"So I hear you've been checking up on me the past couple of days"

"No....well...sort of....I wanted to check in and touch base...it's been a couple of months and I just wanted to see you....I think about you all the time...." In fact, last night I had this incredible, very sexy and erotic dream about you......................"

Now my head was really reeling.......what do I say.....HOLY SHIT.............................

Chapter 24

I continued to stutter and search for words. This hunk of beef was in the throws of telling me about this dream he had about me.....and I am in the throws of trying to figure out what happened last nite...who the mystery man in my room was....where did the condom wrapper come from and where did the condom go....how did my underwear end up off me and on the floor....and why the hell don't I remember any of it.....Then I remembered walking home last nite...after that weirdness with JD and having the feeling that someone was following me....I recalled being sure I saw someone duck into that alley when I turned around. So now all of this madness was starting to make sense...well...not make sense....I guess it was adding up to something - not sure what - but was becoming "a thing".

I told Andy that I was flattered by his dream and thinking of me in that way. I also reminded him that I, believe it or not, was in a relationship with a great guy and did not want to mess that up....He told me that he was happy for me but that "a guy can always dream right?" and we both chuckled at that.

"So Andy, what is it that you wanted...I mean...trying to track me down and all?"

"Boss, it's just important for me to show you how things have changed with me...how my life has gotten so much better and most of that is because of you...because of the things you forced me to look at" "I was really pissed at you for a while but I realized it took someone who gave a shit to take such a hard line with me after I screwed things up so bad"

"There is probably no way I can ever apologize or thank you enough at the same time"

"Andy, I am really glad that things are looking up for you but you give me too much credit...honestly, at the time it all happened I was fucking pissed, disappointed and even hurt....I don't know I could honestly say, at the time, I did what I did because I cared"

"I know that's probably shitty of me....but if we are being honest...."

"Boss, I get that....but I think deep down it's because we had a friendship and you did care...and I hope someday you will again - or at least I can prove to you I am a changed guy"

"Alright stud....Look forward from here....I can do that if you can.....and again, I am so glad things are better" (I gotta say the word Stud came out before I realized it...damn my big mouth!)

"Boss, there is one other thing.....when all the shit went down you told me to come talk to you about work when I cleaned up my shit.....I could really use a job right now and I promise you I would make you proud again"

Damn, I knew that was coming - should have been prepared with an answer but I wasn't..so now I am scrambling...

"Andy....I know that's what we talked about...and I am committed to following through as long as you have and continue to....I have a partner now...not just in life but in the business too...so this is something I really have to talk over with JD....He knows a tiny bit about what went on but he doesn't know the whole story...so there is going to have to be a point when I tell him....I just don't think right now is that time"

"It's all good boss. I get it....but want ya to know I will do whatever it takes....ANYTHING....to get back into your .....good graces!" (Ya gotta know the grin he was sporting as he said that....and I couldn't help but notice he was sporting a little something else too)

I chuckled a bit and told him to stop into Firehouse later in the week and I would buy him dinner and introduce him to JD..."Just give me a buzz the afternoon before you want to come in"

As he thanked me profusely he gave me a big ole bear hug...and I could not help but notice that the little thing he was sporting a second ago had grown quite considerably. It was difficult for me, at that exact moment, to not recall how incredible his body...and his dick were.

As I tried to snap myself back into reality we parted ways and I couldn't help but notice the spring in his step...along with the waistband of his CK's from behind, clearly visiblewhere the back of his shirt met his sweats....hmmmmm

I decided that I had way too much to do to be thinking about this now...or letting it derail what should be another great day and evening. Day two of our Soft Opening/Trial run weekend at Firehouse Grill and, hopefully the beginnings of an incredible run for all of us.


Matt Lawrence

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