Chapter 23

BLAT BLAT BLAT BLAT.....snooze......BLAT BLAT BLAT BLAT.....snooze.....BLAT BLAT BLAT.....snooze.....ok ok ok......I couldn't ignore it anymore.....I rolled over towards my right side to turn the stupid clock off....realizing that I was naked and the top of the sheet was wet........i

lifted my head peering towards the clock, nightstand and window and...HOLY SHIT......

it was still dark yet this figure was somewhat illuminated in front of the slider leading out of the bedroom to the back yard. Mystery person had his back to me and was going out the slider into the back yard....weird thing was he was dressed in just a pair of white boxer briefs or compression shorts....and then poof....he was gone. As I stirred and swung my legs over the side of the bed I made a move towards the door and shouted at the mystery guy......I went through the door into the yard and realized there was no one was a bit nippy out and the grass was wet but I walked over towards the side and realized the gate was open just a little... i pulled it open and followed the sidewalk towards the front of the house and arriving there I looked both ways up and down the that point I realized I was standing on the walk in front of my house completely naked.....for all the world to see......luckily it was only 5:30 in the morning so there was no activity on the street...and only one light on in a house across the street. Not that I really cared if anyone saw me naked...but I suspect it wouldn't be good, just in I quickly moved back up the sidewalk and into the back yard closing the gate as I went through.

So now I am completely in a fog.....more curious than freaked out...though I suspect I should be more worried than I appear to be....was I still I sleep I at home...what the hell....and then bam...I was quickly brought back into reality as I ran right into one of the iron patio chairs outside my bedroom slider....stubbing more than one toe and cracking my but good! Shit.....hurts like a mo-fo but, yes, I am awake, standing naked in my backyard, wondering what the hell was going on.

Hobbling back in through the sliding glass door I switched on the small lamp on the table next to the bed and I surveyed the room. My clother were over in the corner on the small stool...right where I left them...My watch, wallet and pocket change were on the dresser, right where I left phone was on the table next to the bed...right were I left it.....and there on the floor, just to the side of the bed, were my calvins.....NOT where I left them as I had them on when I went to bed. When I reached over to grab them I found the foil wrapper of a condom underneath I am really wondering what the fuck was going on....I haven't had a condom wrapper in my room for months...and I mean months.....any time i have had sex recently it's either been at JD's place, or, well, ....other places as you well know. So there is no reasonable explanation for the wrapper...and even more I looked around the floor and in the small discarded rubber either.....WTF is going on??

I walked into the master bath area....(the counter and double sink are outside the room with the toilet, tub and shower) looking in the mirror and brushing my teeth I just wasn't sure...about anything at the moment....was I so hammered that I dreamed all this up...was In the middle of some weird game...was I even awake at this point...right here right now?? My head just continued to spin.....and I couldn't wrap myself around all of the weirdness that was my world at the a towel around my waste I went down the hall towards the kitchen to get the coffee started. I distinctly remember leaving one of the small lamps on but no lights were on in the living room....but the kitchen light was on....again...weird...I just must have been in an absolute stupid state last nite cuz nothing I remember doing is the way it ended up....I guess it was all a dream......but then my head tells me to wait...the condom wrapper....holy shit...there was someone in this house last nite...or this morning...there was a guy in his underwear in my bedroom....who or what the hell......

About the time the coffee finished brewing there was a knock at the front door....what the's only 6 am and who would be knocking....ahhh....maybe mystery man is here to apologize for sneaking into the wrong house.....for taking my underwear off......for helping me experience a clearly erotic yet totally confusing dream....a wet dream at that....yeah...thats who it is.....NOT

I moved to the front door and peeked out the little peep hole and much to my surprise it was JD standing on the front step......I opened the door....realizing it was not locked....but couldn't focus on that as I was being pulled into a huge hug from JD.......somewhat caught off guard yet thankful for some sense of real and human contact, I embraced JD with as much force as he did me......then for a second we stared into each others eyes and he moved forward and I got one of his signature kisses....tongue and all.......and I could feel my reaction coming from under the towel that was wrapped around me......JD pulled away and I asked him what was up...what was he doing here so early...

