As i watch adam playing with the others i realize how beutiful he is and cant imagine what it would feel like to caress those strong arms and thighs!!!

By the way i'm brad as mentioned not that bad looking myself, 19 and ofcourse not to forget i'm 8 inches and gay!

Adam on the other hand is my fathers best friends son and technically also supposed to be mine. the hard part is however that hes 6 years older then me, had he not been i wouldve rode him all the way till now.

Anyways so as it is i am watching him play a game with other sons of my fathers friend who obviously match his age group.

Just in time, before i get a boner my father calls out that we're leaving.

2 hours later: i stand behind my father as adams father leads us into his home.

Aparently rite after we get home some wires short circuited and theres a great fire. Nothings left and the only thing we could do

Now was call it a nite and assess the damages tomorrow morning in daylight.

My father gets to sleep in the guestroom which has a single bed so i have to share a bed with adam. The nite couldnt get any worse., or should i say better.

2 hours later: thirsty i wake up, to hear adam panting , startled i turn on the bedlamp to find him jerking off on the bed. This couldbt have been any more awkward!!!!




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