Chapter 33 (Dylan & Andy)

We got up and got dressed and headed out of the motel down the street looking for something open. I realized it was almost one o'clock and I wasn't sure what was open. Andy said that there was a bar and grill just a couple of blocks up but he didn't know if their kitchen was still we headed that way. Worst case scenario we knew there was an IHOP back the other way and they are open 24 hours.

We got to this place called Bon Irish Pub...and went in. Andy seemed to know most of the customers in their and asked the bartender if the grill was still open. They had a limited number of classic pub (deep fried) stuff available so we ordered some fries, shrooms and potato skins. All designed to soak up alcohol or give you a heart attack. Andy ordered a beer and I got a vodka tonic and a shot of fireball. It wasn't long before the food arrived still giving us a chance for another round of drinks. All the while we were sitting there Andy had his hand on my thigh....working it very sensuously from the top of my knee to the crook of my groin. I almost couldn't concentrate on the food, the drinks or the conversation and every time I looked over at him he had this shit eating grin going on......sure seems like we are hitting it off...or at least are finding each other very attractive to one another.

The bartender let us know that it was last call if we wanted another.....I did and then excused myself to go to the restroom.....had to pee and I had no clue what my sex hair looked like so thought I would better check...not that it really mattered to any of these yahoos in here at this time of the morning...finished my business and when I got back there was a really tall vodka tonic and two shots of fireball....damn....

"you tryin to get me liquored up so you can take advantage of me?"

"you bet your ass.....or my ass as will be the case when we get back to the room"

"I dunno bud...I'm kind of tired....if we hadn't had to come out and eat..." I couldn't keep a straight face as I said that and started to laugh whereby Andy reached under the bar and gently grabbed my nuts......and grinned.......

"Drink up boys....gotta pull the glasses in a sec"

So I downed the first shot....took two big ole sips on the straw in the vodka....finished the second shot and then downed the rest of the tall drink. Andy had already finished his beer...did his shot....he paid the bill (Nice!) and we said our good night's to the folks.........

It was kind of weird as we walked.....Andy started to ask questions about Matt and JD...where did I know them did we long had I known them.....was their relationship good?

"Andy....I think you have known them a lot longer than me.....I mean it really has only been a couple of months.....and until I actually got the job at the restaurant I only had seen them once over a weekend"

"Not to get all personal but did you guys play together when they were up in Napa?"

"Nah.....I wish...but it didn't happen.....I certainly put out the vibe but it really seemed like they were totally into each other and not interested in spreading the wealth...if ya know what I mean" "Do you think they play that way?" I asked him

"Oh....I don't know now....I do know that when I first met Matt he was totally the player...a real man-whore....."

"Seriously....I wouldn't have got that from him"

"Well....I think this JD guy has really settled him down....but I'm here to tell ya...back in the day there are some stories....."

" you got me all interested in all that.....what kind of stories"

As we continued to walk down the sidewalk Andy ran his hand down my back grabbing hold of my ass as he looked down at my crotch...."Well Mr. certainly seem a little more than interested"

"Dude...don't tell me that you don't think Matt is hot.....I mean if I had a chance I would so hit that"

Andy laughed and reached around to my front...stopped us mid-sidewalk....leaned in and kissed me as he grabbed my basket.....I instantly got we kissed I ran my hands up the front of his shirt and tweaked those killer pecs of his.....and then I realized we were standing in the middle of the block with cars and people cruising by....I didn't really worry cuz we were in the gayborhood......but then I asked him...

"How far back to the room" He smiled...gave my basket another firm grab and said "Come on"

I started to feel pretty buzzed on the way back...I knew it was only about 6-8 blocks but I could hardly walk straight....kind of like Andy was when we left Theresa s several hours ago....the further we walked the more difficult it got to focus so I ended up leaning on Andy as we made our this point things get kind of fuzzy....As we got to the motel Andy asked if I wanted to go skinny dipping.....the pool was relatively hidden from the street and mostly out of the view of the actual rooms....I remember him stripping down to his white boxer briefs...CK I think....and jumping in as I sat on a lounge chair. He tried to convince me to come in with him but I was not feeling fact...I wasn't feeling much at that point....

Some of the things that are clearer than others.....watching Andy walk up the steps to get out of the pool....his white boxer briefs transparent and hugging that awesome package of he moved towards me his cock and balls swayed from side to side inside the shorts...and this time it was Andy helping me up the stairs.....he didn't bother to put his clothes on and I recall placing my hand on his ass....on his wet ck's....his wet and transparent ck's....that is pretty clear and vivid.