"I knew you'd be up and getting ready...I just needed to stop by and for last nite and the way things went down"

"What are you talking about" (my head was spinning with questions...was it JD that was in my room...was that him sneaking out the slider.....that might explain the timing of mystery man leaving and JD showing up so soon after....was he screwing with me or was he trying to role play? God I have no idea......

"Last night...I acted like an ass and you didn't deserve that...especially on your night.....I am really sorry I treated you that way"

"I gotta admit...I was a little put off by the way you acted at the bar...and then the peck on the cheek...what the hell was that?"

"I was being a putz...reacting to the Andy stuff I think...its just that months ago you said you were going to explain about him and then nothing...and last nite it came back I was bein an ass"

"Why Mr. I detect a hint of Jealousy?"

"NO!....Well, maybe.....ok ok....YES"......and then he paused for a minute looking at me and said "Should I be...or is there a reason I should be jealous...after all you are just standing there in a towel...and you obviously are happy to see someone??"

I just started to grin and suddenly I felt a wave of emotion come over me....not break down in tears emotion...but a warm feeling.....JD grabbed me again and pulled me closer...he leaned over and started to flick his tongue on and around my right nipple as his hands moved around to my if junior needed any encouragement at all...I felt myself tenting the JD continued with his tongue and his hands on my ass the towel came open and dropped around my ankles.....and then it suddenly occurred to me, as I saw a jogger pass by the front of the house, that there I was again, naked in front of my house for all the world to see...but this time with a fairly stiff dick...the only saving grace was JD was blocking the view as he stayed in the doorway.

When I realized that the jogger had gone by I reached and pulled JD into the foyer of the house and used my foot to kick the door closed. As I manuevered backwards towards the counter/bar that seperates the kitching/dining area from the living room JD swooped me up with both hands under my arms and set me on one of the barstools. With both hands on the arms of the stool on either side of me he leaned in and ran his tongue around my ear....down my neck...circled both nipples and then started the descent towards my stomach and groin. In record time I started to drip my juice and I felt my balls tighten up as he worked his masterful tongue and mouth around the crown of my dick...up and down the shaft and then, in one motion, sucking both of my nuts into his mouth. As I stretched a bit to straighten my legs out I ran my foot up his thigh which, ironically, gave him better access to my I used the top of my foot to cradle his crotch me moved one of his arms underneath that leg and lifted it high enough to allow him to get his tonque around my hole.....his other hand was now focused on rapidly jacking my dick....he seemed to be rushed, or in a hurry....or just plain full of lust I any rate I told him I was very fact as I tried to tell him again he slipped his lips over the head of my cock and without any effort at all I started to shoot......and it was a big one....i found myself rocking in the chair...basically fucking his face as he took more and more of me in. At one point I didn't even realize I had ahold of his hair and he made a subtle groan alerting me that I was yanking on it.

As the wave subsided we both slowed down and he kept me in his mouth for a minute and then used his tongue to clean up and capture every last drop...he was so freakin good at the sensitivity increased he eased up on the pressure and then started on my chest with this hands again.....God I love this man's touch...he always knows just the right spot....just the right buttons....just the right amount of pressure etc. JD leaned up and kissed me and, again, I got a small taste of my juice. I looked into his eyes and saw a glint of sadness in them.

"Damn that was hot.....I just love it when I get to start my morning like that with you! What's wrong.....?"

"I dunno Matt...I just felt like there was something wrong this morning...I didn't sleep well last nite and I worried all night about being such an ass last night....I figured I would just show up and show you how much you mean to me"

"JD....we all have moments...and bad days....and yesterday was an incredibly stressful and exhausting day for both of us....I don't expect that we are going to have a relationship and not have a few bumps along the chill buddy....get over it...I have!" and with that JD gave me a big hug...let go and went over to pour himself some coffee.

"I am sure glad you feel that way Matt....I was really worried about having screwed us up....what we have is pretty special to me and I don't want to fuck it up"

I was doing my best to just savor what had just happened and JD's words yet I was still freaked out about what had happened just before JD had gotten to my place....should I tell him...will I sound nuts....could it have been him? Surely he would have said something by now if it had been....and then the lingering question about the door not being locked....I certainly don't recall giving JD a key....or anyone else for that matter and I am positive I checked all the doors, windows and blinds...nothing was left open except for the bedroom slider.

