big guy...what a great surprise!"

"I sure hope it was worth was that happy ending"

JD's question totally caught me off guard....

"Come on don't have to be embarrassed....I knew that part would's half the reason I thought it would be a great gift for you!"

"Are you kidding me.....why would you think that....."

"Come on....we are guys....and when presented with the opportunity...ya know....a hot guy taking care of you in a special way....."

"Damn JD...and here I was beating myself up over the whole idea....."

"Are you serious...did you really take advantage of it...I was just kidding...I mean I have no right to being exclusive......."

I interrupted him when I started to laugh....."You thought the joke was on me eh....just testing me to see how this reformed man-whore would react...I get it"

"Wait...are you telling me you didn't.....seriously"

"For fucks sake...can't you give me a little credit....I sure was tempted but you will be happy to know I was the perfect Gentleman...well...after the first minute or so when I stopped Mike"

"You had me going"

" was your deal so don't get up my least not this way you putz...I can't believe you set me up like that...if I were a little younger and less mature I might be really offended that you two played that out on me"

"Matt...ya gotta know....I didn't tell him too....I just assumed he would try...."

"Ahhh....I see...the voice of experience right....when was the last time you had a Mike Massage??"

"I was before I met you"

" I have you on the's that working for ya??"

We continued to banter back and forth as I soon realized that JD probably didn't really set me up for this but he was pretty damn sure it was gonna happen. I found out, during the exchange, that he never told Mike we were "dating".....just that he was bringing a friend in for some much needed relaxation and can't really be upset with him. How funny that I was worried how he would react if he ever found out and he was knowing all the time that it might happen.

As we finished our lunch I told him that I owed him....and not for the massage...but for the practical joke part of it and that paybacks are a bitch.....he still protested his innocence in a way that was cute and endearing....and all through this banter and back and forth it became clear to me that we were in a place more than just dating.....all of a sudden I realized this was a relationship. Hard to really explain here....on you know from my previous experiences...I am not used to this dating thing...what I had with Matt before was different because I was in totally uncharted territory.....but now....even though I have never thought of myself as relationship oriented.....all of a sudden I realized that it is what this is......holy shit!


Matt Lawrence

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