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JD circled around the passenger side of his RX8 and opened the door for me...we got in and were on our way. We arrived at the Firehouse in a few minutes and pulled up to the valet stand that was set up on the corner. We were immediately approached by two attendants and they opened each of our doors....JD handed them the keys and one pulled away in the car while the other opened the main lobby door for us. I paused a minute to look in a mirror in the lobby and JD came up behind me and said....."Damn you look hot" and he grabbed my ass with one hand at the same time he used his other to brush across the front of my pants.. Dylan was standing there at the entrance to the lounge and he caught my eye in the mirror and he blushed big time.

Speaking of Dylan....damn that boy looked good......he had on a black tux with a deep red shirt and a black tie.....yummy......but as hot as he looked...he looked every bit the consumate professional...and I was really glad he agreed to come work with us....I knew he was going to be perfect for the job and the image of the Firehouse Grill!

After JD's little game of grab-ass we wandered into the lounge bar looked spectacular. I knew it would but seeing it with the bartenders and all the liquor, the flowers, the candles lit and customers milling was just great. Erik and Michelle were both behind the bar in Black pants, black dress shirts and red bow ties - they looked great and every bit the image I wanted. The rest of the service staff were clad in black pants with white shirts, black vests and neck ties.......was a great look and feel. I was gushing with pride at the way it all came together but I had the biggest stomach butterfiles I had ever experienced.

I wandered back to the kitchen area and was greeted with a chorus of hello's from the culinary crew....Pam was bouncing around from one station to the next directing traffic...she was clearly in her element...we made eye contact, both smiled and then I proceeded to get out of the way.....I knew she would find me if there were any issues and I was confident in her crew and the quality of the product they would share with the's funny because at that point I didn't even have an idea what the menu would be for the evening....!

I will spare you all of the details but I will say that the evening was spectacular. We had put surveys down on each of the place-settings at each table and the feedback from the guests was all very positive with a little constructive criticism thrown in....all three seatings went without a hitch and the kitchen and service crew all did a great job.

As the night started to wind down JD and I sat at the bar and opened a bottle of wine to drink with a few of the appetizers Pam had prepared. The crew was re-setting the dining areas for tomorrow's second day of the trial run and Dylan was running around supervising the set up. JD told me that there was some things he wanted to show me upstairs so we got up and headed into the elevator. Once the doors closed and the car started to move he hit the stop button and the elevator stopped between the 1st and 2nd floors.....I was puzzled for a minute until JD turned to me and planted a big old kiss on my lips.....our tongues were competing for position as he was slowly removing my suit jacket and running his hands all over the outside of my shirt. I had taken my tie off when we were sitting at the bar. JD was unbuttoning my shirt.....reaching inside to flick my nipples as his tongue continued working in my mouth. Junior was quickly reacting as JD ran his hand over the front of my pants and started to undo my belt and all the while I was wondering what the hell we were doing....there were people in the building and we had stopped the elevator....surely someone is going to notice.....The only thing that I was noticing was that my shirt was wide open and my pants and underwear were down around my ankles. JD was mounting an all-out assault with that gifted mouth and tongue.....he grabbed my ass with both hands and went to town. The only thing I could really do was lean back against the elevator wall, put both hands on his head, and enjoy. One would have thought, as JD bobbed back and forth and up and down on my cock and balls, that it would have taken a little doing to get Junior up and going...what with the anxiety, the pressure, the people in the building....but no - Junior was ready to go. JD was taking me deep into his mouth and exerting a certain amount of pressure on my shaft when he came off of felt like a hand jacking me off - the force and pressure actually felt like a vacuume pump. At one point he put a couple of fingers in my ass and began working the button up there.....fuck this guy was good - he really knew how to pleasure someone....I am not sure words can adequately describe the intensity of the feeling as the pressure in my nuts mounted - he already knew me too well as he took his other hand and ran it up my chest....tweaked my nipple and then moved both hands back to my ass.....his speed and pressure increased and I almost doubled over as I erupted in his mouth...shot after shot hitting the back of his throat....he was squeezing my ass so hard I am sure he left marks.......i banged my head backwards a couple of times as I felt junior softening up a bit....right to that point where it gets a little sensitive.....i had both hands on the sides of his head again and tried to ease him up a bit.....that wasn't working so I nudged backwards a bit and put my hand under his chin and urged him to move up towards me......JD looked up with that evil little sparkle in his eye and smiled.....he moved up and ran his tongue up my chest and around both nipples and then we kissed....a long, passionate kiss.....and I was still able to taste a bit of me in him.....

As I got myself together, there in that elevator that smelled like raw sex, It seemed as though I could never get enough of this guy and, in spite of all that was going on today....I couldn't get it out of my mind. I was falling, and falling hard for him and it was totally unexpected....almost as unexpected as the elevator door opening up to a smirking Dylan.

"I was beginning to wonder where you two were.....people have been asking for you!" And just as I began to respond Dylan put his hand up to stop me and said " don't tell me....I will be jealous....I am worked up enough as it is" and with that the three of us laughed while I was blushing inside...and I am sure, on the outside too.


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