We got in the room and he dropped his stuff and kind of spun me around and pushed me backwards on the bed....I recall him untying my shoes.....pulling them and my socks off.....running his hands up my bare calves to the bottom of the shorts I had borrowed sans underwear....these cargo shorts allowed easy access from the bottom...ya know the kind...baggy...loose fitting....perfect for this type of foreplay...I remember him moving up the bed between my legs and undoing the button on the shorts and slowly moving the zipper down....then running his hands up my stomach to where he was lifting my shirt up....and off as I moved my arms above my head.....I remember the bed seeming to spin and I wasn't sure if it was the booze or the foreplay.....just spinning......I remember him running his torso up mine and I remember feeling the wet shorts and his bulge running up my stomach and chest.....I remember moving my arms down to his hips as he continued his forward motion and then I remember looking at his brief covered basically resting on my chin.....I remember him pulling the front of the boxer briefs down and I remember his hard cock smacking me in the face.......I remember opening my lips were somewhat numb....and I remember taking my hands and pulling his boxer briefs down further and grabbing his sack with one hand and the base of his cock with the other.....I remember him stopping for a second and moving my hands up towards the two top posts of the headboard.....and I remember him moving off me along the side of the bed...pulling down the shorts and spreading my legs out towards the two posts on the bottom of the bed......I remember him stripping off his CK's and then I remember him using his tongue to lick upwards from my knee to the spot under my balls......and then I remember........................ not so much

Chapter 34 (Matt & JD)

"Ok have got to tell me what is going on....I mean at least what you think is going on...this shit is just too weird....I really think we gotta call the cops.....I don't know about you...and not to go all nelly on you....but I am a little freaked...and I can't believe you aren't"

"I really don't have a clue.....but there is a little more to the story so...why don't you grab a couple of glasses and I will open some wine"

JD walked into the dining area and grabbed some glasses while I opened a bottle of Pinot and poured....

"So here's the deal...remember the other night when we left Teresa' were a little ticked....pecked me on the cheek and we went our separate ways home"

"Yep....and then I came over and apologized in the morning"

"I know...I know....when we split that night, as I was walking home...I had this weird feeling the whole way that someone was following me.....someone seemed to have ducked into that alley just past Mag....but every time I turned around I saw no I just chalked it up to the stress...the booze....and the mood I was in"

"Why didn't you call me"

" I got home....came in the front....locked the door...turned out the lights...went to the bedroom...opened the slider up a bit like I always do...just a crack...stripped down to my underwear and went to bed....I was so tired and wracked I even forgot to take my contacts out"

"I woke up all fuzzy that next morning...around 5 ish....all weird cuz of my contacts...couldn't focus or anything....I did realize I was on top of the sheet.....and naked......when I kind of got my bearings....I looked over at the slider and it was kind of that weird time where it wasn't dark but it wasn't light out....but I thought I saw someone just going out the slider...."

"What....there was someone in the room"

"I'm not really sure...or wasn't then.....and the weird thing...or one of the weird things was...the picture of the person I had was a guy only in white underwear....funny I remember they were boxer briefs"

"Of course...what is it with you and those?"

"Shut I moved to get off the bed mystery person...was around the corner and gone....I followed out the door...which was, by the way, all the way open.....and I walked down the side of the house to the gate it was open a bit and not latched.....

"So I went thru the gate towards the driveway and one there"

"Then I realized I was standing in the driveway naked so I headed back around to the back yard. I came in the house and kind of looked around the bedroom....saw my underwear on the floor...nothing was missing...but I did find the foil wrapper of a condom in the waste basket...."

"So is this a story you are telling me to prepare me for something"

"No putz....the only place I have had sex in recent your house.....I don't even have any condoms here"


"So I wrap a towel around me...head to the kitchen to make coffee and realize the lights are weird....ones I remember turning off were on...and ones that were on...were off"

"Than the doorbell rang and it was you"

"Why the hell didn't you say anything that morning....?"

"Cuz I wasn't sure I wasn't dreaming the whole thing....and then you show up and sex me back to reality....."


"Im serious....I did not think it was real at the time....for all I knew I was naked sometime during the night....left the slider all the way open and then imagined the guy"

"What about the condom"

"That, obviously, was what I couldn't or can't explain"

"Well, I guess we now know you didn't dream this whole thing....." as JD said that he picked up the box looking at the used rubber and underwear....

"'s what I think we need to do.....lets lock up this come stay at my house until we figure this out...or at least what to do" At that point JD grabbed me in one of his big old bear hugs and said..."Tomorrow we will make arrangements to get your locks changed and an alarm system installed....unless......"

"Unless what"

"Unless you just want to make this official and relocate over to my place....permanently?"

That totally caught me off guard...I wasn't sure how to react or what to say...what should I say...what is the right do I feel about came totally out of left field.....

"Damn...did I say that out loud...Im sorry Matt...that kind of put you on the spot...and probly not a good time to do that....."

"Um....well.....I really don't know what to about we just head over to your place and then have this part of the discussion when we have had some's a little less stressful...and maybe not on the heels of a bottle of wine...."

"You're right, you're right....forget I said anything"

"I'm not gonna forget said it out of care and concern and I love that about you....just not sure tonite is the time for that chat"

With that I leaned up and kissed him....I really didn't know how to feel right then...other than the fact that I was, or had fallen for this guy......

Looking at my watch I realized it was after 1 am...."Shit...the guys are gonna be calling early...we had better get my shit together and get to your place if you still want to do that...."

JD snuggled his nose into my neck and with one hand grabbed my ass and with the other ran his hand up inside my shirt circling his fingers around my nips.....

"Oh man.....ya had to go and do that...."


Matt Lawrence

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