Chapter 32 (Matt & JD)

As I sat there trying to keep up with the conversation JD and the guys were having I couldn't help but stare at the site at the end of the bar. An uneasy feeling came over me as I watched Dylan and Andy converse, drink, eat etc. I really don't know why I was feeling that way other than being somewhat protective of Dylan and a bit hesitant about Andy's motives. I did, after all, sort of encourage Dylan the other day even after Dylan expressed some reservations about Andy... and I did go so far as to tell him Andy was a good guy so I just can't explain the feeling. I suspect, since Andy and I have the "secret" between us....maybe I was concerned that would come out....would that ruin all that has come together now? How would JD react...even though he and I weren't really dating per se would he be upset that I didn't tell him? How would Dylan react if he were to find out....and what would his next move be?

All this shit spinning in my head as I watched the two of them at the other end of the bar. At one point JD commented on the fact that Dylan looked pretty excited to be out on a date...if that's what it was.....Matt and Chris both commented about what good looking guys Andy and Dylan were......and I kept getting this weird look from Steve....who clearly was trying to be Mr. Switzerland and stay neutral in the whole conversation.....hmmmm. Not sure what card to play at this point so I decided to just let it go for the moment. I was, after all, sitting here with my new guy, my old guy and my new friend Chris and it would be pretty rude to let myself be consumed with something I really had no control over right now.

"Earth to number 2....oh number 2....where are you?

I punched JD in the shoulder as Matt and Chris cracked up laughing. Clearly the three of them were getting much more enjoyment out of the nicknames then I was.

"Listen ya putz....I told you....I'm about over that whole thing...and last time I checked you didn't have any complaints about old #2's performance or quality"

"You are right you ass....I don't have any complaints....well....of course...not ever having had the opportunity to compare Number 1 with Number 2 I think my view might be a bit skewed"

Matt, Chris and Steve all cracked up at that one....Steve...not even knowing what we were talking about was cracking up.....

"Ya'll can go fuck your selves with that one" I said Chris said "Ya know....Number 1 just might be able to do that if he tried hard enough"

" guys are just all on this one today"

"Come on Matt...don't be so know we are all just giving you a bad time"

" all seriousness...I can't tell you how good it's been hanging out with you and JD. Chris and I have really enjoyed the past couple of days and I am so glad to see you happy and that things are going well!" "I told Chris that I was really nervous about seeing you...and you know me...I don't get nervous about stuff....but I was very hesitant to come down here...but Chris convinced me it was a good thing and the right be supportive of you and what you are doing. I haven't made any secret about how I felt about you...and how I feel about you....and Chris has been so good and understanding about that"

JD Chimed in and I held my breath..."'s been really good to have you get to know you....#2 and I have not really had an in-depth conversation about your past but I do know you hold a very special place in his heart...and you always will. At first I was worried about that being a competition but after seeing you together I know it's not and I am thankful that you two have such a good relationship and history."

"I know" as Chris interjected..."Why is it in the gay community...or I guess in any community, that when a relationship ends it's got to be a bad thing....why do people assume that if you choose to go your separate ways or down different roads it's because you hate each other...or one of you cheated...or something went terribly wrong....I just don't get that" "Part of being in a relationship is growing...and sometimes two people just don't grow the same way and does that always have to be a bad thing....I mean look at the two both have both are both are good people doing good things...and you both have learned from the relationship you had together....I can't find a negative in any of that....."

Right then Steve showed up with four shots "OK Dudes...the conversation at this end of the bar has become way to freaking serious so drink up...Fernet on the house"

"Oh I have a feeling this is not going to end well...." to which JD said "Maybe it will!!....."

We all chuckled....downed our shots....I got up and hugged #1 and then Chris....and said..."OK....enough of the sloppy stuff......lets decide what we are going to do tomorrow!".....

**Dylan and Andy's encounter/date continues**

I dropped down, with the pressure from one of Andy's hands on the top of my tongue never losing contact with his skin as I worked by way down his abs....circling his belly button and onto that yummy part between his belly button and the base of his shaft. I had to go around his dick as it was rapidly moving out and up towards his stomach so I took the opportunity to run my tongue around it and, when it hit it's height of firmness....I ran my tongue up the shaft....around the rim of the head...over the slit and back down the underside all the way to his ball sack. He placed his hands on either side of my head and he leaned back against the door. With very slow motions he....almost gyrating.....he ran the head of his dick around my mouth...over my lips.....I ran my hands down his sides and gripped both of his ass I continued to lick up and down the shaft. I looked up at Andy and our eyes met...

