Chapter 27

I looked at my watch and realized that it was almost 2pm...damn...where did the afternoon go?

"JD, I gotta get a move on....gotta swing by the tailors, shower, get dressed and get to the restaurant by's not gonna happen unless I get outta here now" and with that I stood up.....

"What do you need at the tailors?"

"The pants to my other new suit weren't quite right so Joe was gonna fix them up for tonite"

"You head home and get your shower and I will stop by and grab your pants and run them over...I will stop at my place and grab my suite and dress at your house"

"Are you's on my way"

"Yep....just get a move on and I will see you in a bit"

"Ok....I will leave the slider to the bedroom unlocked so come around back"

"K" and with that he tussled my hair and kissed me and we were off in our separate directions. I was thinking that this was actually a huge help but then I had this lingering doubt about going back home alone.....damn I was letting it get to me I shook it off and walked quickly towards the house.

When I got home I grabbed the mail and, unlocked the door, went in and proceeded with my routine.

I stripped out of my clothes and went to the closet to grab the shirt I was going to wear with my other new suit. The suit was pitch black and I chose the royal blue oxford to wear with it. I turned on the shower, jumped in, soaped up, rinsed off and got out and got dry. As I was just finishing shaving the doorbell rang......i let it go...and it rang again.....

"Shit....I told him to go around to the back" and I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to the front door.....At this point I'm thinking that I really have to install one of those peep-holes. I opened the door and it was the mailman who had a small package for me....I didn't have to sign anything and I suspect if I hadn't opened the door he would have just left was also weird because the mail had already there I my towel (twice in one day) at the door greeting the mail man. I took the box, said goodbye and closed the door.

"This has just been a freaky day" I said out loud...obviously to no one....I am losing it at this point. I took the box and dropped it on the counter and headed back to the bedroom to finish getting ready and when I turned the corner into the bedroom door, much to my shock and surprise, was all his naked glory posed on the bed. You could tell I kinda freaked him out as I think he thought I was in the bathroom....

"Where the hell did you come from"

"I had to answer the door....I was cussing you out cuz I thought it was you...just the mailman" "Wait a sec....what the hell are you were supposed to go get my pants"

"Dude, they are hanging right there on the suit rack" and with that he got up, walked over to me...placed his index finger up to my mouth and said "shhhhhh". He ran the finger down along side my face tracing my jaw line down to my neck, to the middle of my chest.....yep you got it...circling both nipples which, of course, elicited the normal response from me...and BAM....junior was awoken from his slumber. JD took both hands and ran them down my sides to the towel and very softly undid it and let it fall to the floor.

JD then started to run his tongue down the center of my chest to the happy trail and south. God this man knew how to treat me...and to shut me up. As much as I was worried about the time there was no point in protesting cuz when he's on a's just gonna happen. I firmly believe that ole junior would have protested also considering how rock hard he got in an instant.

For the next 20-30 minutes JD did everything I have become accustomed to when it comes to his lovemaking. This morning was a quickie blow...this afternoon it was passionate and intense, albeit fairly quick. By the time I shot he had used his mouth, his hands, his fingers and his trophy dick to bring me to the brink twice, back again and then, BAM....considering all of the orgasms this man has brought me to..this was clearly one of the most intense and satisfying of the all. Not really sure why other than the fact that I just submitted. I knew he would not take no for an answer...I knew how good he is at bringing out the passion in me and I know that, at this point, there is no other person that can make me feel, sexually, like he does.

As I lay there on the bed in a haze my thoughts traced back to first love and my first experience with gay sex. I continue to hold him close because had he not taken me down that road...and all the roads...I don't think I would be experiencing the things that I am now. I only wish that I could tell him that now....and I wish, for confusing reasons, that he and JD could meet. I did track down his email and sent an invite to tonites opening but I never got a response other than an auto reply that he was out of the office on sabbatical.

With a quick swat on the ass JD said "Come on...we gotta get dressed....It's almost 4pm"

I just sat up and smiled at him.....for some weird reason I was in no rush to get moving. I felt a little selfish in that he did all the work today...from this setting up the running errands for this beautiful session we just had......I can't explain the feeling right now other than content....I guess thats the word.....content.

We got dressed - damn he's a fine looking man and cleans up so nice....I still think he's GQ we headed out the front door I was reminded of the package sitting there on the counter..."ahh...I will get it later" and we jumped in his car and made our way to the Firehouse......with a quick stop at Theresas for one shot and to grab a 100 year old bottle of Barbera that Mama had given to us as a gift and we were pulling up in front of the restaurant.