"Hello....Hello Matt...are you in seem a million miles away"

"Oh damn....sorry...I guess I just have a ton on my mind and today is gonna be every bit as crazy as yesterday was.."

"OK OK I more episodes....and I will only try to get you in the elevator after everyone leaves the restaurant tonite"

I got a hearty chuckle out of that one......"Thank you cuz I am sure I was red as a beet coming out of there and of all people, Dylan had to be the one with the door open"

"I know that boy has the hots for you and I am just gonna have to keep my eye on him when you are around....ha ha ha"

"OK dude...I gotta get a move on....want to come shower with me?"

"You know I would but I have clients for breakfast at Mag in about 15 rain check ok?"

" Thats why don't you give me a call this afternoon and we will figure out the plan for tonite ok....well....I am assuming you are coming tonite right"

"With any luck....and I will be at the restaurant too!!"

"Thats a pretty poor attempt at've used that one before putz!" We both laughed....I got the big ole bear hug and a very hot kiss from the guy and then he was out the door. I was somewhat relieved he had a meeting as I could get back to my freaking out in the privacy of my own head...So I checked the doors and windows again, filled up my cup and headed back to the bathroom. I figured at some point in the next few days I would check out security systems for the house...but I was too busy today to take on that project...I will talk with the security company for the restaurant and see what they can come up with next week.

Freshly showered and shaved and dressed very casually I left the house and headed towards Mag to check in and then on to Firehouse to get the day and plans for the evening started. As I popped in the door at Mag I was greeted by a chorus of "Morning Boss" from Carly and the rest of the crew. I stopped and chatted with a couple of regulars, said hello to all the staff, went to the office to grab some notes and paperwork and then headed out the door. Carly followed me out to the street just chatting...she walked about half a block before she said

"Hey...guess who stopped by last nite"


"How did you know?"

"JD and I went over to Teresas after the Firehouse party was over and Steve told me he had been in kind of looking for was he? Did he say what he wanted?"

"He looks great.....if I played on that team I would have jumped his bones.....all cleaned up and he looks like he's been working out or at least taking way better care of himself. He didn't really say other than that he wanted to stop and say hi and check in to see how you were"

"Interesting.....wonder whats up....I certainly hope he's got his life together....I really like him and miss him being around here.....and...the eye candy never hurts"

"You are too funny...ok...I gotta get back inside....I will see you tonite" and with that Carly bounded back towards Mag. I was really lucky to have her and she had clearly become part of the family.

I turned and headed up the street towards the Grill and as I passed a local family owned coffee shop a man was coming out the door and ran right into me...dropping his coffee cup onto the sidewalk and as we both kind of recoiled...I bent over to pick up the cup and a handful of papers I had...when I started to get up I looked up and saw that killer smile...those deep emerald green eyes and dimples...those fuckin dimples that got me every time....Mr. 100% grade A beef was Andy..

"Damn boss, I am so sorry"

" was my fault.....I knocked your coffee down....let me go get you another"

"No was almost gone and I've been sitting here for a couple of coffee'd out..."

Andy was dressed in a pair of sweats and a really nice, form fitting T-shirt that showed new muscle and tone. It was a bit short and as he kind of moved I saw the waist band of white CK boxer briefs...unmistakeable to me because, as I've said, I am an expert....My head started to reel a bit because this look he was sporting was totally turning me on....let me just say he wasn't the only one sporting something........I also noticed that, as we were picking up our stuff off the ground he had picked up a key ring with a single key on it and stuffed it into his pocket. I wasn't sure but it seemed like the ring itself looked a bit familiar....shake it off Matt....coincidental....single key....the white CK's.....nahhh

"So I hear you've been checking up on me the past couple of days"

"No....well...sort of....I wanted to check in and touch's been a couple of months and I just wanted to see you....I think about you all the time...." In fact, last night I had this incredible, very sexy and erotic dream about you......................"

Now my head was really reeling.......what do I say.....HOLY SHIT.............................


Matt Lawrence

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