It was clear he was enjoying this every bit as much as I was......I don't have a lot of experience but I do like cock.....and Andy's...well...his is the best I've had so far. I moved my tongue off his cock and back upwards...At his belly I pushed my face into his skin, enjoying the taste and smell of him. I was in heaven. I looked down between my legs and you could see that my jeans were tented to the max....I had become rock hard and felt a bump on my throat, realizing that Andy's cock had also reached full size. I moved further down and nuzzled my nose in his silky blonde pubes, letting my chin rub against his already sensitive cock. Lower still, I found his cock head again and licked around the top, teasing and coaxing the sensitive skin to further arousal. Andy gasped and cooed, enjoying the sensation and pleasure he was receiving. After a few more quick licks along the underside of his cock, I began a slow yet deliberate sucking of his beautiful hard man meat. He squirmed and moaned and he was allowing me to do whatever I wanted with his amazing body. I continued licking under his cock and began another attack on his ball sack. "Oh man, Dylan, you are driving me crazy!" as he moaned fairly loudly again. "I haven't felt this way in a long time...damn.....fuck that's good!"

I responded, grinning from ear to ear. After licking around his sack, and taking each ball into my mouth to suckle on, I began my attack on his hole underneath. I rimmed the edges and allowed my tongue to swirl inside, wetting him up and teasing him into a new level of pleasure.

At that point he said...."Hang on a sec....I'm gonna blow if you keep this up"

"Well sir....I intend to keep it up all nite"

He chuckled and moved his hands under my arms coaxing me to stand up....and as I did he ran his tongue over both nipples...which were hard like little pencil erasers....and he moved his hands to the buttons on my 501's. One by one he snapped open the buttons until the last one, just below my nut sack, was undone......he knelt down on one knee and put his face right in my crotch and started licking the wetness of my pre-cum...running his tongue all over the front of my white Hilfiger boxer briefs. His hands when to the sides of my waist and he dropped my jeans in one quick I lifted each leg to pull out of the jeans he nibbled on the inside of each thigh causing a major twitch of my cock and another huge glob of juice to leak out.

I wasn't really sure where, at this point, things were going. For a second I thought that he wanted me to fuck him.....and then he slowed that down and started working on me....before I knew it he had my underwear off and my entire dick in his mouth...down to my hand was playing with my sack...kind of twirling my nuts around....and the other felt like he had greased it up and he was playing with my hole. I do know that he sucked like a hoover....up and down....suction I had never felt before.....I can only relate it to what it must feel like to use one of those vacuum pumps....I knew I was gonna blow and I told him I didn't want to waste it....he looked up at me and pulled off....

"Dude...there will be no waste tonite....I will milk more than one load out of me on that!"

He stood back up and we began a slower, more sensual exploration of each others bodies. I moved forward and backed him up towards the bed until he had no where to go other than to sit down and lay back on the bed with his feet on the floor. It was my turn and I attacked his neck...his chest....his nips.....his abs and back to his crotch. His 7 and a half incher was just bobbing up and down as I sucked on and licked around his balls.

As I was doing all that Andy had reached into the little table next to the bed...he pulled out a tube of lube and I noticed he was ripping the foil off a condom.....I grabbed the condom and slipped it on my cock which was still throbbing and leaking at the tip. I reached for the lube and put some on my fingers, gently applying it to Andy's hole and pushing some inside. He shivered at my touch and I knew that I had already aroused his hole to be ready for my assault. I put a little lube on my condom covered cock to make my entry even easier.

With his legs held tight against his chest, I maneuvered my hips up to Andy so that my throbbing cock was at its entry point. Our eyes locked and with a quick nod, he let me know that he was ready and eager and willing for me to begin my love attack. I pushed my hips forward, slowly pushing my cock into its target. I watched his face but my stare was only met with a soft smile. As I got a bit further in, Andy released his breath, having passed the point of initial pressure. It struck me then that I had assumed they he usually was the top in any equation...but it almost felt like this may have been his first time in that role....I dunno. A confident, hot guy with a cock that big and thick...I guess you just assume he's the top......Not that I have a lot of experience...and most of mine is actually taking it from guys like this....I was just thinking......