Valet guys were on us know........the red carpet leading up to the door from the curb looked cool (It wasn't there last nite.....Dylan??). Interestingly enough....the red carpet brought out the we moved towards the door cameras were flashing and we got pulled to the side to answer some questions about the opening........I was totally caught off guard by the just wasn't on my radar....and then I felt JD's hand on my elbow lightly pushing me towards the door. They were just local folks from the main newspaper in town and then also from the local gay paper so it wasn't like the Oscars or anything....just caught me off guard is all.

Dylan greeted us in a different tux.....white jacket with black shirt and white tie that I know (sort of) what his body looks like he certainly got my attention. Shit...I am surrounded by GQ and A&F quality guys......Dylan was bouncing off the walls...all wired.....I commented on his suit and he said "You told me to bring all my hotness boss...and I did...right down to" and he stopped himself..."TMI, I know....sorry boss".....I chuckled......hugged him (at that point I now knew he was going that's where he was going with the TMI thing)....I shook that off as Dylan hugged JD and then he was gone....he maneuvered through the restaurant like he had been doing this for a hundred just knew he has the peripheral vision to see everything and every detail....

We were expecting an additional 100 people more than last nite so we added a 4th seating so I was resigned to the fact that it was going to be a long nite. I Told JD I was going to check in with Pam and JD went over to the bar top to greet Erik and Michelle...who looked stunning......Red Shirts, Black vests, white may have been the same as last nite but that was a blur...but I sure noticed it tonite.

Pam was rolling around the kitchen in her way...calm., cool, collected with a pinch of chaos...but I wouldn't have it any other way. As far as I was concerned she is a master and there is nothing I could say or do to improve her operation or her approach to the operation.

Wont bore you with all the details but the early part of the night was outstanding....the first three seating's went without out a hitch and we were on the 4th when I decided to go take a seat at the bar and have Erik open up the bottle of Barebera to breath for a minute....I had told Pam that JD and I would sit down and eat once the last of the 4th seating plates went out....Pam had actually made a meal for the staff (Prime Rib-my ultimate favorite meal) so I told her just to save us a couple of plates.....

As I was sitting at the bar and accepting accolades from one guest passing by after another I felt this strong sense of contentment....there I go with that word again. What has been a whirlwind....both in the professional AND the personal sense....has caught up with me and left me feeling better than I have in a while. In just a few seconds I was able to have my life flash by me, so to speak, and view where I was, the path taken, and where I am today. The chatter and noise going on around me was almost soothing in a way because I realized that we got this project together and I had a sense that it was only going to get better.

Snapping me out of my quiet euphoria was old Mr. AD/HD himself, Dylan, bouncing around to tell me that there was someone at Table 14 who wanted to talk to me. Funny....I don't even know where Table 14 is at this point so I had to have Dylan point me in the direction of the corner booth....what would be the premier table on the lower level, with windows on both was the corner of the building looking out at both frontage streets and the intersection.

The table was big enough for 4 but there were only two guys sitting there and, as I approached, I caught a glimpse of JD moving through the lower level, touching tables and talking to folks. I think he knew our wine and dinner would be waiting for us soon so he was making a valiant effort to get to the end of the bar where we would sit. As I approached table 14 the man facing me started to stand up. An older gentleman...meaning a few years older than I (probably mid 40's), smartly dressed in a light gray pinstripe suit which a navy colored shirt. The man stood up and introduced himself as Chris Walker and I put my hand out to shake his. Chris was about 6' tall and I would guess 160-180 lbs....light brown hair, a stache and goatee and beautiful blue eyes. He was every bit the professional, masculine looking guy and I was sure I had not met him before......

As I got to the front of the table the man sitting with Chris rose from the table and I realized he was much taller than either of us....6'5 or 6'6 tall, a strikingly handsome guy with blond hair, a little neat scruff and blue....those blue eyes.....HOLY SHIT I exclaimed out loud as I was drawn into a monster of a bear hug....I looked up and yep, here I was....looking up and into those oh-so-mesmerizing blue eyes....the bluest of blue.....deep ocean blue eyes that, many years ago, captivated me so much that I changed my life all together....

It was first love, the man that helped me become who I am today....the man who taught me how to, and that it was ok to love another man..... the man that taught me that life throws curve balls and sometimes things just aren't meant to be.....and the many who, for the rest of my life, no matter what, would be with me in the depths of my soul.....


Matt Lawrence

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