Once in, I began my slow assault, moving in and out, back and forth, letting my hips swivel into a steady rhythm. The fucking was delicious. The warm wet tightness that Andy's ass offered made my head spin. But more importantly, it wasn't just the pleasure of the sex. I looked deeply into his eyes, as he looked back at me. I felt like I was making a psychic connection, finding someone who I felt so comfortable with, so easy with. Despite putting myself into a more awkward position, I leaned in lower towards Andy, wanting to be inches apart as our hips continued to piston up and down, in and out, merging our bodies into one being. At one point I could almost reach up and kiss him but our motion increased and kind of kept that from least not without me pulling out......

Now .....I could pull out and let things chill for a sec....move to the kissing part....but Andy grabbed my ass tight and almost yanked me into him.....forcing me as deep as I could possibly go with my 6 and a half inches. I am sure, if I were longer in the dick...I would have pushed right through some sort of wall or up into his intestines...that's how much forced he used to pull me into him and... with that motion I was so close to cumming I slowed my hips down to allow me to capture this feeling and obtain the most pleasure possible.

It's really kind of hard to describe the all know what it is...he was tight....warm...I was rock hard and jammed up there as far as I good go....But I couldn't keep edging and teasing myself much longer. That carnal urge for release was growing much that my balls ached and I started to get a muscle spasm in my leg.....I knew that the moment of no return was here and as my belly and abs kept rubbing against Andy's hard cock I could tell he was more than ready to blow.....

And then...... the universe exploded, the room shook and the headboard hit the wall hard as a low gutteral growl escaped from my throat. My cock twitched and shuddered and heaved, forcing shot after shot after shot of my juice deep into Andy's ass.

At that same moment, I felt Andy shudder, he lifted his ass up off the bed...forcing me even deeper (if that were possible), he arched his back and a wave of sticky wetness covered my abs and chest and lower part of my neck...almost hitting me in the face... and I realized that Andy had blown his load at the exact same time as me and he sprayed us both from stomach to chin...seemed like he had a gallon of cum....not sure I have ever actually experienced the blowing of the loads at the same precise moment........WOW

I lowered my head to his chin as he kept up the drive.....he maintained his hold on me keeping me deep in him and he wrapped his legs around my lower back. I looked up to see him staring at me...those eyes....I think I could have blown again right then and there if Mr. Cock would cooperate.....he slowed his roll and just kept staring at me...with the goofy grin and those dimples. As our breathing slowed...and our panting subsided I pulled out of him (with a pop)...kind of stayed there on my knees for a second as he reached up and, believe it or not, with the most sensual and erotic of motions, rolled the condom back down and off of my dick....with his other hand he gently rubbed my nuts and then leaned up and kissed me....passionately....sensuously.....our tongues wrestled and he ran his hands down my back to my ass again....I swear...given a minute or two we could clearly do this all over again.

I rolled over on my back next to him as he used a hand to rub my nipples and just loving run it up and down my belly.....rubbing the juice into my skin like it were lotions....alternating with his other hand that he was using to do the same to him.....

"You know...that is the first time I have ever bottomed for anyone!"

"Seriously? I kind of thought that....but can I just say....that was some of the most mind blowing sex I have ever had"

"Mr. Dylan....I know you said you didn't have a lot of experience....but you need to know...if every time is like that....then I am a converted bottom"

"No, No. No.....there will be a time, sometime in the next several hours, that you will have to go back to your old ways....cuz I am not letting you go until I get you inside me.....From the moment I met tonite...that's been my mission.....and I will succeed"

Andy laughed and rubbed his hand on my head...messing up my sex hair......we both just laid there, shoulders touching....him softly running his hand around my upper body.....I had this feeling of contentment and I was happy......glad that I allowed myself to get over the weirdness when we first met....and glad that I listened to Matt who said we'd get along......of course...we've only been hanging out for about 5 who knows....

"Hey......Im ya wanna get dressed and go get some breakfast....?"

I reminded Andy that "We just ate a few hours ago......"

"I know.....but I have big plans for a little later and need to get some food to fuel the workout I am going to put you through!"

I laughed and said...."I'm in" and Andy replied after a second by saying...."No, it's my turn to be in!"


Matt Lawrence

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